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Monthly archives for June, 2012

Used Cubicles – How to Assemble an Office Cubicle

Used Cubicles

Office cubicles use space efficiently. They also help avoid clutter that is caused due to improper usage of the space available. Used cubicles can also be modified or upgraded to suit your needs. Nonetheless, assembling an office cubicle is very easy. Given below are simple steps to help you assemble your office cubicle.

Plan out your design

Be clear on the cubicle setup and design you need. You must plan out the steps to be taken to assemble the cubicle. You can also draw diagrams whenever necessary. Having a layout that is easy to understand will kick-start your assembling process. You must spend the proper amount of time in planning the layout.

Go through the manual

You must have received a manual along with your cubicle package. The manual contains pictures that provide very easy understanding of the entire process. You should spend some time going through the manual and clearly understanding how the assembly of the cubicle is supposed to be done.

Grab the right tools

If you are setting up the cubicle on your own, you will need to have the right set of tools beside you. Of course, you will need cubicle panels, screwdrivers of various sizes, wrenches and a hammer. Along with these, you will also need panel connectors which can be straight, corner, T-shaped and four-way depending on your requirements.

You must also keep some extra equipment around just in case.

Attach the panels

Once you have understood what is to be done, how it is to be done and have gathered the right equipment, you are all set to start fixing your cubicle. You might use the space vacated by your used cubicles. You need to start attaching the panels. This can be done end-to-end, in the shape of a T or in a cross X.

Once you fix the panels to each other from the sides, you need to insert metal connectors in the grooves present on the top. This provides rigidity and firmness to the panels.

You can modify the position of your panels based on your requirements. You can attach panels at a 90 degree angle in order to have a private space. You can also put three panels in a T-shaped structure to create space for two. The same can be modified and arranged in the form of an X that creates a space for four.

You can also use footers that fix the cubicle panels firmly to the floor when attached perpendicularly. You must ensure that the cubicle panels are fastened to the walls behind, if any.

Attach the shelves

The next step is to place a desk, if you want one. This must be done carefully. The screws of the desk are placed under it so you might need to bend down or crouch to fix them. Once everything is fixed in its place, you are good to go.

Assembling an office cubicle does not always require new parts. You can undo your used cubicles and assemble them in new ways. Used Cubicles.


Used Cubicles – How to Take Apart an Office Cubicle

Used Cubicles

Getting bored with your office cubicle and desperately wanting a new one is not a new thing. Disassembling used cubicles is relatively simple. Almost all office cubicles are simple constructions of walls, desks and drawers joined together by screws, springs, nuts and bolts. You can take apart your office cubicle in five easy steps.

Analyze it carefully

This is the major step to take when removing different types of used cubicles. Even though it is quite easy to take out the components of the used cubicles, you should keep in mind that cubicles are designed and assembled differently. Some use screws for joining the walls together while others use rods. In more efficient cubicles, springs, latches or hinges can also be seen. So it is very important that you know the kind of cubicle you are dealing with in order to bring the right set of tools and manpower with you.

Read the manual

Most cubicle setups require a manual. Even if a manual does not tell you how to take apart your used cubicles, it still lets you know how it is set up. It gives you the details such as the screws used, places where the screws are used and also the types of screwdrivers you might need. A manual gives you direction as you start your work.

Get the right tools

Collecting the right set of tools saves you a lot of time. Once you have read and understood the manual, you can spend some time in getting the right set of tools. You should get flat-head screwdrivers, rubber hammers, wrenches of two or more sizes and other tools as necessary.

Start with the desk

This is the most obvious step. All the cubicles have desks. Some have complex ones, which can be raised or lowered down depending upon the need. Yet, the construction is quite simple and you can easily take them off. Most of the screws are present under the desk so you will have to go under it and unscrew them. This might take more effort if the screws are concealed or placed at awkward positions.

Some modern cubicles also have drawers below the desk or shelves on the side or on the center panel. You must remove them before you begin to take off the desk.

Take out the outer panels

It is usually the case that the middle panel is joined with the outer panels. You must start taking out the outer panels, one at a time. They might contain springs or latches but with the right set of tools, you can undo them easily.

In some cubicles, the panels are fixed to the connector rail to impart strength and immobility. In such cases, you also need to take off the panels from the rail. This can be done by unscrewing them. If the panels still do not come out, you can use a rubber hammer to loosen the fix and then pull them off. Used Cubicles.


