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Monthly archives for July, 2011

The Multifarious Benefits of Office Cubicles

Used Cubicles

Used CubiclesUsed cubicles are the most convenient money saving option when it comes to installation of furniture for your work place. This cost saving does not mean that you have to compromise with quality. Many business organizations cannot carry the cubicles along with them, due to their heavy weight and excessive shipping costs, while relocating themselves. So what else? They put them on sale.

Therefore, by buying these used cubicles you can give your office the most desired stylish, neat yet formal look at the lowest price. No need to worry about your office looking degraded for installing old furniture as; these cubicles are sold off for reasons other than deterioration of their appearance.

How to choose used cubicles?

Used cubicles come in a wide variety of designs. So, it is necessary to take in prior consideration the employee’s function and the space available before buying these used cubicles. Another prime thing is, don’t overlook the quality of the cubicles before buying them.

Firstly, you must have a clear idea about- For what use you are buying the cubicle. As employees engaged in secretarial or administrative jobs will require greater storage spaces and bigger cabinets while, those in the reception or sales require more desk place. The standard sizes of these cubicles are 5 by 5 foot and 6 by 6 foot. This is the general configuration.

Used cubicles have now-a-days turned into an indispensable, standard office asset (starting from the executives to the secretaries).

Benefits of installing used cubicles

1. They are great expense savers in the initial setup cost of your business.\
2. They are the best solution for new business organizations that are yet to undergo an ocean of changes.
3. Well kept cubicles offer the same appearance as the brand new ones but at a cheaper rate.
4. Certain level of privacy among the cubicle dwellers is maintained.
5. The working place becomes spacious, well-organized and economical.
6. Easy mode of communication between the departments and the employees is achieved.
7. Time saver – As all members of the team can be located in the same area. Thus, each member of the team can be tracked easily without much time being wasted.
8. It provides easy access of the team leads as well as other executives to the rank-and file thus; avoiding any sort of confusion.
9. Use of cubicles for maintenance of office etiquette among the employees.
10. The walls of the office cubicles are not sound proof and so even a little conversation over the phone can be overheard from the next cubicle. Thus, personal conversation over the phone during working hours becomes difficult and, also munching snacks that you are in no mood to share with your colleagues. Even muttering evils things about your boss becomes a risky affair.
11. Unnecessary visit of colleagues to others chambers for little chit-chats is checked by this arrangement. It avoids pointless intervention during work unless and until it is not important or work related.
12. It even prevents employees from browsing through personal mails and doing social networking during office hours.

Thus, the use of office cubicles or used cubicles which is an innovation of the 21st century makes a workplace organized, disciplined and economical thereby enhancing productivity. Used Cubicles.


Benefits of Sourcing Used Cubicles from a Reliable Dealer

Used Cubicles

Used CubiclesUsed cubicles can bring about outstanding benefits to your business. But, at the same time it becomes quite inconvenient if you are to look around searching for companies selling their cubicles due to relocation. So, in that case the best option for you is to contact a dealer who sells used cubicles.

Used cubicles as we all know are profoundly beneficial for new business organizations that are yet to undergo an ocean of changes. In this case, you can encounter two things while buying them. Firstly, you can get these cubicles at unbelievably cheap prices that perfectly suit your money saving creed. Secondly, you can end up with some great looking, low-cost cubicles.

Advantages of buying used cubicles from a dealer

Buying these cubicles from a dealer can help you in avoiding the let-down part (i.e. average quality and appearance) of this beneficial deal. You can’t actually expect that a piece of furniture that has already been used in a business firm for quite some time (for years or months) can reach you totally unscathed. There is obviously going to be certain deterioration in its appearance and quality. For this particular reason, a retail dealer is recommended.

The work of these dealers is to repair all shortcomings of a second-hand piece of furniture and match it up to the brand new ones. Thus, you will have no complaints about the finishing, appearance or any wear and tear.

Now if, you are worrying about the price then let me tell you that used cubicles can be procured from dealers at a truly reasonable price. Buying from them even gives you the freedom to bargain.

Limited stock becomes a Herculean setback if you buy cubicles from any individual or auction. You might even see that the cubicles they are selling are not going to satisfy your purpose. Such trouble can easily be skipped if you buy from a dealer capable of providing you with a wide variety of cubicles catering to your different needs.

