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Monthly archives for November, 2011

Why Buying Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC is a Better Option than Renting Furniture

Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC

Your office is an integral part of your daily life. You would naturally want to decorate it with the latest furniture and décor items to provide comfort and impress your clients. However, it may not be possible for you to purchase all your dream used office furniture Charlotte NC and maybe you are vacillating between purchase and leasing. Here are some pointers to help you decide which is best for you.

Your own furniture

The most obvious advantage to buying your own used office furniture Charlotte NC is of course ownership. Once you buy an item, it is yours forever to do just as you please. This is all the more applicable to expensive durable items like furniture which are usually not changed every six months. Additionally, furniture styles do not go out of fashion every season so can be sure that your office will not look outdated with furniture purchased a few years’ back. Moreover, remember that furniture is used daily without much care which means that it undergoes a lot of wear and tear. In case of hired furniture, you would be more concerned with its maintenance than its utility and comfort. Tax incentives are another good reason for investing in quality furniture instead of leasing them. Under section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code you can deduct the entire cost of newly purchased valuables from your tax files, within the first year of purchase. If you belong to the 25% tax bracket, a furniture purchase bill of $100,000 would mean a tax saving of $25,000 for you.

Save on recurring expenses by buying used office furniture Charlotte NC

The second drawback to renting furniture is the recurring expense. Consider the fact that when you want to lease any item, the monthly rent also includes the interest charged on the value of the leased furniture. This can be quite a substantial amount even for a one year term. So if you are planning to lease, calculate your monthly cost beforehand to include the interest rate on the value of the item leased, the periodic rate, the duration of the loan and the number of payments you would be making apart from the principal amount. A simple calculation will make it clear that buying is much cheaper than renting the same furniture. Also, there is a locking period in lease contracts and you would have to make your monthly payments irrespective of the financial health of your business during the entire duration of the loan term. If you just want to terminate the lease contract midway, you would still have to pay the remaining amount. While buying used office furniture Charlotte NC, you may have to make the payment in one go, but in the long run, you stand to save a lot of hard earned money which you can put to good use in your business instead.

So if you are undecided about leasing or outright purchase, try to work out a comparison of the costs in both cases. Take into account the tax benefits and the resale value of the purchased used office furniture Charlotte NC. Also consider the long term utility of the item and its durability. Furniture is usually an expensive asset and buying makes good sense after ensuring the quality and resale value. Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC.

Essential Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC you Should Buy for your Office

Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC

When it comes to setting up your office environment, you need to play close detail to the type of office furniture you want. Used office furniture Charlotte NC could be an effective solution to your office furniture needs. However before you tend to what you need, you need to know what kinds of furniture you will require in your office. Furniture should be viewed as one of the top priorities when it comes to setting up an office work space.

Basic Requirements

In today’s age of fast developing technology, a computer is usually considered a must for any office. It can be said to be the most basic piece of equipment in your office in today’s world. No matter whether your business covers several areas across the globe or is isolated to just one small town, a computer is needed for many an office task and speeds up various processes in the office. Thus, in order to safely house the computer, you will need all related furniture. A computer desk is thus a mandatory piece of furniture that you will require in your office. A computer desk not only helps in protecting your computer but it also earmarks office space for computer use and helps you organize work in and around the computer. Thus computer desks are of paramount importance when it comes to setting up office furniture.

Of course, along with the computer desk, you will also need an adequate and comfortable computer chair to go along with it. While the desk helps in protecting the computer, the chair serves to protect you and an ergonomically designed chair could save you from picking up various kinds of injuries while operating the computer over long hours.

Other Needs for Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC

Besides a computer and the related computer desk and computer chair, there are other types of equipment which come in handy and may even be necessary in an office environment. Although the computer makes for mostly electronic processes, most offices still have to go through a lot of paperwork and for this purpose furniture to serve as file cabinets is most essential. File cabinet furniture helps in organizing various documents, brochures, collaterals, papers, reports, flyers and any other important pieces of paper. Such kinds of furniture are usually available in either wood or metal and you should choose that variety which best suits your personal needs as well as the needs of your office. Besides file cabinets, other kinds of office furniture that you will need include sofas, other chairs, book shelves, etc. Chairs and sofas are needed in case you need to meet someone or invite guests over to your office.

