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Monthly archives for January, 2012

Used Office Furniture – Choosing Essential Furniture for Your Office

Used Office Furniture

Office furniture reflects the attitude of the person running the office. Customers visiting the office will get a firstimpression that should be the best impression, consequent to enhanced business prospects and deals. However,you can get a good looking office within your budget if you buy only the essential furniture required to run yourday to day business affairs. This is possible if you look around carefully for used office furniture.  To startwith, make a list of what exactly you need for your office.

An Office Table and a Chair – An office table or desk is the most important standard furniture needed for your office. The size of the desk will depend on the size of your office. The desk should not be overly large anddominate the office to the exclusion of everything else. The desk is one piece of furniture that your clients willnotice as soon as they enter so always keep it organized and uncluttered. A desk with plenty of drawers forstorage will be useful to store your stationary, writing tools and other office paraphernalia. A suitable office chairwith good backrests, armrests and all other adjustments present and one that will blend well with your table canbe picked out from a used office furniture outlet like Office Solutions.

File Cabinets and Shelves – They are as essential as an office desk and a chair. A business will have manydocuments, papers, files etc that will be required to be stored well for future use. The cabinets must be roomy tohelp arrange the files in a way that will help to retrieve them quickly whenever you need them. The shelves areneeded to store other office accessories used for efficient running of your business. There are refurbishedshelves available from used office furniture stores that will serve in cutting costs.

Customized Computer Table and Chair – No business can be run nowadays without a computer which issuch an indispensible part of any business. The bulk of your business is done through the computer as itsimplifies complex office procedures into simple, easy-to-operate systems so your employees will be spendingtheir valuable behind a computer. You will need several computer tables, depending upon the number ofcomputers you have at your disposal. Go for customized computer tables as opposed to standard sizes, as youwill save valuable office space.

Used Office Furniture for Conference Rooms – If you have a business, you will need to meet up with yourcolleagues to discuss important business strategies and solutions. For this purpose, you have a conference roomwhere everyone concerned can get together. A long table with many chairs will be the order of the day.However, you may choose to go for used and refurbished furnishings that are economically priced and durableas well.

The Office Reception – You cannot have anyone entering your office without going through the reception are,where your receptionist will screen your calls and visitors. A well done reception area can leave a lastingimpression on your clients. A receptionist desk, chair for him or her and guests, a coat rack and a magazinerack is essential.

We are happy to assist you in your selection of used office furniture. Office Solutions has more to choosefrom at better prices than anyone. Used Office Furniture.

Used Office Furniture – How to Buy Chairs for Your Office?

Used Office Furniture

An office chair is tantamount to an efficient secretary as it provides comfort and support to you during the time you spend in your office. Consequently, it is important to pick out the right kind of office chair that will prevent back and neck pain and not leave your thighs and butt numb of all feeling. You can dispose of your old worn out chairs and replace them with good, durable and sturdy office chairs. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when buying chairs for your office. An office chair should be comfortable, give you good value for your money and allow you to move about and do your work.

Office chairs must give proper shoulder, neck and lumbar support

An office chair should provide adequate support to your neck, shoulders and lower back. The shape of the chair’s backrest should take the shape of your back, thus providing proper support to the curved-in area of your spine. As the spine takes most of the body weight, it is important to ensure that the chair comes with unique features like lumbar support with tail bone curving into the seat base. An ideal office chair provides support to the natural arch of your back so that it stops you from slumping forward as the day passes. When it comes to buying office furniture, you can go for used office furniture, as used chairs can be as firm or durable as a new one.

Office chairs with adjustable arm rests and height adjusting

An office chair must have arm rests that allows you to rest your arms without straining your shoulders or your neck. Your arms should be rested comfortably at 90 degrees angle from your body and your office desk without needing to slouch forward, wherein you strain your back. You should keep your wrists straight, especially if your job entails using the desk top computer all the time.

Office chairs with padded seats of sufficient width and depth

An office chair cannot be a “one size for all” kind because each body type is different. As you will spend the bulk of a day sitting in your office chair, your seat should be padded right, with a material that will allow your body to breathe through. The seat padding should be of the right firmness in order to give adequate support to your butt. The casters and swivels should allow you to move about freely. The casters should be of the right type, based on your carpeted floor or plain floor, to facilitate easy movement.

Poor quality and durability in used office furniture

When it comes to office chairs, it is totally possible to buy used office furniture that are of equal quality as a new chair and has all its unique features intact and would still be under warranty, enabling you to enforce it in case of any manufacturing defect etc., at no cost.

Used chairs are only one of the great deals you will find at Office Solutions. Remember our motto: We are your wise decision for used office furniture. Used Office Furniture.

Things to Keep in Mind when Buying Used Office Furniture for your Reception Area

Used Office Furniture

The reception area is the face of your office. It is where your customers first arrive and it is where they form their first impression about your work as well as about you as a professional. Hence, how much care you pay to its décor reflects how much you care for your existing and prospective clients. Since customers are the backbone of your business, it is necessary to give proper attention to the furniture for this corner of your business.

The aspects mentioned below will help guide your buying decisions.

What to buy?

Reception counters are fundamental to the reception area. The counter you choose should be compatible with the size of the area. Remember that it should not be too big as you would need space for making seating arrangement for your visitors as well as leaving some legroom. On the other hand, it should not be so small that it looks insignificant. The reception counter should be impressive since this is what visitors look for when they enter your office.

Spend your money on comfortable chairs and sofas. How much seating you need to provide will depend on two factors — the approximate number of visitors you get regularly and the space available. You can buy stackable chairs or chairs with adjustable arms in order to achieve flexible seating. A couch is also a wise choice as it can accommodate a few people easily.
You can also add a coffee table or some end tables to place magazines for keeping your clients occupied while they wait.

Buy refurbished or used office furniture if on tight budget

Do not believe that only a lavish budget can get you great furniture for your reception area. You need not spend a fortune to get stylish furniture. Browse our inventory or look for stores where you can get refurbished used office furniture at reasonable prices. Many stores sell recycled and reconditioned furniture, which can enhance the look of your visitors lounge equally well. Look for pieces that have been repainted, retouched and that look as good as new.

Create balance between empty and occupied space

The number of furniture pieces you buy should be in accordance with the space you have. In an attempt to create a large seating facility, do not place so many chairs that your clients have to adjust themselves continuously to make way for others. At the same time, do not forget that the reception lounge is also a waiting area. You cannot leave your customers standing while they are waiting for their turn. How comfortable they are in your office might decide if they would consider revisiting you.

Hence, there should be a fine balance between the amount of space occupied by seating items and space left free for movement. If you cannot make up your mind about this, you can use our professional advice too.

More visitors means more business

A bright and happy reception area is very important for attracting visitors. Invest in furniture that is smart, practical and aesthetic. Your clients would not bother to determine if the furniture you shopped for was brand-new or if you bought revamped used office furniture. What they would remember is how comfortable their visit was. Therefore, with prudent shopping of office furniture, you can make the reception area an inviting spot and boost your business.

Need help with the layout of your office space while using high quality used office furniture?

Contact us today. Used Office Furniture.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Used Office Furniture

Used Office Furniture

Sometimes the situation requires that a company has to be set up on almost a shoestring budget. Now, you cannot afford to cut back on the office equipment. However, the office furniture, which takes up a major part of the budget of a firm which is at the initial stages of set up, can be acquired at a lower price than the new furniture prices on the market. Buying used office furniture comes with its disadvantages but when you consider the pros, they are worth a close look.

Things about Used Office Furniture to keep in mind

Second hand furniture has to be bought after careful scrutiny. If the quality of the furniture is bad, you could end up with an office that is falling apart in just a few months.
Chairs which have been used for a while tend to adapt to the physique of the owner, in this case, the assigned employee. Therefore another person might find it a little uncomfortable at first.

Buying used office furniture – a great way to recycle.

Smile – you just did the earth a favor. By recycling the used office furniture, you just upped the green quotient of your office. Therefore you ended up saving money and contributing to the environment!

There are lots of firms that didn’t use or barely used their office furniture before selling it to Office Solutions. You can get bargains that make your heart sing as you get the almost new furniture at a fraction of the actual prices. All you have to do is contact us.

Even on your budget, you can search for those high quality pieces which were built to outlast your business plan. Not only do they look good and add elegance to your space; they also come within that budget of yours.

Even though some of the furniture might have stains on them, often a simple cleaning job will make it as good as new.

Cleaning used furniture tip: Take some vinegar on a piece of cloth and rub away at the annoying spot to get a clean surface. Remember that it is not the color but the comfort and utility that should guide your judgments – you could always change the upholstery.

Pencil out your budget, keep an open mind and get that office you always wanted within your budget. Call, come by or click on us today. Our Charlotte warehouses are chock full of great deals on used office furniture. Used Office Furniture.

