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Monthly archives for July, 2012

Used Office Furniture Charlotte – Do’s and Don’ts of Buying

Used Office Furniture Charlotte

Starting a new company? Expanding your existing company? Perhaps you’re setting up your own little workspace cum workshop at home? So what could you to do cut down your start up/expansion costs? One of the options you could look into is the purchase of used office furniture.

If you are a first time buyer, you might have questions and concerns on buying used office furniture. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to look out for before purchasing used office furniture Charlotte.

DON’T: Indulge in Quantity Buying

Why is buying used office furniture so important? Besides the obvious workplace requirement, purchasing used office furniture is economical for most people. Keeping this in mind, unlike skimming through items at a half-priced sale, you must be mindful of buying what is required.

Tip: The deals might be hard to resist and of course, that end table would compliment well with the new wallpaper. Try going with a list and perhaps a colleague for a second opinion when shopping at a used office furniture Charlotte store.


DON’T: Shop in a Rush

Ever thought, “Oh I have half an hour before my next appointment, why don’t I just–” stop right there. Buying used office furniture is neither equivalent to picking up a latte from Starbucks nor catching a glimpse of the new Spring Collection at Forever 21. It is an investment for your workplace. Repeat this mantra to yourself, over and over again.

Tip: Before the adventure of buying your very own used office furniture, sharpen or nurture a few essentials: a good eye (to find the best among the lot), bargaining skills (if it is allowed), contacts (for details of the respective sales) and cash in hand (most would prefer immediate bills).

DO: Shop Within Your Means

So why would you buy used office furniture Charlotte in the first place then?

Sure, buying used office furniture would drastically reduce a good deal of your startup costs and perhaps help calculate a more immediate ROI. Crystallize your purpose when you venture out to shop. The savings might be more when you shop in bulk, but before picking up an item, ask yourself, “Is this absolutely essential?”

Tip: Maintaining a list and highlighting it as per importance would help sticking to a budget.

DO: Make Buying Used Office Furniture a workplace incentive

With CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) being adopted and imposed on companies nowadays, making use of used office furniture could only be termed exemplary. You need not go out of the way to show that you care about the environment.

Tip: If in the case of expanding an existing business, promote the act of buying used office furniture as an incentive to your employees. Set up a contest for the employees to encourage buying the most eco-friendly furniture.

When deciding on movable assets in a company, used office furniture may not be the first preference for most entrepreneurs. Used office furniture may not be a big hit for a number of reasons. While some might overlook the possibility of not buying used office furniture because of it merely being a hand-me-down or the capital allowing the purchase of new furniture, there is also that segment of businessmen that might be unaware of sales, contacts and possibilities of purchasing used office furniture Charlotte. Used Office Furniture Charlotte.

Used Office Furniture Charlotte – Tips for Buying Leather Furniture for Your Office

Used Office Furniture Charlotte

A plush office interior is any man’s dream. Apart from the elegant and dignified interiors, you also want it to spell comfort and style. Leather is, perhaps the safest choice for your purpose. Are you worried about the expenses for this makeover? Make a trip to a used office furniture Charlotte store and be ready for the surprises it has to offer.

As you know, leather is made from animal hide and it is expensive. If these are issues that are bothering you then used leather furniture is your best solution. Not only are you cutting down on the cost of buying new leather furniture by choosing used ones, you are also recycling the product and behaving responsibly towards the environment.

You may still wonder if it should be leather or some other material. Free your mind of all dilemmas as leather is versatile. It is extremely comfortable, tough and durable, and it can be made available in a variety of shades.