Discussed above are some of the most basic pieces of furniture that you will require in your office. There are obviously various other kinds of furniture that could come in handy and be useful in an office environment, but the ones mentioned above are absolutely essential and it is practically impossible to do without them. Thus, starting out with some used office furniture Charlotte NC could ensure that you are on your way to properly setting up your office work space. Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC.

Important Aspects to Keep in Mind when Buying Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC

Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC

Your office is an integral part of your daily life. No matter what type of business you do, your workplace exudes your vision and individuality. Naturally, you would like your used office furniture Charlotte NC to have a professional yet welcoming appearance to impress your clients. You aspire to decorate it with the latest accessories and décor items to provide comfort and impress your clients. However, purchasing office furniture can be more complicated than you think. It requires taking into consideration a lot of practical possibilities apart from the aesthetic appeal. The furniture should be comfortable, versatile and in sync with the general ambience of your office.

Have a proper plan

Before rushing to buy used office furniture Charlotte NC for your office, chalk out a plan carefully. Weigh your needs and finances. Consider the work culture and nature of work of your business. Offices that do more of field work or where most meetings are conducted at the clients’ place may not require much furniture for a regular conference room. Note the job profile of your employees. If most of them are working in a standing position, then buying lots of good looking expensive chairs would definitely be a waste of money. Have a clear vision of the exact requirement and placement of the used office furniture Charlotte NC so that you are not left with a lot of posh yet unusable sofas and tables which you don’t know where to place. Additionally, keep in mind future expansion plans and requirements. Some furniture cannot be relocated to just anywhere while there is modular furniture available which you can just chop and change to fit into any reconstructed office space.

Look for comfort

A regular office job means both you and your employees spend a good part of the day at office. Comfort should therefore be your next concern while selecting the appropriate used office furniture Charlotte NC. Ergonomically designed furniture would provide you and your employees with maximum comfort so that you can concentrate more on productive work rather than on aches and cramps. Chairs with high backrest and contoured backs adjust to the natural curvature of the human spine and support the lower back so that there is very little chance of developing backaches. Opt for chairs with adjustable height and armrests which are versatile and provide additional support.

Consider the price

You may be tempted to buy lower priced furniture but think about the durability factor. Cheap furniture requires frequent maintenance which means that in the long run you end up paying more towards repairs than the savings you made by buying a low priced chair. Moreover, used office furniture Charlotte NC is to be used daily and just as how you want to. Poor quality furniture will not bear the wear and tear of regular rough use. Sometimes, you can just buy ordinary quality furniture for short term requirement; however, for long term office use, check the quality of the furniture before purchasing.

Utility and looks

Finally, think about the flexibility of the furniture. With advancing technology, you would want to add gadgets and equipments to your office. The furniture should have adequate arrangements to accommodate them like power options for additional cable connections. It should fit easily into any new office layout plan that you may have in the future. Also check for colors, designs and fabrics. The used office furniture Charlotte NC should look good yet be easy to maintain. Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC.

Why Buying Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC from a Dealer is Better than Buying from Auctions

Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC

Your office is a place where you like spending most of your waking hours. The ambience of the office should therefore be professional yet comfortable so that you enjoy working there. Used office furniture Charlotte NC plays an important part in creating the personality of your office. In addition to providing you with comfort and convenience, the correct office furniture makes your clients feel welcome and imparts a corporate look to your office.

Where to buy used furniture

If you are looking to invest in used office furniture Charlotte NC for your office, then you can buy them from your local furniture dealer or visit an auction house. However, a furniture dealer would be able to provide you with much more options and added suggestions which an auction house cannot. Furniture dealers usually have a much wider display and stock of used furniture than the average auction house. You can thus browse through an extensive catalogue for the exact thing you are looking for and you may well come upon all your furniture needs at a single dealer’s place.

