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Daily archives for March 23rd, 2012

Things to Look for When Buying a Used Office Furniture Desk

Used Office Furniture

Whether you are looking to buy used office furniture for your home office or for a separate office area, an office desk forms an integral part of your office.

It is at your office desk that you start and end your business transactions, and all your client meetings and customer interactions are held across your office desk.

Hence, take proper care when selecting a suitable office desk that is both professional and convenient to you. Below are five factors that you would want to consider before purchasing used office furniture.

Utility of desk

The size of the office desk is an important factor to be considered, and it must be in proportion to  the size of the room. If the desk is going to hold a computer and printer,  additional space must be taken into account when deciding on the size.

If you need to hold several files and documents, the number of drawers that you need and the depth of each drawer also needs to be taken into account.

Having a keyboard tray as part of the desk also reduces the space used to place your keyboard or laptop. If you are going to plug in these devices, separate cord ports also need to be provided so that the desk does not look cluttered.

Aesthetic appeal

An office desk is where you are going to spend most of your day. Hence, the appearance of the desk should be to your liking. Going for a wooden finish would give a professional look to your office whereas a glass desk could be selected for a more chic office environment.

If you would like to go for a contemporary design, selecting a wooden finish with glass top would suit almost any office atmosphere.


As you would be storing all confidential documents in your office desk, it is usually better to go for a desk that has at least one cabinet with a digital locking system. In addition to this cabinet, the desk can have other open racks or book racks to store all your other files or books.


The most important feature ofyour office desk is that it must adhere to your body shape. As you will be spending long hours at your desk, it must be comfortable with adequate leg space and proper height. A standard desk should have a height of at least 26 to 30 inches and a depth of 32 inches for it to provide the necessary comfort.


Another important feature that needs to be considered when purchasing office desks is their portability. This is especially  useful in large office spaces with several office desks where the business often changes location.

In such cases, having portable office desks would be easy for relocation. Another added feature in office desks would be their adjustable height. This feature would certainly come in handy for people with back or neck problems and also help in reducing day to day stress.

Even though buying used office furniture seems to be a piece of cake, considering the above factors will help contribute to an efficient and cordial work atmosphere. Used Office Furniture.