But in order to get real value for money you have to know what you are buying:

  • Ergonomic leather chairs provide the best comfort, especially if you have to sit for long hours at your table or in front of your computer
  • If you are looking for elegance you can also consider a combination of leather and wood
  • If you want to go for cost curtailment then choose a leather and steel combination, with or without armrests for your waiting and lounge areas
  • You need not worry about slightly damaged or faded leather, if you are getting a heavy discount or paying a really low price. A used office furniture Charlotte store will know of means and methods to refinish and touch up the leather and make it look as good as new
  • Old leather need not necessarily be rejected if it is in good condition
  • Differentiate between vinyl and leather and choose genuine leather
  • Peeling, cracking or tearing of the leather surface are not good indicators. These pronounce doom and such leathers are best avoided
  • If the leather has started to stain and has darkened in specific areas like head or hand rest, then it is likely it will not last long, so don’t invest money in it
  • ‘Top grain’ leather comes from the upper section of an animal’s body and is of superior quality. So even if you have to pay a little more for such leather, it is better to go for it than ‘split grain’ which is of inferior quality, coming from lower surfaces of the animals
  • Among top grain, semi-aniline leather is treated with a light protective coating or pigment. Though these are stiffer and harder than aniline or pure leather, these are better choices for office furniture for their toughness, affordability and stain resistance

If you have meticulously made a choice of your leather furniture from a used office furniture Charlotte store, start getting used to those comfortable office hours and the appreciative looks of visitors and employees alike. Used Office Furniture Charlotte.


Used Office Furniture Charlotte: Some Important Terms to Keep in Mind when Buying Used Office Furniture

Used Office Furniture Charlotte

When you buy used office furniture you gain much more than just furniture. Not only is the organization able to garner savings, but you are also doing your bit in conserving trees. Your experience of buying used office furniture Charlotte becomes even more fruitful when you know some of the commonly used jargon.

Some terms to help you out

Going through the terms mentioned below will not only help bring clarity about the various types of office furniture, but will also help you choose the best furniture for your office.

Solid wood: This refers to the natural appearance of the wood. This type of finish also ensures that the each piece is unique by itself.

Leather effect: Furniture finished with manmade leathers give a fabulous look to the piece.

Lumbar support: The chairs that cradle the backs perfectly give you cradle support.

Ergonomic: Furniture made to contour the shape of your body come ergonomically designed.

Low-pressure laminate: This refers to furniture that have melamine sheet attached to the particleboard.

Credenza:  Marks the furniture used for storing essential office supplies and is a closed cabinet, matching with the height of the desk.

Hutch: This is a storage cabinet, replete with shelves and doors that sit on the credenza.

Workstation: A table with three-sided partition, usually custom made.

Bridge: This is the working surface that is perpendicular to the desk but not as deep.

Occasional table: Generally used for keeping books or flower decorations, these are of great utility in the reception areas.

Filing cabinet: A must-have for all offices, this helps in storing files and papers neatly and orderly.

Cubicle: The oft-used three-sided furniture piece, this provides more of privacy and less of noise.

Where to hunt for used office furniture Charlotte?


Internet can be by far your best friend in your quest for finding such furniture. Check on the sites that advertise for used furniture. You can get some good deals there. Classified advertisements in the newspapers are another place to find such furniture.

What if the used furniture has a blotch or two?

Even if this is the case, you still may strike a better deal than brand new furniture. Of course, do check out for serious flaws before you make your final decision, but a little blemish here or there would not make much of a difference.

Things to do before you finalize

It is imperative that you do a thorough research on the comparative prices of new and used office furniture. Go for used furniture only if you are getting a good bargain on them.

Buying used office furniture Charlotte is not a difficult task in case you tread with care. The condition of the furniture, its shape, size, finish, and price should suit you perfectly. Good bargains on such furniture would not only work wonders for the office décor but for the budget too. Used Office Furniture Charlotte.


Used Office Furniture Charlotte: Questions to Ask Your Used Office Furniture Charlotte Vendor

Used Office Furniture Charlotte

When it comes to refurnishing and refurbishing your office, the stumbling block is the huge estimated expenditure. But this should not keep you from getting the new decor for your workplace. There is a wide choice of used office furniture that is available for today’s users. If you are judicious in making your pick you can land a very good deal for your budget.

