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Monthly archives for May, 2012

Maintaining Used Cubicles – Four Tips

Used Cubicles

Cubicles are one of the most used equipment in offices and their regular maintenance and proper upkeep should be a top priority with users. Cubicles have become the workstations of modern offices because they provide an easy solution to problems of space and accommodation. Properly maintained used cubicles will last for years and impart an organized smart look to your office.

Being overused daily for a variety of purposes, used cubicles are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and microbes. Regular thorough cleaning makes them more hygienic and free from dust and grime.

Working in dirty cubicles exposes you to different contagious diseases like the common cold, flu or fever. Lack of cleanliness should not affect your performance at the office, especially when it is so easy to clean your used cubicles.

Thoroughly Clean your Entire Cubicle

Most modern cubicles are constructed of materials that are easy to clean and maintain. Just wipe them with a mild and warm soap solution and allow drying naturally. If the walls of your used cubicles are covered with fabric, use a gentle fabric cleaner. Don’t use too much water as the fabric will become soggy and lose color.

Just wipe gently in a circular motion starting from the top and leave to dry out. Remove all furniture like workstations, chair, filing cabinets, etc. to expose the entire panels as much as possible. Such thorough cleaning should be done at least once a year to remove stains and grime.

Vacuum Clean on a Monthly Basis

Dust accumulates faster than you can clean and used cubicles are more susceptible to dust pollution due to loads of stationery, files, furniture, appliances, accessories, etc. lying in heaps all around. Vacuum clean used cubicles at least once a month.

This removes most of the dust and germs gathering at inaccessible corners inside cabinets, cubicle panels and on equipment that are used regularly. Dust the furniture more often. Use a rag to clean your chair, desk, computer screen, etc. Take a feather duster and clean your keyboard thoroughly where dust accumulates, especially between the keys.

Keep your Cubicle Clutter-Free

Try and keep your used cubicles clutter free. A neat and organized cube creates a positive impression about you while helping you to easily access all your important papers and accessories. Position a trash can/recycle bin within easy reach to instantly dispose off all useless stationery and other items that otherwise litter your used cubicles.

Refurbish you Décor

Periodically change the décor of your used cubicles within the company guidelines. Remove old planners or posters and put up new ones. These not only impart a new look to your cubicles, they also make you feel good about adding something new to an existing and drab environment. Used Cubicles.

How to Buy Used Cubicles

Used Cubicles

In these times of recession, used cubicles are a great way to save some money if you are looking to start or expand your office. The price gap between a new cubicle and a used one can be substantial, and the money you save can be put to good use to further your business.

Good quality, sturdy cubicles in perfect condition fit into any office space and impart a sleek professional look to your office. When purchased from reliable dealers, used modular cubicles provide you with the same benefits as new ones at a much lower price.

Prepare a Realistic Budget

Draw up your budget based on a realistic approach. Used cubicles certainly cost less than new ones but they are not dirt cheap. Sturdy used cubicles in good working condition will serve you for years but you have to calculate the cleaning costs as well as the cost of new fabric, if required.

Streamline the budgeting process by drawing a layout of the available space, how many cubicles you need and in what sizes.

Check out Dealers both Locally and Online

Do a round of local furniture stores dealing in used cubicles. Your neighborhood store can come up with pleasant surprises at affordable rates and cubicle installation will be quicker with no time wasted on shipment.

Search your newspaper or local telephone directory for details of furniture dealers in your area who stock used cubicles. However, the Internet is the best place to look for numerous options as you may not find everything in your local shops.

Assess Used Cubicles in Multiple Stores

Check out multiple furniture dealers stocking used cubicles until you come up with what you are looking for. This can take some time as your choice is limited as per availability and you have to hunt for the exact cubicle dimensions that will fulfill all your requirements.

Used cubicles are likely to have imprints of years of regular usage. So before buying, check thoroughly to satisfy yourself about the condition of the cubicles. Keep in mind minor repairs that will add to your budget.

Compare Prices

Compare prices, quality and specifications before placing your order. Visit the stores personally or request them to send over their representatives. You can also contact furniture dealers online for quotes and details on used cubicles.