Experience and guidance of

Furniture dealers are generally well established businesses who have years of experience behind them in selling used furniture. Apart from the furniture on display, a furniture dealer is the ideal person for helping you plan your office space so that you know exactly which furniture can be put where to maximize space and utility. This can be of great help specially if you are opening an office for the first time and have to work on tight budget. You would not want to spend repeatedly on used office furniture Charlotte NC for at least the next few years so allow the furniture dealer to visualize the layout for you and guide you in buying the most appropriate pieces. Needless to mention, an auction house can never provide you with such additional customer service or guidelines.

Wide selection of used office furniture in Charlotte NC

Choice of selection is the next best thing about furniture dealers. At an auction house, you may luckily chance upon some good-quality furniture but often you will find only one piece of it. Auction houses don’t offer you the option of buying the same piece in bulk. So, if you are planning to buy from an auction house, be prepared to compromise on both the quality and the options. You will never come back disappointed from a furniture dealer’s showroom as you would definitely get something to suit both your budget and your vision. In addition to standard pieces, furniture dealers also stock furniture in different designs like oriental designs or contemporary designs, different materials like wicker or wrought iron and specific furniture for home use and office use. Additionally, you can find some very good accessories and decorative items like chandeliers, lamps, wallpapers, mirrors, clocks, rugs and lines. So unlike auction houses, furniture dealers are really much more than just furniture; they are your one stop solution for all furniture and furnishing requirements.

Home delivery

Many furniture dealers also have active websites. Even if you cannot visit them personally and are quite confused about what type of used office furniture Charlotte NC you want, just mail your requirements and budget to a furniture dealer. You would definitely receive a reply with pictures of suggested furniture and a plan for their arrangement to help you make an informed choice. Moreover, many furniture dealers will deliver the purchased items right at your doorstep thus relieving you of the hassles of booking trucks or trailers. Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC.

Five Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC

Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC

Before deciding to purchase used office furniture Charlotte NC, it is necessary to pay attention to certain avoidable mistakes. A methodical approach will ensure that you are able to obtain the cost benefits of used office furniture, without compromising on the aesthetics and professional appearance of your office.

Failure to Check All Aspects of Your Furniture before Purchase

You cannot judge furniture on visual appeal alone, and this is probably more relevant when dealing with used furniture. Such furniture may be polished and refurbished when placed on display, and can look just as good as new furniture. However, you must not neglect to test it out thoroughly.

Used office furniture must be checked to make sure that it is completely comfortable, and can withstand the daily strains of your work environment. Always check handles or other movable parts to see if they operate smoothly.

Not Getting the Best Deal for Your Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC

Be very clear about your objective. One of the primary advantages in purchasing used office furniture Charlotte NC is that you can get quality furniture at great rates. Typically, used furniture should cost you 30% to 50% less than the cost of new furniture. If necessary, you must negotiate carefully to get the best deal possible for your company. Always check if the final price includes shipping and installation, or whether you will need to spend more money for these services. You must also decide whether you intend to make an outright purchase or will be paying by installments. At times, paying in installments may negate your price advantage.

Not Planning Your Purchase

It is vital to know your precise requirements before you decide to select your furniture. A clear understanding of why you are purchasing a particular piece of furniture is important. Make a list of the essential items you require for your office. Decide the type of fabric you prefer for your furniture. You also need to consider if the furniture is suitable for the needs of all employees.

Failure to Check All Relevant Measurements

Always check, and then re-check all measurements in the room. The last thing you need is to purchase a piece of furniture that is too big or too small for the space you have. It is also important to ensure that the components of your furniture can be transported to your work space. They must be able to fit through any obstructing doors, stairwells, or elevators, before they can be placed in your office.

In addition to these basic measurements, you must also make sure that any purchases you make are proportional to your existing pieces of furniture.

