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Monthly archives for August, 2012

Used Office Furniture – Tips for Choosing Office Chairs

Used Office Furniture – Tips for Choosing Office Chairs

Are you considering starting a business or looking for a temporary office? If so, investing in brand new office furniture can take a large bite out of your budget. Buying used office furniture is a better option; it is very reasonably priced and readily available in various styles.

An office chair is the most important piece of furniture at your work place. If your employees are going to be spending long hours at the office, it is essential that they are comfortably seated. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing office chairs.

Used Office Furniture-Choosing Office Chairs


An office chair should fit its user perfectly. A short person will not be comfortable in a large chair and vice versa. Keep  in mind the statures of the people in your office when you choose chairs. Most used office furniture vendors have an exchange policy that will allow you to choose a different size if the chair you have purchased is too big or too small.


The neck and back are some of the areas of the human body most sensitive to stress. Office chairs must provide firm support for these areas. Make sure that the chair you choose promotes good posture.


The material of the chair is an important factor to be considered when choosing used office furniture. Mesh, leather, foam, and plastic are some of the common materials used for the upholstery in office chairs.

Leather chairs are a good option if they will be used in temperature-controlled areas.

Mesh allows air to pass through, keeping the body cool, and is recommended in humid places.

Plastic chairs are very affordable and durable but not very comfortable when one is seated for long hours.

Used Office Furniture Adjustable Chairs

Office chairs with adjustable heights and depths are readily available at used office furniture shops. If your work includes a lot of computer use, it is better to choose chairs with a comfortable armrest.

When buying used office chairs, it is best to avoid very old models as they might be worn out and make creaking sounds. Inspect the furniture carefully before making any decisions. Used office chairs may be less expensive, but you shouldn’t have to compromise quality for a low price.

Many used office furniture vendors provide warranties for their chairs and other furniture. Be clear on any warranties before buying to ensure any necessary repairs will be covered with Used Office Furniture.

Used Office Furniture – Tips for Choosing a Reception Desk

Used Office Furniture – Tips for Choosing a Reception Desk

First impressions are always important when meeting new clients. Your reception desk is the center piece of your waiting area, and an unkempt or outdated reception desk can be off-putting to visitors.

Your reception desk should project a strong image, not make clients doubt your business potential. If you are planning on buying a new reception desk, consider buying used office furniture to cut costs while still making a great first impression.

List your requirements for Used Office Furniture

Before shopping for a new reception desk, consider what needs your new desk must fulfill. How many receptionists will be working at the desk at any given time? You can opt for a small or a large desk depending on the number of people you want to seat at the reception desk.

Will your staff be using a computer at the reception desk? If your employees use computers, it is best to choose a spacious desk so they have room for both the computer and a separate work area.

Take the expert’s advice

There are many things to consider when you are buying a reception desk for your office. If you are not sure which style and dimensions would suit your needs, visit a furniture showroom. You can browse the many options available before you make your final decision.

If you are on a tight budget, ask a furniture specialist to help you. It may be a good idea to buy used office furniture. There are many stylish options available in used furniture.

Used Office Furniture-Determining the look

Traditional or contemporary reception desks can be used depending on the overall look you want for your reception area. You can choose colors for your desk to match and complement your company logo.

Used office furniture is available in many different colors to help you create the ambience you want for your clients. If you do not want vibrant colors, which suggest an energetic atmosphere, you can go for something more subtle to create a relaxing environment for your visitors.

Used Office Furniture –Essential Furniture

Used Office Furniture –Essential Furniture

Buying furniture for a new office can become expensive; you can even end up exceeding your budget. To stay within your budget, purchase only the furniture that you really need. Another way to cut costs is to buy used office furniture. Make a list of the furniture that you really need for your office and then purchase accordingly.

A chair and a desk

The most basic furniture need in your office is a chair and a desk. These will provide your employees the space they need to work.

Used Office Furniture-Computing furniture

Certain types of office work require customized or special office furniture. One very important type of furniture for many workplaces is computer furniture. Your employees will need a computer work station if they have to work long hours on the computer.

File cabinets

If filing paper documents is an important routine at your office, then filing cabinets are essential pieces of furniture for you. Purchasing the right storage cabinets for your employees will make their work more efficient. You should use file cabinets to store paper and storage cabinets or shelves to store other types of materials. Storage furniture keeps your office from looking cluttered and messy and will help create a good working environment.

Furnishing the meeting and conference rooms

Many of the important decisions in your company are made in conference rooms. These rooms should be furnished properly to encourage effectiveness and commitment in your working environment. Furnishings for a conference or meeting room can range in price from economical to expensive and opulent.

