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Monthly archives for March, 2012

Five Funny Reasons NOT to Buy Used Office Furniture Charlotte

Used Office Furniture Charlotte

Well, it’s not everyday that you are going to set up a new office and of course, it’s definitely not a habitual action to keep buying and adding furniture to your office every other month. In fact, there are many offices that have been using the used office furniture they bought for years.

However, if you are still not able to understand why used office furniture Charlotte is the best option when buying office furniture, you could surely have one of the below mentioned reasons as an excuse. Here goes!

You have lots of money to spend

This is something that others would realize if you keep insisting on buying new office furniture. Let’s admit it, sometimes you are not sure if the furniture you are buying right now will suffice for the future.

Hence you insist on buying more than what is required. This could be one of the reasons why you are willing to spend more money on office furniture than on your business strategies.

You could easily tell people that you want everything to be new and shiny when you set up your office and that you are willing to spend any amount of money to get a shiny new office. After all, you need to think about how to spend the money you earn as profits!

You want to spend time in designing your office furniture

You are interested in growing your business. But you are as interested in designing how the chairs and tables of your office will look. You want to browse through furniture books and want the latest modular cubicles and shiny furniture.

It doesn’t matter to you if you spend hours thinking which type of storage cabinets will look great in your office space.

You simply want every bit of furniture to be designer. Now, this would be a good thing if you own a furniture business but not if your time and money could be better spent on focusing on other aspects of your business.

You want your office furniture to be admired by your clients

You want to make an impression on your clients but not with your management skills or your professionalism. You would rather make an impression on them with the furniture you have set up in your office.

You would like to hear them go “ooh” and “aah” over the ergonomically designed furniture that is straight out of the latest furniture magazines. This could well be another reason why you choose to not consider used office furniture.

You look down upon those who suggest buying used office furniture Charlotte

You feel that you must only buy new stuff for your office and hand-me-downs are definitely not your choice. Hence, anyone who tries to suggest buying used office furniture is promptly looked down upon and you even consider a salary cut for that employee.

You really don’t care about the environment

You insist upon new furniture and could care less about what impact the making of  new furniture may have on the environment. So used office furniture Charlotte is nowhere on your radar. Used Office Furniture Charlotte.

Why Many People Prefer Used Office Furniture Charlotte

Used Office Furniture Charlotte

You may think of buying new furniture for your office. But wait, you should consider used office furniture Charlotte options before you think of spending huge sums of money on cubicles, chairs, tables and cabinets.

Apart from saving money, you can also contribute to the environment by buying used office furniture. In fact, many people in Charlotte increasingly prefer the use of used office furniture. Read on to find out why this is so.

It can save you money

Buying used office furniture can save you a lot of money. Brand new furniture can be quite expensive. Used office furniture can be bought in Charlotte for a fraction of the cost that new office furniture would cost. This way you can save a lot of money and put it to good use in some other aspect of your business.

At times, installing new furniture may not turn out the way you had planned. But when you buy used office furniture, the person selling it to you can tell you how you can use the furniture to your advantage.

It can save you a lot of time

Installing new furniture can take a lot of time. If you are getting the furniture supplier to make new furniture, he might take weeks to get it ready. This means you would need as much time to make your office functional.

Also, getting used office furniture Charlotte saves time by being easily installable within a short span of time, sometimes just a day. The  time that you need to spend in transporting the furniture to your office can be reduced when you buy locally.

Assembling is easily done with used office furniture

Another benefit of buying used office furniture Charlotte is that it can be easily assembled because most of the furniture has been in use somewhere.

Dismantling and setting up  furniture can be easily done in a couple of hours. Since the furniture simply needs to be picked up from one place and kept in another, you can hire a trailer that can pick up the furniture as is and set it up in your office.

Contribute toward caring for the environment

If you restrain yourself from buying new furniture, you are actually contributing toward caring for the environment. This is because new furniture means new wood, laminates, metal and other parts that need to be procured to make the new furniture.

All this can impact the environment if every new office and business insists upon new furniture.

In recent times, everyone including the people of Charlotte wants to do something about saving the environment. Hence, more and more people increasingly prefer the use of used office furniture.

Make your office operational from day one

When you buy used office furniture Charlotte, you can get your office up and running right from day one instead of waiting for months for the interiors of your office to be completed. In this way you can concentrate on other aspects of your business instead of worrying about where and how to accommodate your staff. Used Office Furniture Charlotte.

Where to Buy Used Office Furniture Charlotte

Used Office Furniture Charlotte

If you are thinking of setting up an office in Charlotte, you must surely be thinking of buying used office furniture Charlotte. There are many ways in which you can look for good used office furniture that is reasonably priced as well as useful for your office for  many years.