A Buyer’s Guide to Used Cubicles

Used Cubicles

Used cubicles are a great way to set up an office on a modest budget. The range of used cubicles available on the market is mind boggling, with the sheer variety of colors, designs, sizes, materials, brands and configurations on offer. As a newbie, it can be quite confusing to identify the correct cubicles with which to start your office. So here are some guidelines on how to search for the right cubicle that will be durable, functional and fit perfectly with your vision of a well-structured office.

Identify your Requirements

Before you begin your hunt for used cubicles, it would be prudent to form a clear idea of your requirements. If you want an open-planned office, go for smaller cubicles with low partitions. Such cubicles facilitate free flow of information and communication without compromising on user comfort.

Take a look at mid-sized cubicles with tall partitions that offer the privacy level sought by executives or senior staff entrusted with sensitive documents. For high-end directors or VPs, settle for large cubicles that offer an expansive feel and exude a look of seniority and importance. Other than the users, the available office space and your budget will influence your choice of used cubicles.

Contact a Reputed Dealer

Once you have a rudimentary plan and budget in place, contact a reliable dealer who specializes in used cubicles. Visit several dealers to get an idea of the price range and options available. It is best to do business with a local retailer whom you can always visit in case problems crop up later. Search your neighborhood directory or the Internet for contact details.

Most dealers have trained office planners to offer you professional guidance on the final layout and color scheme of your office and help you select cubicles that will be in sync with the final décor. Dealers also have staff install the cubicles because they are quite bulky and require technical knowledge for proper installation.

A Few Things to Check before Buying

• Compare multiple quotes from different dealers before finalizing your purchase.

• Ask for a written quote that has all the details so that hidden charges do not crop up later.

• Cubicles have several small and large components all of which must be clearly mentioned in the quote.

• Used cubicles are likely to have imprints of previous usage on them. Satisfy yourself about the condition of the cubicles before buying them.

• Check for a warranty period or buy-back policy.

• Allow for 6 to 8 weeks of delivery and installation time of used cubicles before you can move into your new office. Used Cubicles.

How to Upgrade Your Used Cubicles Charlotte

Used Cubicles Charlotte

The office cubicle is your home away from home as long as you are at work. It is but natural that the way your cubicle is designed, decorated and maintained has a profound effect on your physical and mental health as well as on your performance.

Working inside the same used cubicles Charlotte for years can affect your job satisfaction and be detrimental to your career growth. It is therefore necessary to upgrade your cubicle now and then and bring in some fresh air. Even if you cannot rebuild your cubicle entirely, you can certainly improve your environment by making a few small changes.

Take Prior Permission

If you are sharing a large cubicle with a co-worker, you will first have to have his / her permission before bringing about any change. Also, your office management will have to be informed before you tweak anything. It would be prudent to remember that whatever upgrade or change you intend to bring in, it should not disturb your colleagues and be in sync with your company policy.

Tips to Upgrade your Cubicle

* The first step is to clean your cubicle thoroughly. Remove all clutter, dust the corners, remove old wall hangings and change covers.

* Take stock of the electrical wirings and computer connections. Request your maintenance department to fix any connection that is not working properly.

* Good lighting is a basic necessity for comfortable working conditions. If you are not satisfied with the lighting arrangements provided by your company, add a table lamp that will not only make your workstation brighter but add to the décor of your cubicle.

* If there is little space for a lamp, try a clip-on sleek light that provides the same facility and has a trendy, professional look.

* Disable the harsh fluorescent lighting above your cubicle (with permission) that can be an eyesore.

* If your used cubicles Charlotte look extremely unorganized due to the absence of proper storage facilities, request your management for cabinets and filing facilities in which to store your papers and other stationery.

* Get yourself a bright organizer in which to store regular office supplies like clips, pencils, erasers, stapler, etc. A smart organizer on your desk not only makes it look clutter-free, it also adds color to an otherwise drab cubicle.

* Hang up some colorful file holders on your cubicle wall to keep important files and documents neatly and also for some nice color to break up the monochrome surroundings.

* Bring a nice framed photograph or some other curios to add a personal touch without going overboard.

* A small potted indoor plant at one corner can really make your used cubicles Charlotte look welcoming and comfortable. Used Cubicles Charlotte.