Based on all this information, make an informed choice when purchasing used cubicles for your office. Bargain hard to get the best deal. Also check out the terms and conditions, warranty period and buy back policy, if any. Used Cubicles.



Where to Buy Used Cubicles

Used Cubicles

Used Cubicles are a wonderful way of furnishing your new office within a limited budget, especially if you have just started your business. Second-hand cubicles in good condition are an indication of their sturdiness and value as they have already been in use for years. You can buy modular old cubicles and customize them to impart a smart and professional look to your new office without going bankrupt.

Why Settle for Used Cubicles

These days, used cubicles are in great demand because of convenience, affordability and availability of excellent brands at fabulous prices. Moreover, by buying used cubicles you are contributing your bit to the environment by saving trees, using available resources and conserving energy.

Available in a myriad of colors, designs, heights and makes, used cubicles are a great alternative to expensive new cubicles and are increasingly becoming a popular way of refurbishing offices all over the US.

Different Sources of Used Cubicles

There are many large and small furniture dealers who stock used cubicles from different brands. These stores usually buy cubicles in bulk and sell them as per order.

Search online for a list of vendors dealing in used furniture in your locality and visit them personally. You can also send your queries for used cubicles to reputable dealers through e-mails and their customer service executives will call you back.

Most well-established furniture stores have a virtual store on their website with a catalog of old cubicles for your perusal. You will find details like the specifications, color, availability, cost and shipment process that will help you to make an informed choice when purchasing your used cubicles. You can order online without having to move around or haggle with multiple dealers.

Keep an eye for advertisements in your local newspapers or mailers regarding the sale of used cubicles by individuals or large companies and banks who are selling off their existing cubicles for various reasons.

What to check before buying

When buying your used cubicles, it is important to keep note of a few things both about the product and the vendor.

Compare Vendors

Before investing in used cubicles, be sure to check the market reputation of the vendor. Talk to friends or acquaintances about references of dependable stores. Ask for references from previous customers and ask their opinion about the quality of used cubicles they have purchased.

Assess the products thoroughly

Evaluate used cubicles according to their age, sturdiness and working condition. Buy only if your expectations match the product on display. Since used cubicles seldom come with any warranty, it is in your interest to check all areas, compare products from multiple sources and finally invest your money for a worthy product that will serve you for years. Used Cubicles.


Used Cubicles Charlotte – Tips to Clean Cubicle Walls

Used Cubicles Charlotte

Have you just set up your office and have bought cubicles and furniture from a used cubicles Charlotte dealer? Apart from setting up the cubicles in the right way in your office, you must also understand a bit about how to clean the cubicle walls at regular intervals.

Just the way your home furniture, upholstery and storage cabinets need regular cleaning and dusting, so do cubicles. Here are some tips to clean cubicle walls and other cubicle components effortlessly.

Clear out the clutter

Before you begin cleaning the cubicle walls, you must clear the walls of any notices, photos, posters or decorative papers you may have placed or attached to the walls. If there are any large items that could interfere with the sweeping or cleaning of the desk area, then remove and put away such items too.

Take a look inside your file cabinets to see if you have accumulated any clutter there. It is a good idea to regularly clear out the clutter from your cabinets and cubicle to give it a clean look.

Cleaning cubicle wall upholstery

If the cubicles in your office have upholstery that can get dirty with regular use, you must make sure that this doesn’t make way for allergens and dust to be trapped in the upholstery fabric and harm your employees. Regular cleaning with the help of a vacuum or sweeping the surfaces at regular intervals will be of help.

Removing stains from cubicle walls

Often, cubicle wall upholstery is prone to staining from constant touch and contact with pens, ink, and stationery or spilling of other items.

After you have used a vacuum hose to clear out dust and allergens from the upholstery, you can use stain removers to clean out the soil or stain from the cubicle walls. Some used cubicles Charlotte dealers even recommend the use of liquid detergent to help remove stains from cubicle walls.

It is important to remember that clean and clutter-free cubicles will give a sense of a healthy and clean work environment to your staff and they will feel happy to work there.

You can get professional cleaners to do this kind of a job at regular intervals or you can check for services provided by professional cubicle cleaning companies who will keep track of how many times cleaning needs to be done. They will communicate with you when it is time to take up the next cleaning job. Used Cubicles Charlotte.