In fact, there are many businessmen and companies who have never felt the need to buy new office furniture because the used office furniture they brought has served them well over a long period of time.

Check out offices and workplaces in the neighborhood

The most likely places where you could find used office furniture Charlotte are the offices and companies located in the same neighborhood as your office.

Many offices prefer selling their used furniture to another company that is located close by so that transportation cost is minimized and there is less damage to the furniture during transit.

Also, being in the same locality or neighborhood would mean the used office furniture is already conditioned to withstand local climate conditions as well as similar habits of working people from the same locality or office.

Look for online used office furniture Charlotte sales

Another easy way to find used office furniture Charlotte is to look out for online ads that talk about companies and offices in Charlotte that want to sell their used office furniture.

You can contact them by mail or phone within no time and request permission of inspection of the used office furniture. This way you will be able to understand if the furniture will be suitable and useful for your own office.

Searching online has one more advantage. You can look for multiple options and choose from the ones you find most suitable. Some people think it IS better to pick one kind of furniture such as storage cabinets from one place and office desks and tables from another.

Check with local furniture workshops

Often business enterprises feel it better to interact with a professional dealer rather than directly with a customer for things that they do not sell or buy regularly. In that sense, office furniture is something that no one thinks of buying or updating every month or every year.

You could check with the furniture workshops or repair services provider if they know someone who wants to sell their used office furniture. This can also help you to assess the condition and thereby the price of the furniture with the help of the same furniture expert.

Used office furniture dealers

If you search the local yellow pages, you are sure to find used office furniture Charlotte dealers who can help you find the furniture you are looking for.

You can talk to them on the phone and request someone give your office a visit so that they understand what kind of furniture will be helpful.

Since they deal with many companies at the same time, you can get the option of choosing from different office furniture instead of buying everything from one workplace. Used Office Furniture Charlotte.

How to Buy Used Office Furniture Charlotte

Used Office Furniture Charlotte

Are you an entrepreneur looking to start a new business in Charlotte? Are you looking to have a temporary office? Do you want some furniture for your office but are on a tight budget?

Investing in used office furniture is a good option for the above situations. Office furniture is a necessary part of a new or growing business. It is a very expensive affair too. However, these days most people opt for used office furniture Charlotte.

By doing this the cost can be reduced by about 50-70%. However you have to be careful when buying used furniture. Read on for some tips on how to buy used office furniture.

1. There are vendors who specialize in used office furniture. Find out about the reputed dealers in your locality. Visit them and find out about the products and their prices. It is recommended to go someone who has a proven track record.

2. You can also check the local classifieds and websites for used furniture.

3. If you want used office furniture Charlotte and want it to look new, then you should consider refurbished furniture. Old furniture is repainted to look brand new. Find out how old the used furniture and do not go for pieces that are too old .

4. Inspect the furniture properly before you make  payment. Ensure that there are no cracks or creaking sounds in the furniture.

5. Look for warranties in the used office furniture. Some dealers  give such warranties. In this case, you do not have spend money in case there are any problem in future.

6. With recession, many companies are going out of business. These companies will definitely want to dispose of their furniture. Look out for such companies as you may get good deals from them. Also try to purchase directly from them as you can save on commissions.

7. Do not buy used furniture just because it is cheap. It has to match your office interiors too. Make a list of the requirements and purchase accordingly. Prepare budgets for each item. If wooden furniture is too expensive, consider metal furniture.

8. Office furniture has to be comfortable and visually appealing. This is where you and your employees are going to be spending at least 6-8 hours a day. A comfortable employee will definitely be a more productive employee. So keep this in mind when you choose the colors and quality of your office furniture.

Other than the cost factor, there is an additional benefit to buying used office furniture. You can help conserve the environment to a great extent. By opting for used furniture, there is a reduced need for new furniture.

Hence the pollution caused during production can be lowered. Also you are helping to save natural resources from getting depleted.

So do not think twice about investing in used office furniture Charlotte. The money you save can be utilized in buying something else for the office. Used Office Furniture Charlotte.

Tips to Buy Executive Used Office Furniture

Used Office Furniture

Contrary to popular belief, executive furniture for your office does not have to be expensive and luxurious. The work space of an executive suite is considered immensely important, for that is where clients, business partners and other esteemed business people are accommodated. You can choose used office furniture, which is both economical and of high standard and evokes a feeling of professionalism for your executive offices.