Getting hold of a reliable dealer is advantageous

If you have a reliable dealer in mind with whom you are well acquainted then, it becomes more advantageous for you to deal with them. Proper bargaining can make sure you procure the used cubicles at the best price.

Any future replacement or exchanges of furniture can be done without difficulty. If you end up getting a few faulty cubicles during the initial buying process than, you can easily return them to the dealer who will replace them for the good ones. You are not going to get any such advantages if you buy these cubicles from some individual or auctions. In those cases what once sold is sold you can’t claim anything to anyone once the transaction is over.

Your chances of being misguided, while buying the cubicles, in the quality or the actual worth of such cubicles are avoided to a great extent. This is because, trust and goodwill comes naturally if you are dealing with a reliable company.

Besides all the above mentioned reasons, you can even get attractive discounts from your dealer. Needless to say that discounts are always attractive and much desired by everyone. So this can be counted as an additional value point for you.

After reading this broad discussion, you can easily pick your choice the next time you plan to buy used cubicles for your workplace as now you know where to go!!! Used Cubicles.


Tips for Surviving in Your Office Cubicle

Used Cubicle

Your office is your home for eight hours of the day. An eight feet by ten feet, many times used cubicle in which you have to deal with business matters and also tactfully deal with not very pleasant co-workers. Indeed, sometimes you feel wretched to your bones trying to satisfy all. But you have to work and survive in that environment. All you have to do is to make your cubicle a pleasant place to be in. Tips given here tell you what you have to do to survive in an office cubicle.

Brighten up previously used cubicles

The easiest way to make you miserable in office is to work in a messy and cluttered cubicle. You will never get that paper or important file needed for a meeting when you want them. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is organize your table. Make use of the waste paper basket. Throw everything that you don’t need into the basket. Look around and see how you can improve the environment. Get rid of the chaos left behind in the previously used cubicles of untidy predecessors.

Little changes can do wonders to your office. Get yourself an attractive mouse and keyboard. Also have a nice desk calendar and an attractive paperweight that make your table appealing. In used cubicles, the chair may often be one that was designed for the previous occupant. Make sure your chair is ergonomically designed for you. This will minimize physical discomfort. Put some plants in the cubicle. It can freshen up the atmosphere. Plants can also bring much needed color in an otherwise drab office and lift up your mood. A good office environment can immediately spike your work efficiency and you suddenly find your self completing your reports in time instead of working late into the evening.

Do as much as you can to make the office a quiet place to work in

A quiet office atmosphere can do a lot to boost your morale and efficiency. Sitting in your cubicle, you can do a lot to make the office a calm and quiet place. The first golden rule is never to raise your voice while speaking on the phone. If you think you have to raise your voice then look for a corner where others are not disturbed by you. Speaking in hushed tones is a habit that automatically makes your cubicle a quieter place.

Again, previously used cubicles often have equipment you may not need at all. Make sure that the office equipments that you use in your office are silent workers. Copiers, faxes and printers are generally noisy. Working together they can create a lot of noise that can be very distracting to you as well as to others in the office. Today you can get printers that are able to work on a silent mode.

Wherever possible hold your meetings in a meeting room rather than at your desk. Holding a meeting in your cubicle means the co- worker in the adjacent cubicle is unnecessarily distracted from his job. Manage your phones calls in such a way that they don’t disturb others. Avoid using speaker phones as they can be very disturbing. Instead use ear phones to listen to pod casts. Another frequent source of disturbance is the ringing of desk phones and mobiles. The remedy is to tone down the volume of the ring tones. Whenever you leave the office make sure that the phone is diverted to voice mail.

Remember it is very difficult to concentrate on your work in a noisy atmosphere. Be considerate and contribute as much as you can to reduce the levels of noise pollution in your office. An office cubicle is, after all, not sound proof.

Follow these tips and you will find your co-workers following you to make survival in an office cubicle – especially a used cubicle – is not all that difficult. Used Cubicle.



Feng Shui Tips for Setting up Used Cubicles

Used Cubicles

Used  CubiclesBeing stuck in a small office cubicle for eight to ten hours is not only monotonous, but also accumulates negative energy. There are few better ways of channeling positivity into your work than redecorating your office space, using Feng Shui. This discipline of Chinese aesthetics can help harness good fortune without hindering the professional ambience of the used cubicles.

