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Monthly archives for August, 2011

How to Buy Used Cubicles?

Used Cubicles

Used cubicles are in constant demand as they are more affordable, cheaper, energy saving, and environmentally friendly as compared to new cubicles. Small businesses that are trying to save their funds for investment and growth usually settle for secondhand office furniture to decorate their office space.

But how do you go about purchasing used cubicles online and getting the best deal? Read on to know more.

Used Cubicles vs. New Cubicles

New cubicles might seem fresh and exciting, but they are expensive and many people are wary of buying them, especially with the current economic recession. On top of that, they are not very environmentally friendly as hundreds of trees have to be chopped down to obtain the wood required for constructing new cubicles.

Used cubicles, on the other hand, are extremely inexpensive since you can buy these online at heavily discounted rates. Don’t be surprised if you stumble across an online furniture store offering 40 – 60% discounts on their secondhand collections of used office furniture. Besides, every time you purchase used office furniture, you will put one step forward towards saving the earth and protecting its fragile environment. Using second hand office furniture will also help you set up an example for others to follow and will prevent trees from being chopped down mercilessly.

This, in turn, will help to preserve the planet. Besides, you can save up to 95% more energy when you use refurbished office furniture. Using secondhand office furniture reduces the possibilities of acid rain, global warming, air pollution, and deforestation and prevents solid waste production. Used office cubicles, when purchased online, are also quick to arrive at your premises.

But the greatest aspect of used office cubicles is that they look as good as new at less than half the price! Used office furniture of any type is repaired, renovated, and refurbished before being repainted to make them look like new. You can throw away all your concerns about broken, damaged, and poor quality used furniture out of the window.

Where to Find Used Office Cubicles for Sale?

Some of the top places for purchasing used cubicles are the brick and mortar furniture stores and local businesses that are closing or relocating. The latter is often a good place to grab a great deal since they will usually accept whatever price you are ready to offer. But if you are looking for top quality, refurbished, and inexpensive secondhand office cubicles in a wide variety of designs, your safest bet is to browse through the numerous online furniture stores who will offer you the maximum value for your money. You can virtually browse through their entire collection from the privacy and comfort of your own home or office and if you want to check out the condition of the secondhand cubicles with your own eyes, you can always drop by their nearest showroom.

Tips for Purchasing Used Cubicles

  • Check out all the available information before doing business with an online furniture sure. Make sure it is a legitimate company, not a scam website!
  • Because you have to reveal sensitive credit and personal information while making an online transaction, you should always be extra careful and use secure, legitimate sites for processing payments.

Other than this, buying used cubicles online is truly hassle free and convenient, especially for busy people with little time on their hands. Used Cubicles.

Things to Consider Before Buying Used Cubicles

Used Cubicles

Cubicles are the quintessential part of any office. They are an essential item to have in your office, but when it comes time to buy new ones, you might be worried about spending too much money. This is especially true for new businesses who are trying to optimize spending. In this case, you might be better off buying used cubicles. Before you do, you should consider a few things:

Fix Your Budget

The first, and perhaps most important, step before buying a used cubicles is fixing your budget. You need to decide what type of cubicles you want and how much money you’re prepared to spend. This is going to be an important business decision, so make an informed decision based on your budget and be sure to maximize all your available resources.

Saving Money

An important aspect in business is getting the most out of your resources. By buying refurbished cubicles, you can save a significant amount of money, which you can invest elsewhere. Many of the used cubicles that are on sale have been used for no more than two to three years and are of good quality. To top it off, they are sold at only half the price of a new cubicle. So, you can get a cubicle which is in a relevantly good condition at half the price. This is a great bargain!

Promotes An Environmentally Friendly Atmosphere

Buying used cubicles for your office is a very environmentally responsible thing to do. There is a substantial amount of time between the process of recycling old furniture and using it to make new furniture. If supplies are to be kept in demand and in stock, this waiting period is frustrating. Instead of waiting for these newly recycled cubes to be remade, new cubicles are created by using completely new and non-recycled materials. With more than half of the world’s forests decimated, you can set a shining example by opting to go for used cubicles in an effort to help save the environment.

