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Monthly archives for September, 2011

Tips for Buying Used Office Furniture for your Boardroom

Used Office Furniture

You need to assess the budget allocated to office furnishing and meticulously plan your office décor. Choosing office furniture is an appalling task and if done incorrectly, you will end up squandering your investment. You can cut costs by purchasing used office furniture. An office basically requires desks, chairs, computer furniture, file cabinets, storage cabinets and shelves. Also distinct areas like the reception, conference rooms, seminar halls, break room and mail room necessitate the use of specialized furniture.

Employing used office furniture will save you up to 70-80 % on the retail price. They need not be of an inferior quality. You can easily get good quality used office furniture at affordable prices. Due to the economic turmoil firms are finding it difficult to survive. They thrive by selling off their used furnishings. This can be then purchased by those who need it.

Significance of Well Designed Boardrooms

A boardroom is a room set aside for conducting meetings in an office. The administrators and directors can initiate conferences or even notify and interact with clients. Critical conclusions and decisive verdicts are made here. Boardrooms are also employed for training purposes. A well-designed boardroom creates an image of competence, accomplishment and true potential. It should be symbolic of the reputation and essence of your business venture.

The boardroom must have a serious and business like ambience. Conference chairs and tables are a vital accessory of your boardroom. A conference table maybe circular, rectangular and with or without built in split sections. The finishes of the table could be glass, laminates or wood finish. The table size must be optimum and serve the intended purpose. The chairs must reinforce comfort and stability. They are generally upholstered to augment the comfort factor and hence boost productivity of the workforce.

Large corporations also facilitate the use of video conferencing. Hence, the boardroom must have good access to video conferencing equipment like webcams, HD cameras, headsets and microphones.

Guidelines to Purchase Used Office Furniture

Make sure that if you are investing money, invest it wisely. You can choose from re-manufactured, reused or refurbished furniture. Compare new and old furniture for rates, warranty and post sales service. Used office furniture is also a way to address environmental concerns since it reduces disposal of old furniture.

You need to have a clear idea about your requirements i.e. number of chairs and desks. When you opt for used furniture, thoroughly inspect it. Discoloration and surface damage can be fixed. But keep an eye out for bad construction. Wooden furniture for example should have strong joints, must be well glued and perfectly polished. Search for the items in the right places. If you are under budget restrains, you can locate merchandise from flea markets, online auctions, garage sales and warehouse outlet sales. You have to make optimum use of space. The dimensions of available space have to be taken into consideration. When shopping online you must also consider terms and conditions and postage and handling charges. Used Office Furniture.

New versus Used Office Furniture

Used Office Furniture

Every new entrepreneur will be faced with the choice of either buying new furniture or going for used office furniture while setting up an organization. While you may be tempted by the new and swanky furniture that is up for sale in attractive showrooms, it is a good idea to pause and consider the benefits of buying old furniture and make an analysis.

Better and more Sturdy

A fledgling firm may find that instead of making a huge investment in new furniture it is better to go for used furniture and utilize the funds thus saved more profitably and usefully. However, for that they have to get rid of the notion that used office furniture is substandard and fit to be thrown away and that people sell furniture when it becomes thoroughly useless and a piece of junk. That may not be true.

On the contrary, used office furniture are sturdier than the newly made ones as the material for recently manufactured products are imported from eastern countries and are mainly of processed wood.  A large number of firms sell out furniture in the event of relocation. Many firms liquidate their assets and therefore sell off office furniture. Of course there is no dearth of inferior stuff available in the market but it is your job to research the market for good offers.

Open for Remodelling

Used office furniture can also be refurbished and modulated according to your requirements and taste. Deciding upon the upholstery, paint and fittings are part of the refurbishing process and even after these changes you will find that you are saving around 80 to 90 % of the cost as compared to new furniture. You can alter the furniture you buy at cheap rates to suit the requirements of your workplace and the satisfaction of the employees. If the employees are happy with the workspace and are comfortable with the furniture, you can reap rich dividends. While you are in the market to buy your furniture, you should encourage the salesperson to talk at length about his product and also make your particular requirements clear to him.

