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Monthly archives for December, 2011

Three Things to Consider When Buying Used Office Furniture Charlotte

Used Office Furniture Charlotte

Used office furniture Charlotte can constitute a whole host of high quality seconds furniture such as home office furniture, call center furniture, chairs, tables, desks, cubicles, work stations and so on. So if you are looking for cheap furniture items to decorate your office space, your best bet is to purchase used office furniture which are usually sold at deeply discounted, knock off prices. It is not surprising to stumble across used office furniture sets whose prices have been reduced by 60 to 80 percent.

However, before purchasing used office furniture Charlotte, you need to keep a few things in mind which are listed below.

Difference between Refurbished Furniture and ‘As Is’ Furniture

Some used office furniture items are sold as they are without repairing them. These ‘as is’ items will have scratch marks on them, nicked paint and several other signs of wear and tear. Of course as you can guess, these items cost less than their refurbished counterparts. Refurbished used office furniture items have been carefully repaired, re-upholstered and given a fresh coat of paint to make them look like new. These will cost a bit more than the worn out used items.

Shopping Around

In Charlotte there are many used furniture dealers and online stores which dabble in second hand office furniture of all kinds. And most of these retailers sell the same brands and same models at different prices. So you should shop around and identify a store which is offering you the best deal in terms of price and condition of the furniture. After all why should you pay more for the same item if it is being sold at a dirt cheap rate in its neighboring store?

Utility vs. Aesthetics

Most people who purchase used office furniture are looking for utility and low prices. Usually it is the price conscious shoppers who prefer used furniture. If lowest prices and the deepest discounts are your only motivating factors, you should stick to the mismatched, scratched, nicked, worn out, faded items. And if you are eyeing the more beautiful pieces, you should be ready to shell out a bit more.

Commercial used furniture dealers don’t often deliver used office furniture Charlotte to residences. So if you are planning to set up a home office, you need to purchase your stuff from a store which offers delivery services. Otherwise you need to make your own arrangements. Used Office Furniture Charlotte.

How to Create a Professional Look with Used Office Furniture?

Used Office Furniture

It doesn’t matter whether you are using brand new office furniture or used office furniture to deck up your office space unless you are a price conscious shopper. But while decorating your office space, you must remember that an office should sport a professional and formal look while still exuding charm and elegance. And it can be really difficult to blend the two things together.

Office Decorating Ideas with Used Office Furniture

The first thing you need to remember while decorating your office is that your office décor will create the first impression effect on all visitors. That is why your office should exude a warm, cozy, welcoming environment and of course the office space needs to look clean and spotless.

Before getting all worked up, you need to decide on a décor theme. You have to decide whether you prefer a leather look or a wood oriented look for the furniture. Then you have to decide on the color scheme. The color of the walls should complement and match the office furniture as well as the floor carpet. It is advisable to experiment with the wall color schemes and furniture design.

You should of course mix and match to create interesting details, but the final look should be subtle and not overdone or overwhelming. If you are going to decorate your office space with wooden used office furniture, you also have to select the right colors and finishes that will tune in with the rest of the décor. For leather furniture, the color is the more important factor.

Furniture Arrangement

How you place and arrange the furniture can make or break the décor. Those who have space constraint in their office should optimally utilize every available square inch of space by arranging the furniture in the most productive way. If space is an issue, you can opt for space saving multi utility used office furniture which will save floor space.

You can also spice up your office by placing indoor potted plants at strategic places, by hanging wall paintings, metal decorative wall hangings, wall art and photographs on the walls and by utilizing a lighting pattern that goes perfectly with the rest of the décor.

But while purchasing your used office furniture or brand new ones, depending on your budget, please ensure that the furniture pieces are ergonomically designed and comfortable for your employees. Used Office Furniture.

Used Office Furniture – What are the Kinds of Ergonomic Office Furniture Available in the Market?