Right material that serves both look and purpose

The appropriate material for your executive office furniture depends on the overall look you would like to give your executive work space. Furniture made of faux wood  goes really well with a classical setting. On the other hand, if you want to design your office based on comfort and style, modernized office chairs and tables can perfectly serve your purpose.

Choose materials in warm and inviting colors for your executive office furniture. However, you should not forget that the higher the quality of material, the higher the cost. If you are looking for cost-effectiveness, you can get a hold of some used office furniture that looks sophisticated and is durable enough to withstand  daily wear and tear at the work space.

How much space the furniture would occupy

Choosing  random furniture that would clutter the entire space of your executive suite will affect the overall look of your office. This could even make your office look informal and unattractive. The measurement of your office room should be of prime importance when you decide upon various desks, sofas, tables and cabinets for your office.

If your office is small, you should not opt for huge furniture that takes up all of your work space and makes the office environment congested. Another factor related to space planning that you need to consider is whether you will need to shift around your furniture in future. If such is the requirement, then the best option is to go for furniture with wheels attached.

Opting for the option of cubicle tables

Cubicle style tables and desks are in trend these days. Partitions between separate tables enable you to have enough privacy and help you to concentrate better on your work, hence increasing work efficiency. The color-coordinated cubicle partitions also contribute a great deal to lending a classy look for the office.

Importance of ergonomics

Ergonomics play an important role in ensuring the long-term functionality of your office furniture. Executives should be able to work efficiently for prolonged hours without any discomfort due to the furniture. To guarantee maximum ease and comfort, the desks or tables that you decide to buy for your executive office should have concealed holes to let wires and plugs.

Consider used office furniture

Planning a fixed budget for your furniture can be quite a challenge. The overall cost of buying the best possible office furniture can often exceed your expected budget. If you feel the need to cut back on a few of the brand new furniture options, you can always  buy used office furniture and give your office an enhanced and refined look. Used Office Furniture.

Go Green with Used Office Furniture

Used Office Furniture

Reduce your company’s carbon footprint by purchasing used office furniture. When new furniture is manufactured, a lot of resources are used up in the process. Long before these furniture items reach their unusable stage, they are disposed of by their owners in favor of  fresher ones.

Buying used furniture is also a cost-effective option for getting beautiful and useful pieces of furniture for your office. Office furniture should have functional as well as aesthetic value. You will get both when you buy used furniture at a very reasonable price.

Reduce Pressure on Landfills

When you buy used office furniture, you are helping in reducing pressure on landfills. Normally, discarded office furniture is simply dumped in  landfills. Not all office furniture is disposed of because it was broken or chipped. Often, the reason is that the owner got tired of the look and wanted to have new furniture for his office.

By deciding to buy used furniture, you can give these used pieces another lease on life. You will stop adding garbage to the landfills. The overflowing landfills are choking the surface of the earth, and they cause health hazards too.

Reduce Deforestation

Manufacture of new furniture has taken a severe toll on  forests. Deforestation is a major cause of concern. Maple forests are a case in point. In the US, rapid cutting down of maple trees for making furniture has caused  deforestation. Other trees like rosewood and mahogany have also paid a heavy price for meeting the demands of hardwood furniture.

By giving used furniture another chance in your office, you can slow down deforestation. You will be able to enjoy the beauty and class of wooden furniture without having to harm any more trees for your needs.

Ensure cleaner indoor air with used office furniture

New furniture is made of MDF and particleboard, which release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are  responsible for creating indoor air pollution and outdoor smog. The glues, stains and finishes that are used in making new furniture emit noxious odors and gases.

This property of new furniture diminishes with time. Hence, you can easily maintain cleaner indoor air in your office by buying used office furniture.

Refurbished office furniture looks as good as new

You do not have to sacrifice look and style when you buy used furniture for your office. In fact, many companies repair and refurbish  used furniture in a  sophisticated way so that it looks very chic and are very comfortable.

You can search for refurbished office furniture online. You will also find such furniture at yard sales and thrift stores at discounted prices.

When you choose used office furniture not only do you save money,  you also take an effective step toward saving the environment. Your corporate identity acquires the air of responsibility toward the community. You set an example for other eco-conscious entrepreneurs to follow. Used Office Furniture.

How to Buy Used Office Furniture on a Limited Budget

Used Office Furniture

Buying great office furniture on a limited budget is not an uphill task if you plan carefully and think practically. Consider buying used office furniture because this decision will get you furniture with great functional value at very affordable prices.

Moreover, you will also be saving the environment by reusing  pieces that would otherwise end up in a landfill and thus add to pollution. Here is how you should proceed when you buy office furniture on a limited budget:

Clearly Define Essentials and Non-essentials

Since you are working with a limited amount of money, the most important  task for you is to write down which furniture you need in order of preference. You should take a realistic approach while ascertaining what are essentials and what are non-essentials.