Not Choosing an Appropriate Color Scheme

Selecting the right color of your office furniture is an important aspect in maintaining the professional appearance of your work space.  Your furniture must blend gracefully with the color of your office interiors, and should not clash with any other office equipment that is visible.

When selecting used office furniture Charlotte NC, avoid making spur of the moment decisions that you may later regret. Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC.

Why is it Important to Buy Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC from a Reputed Dealer?

Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC

Purchasing used office furniture Charlotte NC may be a smart way to minimize expenses while furnishing your new office. However, you should ensure that you chose a reputable furniture dealer to make your purchase.

There are many used furniture dealers in Charlotte, but it is important that you choose a dealer that has a reputation for delivering quality. Always choose a dealer with experience, and the necessary references or testimonials.


Ensuring the Quality of Your Purchase

Choosing a reputed furniture dealer can offer you safety and peace of mind. You are safe in the knowledge that you will get exactly what you have paid for. A dealer with a good reputation will always deliver what they promise.

Quality is an important aspect that must be considered during the purchase of used office furniture Charlotte NC. A trustworthy furniture dealer will ensure that all furniture pieces are of good quality and will last for the long term.


Choice of Furniture

The better used office furniture dealers will be able to offer you a wider range of choices. You have a better chance of finding a product that is more suited to your functional requirements. There is also a greater possibility of locating furniture that fulfills the visual theme of your office.


Range Of Services

A reputed used office furniture dealer can offer you a full range of furniture related services. Furniture sold will be fully refurbished and refitted saving you the trouble of having to hire any other furniture restoration service providers.

If you intend to place a large order with the dealer you might even get free office space planning advice. Large furniture dealers of repute can provide you with comprehensive office planning and designing services that can ensure a professional appearance to your office.


Reliable Delivery Services

A well-known used office furniture dealer can also offer you better delivery and installation services. Typically, such dealers have professional staff working with them who can ensure the timely delivery of your furniture. You can also rest assured that there will be no damage done to your furniture during the transportation phase.

Proper installation of the furniture is also essential to make sure that a clean professional appearance is maintained in your office. Furniture that has been hastily assembled or improperly installed can be a safety hazard in the work place.


Getting A Warranty for Your Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC

Most reputable used office furniture dealers can also offer you a fair warranty on your purchase. In certain cases, they may be willing to match the terms of the original warranty. You do not have to worry about the longevity of the product you have purchased. There is no question of the product being defective or breaking down shortly after installation.

Choosing to buy your used office furniture Charlotte NC from a reputable dealer is the smartest choice to ensure value for money and a quality product. Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC.

Used Office Furniture in Charlotte NC – Aspects of a Good Used Furniture Dealer

Used Office Furniture in Charlotte NC

When purchasing used office furniture in Charlotte NC you must search out an honest dealer who is ready to offer you the best deal in the market. There are several factors to look into when buying used office furniture, some of which are discussed below.

Used office furniture in Charlotte NC

Furniture dealers purchase used office furniture from businesses that are relocating, downing shutters or are remodeling the office. These businesses try to get rid of their furniture as quickly as possible and are ready to sell them at hard to believe, cheap prices. Furniture dealers snap up these used furniture pieces at dirt cheap rates, often repair and renovate the damaged items, give the furniture items a fresh coat of paint and sell the whole lot at a much higher price, thus making a killing.

What to look for in a good furniture dealer?

You have to find a good furniture dealer who will negotiate the prices as the price tags are significantly marked up. A good furniture dealer should be ready to bargain and negotiate with his customers and bring the prices down significantly, especially if you are purchasing a huge quantity of furniture all at once. And he should definitely provide you with a receipt for purchase.

A good furniture dealer should offer warranties and guarantees with the used office furniture he is selling. If the furniture items sport scratches, chipped edges, loose doors, stuck drawers, chipped paint, broken legs or arm rests and other such defects, he should either exchange the damaged items for free or make the necessary repairs.

