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Daily archives for March 26th, 2012

Go Green with Used Office Furniture

Used Office Furniture

Reduce your company’s carbon footprint by purchasing used office furniture. When new furniture is manufactured, a lot of resources are used up in the process. Long before these furniture items reach their unusable stage, they are disposed of by their owners in favor of  fresher ones.

Buying used furniture is also a cost-effective option for getting beautiful and useful pieces of furniture for your office. Office furniture should have functional as well as aesthetic value. You will get both when you buy used furniture at a very reasonable price.

Reduce Pressure on Landfills

When you buy used office furniture, you are helping in reducing pressure on landfills. Normally, discarded office furniture is simply dumped in  landfills. Not all office furniture is disposed of because it was broken or chipped. Often, the reason is that the owner got tired of the look and wanted to have new furniture for his office.

By deciding to buy used furniture, you can give these used pieces another lease on life. You will stop adding garbage to the landfills. The overflowing landfills are choking the surface of the earth, and they cause health hazards too.

Reduce Deforestation

Manufacture of new furniture has taken a severe toll on  forests. Deforestation is a major cause of concern. Maple forests are a case in point. In the US, rapid cutting down of maple trees for making furniture has caused  deforestation. Other trees like rosewood and mahogany have also paid a heavy price for meeting the demands of hardwood furniture.

By giving used furniture another chance in your office, you can slow down deforestation. You will be able to enjoy the beauty and class of wooden furniture without having to harm any more trees for your needs.

Ensure cleaner indoor air with used office furniture

New furniture is made of MDF and particleboard, which release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are  responsible for creating indoor air pollution and outdoor smog. The glues, stains and finishes that are used in making new furniture emit noxious odors and gases.

This property of new furniture diminishes with time. Hence, you can easily maintain cleaner indoor air in your office by buying used office furniture.

Refurbished office furniture looks as good as new

You do not have to sacrifice look and style when you buy used furniture for your office. In fact, many companies repair and refurbish  used furniture in a  sophisticated way so that it looks very chic and are very comfortable.

You can search for refurbished office furniture online. You will also find such furniture at yard sales and thrift stores at discounted prices.

When you choose used office furniture not only do you save money,  you also take an effective step toward saving the environment. Your corporate identity acquires the air of responsibility toward the community. You set an example for other eco-conscious entrepreneurs to follow. Used Office Furniture.