Used Cubicles Charlotte – Dealing with Distractions in Your Office Cubicle

Used Cubicles Charlotte

An office cubicle is not just your work space. It can be a place where you concentrate and focus on decisions, look through important papers and maybe even put away documents that could have life-changing consequences.

So what do you do when you have distractions in your office cubicle? Used cubicles Charlotte dealers give you varied options when it comes to such situations. Here are some of them.

Dealing with people around you who stop at your cubicle

This could be one distraction that is hard to deal with. How could you ask your colleagues to stop peering over your cubicle wall and saying hello to you? You could also face a situation where other staff keeps walking up to you to ask for help or deal with routine work.

One way out of this situation is to talk with colleagues in a common meeting area at a given point of time everyday rather than everyone walking up to you at all times of the day. This will help you concentrate on the work at hand without getting disturbed too often.

Dealing with phone calls when you are at work

When you work in a cubicle in your office, it could often mean that you have your own computer, phone and other paraphernalia that you need within reach in your cubicle. While most of these things make work life easy, they also prove to be distracting while you are at work.

Just when you are concentrating on an important presentation, a phone call could make your thoughts go away.

To avoid this, you should install a voice messaging system at your desk, which will help you screen your calls and attend to only those that are extremely important or unavoidable.

Dealing with noise in used cubicles Charlotte

Noise is something that you can never completely avoid at your office unless you have a cubicle that is enclosed from all sides and has a door too. Otherwise, it usually is difficult to deal with noise that seems to be everywhere.

To deal with this situation, you could work with your colleagues to ensure that meetings are not held over cubicle walls but in meeting rooms. Getting colleagues to work silently can be a daunting task but can be tried nevertheless.

Curbing the urge to check your e-mails every now and then

The Internet has brought with it many benefits and distractions. While one can communicate with a counterpart sitting thousands of miles away with e-mails, it can be quite a disturbing habit to keep checking e-mails every now and then.

Making it a habit to check your e-mails after a stipulated interval of time can help you save a lot of time. Used Cubicles Charlotte.


Types of Used Cubicles Charlotte

Used Cubicles Charlotte

Buying used cubicles Charlotte can be quite a task if you start the work without doing your research. For those of you who didn’t know that there are different types of cubicles that you can buy for your office, here is some help at hand.

Read on to find out more about used cubicle types and also how you can install cubicle walls, power sources, storage and other cubicle add-ons.

Office cubicles that you can consider

The two main types of used cubicles Charlotte you will find are panel-mounted systems and freestanding systems. The main difference in these two types of cubicles lies in how the furniture such as desks and cabinets is mounted. In panel-mounted systems, you will find the other components of the cubicles mounted to the panel walls of the cubicles.

Once set up, it is difficult to move the complete cubicle around. In freestanding cubicles, you will find separate panels that can be fixed around other furniture. This is ideal if you need to constantly shift your furniture around.

Types of cubicle walls

When you choose used cubicles, you can also choose cubicle walls according to your office. If you want to allow your employees to communicate easily, you should choose cubicles with low walls.

On the other hand, if privacy is on your mind, your cubicles must have high walls enabling creation of mini office spaces for your staff. You can choose from different materials including particle board as well as metals for the cubicle walls.

Types of power sources for cubicles

Usually, three types of power sources are used. If the power comes in through an outlet in the cubicle wall, it is known as base-feed electricity. Top-feed electricity refers to the set-up that allows power to come down from the ceiling into the cubicle. The third type is the utility pole system that hides wires that bring electricity to the cubicle.

Types of storage in cubicles

One of the most important things in choosing cubicle types is to determine the storage options required for the office. Built-in shelves, filing cabinets, drawers, wheeled storage cabinets are all important aspects you need to consider when you think of setting up used cubicles in your office.

Types of add-ons in used cubicles

Look out for used cubicle Charlotte dealers that provide cubicles with add-ons such as white boards, bulletin boards, lights and hooks for clothes or key holders, keyboard trays to make the work environment more task-friendly for your employees. Used Cubicles Charlotte.


How to Buy Used Cubicles Charlotte

Used Cubicles Charlotte

Setting up an office is no easy task. Add to that, if you want to install new office furniture you are simply adding to the costs, time and effort required. Instead, buying used cubicles Charlotte can be a very good idea.