A great furniture dealer in Charlotte should have a good reputation in that city. It is advisable to research your used furniture dealer before purchasing from him. Your preferred used office furniture dealer should enjoy a good reputation and good will among his previous customers. The best place to check out his track record is in the local online reviews and forums where you can get honest feedback.

Many prospective customers are attracted to a particular used furniture dealer because of the positive testimonials. So a good Charlotte NC furniture store dealing with used office furniture should have a few positive reviews and testimonials in its kitty. If there are customer complaints regarding any department, they should try to rectify their mistakes and improve on that aspect.

A good dealer of used office furniture in Charlotte NC should stock a huge collection of used office furniture and modular workstations in every available color, design, style and price range. All customers look for variety when they shop and a good dealer should be able to understand and cater to his customer’s requests. If a particular piece of furniture is unavailable or out of stock, he should make arrangements to bring it as quickly as possible, otherwise he might lose his customer.

And lastly, good dealers of used office furniture in Charlotte NC should not cheat their customers or try to impress them with phony sales pitch. Used Office Furniture in Charlotte NC.

How to Buy Used Office Furniture in Charlotte NC?

Used Office Furniture in Charlotte NC

Used office furniture is in great demand. In this recession hit economy, everybody is trying to save as much money as he can, including people who are setting up new offices. Many of the smaller offices, home based offices and even large corporations nowadays are set up and decorated with used modular workstations and used office furniture. Offices in Charlotte, NC are no exceptions in this regard.

Tips for Buying Used Office Furniture in Charlotte NC

It is difficult to find big, name brand furniture stores and chains that sell used office furniture. It is usually the smaller, quaint standalone furniture stores where you can find the best deals on used office furniture in Charlotte. It is also easy to locate furniture stores that support local Charlotte charities. Some of the more eye pleasing designs and nice used furniture can often be found here. Otherwise you can search in the second hand shops and consignment stores.

Online Stores

Searching for good deals on used office furniture in Charlotte NC in brick and mortar stores can be a tough task and will involve a lot of legwork. You may not find all the used furniture items you are looking for in any one store. The furniture pieces may also be mismatched in terms of color and design. And there is always the possibility of getting ripped off or being sold defective, damaged items.

You can prevent all these by looking up online furniture stores in Charlotte over the internet. If you type the keywords ‘used office furniture in Charlotte NC‘ in search engines, you will be inundated with an exhausting list of all the big, small and medium sized furniture stores in and around Charlotte that specialize in selling repaired, renovated and freshly repainted used office furniture and workstations. Most of these online furniture stores boast of a huge collection of used office furniture in a wide variety of designs, colors and price ranges and they also offer competitive discounts to lure prospective customers.

Make a List of What You Want

Before setting out to shop, either in brick and mortar stores or in online stores, you should make a clear and comprehensive list of what you need, to avoid duplicating your purchases. It is also a good idea to note down your color preferences, design preferences, the number of items you want and so on. This helps you save time and prevents you from wasting money. When purchasing online, it is easier to browse through large catalogues of used office furniture in a short time and place order for your preferred color, design and number of pieces without any hassle.

More Tips

Apart from online stores, you can search classified ads for used office furniture in Charlotte NC if you are looking for different pieces of furniture. And if you have anything specific in mind that you are not able to find in local Charlotte stores, you can place ads in local newspapers or in local online classified columns. Used Office Furniture in Charlotte NC.

Used Office Furniture in Charlotte NC – Benefits Of Buying Locally

Used Office Furniture in Charlotte NC

When purchasing used office furniture in Charlotte NC, it is a good idea to scour the local furniture markets in Charlotte instead of importing furniture from other cities or other countries. Purchasing used office furniture from local markets not only saves money and time, but also supports local industries and creates job opportunities for local communities, thus helping them to thrive.

Benefits of Buying Used Office Furniture in Charlotte NC

There are several advantages of purchasing used office furniture from local markets. Some of these advantages are discussed below.