Used Office Furniture Helps you Go Green

Last but not the least, buying used office furniture will be one big step your organization shall take towards fulfilling its responsibility towards an environmentally safe tomorrow. You shall be helping the environment by postponing the generation of solid waste since you will be reusing and recycling an old product. You will be saving the resources and labour required to manufacture a new product and also conserving the fuel used in transportation. In addition to these, your company can market itself as a green company and portray itself in a positive light by being an organization that is conscious of its role in saving the environment and is employing useful methods in working towards that end.

It can be safely concluded that buying used office furniture is, any day, a wiser and more pragmatic option rather than going for new ones. You save not only on funds but also contribute your bit towards a greener planet. Used Office Furniture.

Essential Used Office Furniture You Should Invest In

Used Office Furniture

Your used office furniture is an extension of your personality. Irrespective of the nature of your business, you would want your office to exude a professional and pleasing appearance to impress your customers. Selecting proper office furniture is the first essential step in that direction. The right kind of furniture not only adds to the proficient look and feel of your office but also contributes in creating a comfortable working condition for you and your employees. Whether you are opening a new office or renovating the existing one, there are some basic pieces of furniture that are indispensable in imparting a dynamic look to your office.

Used Office Furniture

Chairs – Most people underestimate the importance of the humble and ubiquitous office chair. Yet, this is one piece of furniture which is used almost throughout the day unlike other furniture. The correct office chair offers proper back support and aids in maintaining a correct sitting posture so that you do not suffer from excruciating back pain at the end of a hard day. Invest in ergonomic chairs with wheels and a swivel base. Although expensive, these chairs are durable, brace your lower back, support good posture and help alleviate back pain. Throw in a plastic floor mat which aids in the movement of the chair and also adds zing to your office.

Desks – The desk is another basic utility item without which no office is complete. Choose from an eclectic array of traditional, contemporary, laminated or pre-fabricated modular desks to suit the décor of your office. Increase its value by adding ample storage spaces like shelves and hutches at convenient places. Consider a “U” shaped desk which offers more space and impresses your clients with its imposing presence or opt for an “L”-shaped model for regular work and meetings. Keep your desk top neat and clutter-free. A simply framed family photo or an aesthetically appealing table lamp adds to the impression your desk creates on your clients.

CabinetsFiling cabinets are another crucial addition to your list of must-buy used office furniture. The size and type of your documents will determine the ideal filing cabinet for your office. Standard filing cabinets are built to accommodate letter size documents (8 ½ by 11 inches). However, you can also opt for cabinets suited to store legal sized papers (8 ½ by 14 inches) or blue prints and drawings (up to 36 by 48 inches). As per your convenience, choose between vertical file cabinets which open on the shorter side and lateral file cabinets that open on the longer side. Also, filing cabinets come in a variety of colors and styles apart from the traditional metal ones. Selected carefully, they add color and personality to your office and revitalize the overall appearance.

Tables – Tables are the other basic necessity in an office. Your used office furniture and desk top cannot accommodate everything during a meeting, nor does your meeting area/conference room look complete without an elegant and functional table that impresses your clients. Tables, too, are available in different shapes and colors and can be custom-built, as per your taste, requirement and finances. You can also opt for those with built-in additional features like electrical ports, data ports and having arrangements for LCD projectors. Used Office Furniture.

Tips for Taking Care of your Used Office Furniture

Used Office Furniture

Office furniture, whether they are used office furniture or brand new ones, need regular maintenance so that they can be kept under good condition for a long time. The same thing applies to any furniture or wood appliance. Since wood is a biodegradable material, it starts decaying when kept under use for long time. To slow down the process of degradation and to get more out of your furniture, routine, monthly and yearly maintenance is necessary depending on the usage of the furniture. People spend most of their time at office working in their cubicles, conference halls and meeting rooms furnished with expensive furniture. Damages are bound to happen, hence maintenance plays a major role in enhancing the durability of the furniture. Maintaining used office furniture not only has monetary benefits, it also keeps the appearance of office spaces under check. Following some simple set of guidelines would even increase life span of used office furniture.