Command position

Most used cubicles allow you to sit with your back towards the door. If possible try to face the door and keep your back to the wall. If it is too difficult to accommodate such a position, keep a reflecting surface in front of you, so that you can easily see the door. Although mirrors may seem a bit too conspicuous, any shiny, metallic object that would not seem out-of-place in an office would suffice.

Under your desk

The space below your desk should have enough room for free movement of your legs. Wedging your foot between boxes and bags would not allow you to sit in a comfortable position, which can hamper your concentration and physical uneasiness.

Above your head

Many used cubicles have shelves stacked with papers, books and files above. It is best not to have shelves and cabinets overhead. The weight burdens down on your shoulder and may cause headaches. If you absolutely cannot manage to get rid of the shelves, keep them as clutter-free as possible.

Remove Piles of Papers

Often, it seems that the used cubicles are stacked with papers and files. These papers usually signify unfinished work which can lead to stress and anxiety. Try your best to mobilize your work so that there is very little incomplete paperwork lying. Even if you cannot help accumulation of papers, keep them organized and arranged in folders so that you can deal with them as soon as possible.

Proper lighting

The cubicle must be well-lit; a warm light gives your workspace a convivial atmosphere. If your used cubicles is so placed that the afternoon sun glows right through the window, try hanging a crystal so that the light divides into a spectrum, filling your cubicle with cool rainbow colors.

Life energy

Working in a completely inorganic environment can sometimes grow tiresome. To reconnect with nature, you can have a potted plant somewhere. Bamboo works well as it requires little care and can survive with minimum sunlight; both ideal for this purpose. If it is your first plant, try philodendron. Succulents like jade or money plant are easy to maintain and their fresh green color concentrate life energy in the workplace.

Items of inspiration

Make sure that the desk is as organized as possible; this way you can get things done easily. Pictures of family or a serene place, motivational posters, calendars or clippings can give inspiration during long hours. But it is essential to keep it to a minimum and not make a mess.

Smell and Taste

Maybe scented candles or incense sticks look a little overboard and violate safety guidelines, but air fresheners or peppermints in the corner of the used cubicles can add subtle fragrance to your workplace. Strategically placing a small candy jar near the door would attract co-workers to drop by for a simple greeting and lift your mood. Above all, no matter what you keep or don’t keep in your office cubicle, everything should have a place of its own and not look disorderly. Used Cubicles.


Benefits of Open Office Cubicles

Used Cubicles

Office Solutions Inc.Cubicles were introduced in workplaces early on in the twentieth century. The concept of cubicles is now deeply ingrained in the work culture of organizations around the world. Here’s a look at the benefits of open office cubicles.

The most well known benefit of open used cubicles is the flexibility it offers. Compared to traditional work stations or closed offices, an open cubicle offers much more flexibility. The cubicle can be easily set up in any area that is free. It can be moved as and when required. When employees are assigned the same project, the used cubicles can be moved to be arranged next to each other as well. This promotes better communication amongst employees and saves valuable time.

The cubicles can be expanded as needed and can be made smaller as well, depending upon the space constraints. Used cubicles also encourage creativity in the employees. By putting a few personal touches on the used cubicles, the work place no longer seems drab and boring. In addition to these benefits, an open cubicle assures the employee a little privacy to order his thoughts and work efficiently. It encourages introspection and allows for greater clarity of thought and lateral and logical thinking. This helps in increasing productivity.

Open office used cubicles are economical

A lot of resources can be saved by opting for open cubicles. This is not only true for office equipment like tables, walls and other paraphernalia associated with private offices, but also on valued time and energy. Employees no longer have to cross over long distances to discuss important details of projects they are working on, but can simply move short distances and save time. This is true for various intra-departmental discussions as well. The entire team can converge at one place and hold meetings. Thus they save valuable time. Inter-departmental work becomes more efficient also. Open office cubicles give a small work area or floor the look and feel of a wide, open space. The airy and well-lit place is proven to be much more conducive to employee satisfaction.

Open office cubicles promote employee camaraderie and build team spirit

Working together on various projects helps facilitate better communication amongst various employees and breaks down formal barriers. It becomes easier to track down the other members of the same department or team, when they can be viewed on the floor, in plain sight. Open office cubicles also encourage open thought processes. Employees are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas openly, which leads to a better culmination of ideas and opinions and better productivity.
Open office cubicles are more cost effective to the management as well and even more so if you buy used cubicles. It has been conclusively proven that when an open office cubicle floor setting from used cubicles is used, the cost to the environment is drastically reduced. Used Cubicles.

