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Monthly archives for February, 2012

Used Cubicles in Charlotte: Three Cubicle Decoration Ideas for Celebrating an Achievement

Used Cubicles in Charlotte

As an office worker, your office cubicle is the place where you spend most of your working hours. It is common knowledge that most people devote about 40 to 50 hours per week to office work with their office cubicles being the hub of most activities.

Gradually, the cube transforms into a second home for you. However, sitting at the same cubicle for days on end can be no less tedious and de-motivating. So pep up your used cubicles in Charlotte now with some fabulous ideas celebrating a particular occasion or achievement.

A Professional Achievement

Many offices these days are organizing various contests and awards to pep up the employees and bring in some fun into the drudgery of daily office life. Your office too might have something similar like ‘best employee of the year’ or ‘best performing team/department’ of the month or ‘achiever of the month’ etc.

If you have been similarly awarded or are a part of a winning team, its time to let the world know! Celebrate by decorating your used cubicles in Charlotte and hog the limelight for some days. Let your creative juices flow in planning a unique celebration theme.

Self drawn stickers or posters in bright colors proclaiming your achievement not only enlivens your cubicle but adds some color to the surroundings as well.

Snapshots of the occasion can brighten up any corner of your desk while motivational danglers not only convey your achievement to others but also urge them to put in that extra effort to try and replicate your feat.

A Personal Achievement

A 50th birthday really calls for some fabulous decorations both at home and office. Become a kid all over again and let the world know how ‘young’ you are at heart. Use colorful cutouts of the special number to brighten up your cubicle walls and hang decorative posters resembling a 50th birthday card at the entrance of your cubicle.

Apart from your date of birth, the poster can have interesting information about you, your preferences, special snapshot of your younger days or your wedding photo. Let it be like a visual timeline of your life and achievements.

If you are planning to throw a party for your colleagues, you can also hang invitation posters with cutouts of balloons and cakes informing them of the date and time.

Be a Patriotic Sports Lover

Wear your nation’s color on your sleeves during any major sports event. If you are a soccer fan and your team has won a major event, let your cubicle reflect your pride and exhilaration. Bring out the posters of your favorite players, team or event.

Design creative placards tracing the duration of the event and your team’s performance.

Highlight the chief victories like a semifinal or final triumph. If tennis is your cup of tea, pledge your support to your hero by following his meteoric rise in a Grand Slam through colorful charts which you can hang on your used cubicles in Charlotte walls.

Celebrate his final success by decorating your cube with his victory pictures and other related paraphernalia.

If it’s a diverse event you are keen on the Olympics, follow your nation’s fate on the victory podium and change your decorations accordingly. Used Cubicles in Charlotte.

Three Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Used Cubicles

Used Cubicles

Are you starting a new business and want to invest in some office furniture without burning a hole in your wallet? Well, buying used cubicles can be a very good option for those starting out.

You can reduce the cost by 50% to 75% by buying used or refurbished office furniture. With recession and many companies going out of business, there is a lot of used furniture available in the market these days.

So you will probably get a wide choice in used cubicles just as in new ones. Discussed here are three things to keep in mind when buying used cubicles.

1. It is very important to buy your used cubicles from a reliable and dependable source or vendor. Conduct research thoroughly before you make your final choice. Study your vendor’s track record and reputation.

Discuss with your colleagues and friends about reputable dealers. Show them the product that you wish to buy. It is always best to get a second opinion. In this way you can be assured of a good deal both product and cost wise.

Some dealers also provide a warranty for used cubicles. Find out if your vendor does so.  It is also advised to buy a popular cubicle model. This way you can be assured of a ready supply of spare parts whenever it is required.

2. It is essential to set a very realistic budget for your used cubicle. Used cubicles are available at starting prices of $500 per station. You may get cubicles at lower rates but they might be really old and will be of lousy colors.

Most of the vendors do not include installation prices in their rates. It is almost next to impossible to assemble a cubicle on your own. So ensure that the installation price is also accounted for in your budget. It is also important to be flexible regarding colors and sizes.

3. Make sure that your vendor has all the parts and pieces of the cubicle you wish to buy. Insist on him showing you the detailed inventory of all this.