Used Office Furniture-The reception area

The reception area is often the most overlooked area in the office. One should not forget, however, that the look and feel of this area sets the first impression for your entire company in the eyes of prospective clients.

If you think that purchasing new furniture for your office will be more than what you can afford, look into buying used office furniture. You can refurbish used furniture and make it look as good as new. With used office furniture not only can you save money but you can also give your office an air of experience.

Office Solutions, Inc. in Charlotte – Essential Supplies for Your Office Cubicle

Office Solutions, Inc. in CharlotteEssential Supplies for Your Office Cubicle

Providing only basic furniture does not make the cubicle in your Charlotte office fully functional for your employees. There is an array of essential supplies that you must consider if you want to make the work of your employees less tedious and time-consuming.

These essential items may vary according to the kind of work that your employees do, but there are some basics that will help increase productivity in your office. You can find them all at Office Solutions, Inc. in Charlotte.

Office Cubicle-Space for storing files

As an employer, you don’t want to see the desks of your employees always cluttered with documents and files they are no longer working on. Without a file storage solution, your staff members will start to disappear behind mountain of files that grow taller everyday.

A storage cabinet or rack installed in each cubicle will help your employees store all their important files.

Don’t worry that providing your employees with storage furniture might require making their cubicles a little more spacious. Once they have an organized work environment, they can concentrate and get their assignments done faster.

Advanced partition walls

In the past, cubicle dividers used to be just plain walls demarcating the end of one cubicle and the beginning of another, but not anymore. Today’s employees use these walls for hanging up vital information related to their work.

Using these cubicle walls can also help an employee keep track of future strategies and plans to approach various assignments. Employees who don’t have a computer in their cubicles need to make good use of their space, as they have to stay organized.

Bulletin boards can become cluttered and confusing after a while due to the use of numerous pushpins. Magnetic boards are a much better option for your employees to properly maintain their work records.

Office Cubicle-The tiny details

Things like writing pads, staplers, pens, and markers may not seem to qualify as essential items. But would you like to see one of your employees having to run around the office floor just to borrow a pen?

Making sure that each of your cubicles is well-stocked with all these essential items will encourage your employees to focus on their work.

If you are setting up a new office cubicle in Charlotte, and are buying used cubicles, then you can find all of these essentials at Office Solutions, Inc.

Office or Cubicle: Which is better?

Office or Cubicle: Which is better?

Office or CubicleHave you ever felt stifled by working in a closed office for more than six hours a day? If your answer is yes, then you may agree that working in a cubicle is better.

Used cubicles are also easier to maintain than large offices. There are those, however, who enjoy the privacy and less distracting environment of an office. The final choice is yours.

Office or Cubicle-The privacy factor

When you work in a cubicle, your neighbors can pop in anytime to have a chat. Behind the closed doors of your office you can have privacy and think more clearly because it is less noisy.

The sounds of a workplace include machines beeping, people talking and moving about, and telephones ringing. Hearing all these sounds as you work in a cubicle can make it hard to focus on your work properly.

A private office gives you peace of mind, and in certain professions, that privacy is not only a luxury, but a necessity. If you need to hold confidential meetings or meet with important clients, you can’t conduct your business in a cubicle.

Opportunities for collaboration

On the other hand, cubicles can enhance social harmony in a workplace. If you are working on a group project and everyone is in separate offices, it can be difficult for you all to collaborate. Constantly moving from your office to your colleagues’ offices can become tedious and waste valuable time.

If you are working on a project from a cubicle, however, all you have to do is call out or peep around your desk to discuss something with a teammate. Working in cubicles helps increase collaboration.

Office or Cubicle-A more personalized atmosphere

Working from a used cubicle can have its advantages. Once you become comfortable in your own cubicle, you can find ways to give it a personalized touch.

Decorating your cubicle walls with things that you love in the form of paintings and wall hangings is a great way to show your colleagues a piece of who you are and can make you enjoy working for your company even more.

Now you have a better idea about choosing whether Office or Cubicle.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cubicles in the Office

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cubicles in the Office

Are you looking at employing more people in your office? If so, getting cubicles is the first step that you should consider. Brand new cubicles are quite expensive, however, and if you are working on a tight budget, you should consider investing in used office cubicles.

Visit Office Solutions, Inc. in Charlotte and you will be amazed at how much you can save. Not convinced that buying used cubicles is the right decision? Then it makes sense to consider the advantages and disadvantages of using cubicles in offices.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cubicles in the Office-Bright Side 

Advantages of cubicles 

Privacy – Cubicles give privacy to employees. Employees enjoy privacy, especially when working on sensitive subjects. With privacy comes a sense of ownership. Cubicles come with desks and cabinets, so employees can lock up their essentials before leaving for the day rather than carrying them back and forth from home.