Used Office Furniture

Most people have to work for extremely long hours in their offices where they are forced to work in uncomfortable positions. This gives rise to back pains and a host of other health problems which can sometimes turn serious. That is why, doctors prescribe using ergonomically shaped office furniture to reduce problems like these. There is also a wide variety of ergonomically designed office furniture and used office furniture available in the market.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

If you work away at a desk or sit in a chair that makes you feel uncomfortable, for long stretches of time, you are bound to suffer from back pain that can give rise to other, more permanent problems. It is therefore prudent to invest in an ergonomically designed office chair that offers good back support and makes you feel comfortable. If you feel that a brand new ergonomic office chair is way too expensive, you can always purchase a used ergonomic chair that is still in good condition. Beware of very old, worn out chairs. Ergonomic office chairs should have the following features such as adjustable lumbar support, adjustable tilt for the whole seat or the backrest, adjustable width and height of armrest and adjustable depth and height of seat. A padded head rest is an additional advantage as it will provide neck support.

Ergonomic Office Desks

Whether it is a standing or seated workstation, ergonomic office desks are fully adjustable in terms of height. You can also adjust the table top workspace to accommodate more space and place your phone lines and computer wires discreetly. Most of these desks are compatible with computers. You can also use an ergonomic modular desk.

Ergonomic Mouse and Keyboard

These vital computer accessories have been designed in such a way as to minimize pressure on carpal tunnel, hold the hands and fingers at comfortable angles and provide ease of using these accessories. Their greatest benefit is perhaps elimination of pain at the shoulder joints, in the hands, fingers and wrist.

Used Office Furniture

Purchasing new ergonomic office furniture to decorate your entire office space can be extremely expensive. A cheaper and more affordable option is to get used office furniture for your office. This will help you save a lot of money which you can invest in your business and will also allow you to deck up your office to your heart’s content. Used Office Furniture.

Used Office Furniture – What Furniture to Buy for Office Cubicles?

Used Office Furniture

Office cubicles are a necessity in every office. They offer the required privacy for employees to work and avoid chaos and disturbance in the office. When you embark on the process of purchasing cubicles for your office, interior space of the cubicle is a very important consideration. The cubicle should not appear too cramped and should have sufficient place to accommodate essential furniture. However, cubicles can be expensive and if you are on a tight budget, you should opt for used office furniture since they are very cost effective and offer you a wide range to choose from.

Accessorize your cubicles with functional furniture

When it comes to choosing furniture for cubicles, functionality should be the first priority. You will require a workstation if your cubicle does not have an inbuilt one. For furniture that is functional, space saving and easy to maintain, the keyword is “modular”. Modular furniture gives you a heightened level of versatility in arranging it inside the cubicle. To save costs as well as space, you can have larger cubicles with two to four employees in each. You can provide a common modular work station with separate small storage spaces for each employee.

Portable furniture can be good choice when you decide furniture for cubicles. This provides greater freedom for employees to personalize their space and arrange their cubicles as per their convenience. Another major advantage of portable furniture is that you will have a higher level of convenience and flexibility if you ever plan to renovate the office. Shifting positions of furniture becomes easier.

Keep your options open

When you choose used office furniture, keep your options open. Although you need to have a floor plan based on the availability of space, you should be flexible about the choice of internal cubicle furniture. One good tip can be to discuss arrangement with employees and consider common consensus. If you can have arrangements that can allow easy communication among employees rather than each of them being completely cut off with others in their cubbyholes, overall efficiency of the office improves.

Furniture that you choose for cubicles should not block out light. If you can allow natural light into the cubicles, it is all the more better because natural light is known to act as a mood and energy enhancer. The choice that you have in used office furniture is enormous. All you require is time and a bit of effort to choose the best of them, which can add positively to the appearance of the space as well as enhance functionality. Used Office Furniture.

Used Office Furniture Statistics USA

Used Office Furniture

The furniture industry is one of the leading industries in the United States, contributing enormously to the overall growth of the economy. In 2010, the annual consumption of furniture accumulated to $9,877 million while the furniture produced in the country was worth $8,300 million.

Dropping production and consumption of used office furniture

According to statistics, the last five years have been bad for the furniture industry owing to the biggest economic meltdown that the country has ever witnessed, rivaled only by the Great Depression of 1929. Consumption of office furniture dropped by 29% between the years 2008 and 2009 while production dropped by 29.7% in the same period. The revenue from furniture industry dropped 6.4% from 2006. Although the economy is now on the slow path of recovery, the trend of office furniture purchase has shifted preference from new furniture to used office furniture.

There is another reason for a drop in production of furniture in the United States. Of late, the furniture industry has been inundated with a steady increase in the volume of imported furniture from Europe and China. General preference to imported furniture among consumers has reduced demand for furniture manufactured in the United States. Further, several imported furniture pieces are more cost effective than those produced in the country while being attractive and reasonably durable. A reflection of this is found in the furniture import-export statistics. In the year 2010, furniture imports and exports were worth $2153 million and $576 million respectively.

Reasons for increase in demand for used office furniture

The demand for used office furniture is on an increase and several factors have contributed to this change in the trend of office furniture purchase. Severe crunch of capital investment, unwillingness of banks and financial institutions to readily grant loans and volatile market conditions have made the American public rather insecure and guarded about spending excessively on office paraphernalia and accessories. Moreover, besides several offices shutting shop during the recession period, the profits of the ones that have managed to remain afloat have dwindled significantly, which is another one of the major factors that has brought on a paradigm shift in purchasing trend of consumers.

Furthermore, when it comes to used office furniture, the options available is enormous, owing to all the office shut downs. Businesspersons obviously thought it fit to sell their furniture when offices were closed and in the process, used furniture industry has gained enormously. With predictions that the furniture industry will recover 2.3% by 2012, it only has to be seen if there is going to be any change in current trends of furniture purchase. Used Office Furniture.

Used Office Furniture Care Guide

Used Office Furniture

The importance of maintaining used office furniture can never be ignored. Not only are they a big investment, but they also speak a lot about the efficiency of the business. Although you can reduce initial investment by opting for used office furniture, you cannot escape cleaning and caring. By maintaining office furniture well, you can improve its life and the productivity of employees because productivity of employees is higher in well maintained work places.

General care tips and precautionary measures

The care for office furniture depends on the material with which the furniture is made. However, there are certain tips you can follow for all kinds of furniture. Firstly, provide coasters where employees can place their cups of tea, coffee or other beverages. This prevents staining up to a large extent. Secondly, clean dust off the furniture regularly because fine dust particles tend to harden over time in the crooks and niches of furniture and become difficult to remove. Thirdly, since office furniture tends to get scratched due to usage, you can provide desk pads, table protectors and blotters so that scratching can be avoided.

If you purchase used office furniture, make sure that you polish them and prepare them thoroughly before installation. As much as possible, avoid direct sunlight on furniture. Finally, whatever be the kind of furniture you use, do not use wet cloth for cleaning. The best option is to use a damp cloth, immediately followed with a dry cloth for all kind of furniture except untreated wood, which should only be cleaned using a dry cloth.

Employees should be encouraged to maintain their workstations and report any damage or irregularity immediately so that swift action can be taken.

Wooden furniture

When you clean wood furniture, you need to clean in the direction of wood grain in order to preserve patterns and prolong life of wood. Although bleach, baking soda and nail polish removers are excellent remedies to get rid of stains on wood, prolonged exposure can cause discoloration and damage the surface. So, providing coasters is the best thing you can do. Polishing once a year is necessary.

Leather furniture

Leather furniture also requires a lot of care and maintenance. Keep leather furniture away from direct exposure to sunlight. Never use cleaners containing beaches and alcohol for cleaning leather furniture. There are a number of products available in the market exclusively for cleaning and maintaining leather furniture. Using these cleaning agents can preserve the leather for longer.

Metal furniture

When you purchase used office furniture made of metal, make sure that the metal is non corrosive in order to cut down on a lot of effort on care and maintenance. If the furniture is susceptible to corrosion, apply a coat of transparent polish or varnish to prevent direct contact of moisture with the metal. Used Office Furniture.