Advantages of Buying Cubicles from a Reputed Dealer


Any office without cubicles seems to be incomplete. Cubicles disperse that sense of completeness in to your office, thus rendering an aura of personal identity to your office and its employees. Many people do not bother much to delve in to any details while buying cubicles. But, it is highly recommended that you do your homework before buying them. You should always prefer to buy them from a reputed dealer. It has its high share of advantages.


When you decide to buy the cubicles from a reputed dealer like Office Solutions, quality is the least of your concerns since everything they sell is top notch. Reputed dealers are well known for being quality conscious as they have a reputation to protect. The cubicles are made to go through quality tests before they are dispatched to you. So, you can be rest assured about the immaculate quality of the cubicles. Reputed dealers are also known for their routine and timely delivery of cubicles. You do not have to keep waiting. The cubicles will be delivered to you within a mere one to three days time.


The reputed dealers have a diverse collection of cubicles. You will be awed by the vast collection of cubicles at their disposal. When you choose to buy from a reputed dealer, you will be able to choose just the right cubicle which will suit your exact needs. Reputed dealers also give you an option to buy recycled and refurbished cubicles in addition to the new ones. So, if your business is in inception stage, you can also go for the refurbished cubicles in order to put less strain on your finances.

Resale Price Maintenance

When you buy the cubicles from a reputed dealer, you get good value for your money. If, after using the cubicles for a few years, you want to sell them, you will get good value for the used cubicles. This is because people are ready to shell out sixty to seventy percent of the original price when the cubicles are from a reputed brand. Thus, there is considerable resale value reward for good maintenance. Also, the cubicles at a reputed dealer’s store are priced economically. This gives you even greater value for your money.

Environmental Well Being

It is extremely good for the environment if you decide to buy used cubicles. New cubicles are made out of freshly cut wood from the forests. With nearly half of the world’s forests cut down, it is highly recommended that you look at the environmental perspective before it is too late. The dealers of reasonable repute also sell recycled and refurbished cubicles in addition to the brand new ones. You can buy the used cubicles from them and set an example for others to follow.

Additional Services

The reputed dealers also extend certain additional services when you buy the cubicles from them. The dealers help in planning the interior design of your office so that you can make optimum use of the available space. With the intellectual use of ergonomic designs, they help you in creating an atmosphere conducive to work. They also help in the storage and tracking of your cubicles while your office is in a transition phase. Office Solutions Inc. will leave no stone unturned in order to satisfy your needs. Cubicles.

Why buy cubicles from Office Solutions?


Cubicles are an integral part of your office. Without them, your office lacks the proper working atmosphere. Cubicles help in bringing in that aura of personal identity to your employees. You can get cubicles for sale in many places, but choosing a good dealer is often the difference between your benefit and your loss. In this article, you will come to know the reasons why you should buy your cubicles from Office Solutions – a leading brand dealer of cubicles in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Brand Name

When you go for cubicles manufactured and sold by Office Solutions, you choose quality. Office Solutions is one of the major brands in the used furniture market and their cubicles are of the highest quality. All the cubicles are made to go through quality tests before they are dispatched to you. So, you can rest assured about the impeccable quality of the cubicles. Office Solutions is also famous for its timely and routine delivery of ordered cubicles to you. If you are buying the cubicles from them, you can expect your delivery to be knocking on your door in one to three weeks (or less). They are well known and respected for delivering good quality cubicles at the right place and at the right time.


Office Solutions is well known for the variety of cubicles at its disposal. You will be amazed by the plethora of designs of cubicles in their inventory. You can select either new cubicles or, you can also place orders for recycled and refurbished cubicles. At Office Solutions, they never cease to amaze you with their varying designs of cubicles of the highest quality.

More Value for your Money

When you go for cubicles from a well known and reputed dealer like Office Solutions, you get more value for your money. The cubicles are priced economically, so that it does not strain your pocket too much. Also, if you decide to sell the cubicles later on, you will get good price. This is because the cubicles are branded and people are ready to pay about sixty to seventy percent of the original price in resale.