Resale Price Maintenance

When you buy brand new furniture, the resale value can decrease to about thirty percent of the original price in a time span of five years, after subtracting depreciation. Thus, the resale value is significantly lowered. But when you opt to sell the used cubicles, the resale price will be as high as seventy percent of the price you paid when buying the cubicle. Thus, you can get more value for your money if you choose used cubicles.

Time Saver

Anyone who has ever bought new furniture will tell you that more often than not, it takes more than a month for the new furniture to be delivered to your house. Unfortunately, this means suffering a long wait until your new furniture arrives. But, if you decide to buy used cubicles, you can expect the delivery man to knock on your office door within two to three days!. Used Cubicles.

Where to Buy Used Cubicles

Used Cubicles

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, the first thing you are going to need is an office. A modern office needs cubicles for people to work in comfort and convenience. Buying used cubicles is a good way to keep your costs down. They are almost as good as new cubicles and cost much less. Furthermore, you may buy these cubicles in many different designs and style.

These cubicles are also a great choice for people looking to upgrade their offices. You only have to refurbish them and they will look as good as new. It is also a great choice for businesses who are working on a budget. Since most old cubicles are bought in an “as-is” condition, you save a lot of money on maintenance and installation.

Buying these cubicles is also environmentally friendly since you will be conserving earth’s resources by buying refurbished cubicles. It is estimated that used cubicles can give a new look to your office at almost half the cost.

Where can you get used cubicles:

You can buy used cubicles from furniture dealers, furniture brokers or at auctions.

  • Furniture dealers: If you don’t want to get scammed, then buying old cubicles from furniture dealers is the best choice. However, buying used products is often risky and you can’t expect a totally unblemished, perfect product.One of the advantages of buying from dealers is that they maintain a showroom where a wide variety of used cubicles are displayed. They also refurbish the cubicles and do all the necessary repair work. The result is that you get almost a spanking new cubicle which will last you several years. Despite all the extensive repairs, you can buy used cubicles from furniture dealers for a very affordable price.

  • Furniture brokers: Furniture brokers are another good source for getting old cubicles. However, unlike dealers, they do not have a store to display their wares. There are some brokers who display their wares online. Brokers sell refurbished cubicles to dealers, which is why sometimes buying these cubicles from a broker might be more economical.
  • Auctions: At auctions, you are more likely to get high quality used cubicles at prices that will be more expensive than what you will get from a furniture dealer or a broker. Besides, at auctions you might not get the chance to make a choice about what the specific cubicle you end up with. Auctions do not replace damaged or defective goods. and you can run into a big problem if you end up with a damaged cubicle or one that does not suit your office.

You will gain more if you buy from furniture dealers:

  • You might drain all your resources, but chances are that you will get the best deal from a furniture dealer. Unlike brokers and auction houses, dealers can offer you a wider variety of cubicles. You have a better chance of getting cubicles that suit the style and design of your office.
  • If you detect any defects after buying the used cubicle, then the dealer will replace them with another one without much fuss. Things might not be so hassle free if you want to replace damaged cubicles from a broker or from an auction.
  • Finally, dealers are the only places where you can expect a big discounts on used cubicles. Used Cubicles.

New Versus Used Cubicles – Why Used Cubicles are a Better Option.

Used Cubicles

Compared to brand new cubicles, used cubicles are more economic, affordable, and environment friendly. When you are starting a new business, relocating to a larger office space, or simply trying to expand, you want to save every extra cent. That is why purchasing used cubicles to decorate your office space is a smart decision.

If you are one of those businesses that is not daunted by expensive price tags and for whom appearances matter, purchasing new office cubicles is perhaps the right choice. But even then, you should research the advantages of purchasing used cubicles.