Essential Pieces of Used Office Furniture to Buy for the Office

Used Office Furniture

If you wish to become a successful entrepreneur, then you must be involved in each and every aspect of your business. Many entrepreneurs ignore small details like the office or even its furniture. The environment of your office and its ambiance is extremely important as it motivates your employees to work and also impresses your clients and customers. So never consider your office furniture to be unimportant.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing office furniture

An office should be an extension of your personality. Always buy furniture which will make your office look elegant. Whenever you are going out to buy your office furniture, always have a budget in mind. Buying furniture for your office should not be an impulsive decision. You need to plan well in advance which things you require for your office. Avoid buying unnecessary things especially if you have space constraints. Modular furniture is a good option for those people who don’t have the time to pick out individual pieces. Researching online and comparing prices from various stores is also a good idea.

Nowadays, many people also prefer buying used office furniture. It helps you save money and it also allows you to change it frequently enough. Are you a start-up business? Think about used office furniture from Office Solutions.

How to choose good quality used office furniture?

If you have decided to purchase used office furniture, you should keep certain things in mind. First, always check the furniture thoroughly before you go on to purchase it. Even though the furniture may look spotless on the surface, it may be damaged. Never buy furniture which has been damaged by water. This furniture will not last you for a long time and you will have to replace it within a matter of months.

Never get excited by the price tag and buy something because it is cheap. It might be too big or too small for your office. Always have the dimensions of the furniture which you require written down.  Office Solutions offers space planning. Ask us about planning your offices layout for a used office furniture makeover!

Look for sturdy pieces of furniture even if they don’t really have good upholstery on it. You can spend a little and get them upholstered. This way, you will have a used office furniture set which is as good as new.

Before you buy your furniture always try it out. Sit on your chair or sofa, use the table to write or place some things on it to check if it can withstand the weight, open and shut the drawers. If all seems well, then go ahead and purchase it. Finally, remember to consult a reputable used office furniture supplier like Office Solutions. Used Office Furniture.

Used Office Furniture – Buying Tips

Used Office Furniture

Used Office furniture has a utility value and is a vital part of any office. The right office furniture is essential for providing comfort to the employees and also to create a positive ambiance. Your office furniture portrays the look of your company. Hence you should take care while selecting the right furniture for your office. But investing huge amounts in buying office furniture is a burden for small companies. Instead, you have another option of purchasing furniture; Used office furniture will cost only a fraction in comparison to new furniture. Office Solutions has several warehouses that are exclusively dedicated for the sale and purchase of used office furniture.

Used office furniture is sold in two categories.

Refurbished furniture – Such type of furniture is repaired, repainted and then put up for sale. It is more durable and has a better aesthetic appeal and offers value for money. Not only is it cheaper than new furniture, it also looks new!

“As-is” furniture – This type of furniture is sold in the same condition as it was bought. It’s hard to find perfectly intact pieces in this category. Although it is cheaper compared to the refurbished ones, the money you save might cost you for repairs and a paint job.

Assess your office requirements

Before you start shopping for your office furniture, do not forget to assess the space available. Since you are purchasing used furniture, you might not always find perfect sizes that fit your designated space. A proper assessment of the space available, color scheme and location of the intended furniture will help you make better choices when you start buying. Office Solutions keeps the most used furniture in stock. More stock means more choices, more choices means more for your money!

Compare market prices

You need to visit a few stores to know the market prices. You can compare the prices and get the best offers available. In this way you’ll be able to buy the best furniture available within your budget. You can keep checking for good deals in the newspaper, radio, TV or magazines. But in the end, our warehouses contain the best place for anyone looking for a great deal on used furniture.

Check quality

Whatever kind of furniture you purchase; this is one thing you should always check carefully. Look out for cracks, peeling paint, broken hinges, lost screws and other details. Make sure you verify the quality of wood and its durability. It is best if you opt for termite resistant, hardwood.

Check the comfort factor

Even if the furniture may be old, it should be comfortable and convenient for the employees who sit for long hours. A comfortable working environment will have a positive effect on the employees as well. Office Solutions has great quality used furniture. In many cases, the quality and price of used furniture outweighs the benefits of buying new.

Where to find used office furniture?

There are several options available when it comes to finding the right shop. There are many online stores that offer good discounts for used office furniture. But Office Solutions combines a large inventory, huge buying power, great service and selection and the convenience of Charlotte locations that are convenient.

Finding the right type of used furniture can be a tiring task. But if you follow the right tips and plan accordingly, it will make your job easier. So make the right choices before you start shopping!

Office Solutions is your Wise choice for used furniture. Used Office Furniture.

