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Monthly archives for June, 2011

Used Cubicles in Charlotte Area

Used Cubicles in Charlotte

Refurnishing your office with used cubicles can be of great help in giving your office in the Charlotte Area a new look without any financial burden. Used cubicles are a great choice if you are starting a new business and are hard pressed for capital investment. In the Charlotte area, you can find used cubicles that are not only functional but also high in quality and visual appeal. The trick lies in choosing wisely. Read on to find out a few pointers to keep in mind while choosing used cubicles in and around the Charlotte, NC area.

Choose used cubicles in Charlotte area from a local dealer

When it comes to purchasing used furniture, it is always better to visit a local store and see what you are paying for. Your best bet will be to visit a store that specializes in selling used office furniture, like Office Solutions. You can not only access the massive range of merchandize available in these stores, but also rest assured of getting good quality products.

Our warehouses full of options will help you to choose your used cubicles in Charlotte area. Come by and take your time looking and asking questions of our staff.

Remanufacturing of used office furniture is fast growing into a major industry. We purchase used Office furniture and give them a new look by tweaking edges and changing colors. In many cases, the effect is surprisingly pleasant. These remanufactured goods are not only attractive; they also look as good as new. The cherry on the cake is that these cubicles are available for almost half the price of new cubicles.

How to choose used cubicles in Charlotte area?

Cost should not the only deciding factor when it comes to choosing used cubicles. You need to be sure that you get a good return on your investment. The choice of used cubicles depends on the requirements and layout of your office space. It is also important to keep sufficient budget for installing and altering the appearance of used cubicles.

While choosing used cubicles for your office, you need to have time and patience. Finding the perfect used furniture can be a grind but we are here to help. Coming by and seeing our product first hand will help shorten the effort.  And this will give you an idea of what you can get within your budget. You can request and compare quotes of different stores to find the best deal.  But in the end, we are confident our selection, service and price will rule the day.

Since your office space makes the first impression on clients and employees, it is essential to put in effort into finding and choosing used cubicles in the Charlotte area in order to ensure that your office looks professional, attractive and resourceful. A well furnished office has a major influence on the office ambiance and efficiency of employees. Hiring the services of Office Solutions can get you professional looking office spaces within your budget. Used Cubicles in Charlotte.


Used Cubicles | Fort Mill, SC – A Guide

Used Cubicles

If you are planning to buy used cubicles to furnish your office, it is a good idea to keep in mind a few pointers before making the purchase. In these days of recession where every small business owner wants to make every dollar stretch, it makes great business sense to go for used office cubicles and other office furniture items that are available in good condition in the market

There are innumerable stores providing used furniture solutions. You might be a little apprehensive on the quality that it provides. It is a good idea to follow a few guidelines before you buy. This will ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

Points to Consider when Buying a Used Cubicle

Cubicles are very similar to workstations in their purpose but are slightly bigger in size. They lend a professional look to your office environment. They help your employees a great deal in providing a sense of privacy and distraction-free workspace.

Since the employee would be spending most of his productive hours in the cubicle allotted to him or her, the cubicle must be designed to take care of the professional and a few personal needs while working.

Most modern cubicles take up about 100 square feet of space. After studying the size of your office space and the number of people you plan to accommodate, you can narrow down the number of cubicles you will be requiring.

Standard cubicles come with file and box pedestals with pre-wiring and task lights. Do these meet your work specifications or are you looking for something more specific?

If you are planning to buy directly from an end user, you might need to consider hiring a team for transportation and installation of your cubicle. You might also find it difficult to spend time on searching until you finally find the right used cubicle of your choice. To avoid these hassles, go to a qualified used cubicle vendor near you. Used cubicles are available in plenty of sizes and colors near Fort Mill, SC right here are Office Solutions to meet your requirements.

We Offer:

■ Used Cubicles Near Ft. Mill, SC

How to get the Best Deals for Used Cubicles

There is a large collection of readily available of used cubicle near Fort Mill, SC to suit your budget, taste and requirement. You can hunt for the best deal on used cubicles by doing some research online. It is also recommended that you shop with a dealer who has a good collection of the product you are looking at, like us: Office Solutions. This will help in making quick comparisons and negotiating on the prices.

Look into the warranty period to be assured of the quality of your purchase.

Tips for Maintenance

It is a good idea to take care to preserve your office furniture. They can always be resold at a later date. A dealer who has been in the business of used furniture resale would be happy to take it off your hands.


If you are looking for the best in Used Cubicles from a company that stands behind its product and has the best reputation in the industry, go directly to Used Cubicles.

Used Cubicles | Pineville, NC

Used Cubicles

Furnishing your office is extremely important and it should have an appeal to it. Mostly, people underestimate pre-owned furniture but when you really think about it, it is a prudent option and less expensive too. Buying brand new cubicles can cost a fortune; small and big offices are searching for used cubicles near Pineville, NC matching their style and space. The advantage of cubicles is that they are extremely flexible and super efficient. You can accommodate 30% more employees in the same available space. Moreover, it won’t feel like you have been caged – making the required adjustments in height and space will do the trick.

Benefits of Used Cubicles

Badly installed furniture can cram up the space in your office while cubicles can stand alone or be connected to other cubicles saving room for more. One of the major reasons why people go for used cubicles is that they cut the cost and save a lot of their precious money. You could save up to 50 to 75 percent on the amount you spend on new cubicles and if you order in bulk, you might even get a better price!

Another benefit of used furniture is that you contribute to the environment. When there are used cubicles available in good condition, why create more harm to the environment? For companies looking for Leadership in Energy and Environment Design certification, reusing previously owned furniture may be a good way to start.  Partner with us to help the environment AND save money at the same time!

Where To Find Used Cubicles Near Pineville, NC?

In our warehouses, nothing is hard to find; simply keep your eyes open and you will be able to spot a good deal. We will guide you through the simple process of selection, delivery and setup.

Come by our South Charlotte location of Office Solutions to get the cubicles you desire.

Searching for a local seller is the best option since shipping cubicles is a hardship on both the seller and the buyer and it also increases the cost.

We have one of the best reputations online and in the local market place of cubicles in the South Charlotte and Pineville area. With sales delivery and setup all from one reputable dealer, there is only one option –

Tips to Buy Used Cubicles

When buying furniture for your office, you need to set aside a budget. However, that doesn’t mean that you compromise on the quality. Your new office should make an impression and it must reflect the theme of your workplace; it should not be worn out or broken and you have to take care of it while buying it. Don’t get awestruck by the prices and always try the cubicles out before ordering them. Office Solutions can get you supreme quality used cubicles near Pineville, NC at economical prices suiting your office theme and style. Used Cubicles.


Used Cubicles in Charlotte – Who to buy from?

Used Cubicles

Are you venturing out and starting a new business, or are you expanding your existing one? Or are you someone who believes in the green cause? One of the chief concerns when hiring your new office space is furnishing it. Do not get bogged down by money constraints to give your office space that flashy look. Just walk into a used furniture store like Office Solutions and get the best deals. All types of office furniture including used cubicles in Charlotte in excellent condition are available in right here in Charlotte at

Why is it a Good Idea to Buy Used Cubicles

One of the most common piece of advice for  all new entrepreneurs to get is to keep your operating costs down. That is a really good plan especially if you are running on a tight budget. Yes, you need to get the right set up to make your office’s demeanor appealing. But, you also need to be tight fisted with your money especially in the early days to realize that quicker ROI.

If you’re looking for striking the balance between aesthetics and money spent, you can think about buying used cubicles and other furniture items at a good used furniture dealer like Office Solutions Inc. They bring in their expertise in helping you select what suits your office needs and you’re your budget the best. You can also physically verify your goods and make the necessary measurements to make sure they fit you office space snugly.

Used Cubicles in Charlotte

There is a huge treasure trove of used cubicles in Charlotte if you care to make that search. Small business owners are forever looking for the best deal for their money. Cubicles are compact spaces for employees to work in. It provides a neat, compartmented look to your office. They are designed to meet the needs of a table job. Care is taken to provide enough storage space to file the important documents and also the necessary stationary to improve the efficiency of the worker.

The time, money and effort to make new cubicles for your office space are huge. If you want to start your business operations quickly, this might cause an undue delay in kick starting your venture.

Make the trip to see the  used cubicles and furniture right here in Charlotte at Office Solutions and check out the various models they have. Used cubicles are available in multiple sizes. It would be a good idea to finalize the outlay of your office space before you begin your bargain hunting. This would give you a fair idea on the number of cubicles you would be requiring and also the ideal size.

Used cubicles in Charlotte are available in various sizes. Most standard sizes include cubicles that are 60 inches high, with acoustical panels, with two work surfaces – a primary work surface where usually the computer is placed and the secondary work surface to help your employee get his work organized. They are storage spaces incorporated with box and box pedestal, file and file pedestals and also a focused light unit. Click here to get a map to our location. Used Cubicles.