Standardization – By providing cubicles to all employees, you can be fair to each of them. No one will feel that the other person has a better office. The feeling that everyone is being treated fairly will help to create better team spirit within the office.

Better use of space – Cubicles allow you to create many separate workspaces in a large area. They take up less space than traditional office rooms with doors and walls.

Reduce distractions – When people work in cubicles, they are less prone to being distracted. Cubicles not only act as physical barriers; they help keep the office quieter by disrupting sound waves. You can be assured of higher productivity if there are cubicles in the office.

Cost effective – Cubicles cost much less than having offices for all of your employees. Used office cubicles are even cheaper. By purchasing from Office Solutions, Inc. in Charlotte, you can reduce your costs significantly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cubicles in the Office-On Other Way 

Disadvantages of cubicles

Cubicles are definitely a cost-effective solution. But some companies use cubicles that leave their employees very little space: just enough for a chair and desk. Employees find such cubicles depressing and uncomfortable to work in.

Saving money is not the only benefit when you choose to buy used cubicles. You are also helping to save the environment. So go to Office Solutions, Inc. in Charlotte and see all the different sizes and models of cubicles you can use to build your workspace. Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Cubicles in the Office.

Pros and Cons of Used Cubicles

Pros and Cons of Used Cubicles

Most people who have worked in cubicles have an opinion on them. Some prefer a more open working environment, while others cherish the privacy that a cubicle brings.

Though employee opinions vary, many companies have found that using cubicles in their offices has increased their productivity. But do you really want to buy brand new cubicles for your office in these economic times? Wouldn’t it be better to opt for used cubicles instead?

Used Cubicles:Cost-effective cubicles

Brand new cubicles may look perfect, but they are not cost-effective. It is very difficult to fit 100 or more brand new cubicles for your office into a tight budget. The solution to this problem is simple: used cubicles.

Used cubicles cost about half or less of the price of new cubicles and serve the same purpose as new ones. When you are buying secondhand cubicles from dealers, you can negotiate prices and get amazing discounts. Branded cubicle suppliers have a fixed rate on the cubicles they sell and even if they offer discounts, they will not be as impressive.

Faster installation

Major cubicle suppliers can take more than a month to deliver your order because they often have many orders to fulfill before yours. Are you willing to wait that long to get something that is costing you so much? How is your company supposed to function during that time?

Used cubicles can be bought from dealers and can be delivered to your office much more quickly. They might not be customized to your exact requirements, but they are durable and a much more environmentally friendly choice.

Proper research – a must!

Do not rush into any hasty decisions when you are purchasing used cubicles. Avoid scams and get the cubicles that fit your needs best by doing ample research. Patiently consider all your options before deciding on your cubicles. Make sure the cubicles you are buying are clean and durable.

Used Cubicles-The only disadvantage

When you are buying used cubicles, you may find that there are not as many different options to choose from. New furniture showrooms may be able to show you an endless array of new colors and styles, but such variety comes at a cost. Used Cubicles.

Used cubicles – Tips for Shopping Online from Your Office Cubicle

Used cubicles

People today are so engrossed in their careers and responsibilities at home that they have little time to go to the market or malls for shopping. The growth of online shopping portals has made it convenient for people to purchase things from home or their office cubicles; you can buy what you need and have it delivered to the location you want without having to venture out.

Used Cubicles Online Shopping Tips

Here are some tips to help you do your online shopping from your office.

Your browsing history may be monitored

Avoid shopping online for personal items as the sites you surf and buy from may be monitored by your company. Used cubicles may be given to temporary staff or trainees when you are on leave. These people may come across your browsing history, which could turn out to be embarrassing for you. Also, do your shopping during your breaks, as spending work hours on shopping may be frowned upon by your employer.

Do not defy office rules

Before you shop online, make sure your company guidelines permit it. If you are found browsing sites that are not permitted, your internet access may be blocked and your company may take strict action against you.

Avoid using office equipment

Not all online shopping sites are safe. If you unknowingly visit an unsafe site, your computer may become compromised, causing you to lose important data stored on it. Do your shopping on your own laptop or mobile phone.

Used cubicles-Avoid surfing unnecessarily

Many people love to shop. If you get too caught up in your shopping, it will take up a lot of your work time. When you wish to buy a product, buy it and get back to your work. Your supervisor and colleagues may not appreciate the fact that you spend office hours surfing online. Spend extra time working if you have used your work time to shop.

