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Daily archives for October 26th, 2011

Moving from Office Environment to a Cubicles, Used – How can this Affect your Organization?

cubicles, used

Deciding to shift from an office environment to cubicles, used or new, presents a business organization with new challenges. There are many factors to be considered regarding the installation of office cubicles. Along with the new opportunities and changes in the functional processes of the office that it entails, there are also obstacles that must be overcome.
Change is not always an easy process to implement. However, there are several outstanding factors that may make it necessary. Structured office cubicles, used or custom-built, can offer an advantageous overhaul of a company’s work place. If harnessed correctly, these factors can aid in the creation of a more synergistic office environment, which enhances worker productivity and involvement.

Advantages Of An Open Office: Why Are Cubicles Used by Companies?
The Economic Benefits:  For most corporates, making use of existing cubicles, used office furniture, and equipment, represents a financially prudent decision. There is a lot of money to be saved, which would have otherwise been spent on furnishing individual offices. The use of centralized heating, cooling, and lighting can help trim running costs.
Enhanced Communication: Working in cubicles can make communication between employees simpler and effective. By encouraging personal communication, achieving targets and goals becomes a simpler process. You may exert better control over employees, and eliminate work duplication.
Reduced Work Hierarchies: The system of office cubicles allows for a greater interaction between senior managers and the office staff. This makes it easier to control the work flow and enables quicker decision making. Troubleshooting is also far more effective with the active involvement of senior staff
Fostering a Team-oriented Approach:  A more flexible work process increases the involvement of all staff members with the task in hand. Employees are able to work as a team in order to achieve a common objective. While individual merits are recognized, this system discourages unhealthy competition within the work space.
Improved Productivity: Open offices can enable more productive brainstorming sessions. There is a greater exchange of ideas and technical expertise, which can lead to better task management and solutions.


Challenges Faced While Shifting to Cubicles, Used or New
Privacy Issues: The most commonly stated drawback of an open office concerns the perceived loss of privacy. This is primarily related to the handling of personal/confidential calls. These may be work related or can concern family issues.
External Distractions: Workers can be affected by the flow of people around the cubicle. Added to this, there may be a predisposition to pay unnecessary attention to conversations occurring outside the cubicle.
Frivolous Interaction: While interaction between employees is a desirable factor, there are occasions when conversations may be of a more frivolous nature.
Health Issues: It is far easier for infectious diseases, such as the flu, to spread in such an environment.
There are many factors that govern an organization’s functioning, and they need to be considered carefully when a new policy is implemented. Effecting a change from private working spaces to cubicles, used or new, has practical and psychological implications. Eventually, any decision taken must be to the benefit of the company. cubicles, used.


Office Cubicle: Tips for Making your Cubicle Private

Office Cubicle

Studies show that space, colors and design affect a person’s mood and style of work. Office cubicle is not the same as a private office as there is less chance for you to express your personality. Besides, office cubicle used for conducting meetings cannot afford the same privacy that is enjoyed in a private office. However, it is possible for you to incorporate some awesome decorating ideas in order to foster positive energy in all corners of your work area and enhance your self esteem too.


Create a ‘wall’ using your desk or computer screen


While decorating your office cubicle, used desks are available for half the price of a new one so that you can limit your budget for other needy things. Choose a desk of the right size and place it a position of command, opposite to the entrance of your cubicle. You can sit facing outward and see anyone entering your office. The right positioning of your office desk will activate your positive energy known as qi and improve your sense of well being. If you have no choice but to sit by your cubicle door, clip a hand sized mirror to your computer or fit it to the wall in front of you in order to give you a good view of anyone entering your area, thus dispelling any uneasiness you may feel.


You can place your computer screen in a way to keep it private from prying eyes. There are special screen filters available that prevent people viewing your computer screen from short distances. Choose pictures or photographs that make you happy, as your screensaver.


Remove clutter and communicate yourself through lights, colors and decorations


Office cubicle must not be cluttered with papers and other needless tools. Your work space should always be neat and in harmony to your qi. Besides, needless clutter is distracting to you as well as those entering your office and can affect your efficiency. Conceal all wires and store old unused files in overhead cabinets.


Choose soothing pastel colors on cubicle walls to define your style. Though office cubicles are well lit, a desk lamp will emit a warm glow and provide relief to fatigued eyes. Redesign your chair, with a small soft cushion thrown in to support your back. Add a touch of nature with small potted plants like ivy violet, a vase of fresh flowers or a bowl of goldfish. Give your office cubicle a touch of pizzazz by hanging any inspirational quote or pictures of your family to lift your spirits.


Hang a curtain over your cubicle entrance to cordon off outsiders and make it feel more private. A writing board outside your door, to be used for messages from colleagues and a plaque with words ‘available/busy’ will further enhance your privacy. Use headphones to block outside noises and stop using your phone speaker in the office. Whenever you buy materials to make your office cubicle – used or new, partition walls of wood or foam are available at discounted prices with suppliers. Office Cubicle.