Buying used cubicles can also help you focus more on other important aspects of your business or organization. Here are some steps to help you buy used cubicles if you are in Charlotte or anywhere else for that matter.

Determine the office space available and the dimensions for the cubicles

As soon as you think of setting up used cubicles in your office, you must get the exact measurements of the office space available for setting up the new furniture. This is because ready-made cubicles may not adhere to your office size dimensions.

Hence, you need to choose used cubicles Charlotte with care. Approach the seller with the perfect measurements and buy used cubicles only if they match your specifications.

Allocate a budget

It is easy to get carried away when it comes to spending on office furniture. Allocate a budget and see to it that you do not exceed your limits when buying used cubicles in Charlotte.

To do this, you should do a bit of research regarding the prices of used cubicles as well as how much money you could save if you buy cubicles in bulk from one place or dealer.

Make a list of sellers for used cubicles in Charlotte

When you start searching, you will come across advertisements for sales of used cubicles in Charlotte in newspapers, on websites and in local magazines. It would be a good idea to gather information from as many dealers in your neighborhood as possible so that you can compare the quality of the used cubicles as well as the prices.

In addition, there can be a big difference in the transportation and installation charges if you are able to get a dealer in your vicinity rather than someone who is located far away from your office.

Visit the dealers, check for quality and negotiate the rates

It is recommended that you visit the dealers. There is a good chance of getting discounts or negotiating the prices if you can discuss with the dealer your requirements. Check out the variety available with the various dealers. This will give you a fair idea of what will suit your office needs best.

Finally, decide what you want to buy, place your order and pay for the used cubicles when you get them delivered to your office. Used Cubicles Charlotte.


Tips to Buy Used Cubicles Charlotte

Used Cubicles Charlotte

When you are looking to buy used cubicles Charlotte, it is important that you ensure that the investment you are making on used cubicles is worth it. Even if you are investing in used cubicles, look for the best prices and the best quality available. Make your cubicle purchasing an enjoyable experience. Here are few tips to buy used cubicles in Charlotte.


Before buying used cubicles Charlotte, you need to first decide what kind of cubicles you are looking for. Check out various cubicle sizes online and decide which kind of cubicle will be suitable in your office. Then, start looking for used cubicle outlets. Check out newspaper classifieds as well as online classifieds for dealers who sell used cubicles.

Visit Dealer Outlets

When you are buying used cubicles, it is important that you choose the best cubicles out there. Visit as many stores as you can to see where you have ample variety to choose from. Check out for dealers who offer style and variety as this is also an important aspect when buying furniture. If you look carefully, you are bound to find the best furniture for your office.

Check for the Quality of Used Cubicles

When you are investing in used cubicles Charlotte, it is important that you buy good quality cubicles. Cubicles are an intrinsic part of your office and it’s important that you choose durable furniture so that you don’t have to replace it in the near future. Inspect the cubicles thoroughly to for any damages; only after thorough inspection of cubicles can you go ahead and place the order.

Negotiate for Reasonable Prices

Just because you are purchasing used cubicles, you don’t have to hesitate about negotiating on the price. Once you have selected the kind of cubicles you want to purchase, negotiate with the dealer for a reasonable price. Since you are ordering in bulk, go for a price that is reasonable to you.

Look for Warranty

When you are buying used cubicles Charlotte, chances are that the cubicle you purchase might have been used for a long duration of time. There are many dealers who offer a warranty for the cubicles they sell.

Consider dealers who offer a warranty on the cubicles so that you don’t have to spend extra on refurbishing them later in the future. Buying used cubicles with a warranty period is a safety precaution to ensure that you don’t end up spending money in repairing the cubicles. Used Cubicles Charlotte.


Benefits of Buying Used Cubicles in Charlotte

Used Cubicles in Charlotte

There are many benefits of buying used cubicles for the office rather than ordering new ones. Used cubicles are affordable and you do not have to waste time trying to calculate the dimension and size of the cubicles. When you buy used cubicles you only need to worry about how to arrange or lay it out in your office space.