Used Cubicles Charlotte – Tools Required to Assemble Office Cubicles

Used Cubicles Charlotte

These days, cubicles are an integral part of all offices due to the advantages they offer. Used cubicles Charlotte have become the preferred choice of office décor for employees over the years as they can accommodate a maximum number of people in minimum space without making the office look like an open market.

With cubicles, you can set up a tidy, professionally structured office within a limited budget. You can even save a substantial part of your budgetary allocation by setting up the cubicles yourself instead of hiring expensive help. Just assemble them with a few simple tools and your new office is ready!

Take a Well-Planned Approach

A pre-planned approach is always better when working with bulky items like cubicle panels and partitions. Have a rough sketch ready so that you understand the correct positioning of the cubicles and how to align them correctly. This is vital as cubicles are heavy structures that are difficult to shift from place to place once assembled. You can either design the floor plan yourself or look for hired help. If you prefer the DIY approach, quite a few software programs are readily available to guide and help you prepare a perfect office plan within the available space.

Prepare an Inventory of Tools

Once your plan is in shape, visit retailers in your area who stock used cubicles Charlotte in different shapes, designs and colors. Most retailers stock pre-segmented cubicles for easy transportation and assembling on-site. There may be some additional partitions that you have to integrate into the main structure later.

Go through the guidance provided by the manufacturer for a list of tools you need to gather before starting your work. Prefabricated acrylic cube partition walls are the easiest to put up while plywood partitions take a little longer as you have to drill holes in the appropriate places.

In general, before starting make sure you have wrenches in different sizes, an adequate number of screws and bolts, an electrical or manual screwdriver, pliers, measuring tapes, marking chalk, heavy duty drills, hammers and any other specific items mentioned in the guide book.

Some Practical Tips

Since the cubicle parts and partitions are quite heavy and pose the risk of physical injury, never try to assemble them alone. Though used cubicles Charlotte can be installed in a short time, expect at least 2 to 3 hours of assembly time per cubicle depending on the complexity of the design and number of parts to be assembled.

Have all the tools and parts ready before starting your work. Being stuck midway due to a lack of tools or particular components can be frustrating and confusing. Always start the assembly work at the site of installation so that you don’t have to shift the bulky cubicles once they are ready. Used Cubicles Charlotte.


Used Cubicles Charlotte – Does the Size of the Office Cubicle Affect Job Satisfaction?

Used Cubicles Charlotte

Studies reveal that more than 40 million Americans are destined to spend their entire careers confined to their cubicles at the office. No wonder cubicles are the quintessential office structure over-utilized to create a look of space, professionalism, organization and comfort within a fixed office space that is struggling to accommodate its workforce.

As is evident almost everywhere, used cubicles Charlotte have successfully replaced the space-consuming office layout of yesteryears and become the preferred choice among employers for creating a chic and tidy office set-up.

Average Size of Cubicles

The humble office cubicle is more than merely a workplace for your employees throughout the day. Its size, design, decoration, illumination, etc. has serious repercussions on the performance level of your executives and their job satisfaction.

As per the IFMA (International Facility Management Association), there has been a steady decrease in the size of used cubicles Charlotte throughout the past few decades.

While in the 90s the average cube enclosed about 90 square feet of office space, by 2010 it had shrunk to include only 75 square feet of space. Such reduction in space or using such small cubicles for daily work can affect the productivity of different employees depending on the tasks they need to perform.

Large Cubes for Employees Requiring Privacy

Small cubicles mean that workers have very little privacy while the noise level around them is likely to reach disturbing proportions throughout the day. This can affect the job satisfaction and performance level of executives who handle important sensitive documents regularly and need privacy and peace to do their job properly.

Moreover, being surrounded by colleagues who can peer in all the time is hardly a conducive working environment for senior managers who meet clients and conduct business meetings throughout the day. For such executives, a large cubicle where privacy is at a premium is the ideal working environment.

Small Cubicles for Departmental Employees

Employees who work in groups or are part of a large department may benefit from smaller used cubicles Charlotte with shorter partitions. Such cubicles allow easy interaction between employees and facilitate better communication. Flow of light is superior with small cubicles having low walls and an ambience of openness is also created.

Such a refreshing environment can inspire your employees to perform better and derive more satisfaction from their regular work. But low partitions in between small cubicles can also create visual and acoustic distractions and encourage the flow of pollutants leading to a drop in productivity.

Prudent Blending of Different Sized Cubicles

As mentioned in a 2005 study conducted by the Journal of Environmental Psychology, a judicious mix of open-plan office with different sized used cubicles Charlotte is ideal for imparting maximum job satisfaction to your employees.