Location of furniture

Where you place the furniture always determines the magnitude of damage it takes on a daily basis. If the furniture with leather covering is placed under direct sunlight, it is exposed to maximum damage. The leather under sunlight gets discolored quickly and looses its appearance. Hence, it is best to avoid direct sunlight even on used office furniture. Although, direct sunlight is not good for furniture, complete darkness is also harmful as it attracts termites, bed bugs, cockroaches and other insects that can harm furniture internally or externally. Hence, ample lighting should be provided. Water is also an enemy of wood as it dampens wood surfaces and destroys its internal structure by penetrating into it. So, furniture should not be kept near water sources or they must be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. A place that attracts considerable amount of dust and has large crowd movement poses threat of damaging furniture. So arrangements should be made to take care of furniture in such places.

Routine maintenance

Most of the used office furniture attains longevity when maintained routinely. Since furniture and wood appliances are used daily, it is obvious that they are prone to wear and tear. Hence, cleaning, removing stains and tightening furniture fastenings on a routine basis is must. For cleaning furniture, soap-based cleaners can be used. Wiping furniture surface with a damp sponge daily keeps furniture free from dust particles and maintains surface appearance. Polishing with good quality liquid base polish twice a week keeps furniture in good condition.

Long term maintenance

In order to protect furniture from daily wear and tear and to reduce its degradation, some long term measures can be employed. To keep out furniture from attack by insects, pests and bugs, applying oil based coating from time to time is must. To protect furniture from scratches, dents and moisture, use of desk pads and coasters should be made compulsory in the office. Felt, rubber or leather bumpers can be fixed to bottom of office furniture to prevent from getting damaged by abrasion.

Conduct of workers

Behavior of people working in the office is also important to cause minimum damage to used office furniture and other wood appliances. Sipping tea and coffee while working on your desk top seems like fun but you should be under control while having those beverages as they not only damage office accessories but also burn your skin. Make habit of using coasters or desk pads while having food or beverage on office furniture. Do not keep heavy items in your cubicles as they may produce permanent impression on furniture or may cause severe damage in accidents. Used Office Furniture.

Buying Used Office Furniture – Five Essential Tips

Used Office Furniture

When you set up a new office you obviously look for furniture. And buying used office furniture for your office is one of the options if you want to save some extra bucks. Buying new furniture is not only costly, it also puts extra burden on your shoulders if you have spent a large amount on buying the office space.

Used office furniture is an economical option and if you are the kind of person who loves classic touch, then you could also find antique pieces to decorate your work place at absolutely down to earth prices. They are also reliable as they have stood the test of time enduring every kind of weight and weather. There are some factors that govern buying of used furniture. Before buying used office furniture, you should be aware of some guidelines that decide cost, durability and quality of the furniture.

Assessing the space

When you buy or rent your office space, the first thing to do is to assess the space. The carpet area of the office decides how much furniture you need and of what length and breadth. Since used office furniture is ready-made, it is not feasible to alter their design and size. Hence, you must be clear about the kind of furniture you want to buy. You should also decide where you want to place the furniture like sofa, tables, chairs and other wood works so that you can determine how much pieces of furniture you need. This assessment makes buying used office furniture easy as you won’t be confused by the range of furniture on display.

Gathering information

Once you decide upon purchasing used furniture, gathering information is a must. You might find shops selling used furniture but not all shops offer the best deal. Garage and estate sales always provide competitive pricing on used furniture. Look out for sales in the classifieds section of your local newspaper. Information is also available on the internet, radio and sometimes on TV. Auctions are also best sources of getting furniture in bulk at low rates.

Type of wood

When people buy furniture, they are least bothered about the type of wood and instead fall for the apparent beauty of the furniture. Several kinds of woods are used in making furniture. Mahogany, maple, oak, beech and pine are the commonly used woods to make furniture and are affordable. Other woods like teak, cherry, rosewood and walnut are considered as woods for making luxury furniture. They all have characteristics specific to them that govern durability and quality of the wood. Knowing about wood is not mandatory, but having knowledge on them gives extra edge while buying.

Quality of furniture

One of the main factors that govern buying used office furniture is quality. Look out for cracks, fissures, loose fastenings and termite attacks on the used furniture you are purchasing. Make sure that any damages on the furniture can be fixed easily before purchasing. Otherwise, it is of no use buying old furniture and then paying a hefty amount to repair them.