Used Office Furniture – Tips to Clean Wooden Office Furniture

Used Office Furniture

Wooden furniture is the quintessential favorite in various interior settings, including offices. Wood adds elegance and class to offices and reflects a higher level of professionalism. However, care and maintenance of wood furniture can be a bother. The solution to this problem is to choose laminated wood or treated wood furniture.

Cleaning treated wood furniture

Most of the offices prefer treated wood used office furniture these days owing to easy maintenance and longer life. Using a damp cloth to mop it off will be all that you need to do to get the furniture shining. You can enhance the appearance of the furniture by polishing the surface once a year. The major advantage of polish is that it hides all the scratches and scars on it. If the surface appearance is too scarred, you can begin by sanding the surface and follow up by applying the polish. One thing that you need to remember is that wood should always be cleaned using soft strokes and along the grain direction.

Cleaning untreated wood furniture

If you use untreated wood furniture, the process is a bit lengthy. You should remember never to use damp cloth on untreated wood because it absorbs moisture and gets damp. This can cause rotting of the wood. Untreated wood furniture has to be wiped off with a dry cloth. You can then use treatment oils to bring on the shine. You need to re-wax or re-oil the wood furniture at least twice a year in order to ensure that it keeps looking good and new. If you do not like the shiny look, you can choose polish that leave a matte finish or satin finish on the furniture.

Getting rid of stains

When wood furniture is used for seating, desks and workstations, stains are common. Furthermore, used office furniture pieces almost always have stains. Unless you provide coasters where coffee mugs, teacups or water can be placed, you cannot expect wood furniture to remain spotlessly clean. Water stains are very common on office furniture. To remove these stains, toothpaste is a good solution. Rubbing non gel toothpaste on the stains can effectively get them off. If the stains are stubborn, you can mix soda with non gel toothpaste to get rid of the stains.

To get rid of beverage marks, rub ammonia on the stain with soft damp cloth. You can finish by wiping the surface with clean and dry cloth and follow up with polish. This process gets rid of most of the stains on work desks very easily and quickly. If there are too many stains on the used office furniture, then elbow grease is an excellent option. It cleans up almost any stain on wood. Used Office Furniture.

Tips for Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at Office

Those who drive for long hours or work away at the computer for months on end, often experience a numbness or tingling pain in their wrists and hands. Sometimes the piercing, sharp pain will shoot up through your wrist up to your upper arm and even the shoulders. This is a progressively painful condition, which occurs when a key nerve inside the wrist gets compressed. This is carpal tunnel syndrome. When the median nerve running from the palms of your hand to the forearm gets squeezed or pressed at the wrist, it leads to carpal tunnel syndrome and is followed by numbness, weakness and pain in the wrist and hand which can radiate up your arm.

Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A number of factors combined together often create pressure on the carpal tunnel tendons and median nerve. Sometimes when the carpal tunnel is smaller in size, as in women, it leads to this problem. Other factors are tumor or cyst in the carpal canal, fluid retention during menopause or pregnancy, excessively using vibrating hand tools, work stress, mechanical problems in the joint of the wrist, rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, over activity of pituitary gland, injury, fracture, sprain or trauma.

How to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at Office?

In your office you should perform different kinds of stretching exercises, wrist movement exercises, on the job conditioning to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. You should also wear splints to straighten your wrist, take frequent breaks and work on the computers using the correct wrist position and body posture. If your condition is severe, you should take a minimum 2-3 week break and rest your dominant hand and keep it in a splint. Otherwise prescription medications, drugs or surgery can be the final options, but you have to consult a doctor for that.

One of the main reasons why office workers, who hammer away at the keyboard for long hours, develop carpal tunnel syndrome is because they don’t use ergonomic office furniture, nor do they maintain proper posture. It doesn’t matter if you are using brand new furniture or used office furniture, they should all be ergonomically designed to prevent conditions like these.

Nowadays you can choose from a wide variety of new and used office furniture including ergonomically shaped chairs, office desks, workstations, monitors, keyboards and mouse which eliminate pain, stiffness, nerve damage and numbness associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.


Used Office Furniture – How to Choose Ergonomic Furniture for Your Office?