Tips to Decorate your Office with Used Cubicles

Used Cubicles

If you wish to give your office a makeover but are intimidated due to budget considerations, then the best solution is to choose used cubicles. These are a lot more affordable when compared to purchasing new cubicles. By giving them a polish or an extra shade of color, they look as good as new. Further, by using cubicles that are used, you are saving raw materials and thus, doing your bit for conserving the environment. Below are certain tips that will help you make the most of your office space within your financial limitations.

Plan your space

The look of your office space is as dependent on the plan as on your choice of cubicles. Sketch out a layout such that there is sufficient circulation space in the office. Keep the layout simple and uncluttered for increased efficiency of work. Clutter is a distraction and prevents employees from giving their best output. Creative use of used cubicles can not only enhance the visual appeal of the space but also improve work place ambiance and efficiency.

Choose cubicles correctly

Several factors have to be kept in mind while choosing used cubicles, the most important being their usability condition. Make sure that they are sturdy and don’t look worn out. The size and shape have to be based on your plan. Do not choose cubicles that are too tall for your environment.  Rather than looking airy and open, which is the intention behind using cubicles over cabins, cubicles that are too tall, make the space look very congested. Moreover, since cubicles are available in different varieties, you can mix and match them for an interesting appearance. An important thing to keep in mind is that purchasing cubicles is not the only cost involved in prepping up your office space. So, do not overspend on your used cubicles.

Give the used cubicles a new look

Did you know that we can completely alter the look and feel of most of the cubicles we have in stock by refinishing them?

Adding a bit of color to the office transforms the space from dull to cheery. It is also important to renovate the interiors of the cubicles. Ensure that there is sufficient light and space.

Encourage employees to personalize their cubicles

The best and the most cost effective tip for giving a new look to your office using used cubicles is to encourage your employees to personalize their space. You will find an automatic infusion of color and variety. However, set certain guidelines so that employees do not go overboard in their personalizing endeavor.

Renovating an office brings a new vigor and excitement among employees.  The right choice and innovative use of used cubicles can transform the look of the space and make the office look new, within a low budget. However, always ensure that the office is spotlessly clean and organized.

Office Solutions is an efficient new and used office furniture company that specializes in used office cubicles to transform your office space. We offer: SALES + DELIVERY + INSTALLATION specials on all used cubicles we stock! Used Cubicles.


Five Traits of a Reliable Used Furniture Outlet

Used Furniture Outlet

When buying from a used furniture outlet, you might not be very comfortable at first.

There are so many dealers and agents selling used office furniture that it becomes very difficult to judge the reliability of the outlet from where you intend to buy. The chances of getting ripped off or cheated at a used office furniture outlet do exist, so you must carry out due diligence of the shortlisted outlets before finally settling for one.

A reliable used furniture outlet like Office Solutions will have the following traits to make it stand apart from the rest.

A used furniture outlet should be there for several years.

Any used furniture outlet to be considered reliable must be in business for a considerable period of time. If a particular outlet has been in business for many years, it obviously means that they are doing something right and have earned consumer satisfaction. Fly by night operators or businesses with less than savory credentials soon go bust and close down. Therefore always try to buy from an outlet which has been in business for quite sometime. Do not get tempted by the lure of dirt cheap price alone from someone who has just set up yesterday and may take a hike tomorrow

It must have earned a reputation:

Again it is all about being reliable. When a used furniture shop or outlet has people recommending it to their friends and business colleagues, it has arrived and earned its reputation. A reputation or brand value is built on quality and service deliverance and often comes the hard way and over a period of time. Go for a reputed used furniture outlet to make your purchases, which has been around long enough, has testimonials from satisfied customers and is recognizable. Office Solutions has a 5 Star Google review rating!

Should carry large inventory:

Only a reliable and trusted used furniture outlet will be confident enough to carry the entire range of used office furniture. This is because of the fact that it has customers coming in to buy just about every piece of used furniture and assured about the quality and price of its products. Such outlets carry items from, chairs, executive desks, cubicles, office workstations to just about everything related to office furniture. The business turnover of a reliable used furniture outlet is brisk and customers are always present in these outlets.