Imagine the running around you would have to do if after the delivery, the supplier realizes that a couple of parts are missing. It is a good idea to ask for a snapshot of what the finished product would look like. Make sure that you inspect the finished product fully before handing over cash payment.

Buying refurbished furniture has many of benefits. Used furniture is definitely more affordable than brand new. You can save almost 75% by going for used furniture. You are also helping to conserve the environment by purchasing used furniture.

Demand for used furniture means less of raw material consumption for production of new furniture and definitely less pollution.

There are lots of ways from where you can get quality used cubicles. Internet, local newspapers and used furniture dealers are some of them. So don’t hesitate to purchase used cubicles if you want to give a new look to your office. Used Cubicles.

Used Cubicles in Charlotte: Does Your Office Cubicle Reflect Your Personality Traits

Used Cubicles in Charlotte

Introduced in the 1960s, prefabricated standardized cubicles have become the ultimate workstation of the 21st century. With increasing work force and limited work space, it was but natural that spacious offices gradually gave way to cubicles to make the best use of limited and expensive corporate places available.

However, rows and rows of standardized cubicles with the same theme color and layout can be a sore sight for tired eyes and enhances the drudgery of daily office work. Break away from the monotony and let your cube mirror your style and preferences.

As a working professional, you spend more time perched in your used cubicles in Charlotte than at home with your family. Unconsciously your cubicle becomes an extension of your home; your refuge in the midst of all that impersonal chaotic environment of a typical office milieu.

Take advantage of the little private space that your used cubicles in Charlotte offers and decorate it to your liking. Being your personal hub, the décor and layout of the cubicle naturally reflects your individuality and mirrors your likes and dislikes.

Apart from reducing the monotony decorating your cube also instills you with a sense of pride and belonging and you really look forward to reaching office and sitting at your dream haven. Furthermore, the way you adorn your personal workstation speaks volumes about your attitude, work ethics and style of working.

Minimalist Decoration
If you are a perfectionist believing in minimalist decorations that don’t distract you from the work at hand, organize your used cubicles in Charlotte in an orderly methodical manner wherein every item is neatly docketed in its own place and within easy reach. A no-frills clutter-free cubicle projects an orderly mind and personality.

However, within these sterile confines, you can add some relief by the way of colorful containers where a neat person like you loves to store his odds and ends like clips and pens. A stylish filing cabinet with minimum accoutrements serves as the perfect place for all your files and papers.

For the Romantic
A romantic sentimental person would like his workstation to display and reflect everything personal and dear to him. If you love sharing a slice of your private life with your colleagues, start with your cubicle.

Use your desk to display favorite family pictures or cards and other mementos. These not only remind you of your loved ones or a dear buddy, all that clutter when arranged attractively can make your used cubicles in Charlotte the envy of the entire office.

Indulge personal hobbies by bringing in some suitable plants (if you love gardening); adorning the walls with posters of musicians; hanging up sports decorations; feng shui items (if it’s your latest fancy) and similar decorations in sync with your individual taste.

Let Colors Speak
Colors convey a lot about an individual. Everybody has a personality color which conveys a great deal about that person Even though you can’t alter the shades of prefabricated cubicle rows, the inside walls can be your playing field.

Express your persona through colors. Choose your favorite color and expand that as a theme for decorating your workstation and its vicinity. Select red if you love action and aggression; orange if you enjoy socializing; green if you crave recognition and blue if you are an idealist. Used Cubicles in Charlotte.

Used Cubicles Decor Best Practices

Used Cubicles

If you are destined to spend your professional life cooped up in a drab cubicle, don’t lose heart. Liven up your environs by adding some much needed adornments within your cubicle. Brightly decorated used cubicles break the drab monotony of corporate color and neutral décor.

Furthermore, decorating cubicles can be a wonderful opportunity of de-stressing the overworked mind, bringing in some much need whiff of fresh ideas, instilling a new sense of enthusiasm in employees and infusing them with a sense of pride and belonging about their workstations. However, a cubicle is still an integral part of a corporate set-up.