Used Office Furniture

Carpal tunnel syndrome, stiff joints, back pain, finger pain are all results of sitting improperly in uncomfortable positions for long hours at the office. Most of the used office furniture items used on a daily basis are not comfortable or ergonomically designed which leads to these progressively painful health conditions. However, you can prevent most of these problems by opting for new or used office furniture that has been designed ergonomically to offer maximum lumbar support and comfort. Ergonomic office furniture includes lights, keyboards, mouse, desks, workstations and chairs.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Basically this is a highly comfortable and adjustable work chair which offers great support for your back, arms and neck. Even if you work for 10 hours daily, sitting on these chairs, you won’t develop back pain or neck pain. You can adjust the angle, width, depth and height of Ergonomic office chair seats. It is also possible to adjust the armrests and backrests. You may adjust the angle, support joints and height of the back rest. To derive the maximum comfort and support, you should also adjust the angle, location and height of the arm rest.

Ergonomic Computer Keyboard

A negative slope keyboard support that is placed under the height of your elbow is the best position for placing an ergonomic keyboard as it enables you to type while keeping your hands in neutral position. Keep your keyboard on a pull out shelf placed at a height lower than your elbow. This minimizes the chances of back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, strained shoulders and arms.

Ergonomic Mouse

Not only do you need to purchase an ergonomic mouse, you should also learn to use it properly to prevent wrist pain, nerve damage and carpal tunnel syndrome. Hold the mouse with a gentle grip and with relaxed hands. Your hands must remain above your elbows. Adjust your work station or office desk and chair to achieve this comfortable, relaxed posture. Learn to work with both hands, so that you may alternate the mouse between your two hands.

Ergonomic Office Desk

Whether it is spanking new or used office furniture, an ergonomically designed office desk is a must. Rounded corners or horseshoe shaped designs are popular for their comfort factor. Try to avoid reflective surfaces and white surfaces. The desk should have ample leg space and storage units and work space. Used Office Furniture.


Used Office Furniture Charlotte – Tips for Renovating your Reception Area

Used Office Furniture Charlotte

Your reception area is your business’ initial point of contact for your clients and employees. Good office furniture gives you an opportunity to generate that favorable first impression on them. And if you’re on a budget, used office furniture Charlotte can do wonders for your reception area.

A few ideas in the selection, placement and inclusion of furniture impart an aesthetic and professional look to your front office, and impress your visitors as well. Ensure that your reception employees and visitors are comfortable with the furnishings though. Improper furnishing can affect productivity and perspective, which affects your business.

Tips to Enhance your Reception Area

  • Use larger reception desks. A larger and wider desk is appealing and professional, and is comfortable for receptionists to work on as they go about their different desk duties.

Larger desks also serve to identify reception areas better to visitors; visitors can more easily locate and approach the reception desks for enquiries without having to search for it. L-desks and circular desks are some popular choices for the reception area.

  • Incorporate file storage cabinets. Receptionists have to handle telephones, work on computers and juggle numerous files. Make it easier for them by providing spacious desks and file storage cabinets. Having a space for everything keeps the reception desk organized, receptionists stress-free, and your visitor experience pleasant.
  • Install cushioned furnishings for visitors. There are durable yet attractive chair designs available in the market. These furnishings make waiting time comfortable for visitors. You may also want to complement comfortable seating with a play of soothing music in the background or visually-appealing elements such as sculptures and water fountains.
  • Arrange furniture effectively. Chairs, tables and desks should not eat up reception space leaving little room for visitors to even walk. Choose designs that save space but are comfortable and appealing as well.
  • Ensure the reception is well-lit by using desk and standing lamps. Hang artworks that are attractive and soothing to the eye.

Used Office Furniture Charlotte – Shop with Care

It’s the right furniture that makes the right impact on visitors. And, when it comes to used office furniture Charlotte, quality is of utmost importance. Ensure that you choose a furniture store of repute. Seek suggestions from friends and family and make a list of prospective companies. Visit or call up the company and ask for customer referrals. Base your choice on customer feedback and your own instinct and judgment. Used Office Furniture Charlotte.