Monetary Savings and Convenience

If you ship used office furniture from abroad or from another state in your country, not only will it turn out to be an expensive proposition, it will also be time consuming. When you purchase the same stuff from local markets in Charlotte, NC you can save a huge amount of money in terms of shipping costs. You can use this money to invest in your company. Besides, it is also convenient to shop in your own city as you can try out a variety of furniture stores and judge the physical condition of the furniture pieces with your own eyes. It also saves a lot of your precious time as you can select your furniture items, pay for them and just bundle them up on your pick up truck. In less than a couple of hours, you will be able to set up the furniture in your office. Some local stores also hand-deliver their furniture to customer addresses completely free of charge (within a particular radius) the very same day which allows you to set up your office without any delay.

Supporting Local Businesses

When you buy used office furniture in Charlotte NC you also help to keep the dollars in the local economy. This leads to growth and expansion of the local furniture industry, creates more job opportunities and generates personal income for the local communities which in turn also help the local people of Charlotte to improve their quality of life.

Eco Friendly

When you purchase used office furniture locally, it minimizes gas consumption and reduces pollution.

More Variety

When you ship used office furniture from elsewhere, chances are that you have to be content with mundane, boring designs or with whatever that store is ready to offer. There is no way to know if any of the furniture pieces are damaged. When you purchase from local furniture stores, you can browse through a wide variety of designs, sizes and price ranges and select something that suits both your taste and budget. And if any damaged furniture item is sent across to your office, you can always exchange it in a jiffy, without having to go through any hassle.

Local Character

If you want your used office furniture to carry a stamp of the unique Charlotte character, it doesn’t make much sense to get your office furniture from elsewhere. In this case buying used office furniture in Charlotte NC is your best bet. Used Office Furniture in Charlotte NC.

Tips for Buying Cabinets for your Office

Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC

One of the primary things needed in the office, apart from used office furniture Charlotte NC in general, is suitable storage cabinets. While purchasing furniture for your office, you would do well to take up a proper strategy in optimizing the space available to you and the resources that you have in order to adequately set up your office workspace. In today’s market, there are numerous different options available to you when it comes to purchasing storage cabinets for your office.


Online options

At the moment, there are numerous really good options online when it comes to buying storage cabinets and related furniture for your office. In fact, shopping online is a great deal more practical than the regular method of shopping. When online, you will not be required to go from store to store hunting for the storage cabinets that best suit your personal needs and your office space. All you have to do to explore the various options is click a few buttons. Another reason why online shopping is more practical is that it offers better prices as it is a much more competitive market with numerous online sellers vying with each other for supremacy. Hence, you have a good possibility of getting a price that is within your budget. Therefore, both for your own convenience as well as for going through a greater range of options, online shopping when it comes to buying office storage cabinets is the way to go.


Tips for Buying Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC

The above statements notwithstanding, there are a few things that you need to bear in mind while buying cabinets from an online shop. Firstly, make sure that you know what exactly you need the storage cabinets for. There are a large number of storage cabinets out there and each type caters to specific needs and conditions. Have a clear idea of what exactly you plan to file before making the purchase. Also, you should have a predetermined budget for the purchase that you plan to make. There are numerous storage cabinets that range from the extremely costly high end models to the low cost ones. Having a preset budget will help in narrowing down your search through the vast array of cabinets on offer. The more you are able to narrow your search, the less confused you will be.

Another important thing to remember is the actual space available at your office for the cabinets. Make sure to bear this mind else you might end up with storage cabinets that may be too large for your office. Space considerations are especially important if you happen to be buying more than one storage cabinet. Lastly, you should also be mindful of how the cabinet looks. Ideally, you should buy those storage cabinets which are compatible with the overall look of your office and match well with the other furniture that you plan to put in your office.

Buying storage cabinets need not be a difficult task and as the tips and advice stated above suggest, a little effort can get you the cabinets that you need. All you need to do is sift through the wide variety of used office furniture Charlotte NC and find the storage cabinets that are right for you and your office. Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC.