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Monthly archives for September, 2012

A Guide to Buying Used Office Furniture

A Guide to Buying Used Office Furniture

Furniture is an essential part of any office or home décor. People take into account three factors when they are purchasing furniture: its cost, the comfort it provides, and how well it complements the existing décor. New furniture is often expensive, but buyers have the option of buying used office furniture to fulfill their needs. Buying used office furniture is a smart and affordable option.

Companies often relocate and decide to sell their furniture, which is usually stylish and in good condition, rather than move it. And sometimes people buy furniture and then sell it when they realize the piece does not work in their home or office. Such furniture can be bought in good condition and for a lesser price.

Choose secondhand in buying used office furniture

Secondhand furniture is a great option for people who are just starting a business and are working on a tight budget. Used office furniture is fully functional and can be very stylish as well as affordable. If you are buying used furniture, however, make sure it meets all your needs. Here are a few things that you should consider when selecting your furniture.

Comfort and style

Any furniture you buy should be comfortable. Office chairs, for example, should support your back appropriately. If your employees spend most of their productive time sitting in chairs, be selective. The style and color of the chairs should also be appealing and should be in sync with your office décor.

Storage space

Any office will have lots of paper documents that need to be filed and kept safe. For this purpose, spacious cabinets are necessary. When you are looking for cabinets, make sure that they have space you need and also make sure the drawers and doors all work well.


Even though used office furniture is available at a discounted price, you should still make sure that the condition of the piece you are considering justifies the quoted price.

Buying Used Office Furniture-It’s Condition

When buying furniture online, it is hard to judge the condition and quality of each piece. Ask the seller to give you details like the condition of the finish or of any fabric on the piece and if there are any defects. You want the furniture you purchase to last for a long time so it is important to do your research before buying.

Dealer’s reputation

A reputed furniture dealer or online site will always want to maintain their good name. Before you buy, inquire about the dealer’s standing in the industry. If you hear from others that the dealer has a good reputation, you can usually trust that you are making a good purchase and choice in Buying Used Office Furniture.

Buying Used Office Furniture? Buy Ergonomic Furniture

Buying Used Office Furniture? Buy Ergonomic Furniture

When you buy used office furniture you drastically cut costs and generate faster return on your investment. Even when you are buying used office furniture, however, you should make sure that the furniture you buy is comfortable.

The average American spends 8.5 hours a day sitting at his desk, so using furniture that promotes productivity and reduces pain is a necessity. The best option in this case is to buy ergonomic furniture as it enables office workers to work in a way that reduces stress on their bodies.

Buying Used Office Furniture-What is ergonomics and what does it do for you?

Ergonomics is the science of designing devices for human use to enhance both health and productivity. It has its roots in a variety of disciplines, including engineering, physiology, industrial design, and psychology.

Repetitive strain injuries and musculoskeletal disorders can be prevented to a large extent by using ergonomic furniture. Statistics show that 1.8 million US workers experience WMSD (Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders) and most disorders are severe enough to cause absenteeism.

The detection rate for these problems is very low as the early symptoms are body pain and lingering discomfort. OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Association) has proven that using ergonomic furniture reduces worker fatigue, absenteeism, and improves employee morale. And research has shown that sedentary office workers who use ergonomic chairs and desks experience a reduction in back pain.

Features of ergonomic furniture when buying used office furniture

Ergonomic furniture can be broadly divided into chairs, desks, computer parts, and accessories. Chairs are well-padded and adjustable to encourage proper sitting posture. A comfortable head rest and flexible tilt ensure comfort.

Desks can be adjusted to form either sitting or standing workstations. Maximized surface area ensures that frequently-used items are within reach. Most desks have a hollow narrow tray at the back to allow computer wires to be hidden discreetly. Modular desks can be joined together in a variety of work configurations.

Anti-glare screens reduce eye fatigue and desktop accessories for holding office supplies improve worker efficiency. An ergonomic keyboard and mouse ensure that the distance between fingers and thumb is comfortable and that the hand is tilted at a medically beneficial angle.

The health benefits of using ergonomic furniture are immense. If you want to cut costs and also be known as a good employer, buying used office furniture that is also ergonomic is the way to go.

Buying Used Office Furniture – Do’s and Don’ts

Buying Used Office Furniture – Do’s and Don’ts

If you are thinking of starting a new business or setting up an office in your home, controlling costs is sure to be on your mind. Starting or expanding a business takes a lot of money, so you want to save wherever you can.

One of the best ways to cut costs is to save money on furnishings by buying used office furniture. Here are a few things to keep in mind when investing in secondhand furniture.

Don’t go for quantity buying

Make a list of the items you need to purchase and strictly follow it. If a piece of furniture is not exactly what you need, don’t buy it even if it’s a bargain. You may end up with something you don’t want or can’t use, and that is a waste of money.

The same rule goes for quantity. If you need eight chairs, then buy only eight chairs even if you can get a deal for buying ten. Buying extra furniture is only going to create space and storage problems for you. The purpose of buying secondhand furniture is to save money, so resist the temptation to buy more than you need.

Don’t rush and shop while Buying Used Office Furniture

Buying used office furniture shouldn’t be an impulse decision. Your office furniture will determine the way your workplace will look so you need to spend some time thinking about it.

Do a little market research to find the best bargains. You can also take along a friend who knows a bit about furniture design. Make sure to plan ahead and carry sufficient cash in hand as secondhand furniture shops may not accept checks or credit cards.

When buying used office furniture, Do promote an eco-friendly attitude

When you buy used office furniture you are actually helping the planet by reducing the use of natural resources like trees. Promote this idea among your employees and you are sure to win kudos for being an eco-friendly employer.

“Corporate social responsibility”—CSR—is the buzzword in business today and you can set a good example by buying eco-friendly furniture. If you are expanding your business, start an office competition for the most creative uses of secondhand furniture.

With a little creativity and some research, buying used office furniture is sure to be a great help to your business.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Office Plan

Advantages and Disadvantages of Open Office Plan

Cubicles and open office plans have been in use for at least 40 years, but debate regarding their advantages and disadvantages still continues to this day. Whether you decide to buy used cubicles or brand new ones, you cannot deny the fact that an open office plan costs a lot less than private offices. But there are people who would still rather go with separate offices. Let’s look at some reasons why:

Open Office Plan-Which work style do you choose?

The type of office layout you prefer may depend on the kind of work that your employees do. If you deal with top-class software engineers or highly creative writers, you may not want them to work in open cubicles, as this kind of office environment can be distracting for them.

When your employees are trying to come up with witty slogans or design new anti-virus software, for example, they really need to concentrate hard on their jobs. That kind of concentration can be difficult in an open office plan in which one can hear conversations and office machine noise all around. Private offices may be better for some types of work.

On the other hand, employees involved in collaborative projects that require frequent group discussions would be very comfortable working in cubicles. An open office plan enhances the social environment in the office and facilitates collaboration and group discussion. Working in cubicles then becomes a boon because instead of having to rush to each other’s rooms to deliver updates, your employees can simply call out across the office space.

Private workspace = a status upgrade?

Why should you buy used cubicles? Because you want to utilize every inch of your office space and you want your office design to be cost-effective. It is important to keep in mind, however, that some employees may consider cubicles to be low-status workspaces.

A closed office indicates an honorable status in a company, a privilege which any employee would happily boast about to the people they meet, even if it does not come with a higher salary.

Giving private offices to employees is almost like granting them promotions. But consider that, with today’s technology, even the employees working in cubicles can feel on top of the world if they have Blackberries or iPhones at their disposal.

Open Office Plan-No age limit for learning

Whether it’s a new employee just starting her professional life or an experienced veteran, one can always pick up something new from the other. By deciding to buy used cubicles for use in an open office plan, you will be fostering a healthy mingling of your junior and senior employees. The juniors can learn how to operate in the office, and the seniors will be kept on their toes by the enthusiasm of the young generation.

Planning an Office with Cubicles – Ideas and Tips

Planning an Office with Cubicles – Ideas and Tips

If you have your own business, labor management may be one of your prime concerns. Employee satisfaction can be a delicate matter. To ensure employee satisfaction, providing the appropriate workspace is crucial. All employees must have their own separate workspace, but you can save a lot by dividing your office space into cubicles. If you are budget-conscious, you can buy used cubicles.

Why are Cubicles a Better Option than Offices?

When creating a workspace, the first thing that you should keep in mind is economy. You can make the best use of your space and furnish it more economically by opting for a cubicle layout. Although separate offices may be more comfortable for your employees, they are not efficient.

Cubicles take up less space and can be constructed very easily. You can buy used cubicles to further reduce cost. An open cubicle workspace can also increase unity among your employees, which should enhance the quality of their work.

Different Layouts of Office Cubicles

Whether you buy used cubicles or new ones, you should always be aware of the types of cubicle layouts available in the market.

First is the most basic cubicle, which has one or three walls based on the location of the cubicle. These cubicles are based on a linear design. The cubicle possesses only the bare essentials of an office space: a desk, a chair, and a file drawer.

You can also opt for the cubicle design most desired by employees. This design forms an L-shape since it is located at the corner of the room. The corner cubicle design has all the features of the single linear design but the cubicle has more space and is secluded since it is in the corner.

