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Daily archives for March 3rd, 2012

Used Cubicles – Advantages of Open Office Cubicles

Used Cubicles

Open office cubicles offer great benefits over office rooms. Unlike the unapproachable look that the walled rooms lend to an office, cubicles create a friendlier ambience. Whether you buy brand new or used cubicles, they can prove beneficial for your office due to the following reasons.

Cubicles Allow Flexible Use of Space
An office cubicle layout is a great space-saving idea. The cubicles can be setup anywhere and in any number, as per requirement. The cubicles of the workers, who are part of the same project, can be placed side by side or in a semi-circle to facilitate greater communication and cooperation.

The cubicles can also be removed when they are no longer needed. For example, in case of reduction in the number of employees, unoccupied cubicles can be disposed of easily.

In addition, you can accommodate new employees without spending a fortune by buying used cubicles.

Better Communication among Co-Workers
Office cubicles play a great role in promoting communication among co-workers. Absence of walls and doors facilitate easy interaction not only among the members of a team but also at inter-departmental levels.

Each employee is aware of what is going on with the neighboring employees’ roles. Greater knowledge about each other’s work facilitates greater camaraderie and it boosts team spirit.

Cubicles Promote Competition and New Learning
Open cubicles discourage lackadaisical attitude among workers. While in closed rooms, employees can get away with slacking off or spending time in unproductive activities, the cubicles do not allow such laid-back behavior. The chances of getting caught wasting time are very high.

Hence, the employees are constantly under pressure to finish work on time and prove that they are an asset to the company. Motivation to outdo one’s colleague comes naturally and this leads to greater productivity.

Since they work in open workspaces separated only by few feet high partitions, each can keep track of what the other is doing and how. This encourages learning new skills from each other. The workers are exposed to many other things that may not fall in their domain of work.

Suppose a marketing executive is sitting adjacent to the cubicle of an accounts officer. Both get the opportunity to educate themselves on those aspects that do not fall in their area of competence.

Privacy As Well As Sense of Integration
The open office cubicles offer privacy to the employees that they need to concentrate on their work. The workers can order their thoughts and can work without distraction. In closed offices too, employees do get a lot of solitary space to lend focused attention to their work. However, the walled area may seem confining at times. Employees are overcome with a sense of loneliness, as they think they are cooped up in the rooms.

Office cubicles help in beating loneliness easily as the whole office is visible once the employee stands up. A mere look at his colleagues working in the adjacent cubicles refreshes him. He can see the whole office in motion. He feels integrated to the collective spirit of the workplace and resumes work with renewed enthusiasm.

New or Used Cubicles: Both Enhance Creativity
Being smaller as compared to rooms, cubicles are easier to personalize. The employees can create their own comfortable zones whether they get new or used cubicles. They feel a sense of belonging to the space and more responsibility towards their work. Used Cubicles.