Hence there are certain limitations and ethics that you must adhere to keeping in mind the work culture and décor style of your office in Charlotte.

Improper Decorations

First and foremost, remember that an office is a neutral secular place where it is not advisable to wear your religion on your sleeve. Multiracial offices have people owning allegiance to different cultures and religion and individual preferences should never be allowed to offend others.

Blatantly religious hangings and decorations are a strict no-no and so are religious pictures on your desk greeting visitors to your cube. Similarly, keep your political affiliations out of your office life and your office cubicle.

More the merrier may not be applicable in case of used cubicles decorations. After all, it’s an office environment and people are expected to do serious work!

Keep away cartoon decorations and stuffed toys, sports memorabilia or movie posters no matter how addicted you are to them. An uncluttered desk imparts a neat competent look to your cubicle so avoid turning it into a display area for family photographs.

Similarly for wall decorations, minimalist look with a stylish calendar or a simply framed attractive picture works best for the corporate look. Also too much of knickknacks might convey the impression that you are more immersed in decorating your cubicle instead of your work which might not augur well for your career.

Posters and signage on funny jokes are also not in keeping with corporate ethics. Cheap one-liners taking a crack at fellow workers are alright in the washroom but certainly look offending on your cubicle wall. Many are under the fallacious impression that light jokes ease the stress of a particularly trying day but these are definitely odious without being helpful in any way.

Appropriate Adornments

Your want your used cubicles in your Charlotte office to be functional, comfortable and pleasantly decorated. Bringing in a small potted indoor plant can be one of the best ways of inviting nature into your work area and perking it up instantly.

Greenery is always a blessing for tired eyes and a small plant is just enough to brighten up any corner of your cubicle or your desk. However, take care that the plant is not high on maintenance or doesn’t require copious watering.

Knickknacks and family photos certainly provide a much-needed break from work. Along with your plant, you can keep a beautifully framed family photo or another small memento on your desk which should provide enough respite to your over-stressed mind.

More than that will clutter your desk, hamper your daily work and invite unsolicited comments from your colleagues. Used Cubicles.

Decorating an Office Used Cubicle within your Budget

Used Cubicle

Is your office cubicle dull and boring? Are you tired of looking at those grey walls all day long? Well, that means it is high time that you do up your work space. All around you hear about homes, schools, restaurants and movie halls being redecorated. Most of your time is spent at your workplace. So why not decorate your office cubicle. It doesn’t have to be an expensive affair either. Read on to find out how to transform your used cubicle into a new and attractive work space and not burn a hole in your wallet as well.

• Add a personal touch to your office cubicle. Hang framed photographs of your loved ones on the walls. If you have kids, put their smiling pictures on your desk. This will definitely lighten you up after a tough day at work. You can also add memoirs like greeting cards from your friends and families.

• Put up some potted plants in the corner of your workspace. Plants will help purify the air and also make the cubicle look more refreshing and alive. Make sure you that you choose indoor plants that will suit the lighting in your cubicle.

• Choose a holiday corner in your cubicle. You can change the wall paper color according to holiday seasons like Christmas. You can also pin up greeting cards here.

• Customize your desktop background on your system. It could be pictures of your family or of the latest vacation you took.

• Add fancy lights or lamp shades to give an added effect to your used cubicle

• Pin up your favorite quotes. Nowadays magnets and buttons with witty quotes are available everywhere. These are quite reasonably priced too.

• If you are interested in reading, display some of your books in cubicle shelves. Putting up books by well-known authors can also improve your image as an avid reader

Things to remember while redecorating your office cubicle

• Be aware of your office policies. While decorating your cubicle, keep the office ethics.
• Do not choose loud colors if you plan to change your wall color
•  If you plan to put up quotes or phrases, make sure that they are not offensive to any  one in any way. Most of these quotes are either racist or gender biased. So be cautious not to attract complaints from your office colleagues.
•Do not overcrowd your desk with personal things. Remember that office is where you are supposed to work and not think of home.
• Keep your desk organized and clean. It is very embarrassing to have your senior reprimand you for your clutter.
• Do up your cubicle either after work hours or during your breaks. Your boss is not going to be happy if you are seen decorating your cubicle instead of working.