Will offer some warranty:

Though these used office furniture have been used by their original owners and most of them are beyond warranty period, yet, a reliable used furniture dealer will on his risk offer you some sort of limited warranty. This warranty is possible because the outlet only sells reasonably good quality furniture, which has a lot of life left in it and does not look worn out. Even a limited warranty is enough for any customer to have some peace of mind secure in the knowledge that he has not been taken for a ride.

Always offer competitive price:

A reliable used furniture outlet like Office Solutions will always quote very competitive prices, which will be compatible with rest of the industry and conforms to quality on offer. Used Furniture Outlet.

Used Office work stations – Things to Keep in Mind when Buying Work Stations

Used Office work stations

How about getting used office work stations for your new office? This may not sound very appealing at first, but if you give it some careful thought, it will start making a lot of sense. Most people who start a new business, rarely consider used office furniture, because they either do not know about them or simply want everything new.

Only when you make some simple on-the-back-of-an-envelop-calculations that you realize how much you are saving. This saving will come in handy to tide you over the initial turbulence and rough weather faced by a new business. But before you clinch a deal for used office work stations, some things should be kept in mind to avoid troubles later.

Get a hold of quality and quantity

Get in touch with an office interior designer to hire his expertise in measuring out and suggesting the layout, quality, color scheme and quantity of used office workstations. The fee charged by this expert will be well worth it. The expert help can determine the exact number of used office workstations, size of each workstation, design and appearance to match with the rest of the office like carpets, walls etc. If you go it alone, chances of overbuying or under buying may arise and you will end up wasting time, energy and money. The interior designer can also make a cost analysis of various workstations using different materials like fabric, steel, wood, aluminum. Once you get the complete picture of what exactly you require, your search and purchase of used office work stations will become so much easier. In addition, Office Solutions is happy to assist you with drawing an outline of your office as part of our services to you!

Drive a bargain for used office work stations

Once you have pinpointed and located the used office workstations, it is OK to ask for a discount, because you never know how much discount you can still get over quoted price. The dealers are also keen to sell off their inventory as quickly as possible to free up their space, so they agree to work on a little lower margin. Another way to get even better discounts is to throw in chairs and desks along with your order for used office work stations. You will (anyway) need the chairs and other furniture, so why not leverage your total order size to drive down the price and save some more money?

The dealer will be more than happy to give you better price once he knows that you are buying more than he expected. If the used office furniture dealer can’t give you additional discount, he will at least agree for a free delivery service to your office. This too translates into a good saving.

Inspection before purchase is a must

As you are buying used office workstations and other furniture, don’t expect warranties and guarantees on your purchase. Sometimes, the dealer with good reputation carrying quality products does give very limited warrantees, but this is more of an exception than rule. So you better carefully inspect each piece of used office work stations before buying and hauling over to your office space. Contact Office Solutions today to inquire about your workstation needs. Used Office work stations.

Tips for Buying as is Cubicles

As is Cubicles

People spend a good part of their day at work. Your employees will be more efficient and effective, if the environment is comfortable. Thus office cubicles may be considered to be an important factor affecting staff productivity. If you are looking to furnish a new business, you may want to explore the option of as is Cubicles. These are available at a fraction of the cost of new ones. You can save considerable money. And in business, a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

Also, when you order new cubicles, there is an invariable delay due to numerous reasons. As is cubicles are preassembled and ready for fitting. They can be carried off and fitted almost immediately. In the midst of your hectic work day, this is one thing less for you to worry about.

Tips for Buying as is Cubicles

  • Market Research: Keep your ear to the ground. Look all over for the best possible deals on as is cubicles. Due to present market conditions, many businesses are folding up. And they may want to discount their cubicles. At such distress sales, you could make considerable savings on cost. Look online for dealers. Visit auction houses for best deals. Talk to people who have opted for such cubicles. Then go to Office Solutions for as is cubicles for the best deal!

  • Evaluate the space requirements: Measure the entire office space. Decide the dimensions of the as is cubicles you need and how many you need. Most cubicles are standard size. But customizations will be done if required (at extra costs, naturally). You may take professional help for the measurements, if needed. If you have expansion plans in the long term, it is best to make provisions for few extra cubicles right now. It would save a lot of time and money. You could ask the sales representative from Office Solutions to help you decide on this.

  • Decide the color and material: As is cubicles are available in a variety of materials like plastic, aluminum or fabric. Decide which material will best suit your budget and your business requirements. You may also want to choose a color that complements the color scheme of your office. This will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the office and give a positive atmosphere.