Environmentally Responsible

It is very much helpful for the environment’s well being, if you choose to buy used cubicles for sale. This is because new cubicles are made by cutting fresh wood from the forests. With more and more forest resources being exhausted everyday, it is in the best interests of one and all to go for used cubicles. A reputed dealer like Office Solutions also deals in used and refurbished cubicles. You can buy the used cubicles from them and set a bright example for others to follow.

Additional Services

When you decide to go for reputed dealers such as Office Solutions, you are rewarded with many additional services like storage and tracking. When your company is in a transition phase, moving from one location to other, Office Solutions can help you cope with the transition better by providing you with good quality additional services like storage and tracking of your office cubicles. They also lend you a hand in the interior design of your office and aid in maximizing available space. This goes a long way in reducing your head aches regarding the transition and helps in building better relationship with your dealer. Cubicles.

What are the Different Ways to Buy Used Office Cubicles in Charlotte

Used office cubicles in Charlotte

Are you someone who wants to buy used office cubicle spaces in Charlotte? Well, now you need not worry! Used office cubicles in Charlotte can be found with relative ease.

What are office cubicles?

Office cubicles are contraptions that help you divide your office into different compartments according to job requirements. It makes your office much more organized. These cubicles come in an assortment of arrangements, colors and materials. You get materials ranging from laminate to glass and wood and metal with everything in between! Even fabrics can be used to design these ingenious pieces of furniture! When you are buying used office cubicles in Charlotte, keep in mind the area of your office and then decide the size of the cubicles which range from 4 by 2 feet to 8 by 14 feet!

Used Office Furniture in Charlotte Found at Auction Houses prices!

Auction houses at one time, were the places to go if you are in need of any used furniture. Today, the rage is buying office cubicles locally from a firm that refurbishes and recertifies the cubicles. With all that cubicles have become, you’re sure to find a huge array to choose from. The auction houses weren’t able to provide you with the exact variety you want, when buying from Office Solutions,  And you’ll get exactly what your looking for and at a price that is worth it. The thing about auction houses is, when you buy anything from there, you need to check it out properly, haul it yourself, set it up yourself and there is no warranty and  – they can always claim it was you that put that stain in the corner.

You really don’t want to spend all that hard earned money on buying something that needs to be replaced!  Buy it right the first time at a place with the best reputation in the market, is local and offers setup delivery and after the sale service as well.

Used Furniture Dealers

If you thought that used furniture dealers only had stock of goods from another era, kept especially for film sets, you couldn’t be more wrong! Used furniture dealers can surely offer you used office cubicles in Charlotte. There are plenty of dealers out there who sell this modern furniture. Look out for the reputable dealers and do a bit of research on them. You need to know your product well before you go in to haggle with them. The advantage here is that you get your products at a much lesser price.

You also get to actually feel out the furniture before you take the step of buying it. The used furniture dealer’s have a reputation to maintain – they are a small community and bad opinions spread like wildfire. If you have problems, you can come back here with them. The best way to get your used office cubicles are to get through to a used furniture dealer like Office Solutions. Used office cubicles in Charlotte.



What are the Different Used Office Cubicles Styles?

Used Office Cubicles

When you compare different office space solutions, the used office cubicles really stand out. These cubicles are a fairly new concept and come in a mind boggling array. There are different styles, arrangements and materials that these come in, allowing for walkways and multipurpose areas.  Every employee needs a good space to work in. These cubicles provide them with ample privacy, as well as seeing to the fact that you can easily supervise them.

Constant collaboration can also go on in an environment like this. When you are buying cubicles to spruce up that office of yours, you have to keep in mind your office area – its best to have it measured. Another thing you need to keep in mind is keeping the cubicles according to rank – the workers in the same job levels should get the same cubicles. Used office cubicles can be found very easily these days. The basic advantage of used office cubicles is that you get them at much cheaper rates!

Style advantage of the firms that buy used office cubicles

Did you know that the offices that purchase used office cubicles had the advantage of having them tailor made? That’s right; you can get your cubicles to face right or left and choose the best option for the job at hand. General purpose cubicles are available as well as the call center ones, the latter measuring from 5 by 5 feet to 7 by 7 feet. The ones meant for call centers are usually 4 by 2 feet in size. U-shaped cubicles are a huge rage as well as special transaction cubicles for receptions. There is also something available that goes by the name of shared station cubicles and measure all the way to the spacious 8 by 14 feet.