Having a pleasant, clean and attractive office used cubicle will definitely increase your morale and work performance. So use this as a guide to change your boring used cubicle to one that is the envy of all your office colleagues. Used Cubicle.

Tips for Decorating Used Office Cubicles for a Birthday

Used Office Cubicles

Birthdays are a special time for most people and it is only fitting that they be showered with attention on their special day. You can decorate their office cubicles by pooling in money. It can help strengthen employee relations and boost the morale of your coworkers. Decorating used office cubicles for birthdays is also an easy task and will help make the place look lively and fun.


Gather your coworkers and decorate the space beforehand when the person is not present. If the birthday falls on a holiday you can go in for a day before or after the actual birthday.


When decorating used office cubicles you must be sure to not disturb the workspace. This can interfere with the productivity which may leave some people irritated and annoyed. Check with your office if such decorations and celebrations are permitted and if so what regulations may apply. There must be enough space to carry on routine work. Do not mess with the computer and folder stacks.


You can decorate the space with big banners that say ‘Happy Birthday’. You can get people to sign on it. Personalizing the banner would make it more special. You can use streamers that extend from the floor to the ceiling which will add a dash of color to an otherwise dull office ambience. Use many balloons to cheer up the place. If you are using helium balloons fill them up at the end. Sprinkle birthday confetti everywhere but do not make the place look littered. You can also include flowers that will not only add more color but also a touch of elegance. If the birthday is a milestone like the 40th or the 50th birthday then you can decorate the cubicle from items that may have been popular during the person’s youth.

Photo Collage

Photo collages are a brilliant way to render a rather emotional touch. You can post pictures of happy and/or sad times, times that you have spent together captured vividly on glossy paper. You may also collect picture of the spouse and family.


A cake is the obvious necessity. Try and find out the birthdays boy or girl’s favorite flavor. You can also bring in snacks and soft drinks that will not make the place messy. You can go for finger foods like cookies, cupcakes and chips. You may definitely not include alcohol as a part of your celebrations.

Used Office Cubicles

Employees may not happy about having to use used office cubicles. Birthdays are a great time to spruce up the office space. Handy modifications may be useful not only for the birthday but even for future use. You can gift things like lamp shades, penholders and so on that make the place look better. Used Office Cubicles.

Decorating Used Office Cubicles based on the Zen Principles

Used Office Cubicles

Office space must be decorated in such a way that it brings calm and peace to those who work there. Employing Zen principles has a calming influence in the workplace. It helps boost productivity by increasing energy levels and reducing stress of people who work there. It gives a relaxed and therapeutic feel. Used office cubicles can be restored or redecorated using Zen principles.

Storage Space

The first step to making your office cubicle Zen like is to clear all the clutter since it may interrupt a free flow of energy. Zen style states that open spaces are more preferable than closed ones. You need to contemplate and organize the desk space well. Eliminate papers and folder stacks that are not important or keep them away at storage space rather than cluttering your desk space. Then think about what should go into the drawers and so on. The drawers can be labeled for effective organization.

Color Scheme

Cool colors like blue and green are preferred since they are calming. If you are not up for pastel shades then you can also go for natural hues like beige and off white. If you have a liking for darker and warmer shades you can go for the muted tons of such colors. For example if you prefer red, then go for a more subtle tone like cranberry instead of fire engine red. You can also team it up with lighter tones and make it more aesthetically appealing. Using wood laminates brings a natural feel in the office environment. It will bring a more outdoorsy feel to a rather dull backdrop.


Zen promotes the idea of being in and around nature. One of the best ways to introduce nature into the office environment is to place plants. You can choose the plants as per their growth in indoor atmospheres. Potted flower plants can be kept by the window to pep up the place by virtue of vibrant colors. If the office space is small, then you can go for smaller bamboo plants. Large plants may overgrow and drown the Zen in the room. It may be used in larger offices and may require timely trimming.