When you visit the used office furniture Charlotte store, don’t hesitate to clarify all your doubts regarding the furniture you are going to buy. Before making your choice, you need to know your dealer and find out how reliable he is. The following can be a few probable queries to ensure the right choice:

  • How many years has the company been in the business? More number of years, usually, ensures consistency.
  • What is the range of choice he has to offer? Remember, your purchase is not a compromise. It should blend perfectly with your existing setup or your ideas.
  • Does the store have an in-house interior designer to help and advise you about your alternatives?
  • Are the prices inclusive of taxes, delivery charges and installation?
  • How many days do they require for delivery and installation? Have they have worked in time bound frames to meet deadlines.
  • What is the warranty period and what are the terms of warranty?
  • What is the return policy in case of damage or the after sales services they offer?
  • Is he a broker or a dealer himself? It’s advisable to transact with a dealer to avoid any middle men.
  • Does the dealer refurnishes the item according to your requirements or does he simply sell the product on an as-is basis?
  • The dealer should be able to give you a detailed quotation of the different features he is charging for, so that apart from the cost of furniture you will be able to make a comparison of the service charges as well.
  • Get the contact details of a few clients the dealer has served, to get first-hand knowledge of the kind of job they do.

How to Choose Used Office Furniture Charlotte?

  • How old is the furniture and how many more years is it expected to last?
  • If any component gets damaged, will the replacement parts be easily available?
  • If a few shelves or other fittings need to be added later, will they be available?
  • What is the maintenance that is required? If the piece is too delicate and requires a lot of cleaning and polishing material for its upkeep, then ultimately you will be spending more money and energy.

Your decision to install used office furniture has saved you almost 90% of the cost you would have incurred for new furniture. However, most importantly, you have made responsible environmental decisions by recycling products. Also, if you have chosen sustainably grown wood you have rid yourself of the guilt of deforestation.

You have not compromised on quality either, as first-rate used office furniture Charlotte dealers, with all their modern equipment, will retouch the pieces to make them look almost like new and will not give you a chance to complain. Used Office Furniture Charlotte.


Used Office Furniture Charlotte – Questions To Ask Yourself before Buying

Used Office Furniture Charlotte

Purchasing used office furniture involves a lot more planning and thinking compared to purchasing brand new furniture. You have to ask yourself and your used office furniture Charlotte dealer, a variety of questions before you can select any piece of used furniture. Following are a few purchasing tips to consider when those you want to settle for used office furniture.


This is probably the most important consideration – how much can you set apart for office furniture? Of course, you can come up with an estimated budget by looking at the space available in your office and the number of furniture pieces you want. Your dealer of used office furniture Charlotte can offer you helpful tips on the kinds of used furniture pieces that will be of maximum benefit to you. You can buy used office furniture at half the retail price of brand new furniture.

Growth Prospects

You also need to look into the growth prospects of your business while purchasing used furniture. If you plan to expand your business, you need to select sturdy and durable items that will last a long time as well as products with ergonomic and expandable features.


Appearances count a lot more than they did a few decades back and it is necessary to impress clients/customers right from the point they enter your office space. So, you need to select furniture pieces in keeping with the theme decor and the image you want to portray. Advertizing agencies can get away with a creatively bold, colorful, funky decor but banking or legal establishments need to exude professionalism and seriousness.

A comforting, soothing yet clean and refreshing look is necessary for a hospital or a physician’s office. An executive office space needs to be decorated with super grade, richly textured leather furniture in strong but muted tones such as brown, black or reddish brown or navy to exude leadership and authority.

You have to ask yourself if you want to emphasize boldness or creativity or professionalism or functionality and comfort.

Special Needs

If you have a team working together, you need to purchase adjustable used furniture pieces that may be accommodated in a shared workspace. If you have employees hammering away at computer keyboards 40 hours per week, you need to invest in ergonomic office furniture that ensures superior comfort. If you have environmental concerns, you need to purchase green or eco friendly furniture.