Allocate cubicles according to the job profile of the users to create a healthy working environment for your employees that allows them to deliver the best for your business. Used Cubicles Charlotte.


Used Cubicles Charlotte – Average Cubicle Size

Used Cubicles Charlotte

As more and more professionals begin their careers and join offices, available office space is gradually becoming inadequate to accommodate the burgeoning workforce. In order to create more space, companies these days are opting for sleeker cubicles with reduced space and optimum space management techniques.

Used cubicles Charlotte are your perfect solution for creating a comfortable working space for your employees without spending a huge amount of money on expensive real estate. Gone are the days of bulky furniture in spacious cubicles. Rather the focus now is on downsized cubicles with intelligent features to maximize space and ease daily functioning.

Trends in Cubicle Sizes

The average size of cubicles has shown a general trend toward downsizing in the last few decades. In the 80s, the average executive cubicle provided 291 square feet of space which shrunk to 151 square feet by the 90s and saw a further reduction in 2007 to only 121 sq ft of office space.

Top executives who were used to spacious used cubicles Charlotte were the biggest losers with about 17 percent of their cubicle space reduced whereas clerks (who were already using smaller cubicles), found their cubicles smaller by 4 percent.

Today, the average cubicle is 6 feet wide, 6 feet deep and has 5 feet 7 inches tall partition walls. As more and more companies prefer the open plan office for a more spacious look, cubicles are expected to decrease in size even further.

Current Average Cubicle Size

The average size of a modern office cubicle differs depending on various factors like the ranking of the executive using the cubicle, furniture and equipment the cubicle should accommodate, availability of space and of course, your budget.

Higher ranking professionals require more spacious used cubicles Charlotte as they perform different activities throughout the day and also meet important clients. A spacious cubicle with comfortable furniture is ideal to create the right impression about the importance of such senior positions.

On average, cubicles for a high ranking official like the CEO cover 150 to 400 square feet, 100 to 150 square feet for a midlevel executive and 100 to 125 square feet of space for a manager, which is suited for the type of work done regularly.

For workers lower down the rung like clerks who require large filing cabinets within their cubicles, the average cubicle space should provide 100 square feet of space whereas technical persons can do with cubicles providing approximately 80 square feet of office space.

On average, the height of cubicle partitions varies between 34 inches to 85 inches, with 54 inches being a standard preference. Used Cubicles Charlotte.


Used Cubicles Charlotte – Tips to Assemble Office Cubicles

Used Cubicles Charlotte

Like them or not, office cubicles have become the workstations of the 21st century. Used cubicles Charlotte are perfect for putting up a smart looking office within a modest budget. These ubiquitous cubicles can comfortably accommodate a maximum number of employees within limited space without compromising on comfort, aesthetic appeal or usability.

Prefabricated modular cubicles come in different colors and sizes and can be assembled or dismantled quickly and easily with the help of a few simple tools. If fact, it is so simple that once you are familiar with the process, you can DIY without needing hired help.

Prepare a Design

Office cubicles are perfect for self-assembling anytime and anywhere. A pre-planned design will help you to understand the nuances of setting up your office space correctly so that the cubicles are positioned to provide maximum comfort and ease of usability to your employees.

You may prepare a rough sketch yourself or hire professional designers to draw your dream office for you. Alternatively, hi-tech software programs are available to guide you through setting up multiple cubicles ideally to create the best look for your office.

Once you describe the type of cubicle you plan to use for your existing office area, the software shows you how set up everything up to enhance user performance and satisfaction. It offers tips on illumination, privacy, acoustic performance and approximate cost.

Gather the Tools

Once you have decided on your used cubicles Charlotte shape, color and positioning, visit a retailer who has such cubicles already segmented for easy transportation and identification of different components. Additional partitions that are integral to the design will have to be assembled by you.

Tools required for such assembly will depend on the material of the partitions as well as the guidance provided by the manufacturer. Prefabricated acrylic cubicle partitions are easy to put up with just a few tools like manual or electric screwdrivers, different sized wrenches, measuring tape, pliers and chalk for marking.

However, if the partitions are made of plywood, you will additionally require heavy drills, nails, hammers and a sander. This is the time to install fixtures for proper illumination and additional storage facilities that go a long way in making a cubicle welcoming and inspiring.