Environment Friendly Décor

Zen style promotes harmony and balance with nature and the environment. You can do so by using natural light and designing the office space in such a way that maximum sunlight can enter the office.  Using more windows and roll down blinds can help serve the purpose. You may also keep a small water body in the space. A small fountain would suffice and create a comforting and soothing atmosphere.


Accessories like bamboo mats, welcome rugs can help brighten the office space. You can also use table lamps with wooden shades and paintings in cool tones.

Redecorating Used Office Cubicles

When you purchase used office cubicles, there is an additional task of redecorating the space to suit your requirements. You can easily do so by employing Zen principles and techniques like the ones mentioned above. Used Office Cubicles.

Theme Ideas for a Used Cubicle Design Contest

Used Cubicle

Used cubicles have become the workstation of 21st century corporate world. The pre-fabricated standardized cube is the place where most office workers spend the lion’s share of their day throughout their employment years. Over time, working at the same desk with the same arrangement does become tedious for your employees. Organizing a used cubicle designing contest can certainly lift their morale, infuse some fun into their daily work routine and make them feel more attached to their workplace.

If you are planning to change the gloomy and monotonous cubicles of your office through an exciting cubicle designing contest, then there are ideas galore from which you can choose the theme. The contests can be organized as an annual office event everybody would look forward to on a particular day or you may make it monthly or even go by the holidays or seasons. Whatever by your theme, such lighthearted contests are sure to infuse some much-needed excitement and creativity in your employees.

Holidays as theme for decorating used cubicles
The holidays are one of the best themes for organizing a contest on decorating cubicles in your office. Festivities are held throughout the year which makes it easy for your employees to let their creative juices flow and decorate their workstations every month. Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and New Year are the popular holiday theme choices while you can add some others like Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Labor Day. If your office is multi-ethnic, select themes like the Chinese New Year or Hanukkah to include employees of different faith or race.

Office party themes
Office parties are one of the most useful occasions to organize a used cubicle decorating competition. Make your office bash more interesting and inclusive where employee participation is not limited to only shaking a leg. Extend the party theme to include the contest wherein employees are urged to deck up their cubicles according to the selected subject. Party ideas like retro themes, the Wild West or casinos are fun and easy to expand into contest subjects. You can also use the annual awards party occasion to throw in the cubicle decorating contest where the winner is recognized along with other employees selected for various company awards.

Go with nature
The seasons are one of the easiest themes to organize a contest on decorating used cubicles. Solstices, equinoxes, fall, spring are all wonderful opportunities of bringing in some nature into your office. Employees can brighten up their drab cubicles by hanging beautiful collages or posters on the changing seasons which are a treat for sore eyes.

Allow employees to indulge their hobbies
Personal hobbies can be another interesting theme on which to organize a cubicle decorating contest. As it is your employees spend most of their working hours inside their used cubicles. Let them personalize it by bringing in some personal preferences. Such themes not only bring out hidden talents, but allow your employees to know each other better. Also, since hobbies are individual preferences, you will have different cubicles with different decorations which would make the contest more interesting and your office more colorful. Used Cubicle.

How to Organize Used Cubicles Design Contest at your Office

Used Cubicles

Whether you like it or not, office cubicles are here to stay in the corporate world. Not only do used cubicles impart a well-aligned professional look to your office, they help you save space and accommodate more employees within the available limited area. They may look drab and boring with their uniform color and design but with some imagination, you can transform the pre-fabricated cookie-cutter cubicles into well designed work areas and also infuse vibrancy into the daily routine of your employees.

Organize contests on dolling up used cubicles
Cubicle designing contests are a good way of bringing in some enthusiasm into your employees and take their minds off the tedium of daily work. You can have an annual contest on a particular day or you may come up with fun ideas suited to particular festivities or occasions throughout the year like for 4th of July, Halloween, New Year or even April Fool’s Day. Such lighthearted rivalry forges camaraderie and brings out hidden talents which can even be useful to your organization some day.