However, do not be shortsighted in judging what you  absolutely need for  smooth functioning at the office. If you fail to recognize the essentials now, you will have to buy these pieces later anyway. It will prove more costly when you buy them  later.

This step of deciding what indispensable furniture is and what non-essentials are helps in allocating funds for each category of used office furniture.

Decide Your Budget

Knowledge of how much you can spend will help in narrowing down your choices. Plan your budget and delineate an approximate amount for different types of furniture you want to buy.

You will be able to draw a realistic budget if you have already done  research on the market prices of various used office furniture.

Emphasize  functionality of the used office furniture

When your budget is limited, you should pay more attention to the practical use of the furniture pieces you are considering. Style and looks are important but you cannot compromise on  aspects like convenience and ease of working for your employees.

However, you can be biased toward style when you are looking for furniture for the reception area. Since the reception area is the place where you receive your clients, aesthetics play an equally important role.

Hence, use discretion when choosing furniture for different areas of your office.

Search the market for best deals

Before finalizing the dealer for your used office furniture, you should do  thorough research on what deals are available on the market. Do an online search. Go through catalogues from different dealers and get quotes. When choosing the supplier for your office furniture, you should pay equal attention to the prices offered and the quality of goods that is available.

Purchase in bulk

You can get the most for money you will be spending if you buy office furniture in bulk. When you buy  items in large amount, you can get discounts and extra furniture items as goodwill.

Buy from local dealers

Shipping and transportation costs occupy a major part of your expenditure. You can reduce these expenses drastically if you choose to buy from a local dealer.

Moreover, the items also are less likely to be damaged when they do not have to traverse a long route to reach your office.

The key to meeting your needs with limited funds is proper planning and a practical approach. When you buy used office furniture, while following these suggestions, you can definitely procure high utility, beautiful furniture pieces for your office on a limited budget. Used Office Furniture.

Used Office Furniture – Office Furniture Ideas for a Small Office Space

Used Office Furniture

Small office space requires highly customizable and compact furniture. When selecting furniture for your small office area, you should pay great attention to how mobile the pieces are  and how many office supplies each item can hold. You will also have to keep your budget in mind. You can get affordable and high quality furniture if you invest in used office furniture.

Read on to know about various furniture ideas for your small office:

Get rolling computer desks

Computer desks that can be rolled to any corner or side of the room are a great space-saving idea. The mobility feature of this furniture is helpful when you have to customize the limited office space for multiple purposes. These desks are equipped with shelving units, keyboard trays and overhead compartments. You will get lot of working space as well as storage area with these desks.

Make optimum use of the corner with computer desks

Corner desks save space because you can fit them into any corner and spare the middle or sides of the room for other purposes. You can ensure privacy and excellent working space with such desks. These computer desks are ergonomically designed. Hence, you will get maximum comfort while you are working on the computer.

These desks are available with ample storage area where you can store your files as well as other accessories.

L-shaped desks serve dual purpose

When you invest in L-shaped desks, you can use them as workspace as well as tables for receiving your clients. On the one side of the L, you can keep your phone, computer and other materials and use it as your workspace. The other side of L can be kept neat and used for seating your clients for business discussions.

Buy under-desk carts for hardware

Under-desk carts are a smart choice for using space effectively. Whether it is a printer, scanner, fax machine or any other big piece of hardware, you can place these items effortlessly on these under-desk carts. These carts have wheels. Hence, you can slide them under  desks and move to other areas when required.
Under-desk carts have built-in storage spaces too. You can store computer papers, pens and other relevant materials with ease.

Utilize space with multi-purpose lecterns

Buy multi-purpose lecterns to serve your storage requirements. These lecterns with wheels are very customizable. You can move them anywhere at your convenience. You can store your office supplies in the enclosed and open shelving units.
The shelves are adjustable. Get  ones with a fold-down platform to serve your media needs. These are available in steel and wood.

Mobile filing cabinets

Mobile filing cabinets can be rolled to the place you are working and then rolled back to their original place. You will save time and space. You can roll them near your desk and do  filing comfortably. When you do not need them anymore, you can roll them out of the way and place them at any vacant spot.

Invest in compact used office furniture

Choose to buy compact used office furniture and save money as well as the environment. When you buy used furniture, you can save up to 80% of what you would be spending if you buy fresh pieces. Used Office Furniture.

Things to Look for When Buying a Used Office Furniture Desk

Used Office Furniture

Whether you are looking to buy used office furniture for your home office or for a separate office area, an office desk forms an integral part of your office.