A Few Handy Tips

When assembling used cubicles Charlotte, it is best to seek additional help as the materials are quite bulky and awkward for one person to move. Before starting, lay out all tools and equipment according to an inventory so that you are not stuck midway. Start at the site of installation so that you won’t have to move a heavy cubicle once it is assembled.

Typical installation time varies according to the complexity of the cubicle to be assembled. On average, however, expect to devote 2 to 3 hours per cubicle to assemble it completely. Used Cubicles Charlotte.


Why Choose Office Furniture Rentals Instead of Buying New Furniture?

Office Furniture Rentals

Furnishing an office can be a costly affair. If you are only using the premises for a short period of time, it wouldn’t make any sense to purchase new furniture. For this very reason, lots of small and midsize companies rent furniture. There are some obvious benefits of choosing office furniture rentals so let’s look at them now.

Saves Capital

When you are running a business venture, there can be unforeseeable expenses. You don’t want to block your capital by purchasing new office gear when there are better options available. This will free up your cash, and you can invest money into areas that will help you in taking your business further.

Minimum Responsibility

You can return the furniture when you don’t need it any longer. You don’t have to find a place to store unwanted furniture. The rental company will take it off your hands immediately.

Short Durations

Office furniture rental is a viable option when you only need furniture for a short period of time.

If you are using an office space temporarily or organizing short-term events and training, then renting furniture is your best bet. It will give you flexibility and you won’t be tied down by surplus office gear that you don’t have a need for.

Maintenance Costs

In case of new furniture, you may have to spend money on maintenance. Rented furniture does not require a lot of safeguarding. It requires minimal maintenance as long as you are using it properly.


Upon returning rental pieces, you get your deposit money back immediately. Unlike new office furniture, you don’t have to worry about selling or storing the furniture when it is no longer needed.


If you wish to add or remove furniture, you just have to inform your rental company. This degree of flexibility is not available when you buy new furniture. Your office furniture rental company will take care of your needs as per your requirements. This is a completely hassle-free process.

The world is becoming a smaller place and people are more mobile than ever. This trend has given rise to the concept of mobile offices. It is not always practical to move your office equipment to a new location. It can be costly and very slow process. In this scenario, office furniture rentals prove indispensable. Let rental companies worry about furnishing your office while you concentrate on other business needs. Office Furniture Rentals.


Benefits of Office Furniture Rental

Office Furniture Rental

Renting office furniture can be a smart alternative to buying brand new furniture at prohibitive costs. The right kind of office furniture not only reflects your personality, it affects the performance of your employees while exuding the correct message about the health of your organization to your clients.

It is therefore important to deck your new office with comfortable, sturdy and functional pieces well suited to your various needs. Office furniture rental allows you the luxury of selecting the best furniture pieces at affordable rates without compromising on quality or functionality.

More and more entrepreneurs are depending on hired furniture to decorate their new or existing offices. The advantages of office furniture rental are clear and too many to ignore!

Realize your Dreams within your Means

The best thing about furniture rental is that it allows you the freedom of decorating your office with fabulous furniture without exhausting your bank account. If you don’t have loads of cash to splurge on an expensive brand of new furniture, settle for trendy rented furniture that serves its purpose just as well.

Prioritize your Budgetary Allocations

Starting a company means you need more funds for business expansion. You can ill afford to spend precious cash on buying furniture. Rent the required furniture at a fraction of the cost of new furniture and spruce up your office quickly.

Enjoy the Trendiest Furniture Pieces

Renting furniture allows you to experiment with the current designs and then purchasing them according to their suitability to your needs. There is no point in buying furniture that would be a misfit in your office just because it is the latest craze.

The Best Brands

New branded furniture is never cheap. Good quality furniture in perfect condition can be leased from renters who stock everything from niche pieces to an entire range of office furniture.

Do not Block your Investment

Business is always an uncertain game and you never know when you will need to downsize your assets. Office furniture rental makes for prudent asset management as you can always return the rented furniture if ever you need to trim costs.

Perfect Solution for Temporary Requirements

Temporary offices, like on-site offices for a particular project can benefit by renting office furniture instead of buying it. The furniture can be returned once the project is over and the office shuts down.

Go Green

Commit yourself to caring about and conserving our environment. Office furniture rental means you are saving previous resources and conserving energy by recycling an existing usable product.

You may also receive some tax benefit against your rental costs as renting is a direct business expense. Office Furniture Rental.