Prioritize assignments
Before you go overboard with ideas, there are some practical things to keep in mind. Office hours are for serious work and preparations for the contest can take up most of your employees’ time; leaving serious work unattended. To avoid such situations, circulate emails to all workers informing them beforehand of the competition, theme, deadlines, decorative guidelines and preparations hours. It would help them to plan their day suitably so that they can easily juggle between important work and the upcoming competition. Better still; mark out specific time like one hour after lunch or an hour before actual office time begins when the employees can work on their preparations. This would help in avoiding unpleasant situations when serious work overlaps with fun activities.

Declare attractive incentives to ensure all-round participation
If you are organizing a used cubicle decoration contest, you would naturally want 100 percent participation. An incentive, whether in cash or kind, goes a long way in ensuring just that. While cash is always welcome other rewards can be in the form of discount coupons, gift certificates, ‘leave office early’ permits or tickets to a much-awaited event in your office area. Small mementos inscribed with the winner’s name and details of the contest are another good way of acknowledging the creative prowess of the deserving employee. Apart from the winning award, hand out small gifts to the runners up.

Settle for a scoring method beforehand
Determine a scoring method after taking into consideration all the parameters and limitations. Discuss with senior employees or with somebody experienced in drawing up scoring scales. For this particular contest, you can have parameters like creativity, cost, adherence to the theme, cohesion with office décor, neatness, innovative ideas, recycling of used items and simplicity. More may not be merrier within the office and overdone used cubicles would definitely make your office look more like a carnival area rather than a well-decorated professional office.

Lastly, select an impartial and experienced judge for the used cubicle decoration contest. To ensure neutrality in judging the participants, form a panel of two or three senior employees to judge the cubicles. With a scoring scale to guide you, it should not be difficult to mark the used cubicles on the different parameters and select the winner. Used Cubicles

How to Modify Office Used Cubicles for Enhanced Privacy

Used Cubicles

Since the time office cubicles were introduced in the 1960s, they have become ubiquitous throughout the corporate world. Pre-fabricated cubicles provide an ideal solution for accommodating a rapidly expanding work force within an existing work space. They offer you flexibility in decorating and customizing your existing office layout without compromising on the professional look of your work place. On the flip side, however, used cubicles offer very little privacy as anybody and everybody is free to walk in and out of your cubicle at any time of the day.

Bring in some privacy into your used cubicles
Without any doors, used cubicles are an invitation for people to just drop in all the time. Along with that, the short or medium cubicles walls enable your colleagues to take a peek at your work table while conversations flowing all around can at times become a serious impediment to your regular work. Even then, you can certainly implement a few clever modifications to provide with some privacy even while working at your desk within your used cubicles.

Put up neat signboards at your entrance
Let your colleagues know when you are free to talk or when you would like to be left alone. You can easily design an elegant signboard displaying ‘busy’ that fits in with the general décor of your office and hang it outside your used cubicles. Follow it with ‘please leave your messages here’ wherein your colleagues can just stick a post-it tag on the signboard with the message they want to convey to you. Use the signboard every time you require your privacy for important work and take it off when you are comfortable with interacting with your colleagues. Since cubicles don’t have doors, this way you can communicate your preference to your colleagues without coming across as rude or getting distracted by them all the time. You will be surprised as to how effective this can be in controlling the flow of unwanted traffic to your used cubicle throughout the day.

Rearrange your cubicle layout
The arrangement of furniture and other items in used cubicles also affects the privacy of the user. Most of us are naturally curious and you will find colleagues talking to you while taking in all the data on your computer screen. To avoid such situations, arrange your computer in such a way that the screen does not face the entrance. Additionally, position your chair so that you can see whenever people are approaching your cubicle and minimize your computer screen immediately to maintain the privacy of sensitive assignments. If due to pre-existing management policies you cannot alter the layout of used cubicles and your computer screen has to face the entrance, keep a small mirror on your desk which would allow you a vision of the entrance all the time. Camouflage the mirror with small decorative items of personal pictures so its purpose is not too obvious.

Keep conversations private
Being part of an open-plan office, used cubicles also offer very little privacy during conversations. If it is an official conversation, keep your voice as low as possible while for personal conversations, it is best to take the call in some secluded area of the office. Always take care so that your mobile is not automatically turned to the ‘speaker’ mode which allows people in your vicinity to overhear your conversation. Used Cubicles.