Used Office Furniture: Ideas to Save Money at your Office

Used Office Furniture

A penny saved is as good as a penny earned. Spending thriftily and sensibly is as important as making a good earning. Whether it is at home or at office, there are always different ways to save money.
Let’s discuss some ways you can save money at your office. We can do so by broadly dividing these into ‘Office furniture and equipment expenses’ and ‘Other office expenses.’

Office furniture and equipment expenses

Used office furniture: One of the easiest ways to save at your office is to save on furniture. Furnishing an office can be quite expensive. Today there are lots of places, both online and otherwise, where you can shop for used office furniture. You can take your pick of the ones that best suit your office environment and place them accordingly.

Use less paper: The one thing that is of the most essential use in an office is paper. Whether it is for creating print outs, jotting down quick notes or filing, paper is one stationary that is vital in any office. However, you can save on paper and be economical about it, by creating minimal printouts. Try using the back side of already used paper for taking notes. Also, make sure you do not create unnecessary printouts, when you can easily have that information stored on your computer systems.

Other office stationary: Pens, holders, staplers, pins and the list can go on and on. Again, these are the small knick knacks that may seem small in size but are significant in everyday office use. Try using these only when absolutely essential. Also, when you go out to shop for these items, make sure that you get the best bargain. This is most true for more expensive items such as, printers and fax machines. Try and buy the most reasonable offer on sale at the same time not compromise on quality.

Other office expenses

Energy costs: Simple things like switching off the fax machine when not in use, or using the fan on a cool day are tips by which you can reduce your energy consumption. Being conscious about saving energy will not only reduce your electricity bills but also make you a champion of trying to do something for the environment.

Marketing costs: Try and done on one marketing for your business yourself. This way you not only save money on hiring more people, but also build a rapport with your own clients. You will always need a reputable marketing company but don’t forget to do your part when it comes to spreading the word.

Insurance: Have your office insured. This is a good way to prepare you for any future emergencies.

Office help: You will always need other office staff such as janitors to maintain the office.Look online or ask other office owners before you hire anyone. The idea is still the same. Try and look for office staff that is efficient but at the same time at a reasonable rate.

Having your own office can be a big responsibility. Following a few simple lists, such as, using used office furniture, saving paper, saving energy and so on can help you save money at your office. Ready to get frugal? Shop Office Solutions for the best deals on used office furniture. Used Office Furniture.

Want to Save Money when Buying Office Furniture? Buy Used Office Furniture

Used Office Furniture

Are you looking to set up an office for your business or do you want to renovate your office with a new look and feel? Chances are that you want to get a contemporary and trendy look without emptying your finances. One look at the market and you will realize that making an office of your choice within the allotted budget is a tough proposition; certain compromises will definitely be needed. But, what if we tell you that there are ways to get exactly what you want while still staying well within the expenditure limits? Wouldn’t that be a perfect way to set up your office? Then, the used office furniture market is the place where you will come across all your requirements at affordable rates.

Is it an acceptable standard?
Buying used office furniture for your office is not a regressive step; it is an intelligent one. You might think that purchase of used office furniture might portray your business as one with low capital and potential. But, it need not be so. Used office furniture might sound like things that are old, with rough edges and on the verge of breaking down. But, clear all such conceptions. Used office furniture is an active market where products in good condition are exchanged between businesses at very competitive rates. Just like you are looking to set up or renovate your office, there are other businesses looking to do the same. And, such businesses might be looking to dispose off the furniture they no longer need. The best thing is that they only want to dispose of them, they are not looking for high profits and you stand to gain the most from this. Office Solutions stands in the gap! We offer the best used furniture options in Charlotte. Come to our warehouses and see for yourself.

Usability of used office furniture
You might be wondering whether the available used office furniture will consist of rickety drawers and rusted handles. Of course, that is one thing you will have to watch out for and make your own decisions about. But, as a rule, the material available in the market is generally of a usable standard. We offer as is and refurbished prices on our used furniture. You can expect to save as much as 40% on refurbished and 60% on as is furniture from our Charlotte facilities.

It’s an easy decision!
Yes, if you look at all the aspects of furnishing your office, going after the used office furniture market is a very easy decision to make.

1. You are likely to get furniture in very good condition.

2. You are sure to spend a lot less than what you would have for brand new furniture.

3. The entire process of furnishing your office becomes easier and cheaper; who wouldn’t go for such an option. After all, the chairs and desks in your office are utilities, not just style statements.

Summary about used office furniture:

As long as they are in good functioning condition, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take a look at the used office furniture market.

Contact Office Solutions today for a free consultation. Used Office Furniture.