You need to purchase furniture pieces that will fill up your office space adequately without making it look over crowded or empty. Yu need to choose furniture pieces based on your office space requirements. For example the furniture suitable for call centers or lab area may differ from that required for group work, records area or cafeteria, conference room, a lobby and so on. If you have a tiny home office space that screams ‘space crunch’ in all caps, you cannot afford to purchase a jumbo workstation that won’t fit in.

Apart from these you need to talk to your dealer of used office furniture Charlotte and ask him questions regarding credit purchase, seller reputation, return policy and warranties. Used Office Furniture Charlotte.


Used Furniture Charlotte Advice and Tips

Used Furniture Charlotte

The decor of your office is extremely important because it sets the work atmosphere. A well furnished formal office space sends the right message to the employees that there is serious toil involved within the office premises. Very often, entrepreneurs avoid or delay the idea of getting a fresh set of office furniture for fear of the investment involved. If that is so, then a visit to a used furniture Charlotte store will put your worries to rest.

The world over people are increasingly depending upon used furniture to enhance their office interiors, especially when

  • The office space is a temporary one
  • Budget is a constraint
  • You are starting a new office setup

Benefits of used furniture

  • You may be saving about 90% of the cost involved in purchasing new furniture
  • You have decided to act responsibly by going for recycled material
  • You have the option to buy products made from sustainably grown wood and rid yourself of the guilt of deforestation
  • When budget is a consideration you can also go in for metal furniture instead of wooden ones as wood is more on the expensive side

You must be wondering what kind of used furniture you will get and whether they will suit your purpose or not. Leave all your worries aside because a good used furniture Charlotte store will have all that you require including

  • Workstations
  • A selection of chairs
  • Single and conference tables
  • Cubicles
  • Storage cabinets and drawers

How to choose a used furniture Charlotte store?

  • The number of years they have been in the trade
  • Whether they offer guarantee or warranty on the sold product
  • Delivery and installation of the products
  • If there are in-house designers to give you tips to choose and refurbish your chosen pieces
  • If they offer after sales services for their products
  • You may choose to visit an online store to make your purchase but it is not advisable to buy furniture without physically examining it

Questions to ask yourself when choosing used office furniture

  • Is your choice multipurpose? For example, it makes sense to buy a single piece of furniture which will act as filing cabinet cum table, rather than two individual pieces. This will save you money and space
  • How old the piece is and how durable it is going to be
  • If replacement parts are easily available
  • If you wish to add shelves or other parts to your existing setup will they be readily available or not
  • Choose the designs that match the existing theme and style of  your office interior

Before closing the deal, have a final round of discussion with your dealer. A used furniture Charlotte store representative will not only be happy to answer your queries but also warn you against making a rash decision as your new acquisition is expected to last you many more years. Used Furniture Charlotte.


Used Furniture Charlotte – Difference between Standard and Ergonomic Office Furniture

Used Furniture Charlotte

When purchasing used furniture Charlotte, it is a good idea to opt for ergonomic office furniture instead of settling for the same old regular furniture. Ergonomically shaped office furniture such as desks, tables or chairs are designed in a special way to eliminate stress related injuries such as back pain, neck pain, wrist injury, hand pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Regular office furniture on the other hand can complicate these problems if you use them for long stretches of time each day.

Difference between Ergonomic Furniture and Regular Furniture

Ergonomically designed used office furniture pieces have been created in a special way following ergonomic principles and keeping the shape of the body and its comfort in mind. Usually ergonomic furniture pieces are adjustable.

For example, you can adjust the height, backrest and arm rests of an ergonomic office chair to make you feel more comfortable while sitting on it. It also ensures a scientific sitting posture that keeps back ache at bay.

Similarly, ergonomic office desks also feature characteristics that can be adjusted according to your height and sitting posture. This is how ergonomic office furniture pieces keep your shoulder muscles, arms, hands, back and leg muscles relaxed, allowing you to work efficiently for long hours.

With ergonomic adjustable desks, you can work while standing or sitting. These features are not available with regular used office furniture. That is why more and more Charlotte offices and business establishments are phasing out regular office furniture and replacing them with ergonomically designed furniture.

Prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries

When you use ergonomic office furniture, you can avoid short term muscle fatigue, which usually results in stress related injuries as well as long term joint damage and tendon damage that happens because of repetitive stress. With regular office furniture, you cannot enjoy such life saving advantages and the resultant repetitive strain injuries or joint swelling can last a life time.

Functionality and Pricing

Ergonomic office furniture can be pretty expensive. An ergonomic office chair featuring wider and deeper comfortable seat, quality arm rests, improved support back rest and height adjustable seat can cost anywhere between $100 and $450.

Ergonomically designed height adjustable workstations and desks that allow your wrists to remain downward in their natural positions can set you back by $200 to $2500.

In contrast regular office furniture is very cheap and affordable. However, you can offset this expense by asking your used furniture Charlotte store for used ergonomic furniture. Used ergonomic furniture can be obtained cheaply; just make sure that they still retain their ergonomic features.

For those who are not interested in ergonomic furniture, there are fixed height workstations and desks, but these are uncomfortable to work on and sometimes they are way too high for mouse work and keyboard typing. These are the types of work stations and desks that cause carpal tunnel syndrome and hand injuries. To prevent such problems, you need to buy a mouse tray system that you can keep below the work surface. This will cost an additional $100.

Visit a used furniture Charlotte store today to order your ergonomic furniture at affordable rates. Used Furniture Charlotte.

Used Furniture Charlotte: Five Mistakes to Stay Away from When Buying Used Furniture for Your Office

Used Furniture Charlotte

When you plan to do up your office space, you would have to set aside a good deal of money. Furniture, furnishings, office equipment come at a handsome price. However, people do manage to save on these costs by choosing to hire office furniture or simply by buying used furniture.

But when it comes to buying used furniture Charlotte, you must be careful about where you buy your furniture.

Here are five tips that help you avoid five well known mistakes when buying used furniture:

Buy a reputed furniture store

Look for a reputed used furniture Charlotte store that has made a name in the market of used furniture. That way, you can rest assured that you are getting a good deal. The greatest advantage of dealing with a known store is that you have lesser chances of being cheated.

Look for quality

You need to look for furniture pieces that are well kept. Many times, people feel that used furniture would mean bad furniture. However, in reality that is not true. There are several stores who sell well maintained, used furniture pieces. These pieces do not even look like they have been used before.

Simplicity is the key

When you are buying used furniture, the aim should be to fill your office space for basic work purposes. Do not choose extravagant and stylish furniture pieces. That will turn out to be a complete waste of your money in the long run. The rule is simple – invest in economical second hand pieces and buy extravagant pieces when you buy furniture first hand.

Your used furniture should not be too old

Do not make the mistake of buying old used furniture. This will increase your long term maintenance costs. Instead, if you choose to buy used furniture Charlotte, buy furniture that has been used for not more than three or four years. This will keep your maintenance costs down while ensuring you have a second hand furniture set that has a good shelf life left.

Look for resale value

Many times, when buying used furniture, people forget to think of the future. When you decide to get new pieces of your own, what will you do? Throw the used furniture out or sell it? It is always best to buy used furniture that will offer a good resale value. For instance, when you shortlist some used furniture pieces to buy, look for teakwood pieces that will have a resale value no matter when you choose to sell them.

These tips will ensure that you stay clear of the five most common mistakes when buying used furniture Charlotte. Used Furniture Charlotte.


Used Furniture Charlotte – A Quick Guide

Used Furniture Charlotte

Old office furniture can give great value when bought from used furniture stores provided they are sold in good condition and at reasonable prices. But you should keep certain things in mind when buying used furniture Charlotte.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you make a wise choice while picking out used office furniture.

Assess your needs

The first thing to do is to assess the space for which you need furniture. Make a plan and then consider your options. There is no point in buying too many pieces that you may not require. Hence, plan and be thorough with your office design. Make sure you have the correct measurements to buy the right sort of furniture.

Type of furniture

Think of the nature of your business and what sort of furniture will best suit your and your staff’s needs. Then make a list of dealers that sell that sort of office furniture you require.