However, to narrow it down further, most people would suggest that buying used cubicles locally is the best option. For example, buy used cubicles in Charlotte when you want to set up your office in Charlotte.

Advantages of Buying Used Cubicles in Charlotte

If your office is located in Charlotte, it makes the most sense to order or buy used cubicles locally. Instead of importing the cubicles from other countries, states or cities, buying them locally has many benefits.

1. First of all, buying locally reduces the cost dramatically. If you are purchasing the used cubicles from another state, you will have to pay taxes, transportation costs and so on. This will increase the cost of cubicles.

2. Buying locally means you can see the goods for yourself before purchasing them. When buying used cubicles Charlotte, you can visit the store from where you will be purchasing the cubicle. This way, you can check out all the available varieties, colors and sizes before deciding on the cubicle you would like to buy.

3. You can also check for defects or damage in used cubicles. Imagine buying from outside Charlotte and finding on the arrival of shipment that the material is partly or fully damaged. You would be wasting a lot of time, money and effort trying to send back the damaged cubicles and getting the new shipment.

4. The most important benefit of buying used cubicles in Charlotte or, in other words, buying used cubicles locally is that it saves a lot of time. When you buy cubicles from outside your city, you have to wait for a couple of days until they are delivered. However, when you purchase locally, you can get the cubicles almost immediately and start setting or renovating your office quickly.

5. Avoiding transportation of the cubicles means you are doing your bit to save on gas and reduce pollution.

6. Finally, when purchasing locally, you are able to maintain the local character of the cubicle. The essence of Charlotte construction is retained when you buy used cubicles in Charlotte rather than from outside the city. Used Cubicles in Charlotte.


Office Furniture Buying Guide

Office Furniture

Buying new office furniture is an important decision and not one to be taken lightly. Choosing the right furniture for your office is more than just a matter of decoration. As a person running a large enterprise, you need to find furniture that looks professional to outsiders while feeling comfortable to your employees. The furniture should be efficient as well with good placement of filing cabinets and other such equipment to increase the efficiency of your employees.

Right balance of price

Buying all that office furniture is a significant investment and you will want to use that furniture for a few years at the very least. You will obviously want to save as much on costs as possible. But cheap furniture may eventually turn out to be more expensive than more expensive furniture in the long run.

Cheap furniture has a lower longevity and also has a higher potential to cause injury to employees. Eventual re-purchasing of furniture and treating any such injuries caused to employees will lead to cheaper furniture becoming expensive in the long run. The right balance of price needs to be found.


You will want to put off buying new furniture again as long as possible. One way would be to go for quality over price. You also want your office to feel as good and modern ten years later as it is feeling now. You should go for timeless style over what is currently trendy.

Employee attitude

A company can’t function without a highly motivated employee force. Hence, you need to ensure that your employees are always motivated to work hard for your organization.

The right office furniture will go a long way in improving the attitude of your employees with regard to their work. The furniture needs to be comfortable. The placing of the furniture is important too. Having spacious surroundings will improve employee morale.

Ergonomic Furniture

With employees spending upwards of 40-50 hours a week sitting in the office, the chances of injuries have increased. Repetitive strain, joint swelling and muscle strain are just some of the injuries that can be caused by long hours of sitting.

There can be no mental happiness among your employees without physical happiness and all these injuries will affect their productivity and morale and hence your business. To counter these injuries, many companies are going for ergonomic office furniture, which while more expensive proves to be a better investment in the long run.


If your company environment requires cubicles, setting the height of cubicle walls is also important. Many businesses feel that keeping cubicle walls short may make employees feel less isolated. On the other hand, there may be some departments that might feel the need for a more private work environment.

Color combination

You want your office to be full of an energetic and motivated work force. Buying office furniture in dull colors with matching wall paint will promote a dull atmosphere in the office. On the other hand, bright colors will promote warmth. You need to find just the right color tone that works well with your business ideologies.

Used Furniture

In order to save on cost, you might also want to consider buying used office furniture. It’s especially a good option if you are a start-up and want to save on finances wherever possible. Besides, it’s a great way to go green.

However, you need to be aware that used furniture may have concealed damages and is not covered under any customer service as the warranties no longer cover them. There is an increased chance of furniture breaking and there is no guarantee of money back. Office Furniture.