Materials for office cubicles!

Cubical materials are open to be customized per your needs. A variety of colorful fabrics, laminate materials and a wide range of paint options are enjoyed by the offices that buy used office cubicles. Anything from specked gray to imitation wood or even subtle designs can be acquired. You can even get cubicles done up in glass and metal if you want the high- end look. These varieties are quiet sturdy and even come in tempered glass with glass art! Thus, whether your taste is contemporary or more towards traditional, there’s always something for you! The cost of cubicles varies according to the material chosen by those who buy used office cubicles– the more sophisticated the material, the higher your price and the better your office looks! But then again, when you buy used office cubicles, the price goes down for all of your choices!

Doors for you!

When you work as a team, constant collaboration is needed in your workplace. In environments where supervision is required, or communication necessary, make sure to customize the used office cubicles to have lower walls. You could even get yourself translucent walls for a modern touch. However, make sure to get these walls tempered  enough for privacy! Executives of the firm can even get doors in their cubicles to facilitate meetings! Now that you know everything that there is to know about cubicles, what are you waiting for? Get used office cubicles from Office Solutions and improve your office space today! Used Office Cubicles.

Environmental Benefits of Buying Used Cubicles

Used Cubicles

With a growing number of organizations joining the green movement, the corporate world is waking up to its responsibility towards safeguarding the environment. Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer a mere PR gimmick. It has moved on from being a static component in annual reports of companies, to becoming an actively practiced function that is capable of contributing to the overall profitability of the organization. If you and your organization intend to “go green”, then creating a sustainable, environment-friendly office with used cubicles and other pre-owned office furniture like used chairs, cabinets, even artwork, can be a good place to begin.

Used Cubicles and the Environment

Using pre-owned or used office cubicles can help your organization conserve energy and resources that would otherwise be directed towards the production of new cubicles. It ensures maximum utilization of resources like wood, aluminium, plastic, fibre, steel etc. It also conserves labor and manufacturing energy like electricity, fossil fuels and fuel used for transportation and logistics. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has estimated a staggering figure of around 3 million tons of office furniture that is discarded each year. Using pre-owned office cubicles delays waste production as the cubicles that would otherwise be diverted to the solid waste stream are now able to buy more time on the market. Your decision of purchasing used office furniture for your organization can thus help keep waste items out of landfills and incinerators.

Manufacturing new furniture increases the emission of harmful greenhouse gases. Your preference for used cubicles over brand new ones can reduce your organization’s carbon footprint on the environment and also effectually save the world from the fatal phenomenon of global warming. By purchasing used office furniture, you not only commit to safeguarding the environment for others but also to giving yourself a cleaner, healthier world to live in.

Used Office Furniture – Protecting the Environment and Your Profitability

With all the economic challenges that organizations have had to face in recent times, used office cubicles are a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative for setting up your office. Buying used cubicles can help customers save 30%-50% on their capital expenditure as opposed to freshly manufactured cubicles. It is a misconception that used cubicles are of inferior quality and look old or dated. The fact is that most used office cubicles are not more than 5 years old. Also, more often than not, they are discarded by their previous owners not because they look worn out or have devaluated over time, but because the organization is improving, re-locating or liquidating.

Most used cubicles look as good as new, sometimes even fresh-out-of-the-mill, with perhaps a couple of spots or blemishes in a few cases. The fact that they have lasted for so long points to their durability and high-quality, something that is rare to find in newer products that are largely imported from eastern countries. A number of aesthetically appealing options for used office cubicles are available in the market and you can expect to give your office a makeover of your choice at almost half the price, without compromising the look. Start-ups and organizations with limited resources cannot wish for a better deal!

A “green organization” sets an example for its employees and its consumers. Not to forget all that shareholder value that gets created because the management is appropriating its funds wisely. Buying used office furniture helps you achieve all that along with being the best choice for the environment. In the process of working out an incredibly profitable deal for your organization, you end up working out the best deal for the wellbeing of our planet as well! It is rare to find corporate profitability and environmental safety on the same side of the door and purchasing used office cubicles and other pre-owned office furniture makes a win-win situation possible for both. Visit Office Solutions or call us today for more information. Used Cubicles.