It is at your office desk that you start and end your business transactions, and all your client meetings and customer interactions are held across your office desk.

Hence, take proper care when selecting a suitable office desk that is both professional and convenient to you. Below are five factors that you would want to consider before purchasing used office furniture.

Utility of desk

The size of the office desk is an important factor to be considered, and it must be in proportion to  the size of the room. If the desk is going to hold a computer and printer,  additional space must be taken into account when deciding on the size.

If you need to hold several files and documents, the number of drawers that you need and the depth of each drawer also needs to be taken into account.

Having a keyboard tray as part of the desk also reduces the space used to place your keyboard or laptop. If you are going to plug in these devices, separate cord ports also need to be provided so that the desk does not look cluttered.

Aesthetic appeal

An office desk is where you are going to spend most of your day. Hence, the appearance of the desk should be to your liking. Going for a wooden finish would give a professional look to your office whereas a glass desk could be selected for a more chic office environment.

If you would like to go for a contemporary design, selecting a wooden finish with glass top would suit almost any office atmosphere.


As you would be storing all confidential documents in your office desk, it is usually better to go for a desk that has at least one cabinet with a digital locking system. In addition to this cabinet, the desk can have other open racks or book racks to store all your other files or books.


The most important feature ofyour office desk is that it must adhere to your body shape. As you will be spending long hours at your desk, it must be comfortable with adequate leg space and proper height. A standard desk should have a height of at least 26 to 30 inches and a depth of 32 inches for it to provide the necessary comfort.


Another important feature that needs to be considered when purchasing office desks is their portability. This is especially  useful in large office spaces with several office desks where the business often changes location.

In such cases, having portable office desks would be easy for relocation. Another added feature in office desks would be their adjustable height. This feature would certainly come in handy for people with back or neck problems and also help in reducing day to day stress.

Even though buying used office furniture seems to be a piece of cake, considering the above factors will help contribute to an efficient and cordial work atmosphere. Used Office Furniture.

Used Office Furniture Charlotte – The Essential Ergonomic Pieces for Your Office

Used Office Furniture Charlotte

When purchasing used office furniture Charlotte it is very important to purchase ergonomic furniture pieces that won’t hurt your body. When you use ergonomic used office furniture regularly you can eliminate the risks of back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel, wrist pain and blood clots. This in turn will improve productivity at work.

Used Office Furniture Charlotte – Ergonomic Chairs

The main reason why office workers nowadays suffer so much from neck and back pain is because of sitting for long hours on non ergonomic office chairs. Office chair must always be ergonomically designed to promote natural posture and eliminate neck and back pain. They are also adjustable, which maximizes sitting comfort.

You should purchase an ergonomic chair which has adjustable arm rest height and angle, adjustable seat height, seat pan angle, tilt tension, lumbar height and depth. A good quality ergonomic chair can cost anywhere between $200 and $1000. If that is expensive for you, you can always purchase a used office chair in good condition which will offer the same benefits at half the price.

Ergonomic Keyboard

Another piece of used office furniture Charlotte you might be interested in is the ergonomic keyboard that promotes a neutral wrist posture and prevents repetitive wrist stress injuries like carpal tunnel.

This keyboard straightens out the wrists, hands and arms, enables people to type vertically and is less strenuous as it makes the hands fall naturally on an ideal place on the keyboard.

Vertical Mouse

Those who suffer from wrist injuries, hand pain and carpal tunnel syndrome should definitely switch to vertical mouse – another useful piece of used office furniture Charlotte. This mouse is easy on the joints, doesn’t twist your forearm and extends your arms neutrally, so that hand and wrist injuries are prevented.

You can choose between trackball or optical vertical mice designed to cater to the needs of both left handed and right handed people. Some mice are wireless and a few come with lots of programmable buttons. Again, a used vertical mouse may be a more affordable choice for price conscious shoppers.

Adjustable Desk

Again adjustability is the key feature of an ergonomic desk and it helps to reduce back pain, neck pain and leg cramps. Anybody, of any height and shape can fit into an adjustable desk.

You can adjust these desks by pushing a button and these desks are equipped to memorize the various sitting positions used with it previously.

An adjustable desk can vary in height between 24 inches and 51 inches. Most of these desks are fitted with adjustable legs, compartments and shelves. They also double up as a functional compact workstation.


Another piece of ergonomic used office furniture Charlotte that you may want is a footrest on which you can prop your legs to maintain a healthy posture. It also relieves back pain and leg cramps. Variations include massaging foot pads, cushions or rubber inlays and are built of chrome or plastic. Used Office Furniture Charlotte.