Sharpen your bargaining skills

One of the advantages of buying used office furniture or house hold furniture is that you can bargain with the seller till he bends the prices to some extent. In order to do that you should know the current market prices of furniture before going for purchase. But even if you don’t know you are entitled to bargain vehemently on your purchase, who knows you might get lucky on a good day and end up with saving some cash for next purchase. Used Office Furniture.

Tips to Keep Your Used Office Cubicles Organized

Used Office Cubicles

Used office cubicles are the best choices for companies who are a little tight on their finances but need the best environment for their employees. The purpose of a cubicle is to insulate the user from external noises and sights that can be a huge distraction at work. It gives them more privacy and thereby results in improved productivity. Instead of having lined up desk in open spaces which look pretty cluttered, cubicles give a sense of orderliness to an office.

Pen/pencil stand

This is basic, but lots of people leave their table cluttered with pens and pencils thereby giving the table a rummaged look. Have a beautiful cup or a pen stand that can accommodate all your pens and pencils. But remember to dispose of the ones you do not use as they add up to the clutter.

Space for personal items

All your personal items like your mobile, wallet, car keys and house keys need a definite place in your used office cubicles. You cannot afford to leave them on your desk as they can get mixed up with other items and get lost. Last minute search for these things will leave you absolutely frustrated. Hence, use one of the drawers to keep your personal stuff. This will leave the table free to keep your work related items.

Paper filing

Segregate the papers and file them in separate trays according to their usage. Filing is a very important part of an organization. It ensures that all the documents related to work are filed in appropriate folders. Your filing should be so good that at any given point of time, you should be able to pull out the required paper with ease. Thus, your table will be totally organized and not be strewn with papers.

Used office cubicles

If you have invested in used office cubicles, ensure that they are sturdy and they fit into your office space. Also, the cubicle should gel with your surroundings.

Space for electronic gadgets and wiring

Ensure that your modem, wireless router and battery back-up do not take up your work space. Make certain that all the wires from your phone and computer are not running everywhere. Try to make the best use of latest technology. You can use a WI-FI instead of the regular modem connection. This will save lots of space. Remember that any clutter will hinder your performance and also make your table look chaotic and messy. Space that is messy robs the user of his/her fresh and innovative thoughts. One of the ways to ensure productivity is to keep your used office cubicles neat, tidy and hygienic. People tend to work better in conducive and organized conditions.

Use of note pads

It is a very natural tendency to write down phone numbers, addresses, customer information or any other details that you receive during the course of the day on a sheet of paper nearest to you. This could be an envelope, a scrap paper or even in the palm of your hands. This is messy. Understand that this is important information and you will be certainly requiring it sometime in the near future. Hence, have a note pad on your table and jot down all the details that you receive in that. This is a much easier option than searching every nook and corner of your cubicle for some detail that you had received earlier.

Hence, keep your used office cubicles organized. Once you have made provision for every item to go into its respective slot, maintain it. Make sure to keep everything in its respective place and you will reap its benefit always. You will be more relaxed and thus more efficient. Used Office Cubicles.

Tips for Setting up Used Office Cubicles

Used Office Cubicles

Setting up office cubicles for a new office can be a tedious job, which is why used office cubicles are highly recommended. In order to facilitate the efficient execution of tasks, as well as to boost employee morale and motivation, it is essential to have well designed cubicles where employees feel comfortable working in. Moreover, a well designed office makes the work more organized and will certainly lead to lesser time lapses or disorder while working.

Used versus New Cubicles

Apart from the fact that they are ready-made, which will save you a lot of time, used office cubicles are also well constructed, sparing you the hassle of designing new ones from scratch. Older furniture are also environmentally friendlier since you will save a lot of trees from being chopped down. Besides, they are significantly cheaper compared to newer ones and will hence go easy on your pockets. Small businesses that are looking to save funds for future investments usually settle for used furniture to decorate their offices.

How to get started?

The most important rule to keep in mind while finding used office cubicles for your office space is to understand the use and functioning of each cubicle, which in turn will make it easier to select furniture most suited to your needs. It is essential to maximize the area available at your disposal that can offer enough space to your employees to work efficiently, and also enjoy their own privacy. You must also take into consideration the configuration of any existing walls, storage area, filling space and the work-surface layouts.