Beware of phishing sites

When shopping online, stick to secure sites. Avoid sites that are forwarded to you by an unknown person. Secure your computer and the memory card in your mobile phone with a password. This will prevent hackers from accessing important information on your computer or phone. Protect your computer with good antivirus software. Also check the reviews of the shopping portal before you buy from it. Make sure nobody uses your used cubicle at work while you are logged on to your shopping website as this may lead to misuse of your personal and banking details.

Used cubicles are a great money saver. Visit Office Solutions Inc. for great deals on used cubicles.

A Quick Guide to Buying Used Cubicles

A Quick Guide to Buying Used Cubicles

Saving money when you can is a good idea, especially in these economic times. Office expenses are not often a high priority in most budgets, and buying refurbished cubicles can minimize your costs.

It is important, however, to determine the quality of these cubicles before investing in them. You don’t know how roughly the cubicles have been used by their previous owners, so it is better to buy brands known for durability.

Used Cubicles Checklist

When buying used cubicles you also need to determine if delivery is available and if the cubicles come with any warranties.

It is always best to do your research before opting to buy used cubicles. Checking a variety of used cubicle stores online will allow you to find great prices, but if the store with the best deals is too far away from your office then you may need to consider other options.

Size matters

Used cubicles are available in various sizes but it is difficult to rearrange cubicles to make them fit in a different-sized space. If you buy a used cubicle that is not exactly the size that you need, you may face some problems. Look for cubicles that fit your office space exactly so you don’t need to try to reconfigure them.

Mind the price

Have reasonable expectations for the price of the used cubicles. Lower-cost cubicles may require repairs before they can be used; it may be better to pay more for a used cubicle that is in better condition.

Check for Missing parts in used cubicles

Before buying used cubicles, check to see if extra parts, such as screws and handles, are available to buy. If the cubicles you are considering were manufactured a long time ago, their spare parts may not be readily available in the market. You may be able to find substitutes for these parts, but if you can’t then consider looking at other cubicles.

Purchasing used cubicles is a smart decision no matter the size of the office. Just because you are buying used, however, doesn’t mean that you should expect to go without the delivery and installation services offered by new furniture stores. Why waste money if there are better options available? Try Used Cubicles.

How to Choose Office Furniture on Lease in Charlotte, NC

Office Furniture on Lease in Charlotte, NC

It is not always easy to find the exact furniture you are looking for or to spend the money to purchase it straight away. New furniture is expensive and can eat up a large portion of your budget; many fledgling companies cannot afford such a cost. Visit an office furniture leasing company in Charlotte, NC instead to rent the office furniture you want at an affordable price.

Office Furniture on Lease in Charlotte, NC-Why Rent Office Furniture

By leasing office furniture, you can have your dream office up and running in no time at all without spending heavily on new furniture.

Leasing furniture allows you to devote a larger portion of your budget to other areas, like business expansion.

Rental agencies stock a wide range of stylish furniture in diverse materials, sizes and brands so that you get exactly what you are looking for.

Since leasing is less expensive, you can decorate your office and provide your employees with all the furniture they need without compromising on quality or comfort.

Renting is a great option for when you need furniture on a temporary basis, like when using temporary offices or hosting events such as conferences.

Tips to Select the Right Furniture

It may seem easy to just bring in furniture on rent and outfit your whole office with it, but you must be careful to choose the right pieces before renting.

Plan Your Requirements

If you are working on a tight budget or renting furniture on a temporary basis, it is beneficial to know beforehand what you are looking for. Prioritize your requirements so that you know exactly what to rent and can prepare your budget accordingly.
Your requirements will be influenced by the type of work done in your office. If you are a retail outlet, for example, and your employees are on their feet the whole day serving customers, you may not need many tables or chairs.

Carry a Floor Plan

Bring a floor plan of your office when you visit any office furniture leasing company in Charlotte, NC. Mark out your open spaces and measure their dimensions so that you lease only those furniture pieces that fit exactly into your office area.

Visit Multiple Rental Agencies about Office Furniture on Lease in Charlotte, NC

Before finalizing a particular agency, visit multiple rental companies to compare prices, brands, designs, costs, and customer service.
Look for scratches and dents and thoroughly check the condition and quality of the furniture before leasing. Negotiate quotes and determine other terms and conditions like replacement or repair before selecting a good office furniture leasing company in Charlotte, NC.

Contact Office Solutions, Inc. here to know more about Office Furniture on Lease in Charlotte, NC.