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Daily archives for March 24th, 2012

Used Office Furniture – Office Furniture Ideas for a Small Office Space

Used Office Furniture

Small office space requires highly customizable and compact furniture. When selecting furniture for your small office area, you should pay great attention to how mobile the pieces are  and how many office supplies each item can hold. You will also have to keep your budget in mind. You can get affordable and high quality furniture if you invest in used office furniture.

Read on to know about various furniture ideas for your small office:

Get rolling computer desks

Computer desks that can be rolled to any corner or side of the room are a great space-saving idea. The mobility feature of this furniture is helpful when you have to customize the limited office space for multiple purposes. These desks are equipped with shelving units, keyboard trays and overhead compartments. You will get lot of working space as well as storage area with these desks.

Make optimum use of the corner with computer desks

Corner desks save space because you can fit them into any corner and spare the middle or sides of the room for other purposes. You can ensure privacy and excellent working space with such desks. These computer desks are ergonomically designed. Hence, you will get maximum comfort while you are working on the computer.

These desks are available with ample storage area where you can store your files as well as other accessories.

L-shaped desks serve dual purpose

When you invest in L-shaped desks, you can use them as workspace as well as tables for receiving your clients. On the one side of the L, you can keep your phone, computer and other materials and use it as your workspace. The other side of L can be kept neat and used for seating your clients for business discussions.

Buy under-desk carts for hardware

Under-desk carts are a smart choice for using space effectively. Whether it is a printer, scanner, fax machine or any other big piece of hardware, you can place these items effortlessly on these under-desk carts. These carts have wheels. Hence, you can slide them under  desks and move to other areas when required.
Under-desk carts have built-in storage spaces too. You can store computer papers, pens and other relevant materials with ease.

Utilize space with multi-purpose lecterns

Buy multi-purpose lecterns to serve your storage requirements. These lecterns with wheels are very customizable. You can move them anywhere at your convenience. You can store your office supplies in the enclosed and open shelving units.
The shelves are adjustable. Get  ones with a fold-down platform to serve your media needs. These are available in steel and wood.

Mobile filing cabinets

Mobile filing cabinets can be rolled to the place you are working and then rolled back to their original place. You will save time and space. You can roll them near your desk and do  filing comfortably. When you do not need them anymore, you can roll them out of the way and place them at any vacant spot.

Invest in compact used office furniture

Choose to buy compact used office furniture and save money as well as the environment. When you buy used furniture, you can save up to 80% of what you would be spending if you buy fresh pieces. Used Office Furniture.