Employee-Space Ratio

In order to understand how much space needs to be allotted to each employee, you can begin by measuring the dimensions of the available area, and configuring the employee to space ratio that needs to be used to develop an accurate layout. By dividing the number of employees you house by the space available, you can get a reasonable estimate of the area needed for each employee. This can be done by mapping the area of the space on graph paper and highlighting the exact location of desks, accessories, existing doors, windows, and stairs.


You may realize that certain senior members of your firm might need bigger spaces than the other employees. Also, certain teams and groups need to be housed together in order to facilitate collaboration and teamwork in tasks. Certain employees might need access to books and reference materials in which case it makes sense to have shelves on their cubicles. Then there might be others who work constantly on their computers and may need to have direct access to the company servers and databases. Hence, it is important to consider all these factors before deciding which used office cubicles to purchase.

It is important to be prepared well in advance before you go about buying used office cubicles. There are various stores selling all kinds of used furniture so you will land up being confused if you are not sure about what you exactly require. Research and analyse thoroughly before you design your dream space! Used Office Cubicles.

History of Used Office Cubicles

Used Office Cubicles

Cubicles, or used office cubicles are ultimate space and cost savers in today’s corporate world. The term “cubicle” has been derived from the Latin word “cubiculum”, meaning “bed chamber.”  It was used in the English language as early as the 15th century to denote small chambers of all types, and for similar sized rooms or study-spaces with separations that didn’t reach out to the roof.

So why the Change?

Offices in the early 20th century were filled with muddled desks and frenzied employees with absolutely no seclusions trying to focus on getting things done in time. Desks would frequently be jam-packed together, face-to-face, often creating confusion and tense situations. Little-known-back–then-and-now inventor Robert Propst noticed this prospect and designed an office-layout concept that he christened, “Action Office.”  It was within this design that cubicles or used office cubicles first made their appearance in the workplace.

If used office cubicles are good, why do we hate it?

In one of the greatest treasons in the history of worldwide inventions, the office cubicle was not only made to morph into a form worse than what it was projected to be, but its contemporary nightmarish design (dis)credit goes to its primary creator. It’s almost impossible to picture more of an insulted sentiment than resting in your grave bearing in mind that your family name will always be allied with something that many crammed up workers consider one of the major blights to have happened to the work-force trapped in offices. And, it is really puzzling why any part of the creator’s unique office design hasn’t remained unchanged as it should have. Conceivably, all offices should revert back to the innovative design before the ones working day and night in offices completely lost their judgment. But then, we would lose a good portion of satiric pop culture when that happens.

Things just went wrong!

In Propst’s unique Action Office blueprint, the cubicle was actually a compilation of medium-sized partitions that never concealed a worker completely, but were positioned at certain angles so it would offer one’s own individual work-space and not make you feel as if a fellow worker was invading your private space all day long. The all-purpose layout of a Propst office cubicle design was created at a 90 or120 degree angle of isolation so everyone would be facing away from each other and could concentrate better on their particular assignments. There really isn’t any inferior feeling in a work atmosphere than somebody staring at you all day, more than ever if it’s the head Mariachi of the establishment. That was the condition in offices before the 1970’s.

But somehow, they didn’t realize at all that staring towards a huge wall all along day would rob away a mood of well-being and decrease office productivity. It stood as a brutal reminder to an employee that he/she was there to work and they were not allowed to waste time.

What truthfully went off beam with the evolved office cubicles was in the angular design of them that left you with the sensation that when you decide to visit your fellow employee at her desk nearby, you would feel you were chasing someone on a mouse maze! In spite of countless attempts, corporations always flood their office with new and used office cubicles that are cheaper and easier to maintain. Nobody cares except the workers! Used Office Cubicles.

Used Office Cubicles versus Case goods Furniture – A Comparison

Used Office Cubicles

Used office cubicles are a novel and plausible way of decorating your office space. You need to assess the budget allocated to office furnishing and meticulously plan your office décor. Choosing office furniture is an appalling task and if done incorrectly, you will end up squandering your investment. You can cut costs by purchasing used and refurbished office furniture. An office basically requires desks, chairs, computer furniture, file cabinets, storage cabinets and shelves. Also distinct areas like the reception, conference rooms, seminar halls, break room and mail room necessitate the use of specialized furniture.