Benefits of Purchasing Used Cubicles

  • Cheaper and Affordable: Used office cubicles are substantially cheaper and more affordable than new cubicles. Lucky buyers often stumble on high quality, designer, used cubicles at up to 60% discounted rates during sale seasons. In fact, almost all furniture stores offer huge discounts several times a year in order to clear out their collection of secondhand stock. It is also possible to get a great bargain if you can quickly grab used cubicles from any industry or local business that is downsizing or closing their office. They will most likely accept any price that you offer and you will get a lot of great cubicles for a good price!
  • Same Quality and Design at a Better Price: Contrary to what you might think, used office cubicles aren’t sold in damaged or broken conditions. If you conduct a real life market survey, you will find that not a single used office cubicle in the secondhand market contains scratches or damages. The wood is never chipped and the paint does not peel off! All the products are carefully repaired and given a fresh coat of paint to make them look as good as new. In fact, if you compare a new cubicle and a used one side by side, you won’t be able to point out any difference in quality, craftsmanship, or design. This means you can get the same quality and wide range of designs at throwaway prices without setting back your budget.
  • Quick to Set Up: It is possible to set up your office quickly, sometimes within 24 to 48 hours after purchasing, as you can transport the products to your office almost immediately after buying them. New cubicles, on the other hand, usually take a lot more time for arrival.
  • Environmentally Friendly: It’s pretty obvious that new cubicles are made from wood, which means that the manufacturers are cutting down an exorbitant amount of trees to produce new cubicles. This leads to sustained deforestation which can ultimately harm the environment in the long run. When you opt to purchase used cubicles, you are setting a precedent for other  businesses and employers while also protecting the planet and the environment by minimizing the likelihood of air pollution, acid rain, and global warming. You will also be reducing the production of solid waste and pollution caused by volatile organic compounds. Using refurbished office furniture also means saving up to 95% more energy. Used Cubicles.


Tips to Take Care of Your Used Cubicles

Used Cubicles

Cubicles are private office compartments that have become the norm in modern offices. They provide easy solutions to most working requirements. Many people have had used cubicles at some point during their careers. Proper cubicle etiquette and maintenance have become essential knowledge no matter what industry you work in. Here are some tips for taking care of your used cubicles.

1. Clean regularly

Clean your cubicles regularly. Used cubicles are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Without regular hygiene, you may be at risk for contracting various communicative diseases that spread through touch. Common colds, the flu, and conjunctivitis are common examples of diseases that you can gain through lack of cleanliness.

Cubicles are easy to clean. Nowadays, most cubicles are made from MFC Faced Chipboard Material. Such cubicles are easily cleaned with the application of warm water and soap.

Vacuum your used cubicle regularly. This helps to get rid of most of the dust and germs accumulated in the corners of your cubicle that you can’t reach manually. Fabric coated walls can be cleaned with fabric cleaners and sanitizers. Clean the walls of your cubicle at least once a year. Clean the other components of your cubicle more often. For instance, clean your chairs at least once a weak. Wipe your desk or table once every couple of days. Not only does this make your table tidier, but it also helps you keep track of all your work materials.

Keep your desk and the rest of the cubicle clutter free. A clutter free desk is the symbol of a clutter free mind. You can concentrate better when your work area is clean and neat.

2. Personalize your cubicle

Decorate your cubicle with things that interest or motivate you. The primary function of a cubicle is to serve as the personal work center of each individual employee of a company. Therefore, it becomes each individual’s prerogative to maintain their cubicle as they wish. Place some pictures of your family or close friends on your desk. Or maybe a poster or some positive and motivational slogans or mottos can be placed on the used cubicle walls. Make sure that anything you put up does not offend any of your coworkers. Strategically placed posters or frames can hide unsightly stains or cracks on the walls and can help make used cubicles look more attractive.

Your cubicle speaks volumes about your personality. Potted plants or a few (low maintenance) pets can make your cubicle seem lively and friendly. Whereas just the standard files and stacks of papers make your cubicle seem slightly cold and uninviting.

3. Give your cubicle a periodic make-over

The workplace is where most adults spend a majority of their time. It makes sense that after awhile people might start losing motivation while staring at the same boring cubicle day after day. Give your cubicle a makeover once every few months. Make a slight project of it with any other colleagues who might be interested. This way, you can develop interwork relationships. Change the wallpaper of your cubicle or change the arrangement of the desk to give your workspace a different feeling.

Cubicles are the main importance of any work environment. The maintenance and upkeep of used cubicles is an important task that can greatly add much needed energy into any office. Used Cubicles.