Multi-Purpose furniture

Planning will help you identify if the pieces can serve you several functions. Buy furniture that can be used in any office environment and is versatile. This will not only save you money but also prove to be a sound investment.


The most important thing to think of when buying old pieces of furniture is to consider the price. Some dealers will give a reasonable deal on both the service and the furnishings. Check with couple of sellers before you make a decision and go with the vendor that offers you the best price.


It’s advisable to ask the dealer if he can help you with installation of the furniture as well. Many dealers will have a design team who can arrange the furniture as per your requirement.

Established Vendor

Always opt for a dealer who has been in this business for a long time. Sometimes they cost more but at least you get customer satisfaction and peace of mind.


It is best to search directories and online for local dealers of used furniture Charlotte. The closer the dealer’s place to your office, the better it is for you. This helps the dealer deliver the products quicker, and you can call for help when required.

After Sales Care

Many vendors will not bother about post sales customer service. But it is advisable to search for a dealer who also gives after sales support when required. It is also vital to check what their repair and replacement policies. In case, there are any problems with the purchase, you can get a replacement without losing any money on buying substitutes for the furniture pieces.


Always go with a dealer who gives you warranty for the furniture you have bought. This will make repairing and replacing furniture a much less hassle free process and you will not be accountable for any damages that were not your fault.

Keep these essential aspects in mind when choosing a used furniture Charlotte dealer, to get the best value for your money. Used Furniture Charlotte.


Used Furniture Charlotte – A Guide to the Types of Woods

Used Furniture Charlotte

When it comes to office furniture, the features that are most sought after are elegance, style and of course, affordability. But while setting up your office you may not have the requisite time to design your preferred furniture. There is nothing to worry about because a used furniture Charlotte store will have a wide array of choices for all your needs.

But just choosing a suitable design will not be enough to get your right office furniture. You need to select the right material as well. Wood is the most preferred pick when it comes to making a style statement. Before spending your money, ponder on the following points. Of course, any used furniture Charlotte store representative will be happy to help you make your choice.

  • Hardwood is more expensive than softwood.
  • Wood quality depends upon the richness of the texture of the grains. Sometimes you may be deceived by the polish or color of the used furniture, so it’s best to remove the existing paint or polish to determine its texture and then go for a fresh coat.
  • In order to bring down the cost of the furniture, different varieties of wood may be used in a single piece. For example, expensive wood like mahogany may be used for the exposed areas and a cheaper variety may be used for the concealed parts. If it is so, the price of your furniture will, naturally, come down.

Types Woods Used in Office Furniture

  • Cherry is an expensive and attractive hardwood good for straight cabinets or tables. This, along with oak, is a favorite wood for office furniture. They are valued for their color (dark or light), durability and beauty.
  • Pecan is a strong hardwood used extensively in office furniture.
  • Pinewood is inexpensive, popular softwood for office furniture where you have to compromise with quality. It can be given a dark stain to give a pseudo-hardwood look.
  • Ash and elm have excellent bending quality. But elm is more expensive and has a richer color.
  • Mahogany, rosewood, teak, walnut and maple are favorites with connoisseurs of furniture but they are expensive.
  • Cedar is light red softwood with a unique smell, effective in warding insects. So storage areas using this wood will be a good choice.

How to Choose a Wood Type?

  • It’s a common misconception that hardwood is stronger than softwood.
  • If you feel guilty about deforestation to build your furniture, put your mind at ease by using furniture made from sustainably grown softwood procured from trees grown in farms for this very purpose.
  • Wood is getting more expensive and rare by the day. But it was not so in the past. So if you find some pre-1900 furniture, you can safely buy it without being greatly concerned about its quality as good wood was easily available then, and nobody settled for anything but the best.

Visiting a used furniture Charlotte store will be a judicious decision on your part to choose your office furniture as this will save your time and expense. With a little knowledge to help you, you will get those appreciative stares in your office. Used Furniture Charlotte.