Used Office cubicles

Office cubicles are small, partially-enclosed compartments within the office separated from neighboring work stations. There are many types of cubicles flooding the market these days. Seclusion can be obtained by using steel, wood or glass partitions. There are also many flexible and portable cubicles you can avail of. You could opt for straight, L-shaped or U-shaped patterns.

Employing used office cubicles will save you up to 70-80 % on the retail price. They need not be of an inferior quality. You can easily get good quality used office cubicles at affordable prices. Due to the economic turmoil, firms are finding it difficult to survive. They thrive by selling off their used furnishings. This can be then purchased by those who need it.

Case Goods Furniture

Case goods are furniture that are essentially not upholstered and are used to provide interior storage space. They are attractive and ideal in a private office setting. In an office setting, case goods would be file cabinets, storage cabinets, wall and shelving units. They make your papers and files uncluttered and organized. They aid in providing an optimal solution for storing and retrieving goods and materials.

Storage cabinets require a huge investment generally because the manufacturing costs are high. The expenditure may vary from $100 to $1000 per unit. More lavish and sturdy ones are available for slightly more inflated prices. Shelving units are used when frequent access and long time storage are essential.

Privacy is a concern when using case goods and hence they are generally used in offices with doors. You must use it effectively to save office space. By properly utilizing office space, you can add up to 30% more employees to the existing workforce.

Benefits of Office Cubicles over Case Goods Furniture

  • You can address the issue of privacy.
  • Does not require extensive remodeling or reconstruction.
  • They have offer flexibility and optimum use of office space.
  • Communication is made easier.
  • It becomes easy to monitor employees when they are assembled in the same region.
  • You can expand or shrink the cubicle as per requirement.
  • Reduces noise and distraction.
  • Partitions in a cubicle can be used for various purposes like hanging calendars, notes and spreadsheets.
  • Employees can personalize their own cubicles.
  • Office cubicles are cheaper. Sharing office equipment becomes a viable option, hence cutting office supply costs. You can also settle for used office cubicles if you are looking to save money.

Office cubicles are cheaper. Sharing office equipment becomes a viable option, hence cutting office supply costs. You can also settle for used office cubicles if you are looking to save money. Used Office Cubicles.

Buying Used Office Cubicles – A Pocket Friendly Decision

Used Office Cubicles

Usually when faced with the prospect of buying used office cubicles, there are two questions that spring up in the buyer’s mind. The first one is that how different is the cost when compared to buying new furniture, and the second is will it look good in the office/Will I get the choice of colors or designs I want. It is totally normal to be faced with such questions.

Difference in cost

Furniture that is available for resale generally costs half as compared to buying new furniture, or even less than half if you manage to get an excellent deal. Also, furniture that has been put up for resale is good enough to be used as it is. That is, no repairs are required. If repairs were required, it would either be refurbished or remanufactured. And depending on how much the seller has spent on the repairs, the cost would vary.

Used office cubicles, however, are the cheapest furniture available, and totally worth the price. So summing up, if you were to compare buying new cubicles for 15 employees and buying used office cubicles, the difference would be up to $30,000! Another important fact is that when you sell this used furniture you can get up to 70% of your original value. In our expensive economy, the major cost that new businesses face is that of office furniture.

With used office cubicles that are durable and economical, this problem can be solved. The money saved from this can then be invested in other important channels. It is especially important for smaller businesses as it will help them stay afloat.

How Will It Look?

Quite a number of people are scared of the prospect of buying used office cubicles simply because they think it will look like something picked up from a scrap yard. This can easily be resolved if you do your research properly before buying anything. There are quite a lot of dealers who provide good used furniture, and if you searched the market carefully, you can find the colors and design you want.

The only important thing here is due research. Also, you need to find a good, trustworthy dealer if you are doing an online transaction, as you will have to reveal sensitive information like credit card details. Therefore, once you have taken the efforts to find a good dealer and the furniture you want to have, you have gotten yourself a pretty good deal!

Lastly, using used office cubicles is also a very green step. When you buy used furniture, you save 95% of the energy that would go in making new furniture. It will also help to curb the effects of worldwide deforestation and lessen pollution and acid rain. This will not only help preserve the environment, but also provide you with a greener, healthier future for you as well as your children. Used Office Cubicles.