Used Office Furniture – Furniture Ideas for the Modern Day Office

Used Office Furniture

Designing the interiors of your office can be one of the trickiest steps in setting up your business. You want to stand apart, create a signature and make your office space to have a great impression on any client who visits. It is easy to fall into a template office design with tables, desks and cubicles all arranged in symmetric patterns. While this may create an ordered and professional feel, it will not stand out for its originality. You need to tailor the design of your office to the kind of image you want to project for yourself. In the midst of all this, there is the overwhelming concern of your budget. So, it is also important to look at cheap but effective options like used office furniture available for resale.

The importance of office design!

The importance of having a well designed office space cannot be overemphasized. It is the place from where your business functions. Not only does it make an impression on the clients, it also decides how efficiently your work is done. You need to build a work atmosphere that the staff wants to come back to everyday. For this, space is of paramount importance; a cramped office never fosters creativity and free flow of ideas. But that does not mean that you have to increase your office space; intelligent use of available space is good enough. Create an office where everyone has a personal space but at the same time is not shut out from the rest of the workplace.

Be ergonomic!

You surely have heard about ergonomics; the science of workplace design. It is definitely recommended to get some professional ergonomic advice while designing your office. This is important especially if you are working for long hours on computers. With non-ergonomic seating for such personnel, you will soon be looking at sick leaves and a drop in efficiency. And, for your clients, give special attention to your reception area and the lounge, which is the first thing that any client will see upon entering your premise. So, be ready to spend a bit more on the reception area, if necessary. With all this, looking at the used office furniture market is definitely a good idea.

Used office furniture for you!

For a small business or a start up, the used office furniture market is a great option. While speaking of used office furniture, do not think of it as a backward step that might damage your image. Going for used office furniture is an intelligent move which can save you some valuable capital while still allowing you to have a top notch office space. For this, you need to look at the best available used office furniture options. There are plenty of sources on the internet which will enable you to choose easily. Check whether the material available is ready for installation or if it needs additional work and polishing before it can be used. In the latter case, calculate the costs and time required before making a decision. Importantly, don’t purchase individual pieces of furniture that look significantly different in design and colors, it will spoil the uniformity of your office space. Keep these simple pointers in mind and you will have a classy office well within your budget.


Things to Keep in Mind when Buying Used Office Furniture

Used Office Furniture

Are you a new entrepreneur with a small budget? Do you want to start an office on a temporary basis? You want to redo your office space but do not want to burn a hole in your wallet! Buying used office furniture is the best way to do all of this.You can save a lot of money by purchasing used office furniture. Besides the cost factor, buying used furniture is also helpful to the environment. You are making use of the materials already present thereby reducing pollution.

There are numerous ways through which you can buy good used office furniture. Here are a couple of them.

•  Friends- Ask your friends and locals about stores that sell used office furniture. If the store is situated in the same locality as your office, you can even ask for free transportation and assembly.

•  Dealers and brokers- There are a lot of furniture dealers and brokers who deal exclusively with used office furniture.

•  Auctions- Keep your eyes open for auctions. Businesses which go bankrupt always auction their furniture. Here you may have to pay a little more but you can be assured of the quality.

•  Ads- Lookout for advertisements in local magazines and papers. There may also be flyers and pamphlets advertising about used furniture at popular hangout joints.

• Web- Nowadays the internet also poses as a good platform for buying and selling used furniture. There are websites dedicated to selling used office furniture at very affordable rates. But you have to consider the delivery cost too.

• You can also place an advertisement in the local dailies for used office furniture. This may be a tad more expensive but it is always better to weigh your options.

Summary there are many ways to find used office furniture but the best bet is to buy from a reputable dealer who provides all the options, warranty and buy-back plans like Office Solutions Inc.

You have to be careful while buying used furniture. It is essential that the quality is not compromised. Here are some tips to keep in mind while buying used office furniture.

• Visit a variety of furniture dealers before you make your choice. This way you will be able to know what the market rates are like. Go for a store that has been around for years and has a good reputation.

• If there is a store that has been recommended by a friend or colleague, then go for it. Somebody else has purchased from them and is happy with the product, so you are at a lower risk of getting fooled about the quality.

• Do careful inspection of the furniture that you are going to buy. Look for hidden damages. Do not buy furniture that is too old. The employees’ health could be at risk if the furniture is not strong.

• Some dealers offer warranty for used furniture. This can help you save money if there are any repairs in future.

If you make your purchase wisely then you can have an office with quality furniture at half the price of what these would normally cost. So go ahead, do your research well and make the best out of buying used office furniture. In the end, we look forward to helping you here at Office Solutions and believe that your search will lead you straight to us. See you then! Used Office Furniture.