  • The Quality Issue: While buying as is cubicles, ensure that the quality is acceptable to you. Looking at economical options for cubicles does not mean you have to compromise on quality. Steer away from as is cubicles, that are chipped, broken or look much worn out. Purchasing them will prove more expensive in the long run.

Choose Your as is cubicle dealers wisely

Work with reputed companies that offer quality products, suiting your requirements and budget.  Visit Office Solutions for your cubicle needs. Armed with these tips, go ahead and choose the best cubicles for your office. As is Cubicles.


Used Work Stations – How to Compare Workstations

Used Work Stations

There is a plethora of used work stations in the market. With businesses sinking in this recessionary period, such workstations are up for grabs at deep discounts. Workstations are basically cubicles to house an employee, who can work alone in privacy. There is very little to differentiate a workstation from a cubicle.

When out in the marketplace for used work stations, it is advisable to make a comparative study of various options available to get the best bang for you money. Since there are so many outlets and sellers peddling their stuff, you have to be careful about where you put your money.

Compare used work stations

Before settling for any workstation, it is better to do some leg work. Many used workstation dealers hold inventory consisting of cubicles from many different companies. All these workstations are of different size, features and storage provisions. The prices vary from size to size and condition of the workstations on sale. If you need a certain number of workstations for your office, it is advisable to have common specification for all units. This will enable smooth compatibility and seamless integration with the rest of the office.

The size of the workstations must be given careful thought. The standard workstations come in six foot by six foot or a little smaller five foot by five foot. The partition walls of each used work station should be high enough to allow enough privacy and at the same time low enough to allow natural light to come in. It is also advisable to not install workstations directly near a window to block natural light. Allowing natural daylight will save you electricity charges and also make the office pleasant.

Equally important is the storage space of the workstations. If the storage is small, important papers and documents cannot be stored. Sufficient drawers and cabinets must be built into the workstation and the desk to hold all necessary work related papers and personal belongings.

Please also check all the panels, cabinets and desks for sturdiness and quality before buying the units. Though all the used workstations are prewired for power and other communication needs, it is advisable to check whether the power points and other fittings are working well. This may seem insignificant, but any problem with wiring will have you waste money and time fixing it.

Where to buy used workstations?

For fast results, you can go online and scan the internet for deals on sale. There are numerous websites, some of which are also auction sites, offering huge variety and price points for used work stations. Going online has its plus points because you can quickly size up the deals, compare prices from different sources and place order immediately.

But for those who like to physically inspect the used workstations before buying and talk to a real person who is selling his or her ware, it is better to go to a used work stations company like Office Solutions, who also sells online through their website. Used Work Stations.


As is Workstations – Benefits

As is Workstations

Today, the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship is very strong amongst people. More and more people are opting to leave the security of their cushy jobs to start out on their own. Buying as is workstations is a very good option for you to keep costs down if you are new to business.

As a start up, there are various issues that demand your attention. A major concern will be to get work stations that are comfortable for the staff. At the same time, you cannot afford to spend too much money. As is workstations provide perfect balance in terms of quality and cost.

The as is work Station Benefit
There are various benefits in buying as is workstations over brand new ones. The first and the most important advantage is the cost savings you will make. Dealers pick up work stations at steep discounts, when there are distress sales by companies. They then add a modest mark up and put the as is workstations back on the market. So dealers are able to offer really good deals. You could save as much as 40 to 60% of your work station budget by buying as is workstations. This saving can be can be put back into the business.

The Time Benefit
Often when you order brand new workstations, there is a considerable waiting period before the delivery. This is inconvenient. Start ups particularly cannot afford delays as time is money in business. As is workstations, being preassembled can be delivered almost immediately, which is a major benefit.

The Green Benefit
By choosing an as is workstation, be aware that you have contributed a little bit towards conserving planet earth. Recycling, we know is a very effective means of conservation. Using as is workstation is also a form of recycling. You have just prevented use of plastic by obviating the need to create a new workstation for your business. Feel proud about this. It will do wonders for your confidence and self esteem.

Choose Your “ As Is Workstation” Wisely
Once you have decided to get as is workstations for your office, the next step is to look at the various options and choose the one that will best suit your business needs. Depending on the nature of your business, you may have different workstation needs. For instance if you are an advertising company, your workstation needs may be different from a business that offers detective services. You can consult with a sales representative from Office Solutions to help you decide.

As is Workstation Businesses
You need to get in touch with as is workstation dealers who have a wide range of various options, based on your needs.  You may visit Office Solutions for all your workstation requirements. As is Workstations.