The third most commonly found cubicle design is the U-shaped cubicle. These cubicles can be designed to accommodate one or two employees. The size of the cubicle is determined by the number of occupants. This cubicle generally has more horizontal work space since all three walls are available.

Cubicle Size

Having an idea of the size you need is very important when you buy cubicles. You can determine the dimensions of your cubicles by keeping in mind things like workload, number of employees, and total area of the office.

Cubicle Assembly

Whether you buy used cubicles or new ones, you have to assemble them. The assembly instructions are usually provided with the cubicle components, but if you cannot assemble the cubicles you can hire professionals to do it for you.

Make Cubicles More Affordable

Smaller-sized cubicles may cost less, but that does not mean you have to cut down on cubicle space to save money. You can buy used cubicles instead. Used cubicles cost less than brand new cubicles and they are still quality products. If you choose the right retailer and the right product, your employees as well as your pocketbook can be kept happy with newly-installed office cubicles.

Plan for Expansion When You Buy Used Cubicles

Plan for Expansion When You Buy Used Cubicles

Planning on expanding your company or starting a new business? Your office is in need of furniture and you are probably wondering where to get it. A profitable and prudent option is to buy used cubicles.


As your business grows and expands over time, so will your team of employees. You may find yourself in need of new furniture for the new employees and room to put them in. Cubicles are flexible and can be moved, creating space for new furniture.


You know exactly what kind of furniture youwant, but it will cost you. To save money to pay for things like desks and chairs, buy used cubicles. They look as good as brand new cubicles and are often available at deep discounts.

Buy Used Cubicles with Name Brands 

When you buy usedcubicles there is no need to worry about quality as used cubicles are available in the brands you trust. Always seek out branded furniture to ensure your employeesare comfortable in their work environment. Psychological experts feel a good mind set can enable people to function efficiently. When you buy branded furniture,you can trust that it will be reliable and comfortable.


Cubicles provide privacy without the need for a wall. They can also be dismantled and moved to a new location if necessary.

Availability to Buy Used Cubicles 

You can buy used cubicles from used furniture stores in your neighborhood. Used cubicles are available as-is, but just because a cubicle is used doesn’t mean it can’t look well-kept and modern; look into refurbished cubicles as well. You can also search for the best prices and buy online.

Used cubicles can definitely give your office the look and feel of new furniture, giving you exactly what you want for a lower price. Try to buy used cubicles and see the big difference.

Making the Most of Your Office Relocation

Making the Most of Your Office Relocation

Relocating your office is seldom a smooth and seamless transition. It involves months of detailed planning, unexpected complications, contacting reliable packers and movers, and transporting all your office property from one address to another. Save yourself from some of this headache by learning how and where to rent office furniture for your new location.

A lot of time can be wasted during a move, but it’s important to get back to business quickly. Carefully planning the moving process can help you to relocate effortlessly and continue with business just where you left off.

Office Relocation  -Before Relocating

• While still at your old office, prepare a detailed inventory of all the items that are to be moved. This includes your office furniture, files, equipment, computers, papers, and other supplies that are vital for the smooth functioning of your office. Group similar items together in their own categories in order to keep track of them.

• Make a list of all existing furniture, their sizes, and age. While you will need to compile these details for your moving company, a thorough analysis of your furniture will also help you to decide on the feasibility of their relocation. Depending on the age and size, you may want to leave your old furniture behind and look for stores from where to rent office furniture for your new office. Always hire the services of a moving company that is experienced in moving office equipment and not just residential possessions.

• Design and distribute a relocation guideline or map for all your employees. All members of your office must know what items they will be personally responsible for and which items will be transported by the company. Also include specific dates so employees know when work will stop at the old office and begin at the new one. At the new office, use labels and signs to guide employees to their new workstations and to help them become used to their new office.

Office Relocation  -At Your New Office

Make a detailed plan of where each item will be located in your new office. If you are renting furniture, provide your rental agency with a map of your new location so they can help you pick furniture that will fit perfectly in your office space.

If you are not sure about where you can rent office furniture, search online or look in your local business directory to find reputable rental agencies in the area.

Go Green with Office Furniture Rental

Go Green with Office Furniture Rental

Are you looking at setting up a temporary office and in need of some office furniture? Are you a young entrepreneur just starting out? If so, purchasing new furniture may not be a good fit for you.

Brand new office furniture is very expensive and can hurt your bottom line. Renting furniture is a much more affordable option. But how and where can you rent office furniture?

Office Furniture Rental-How and Where

There are many vendors who deal with furniture rentals. Search online for rental furniture dealers in your area and you will be amazed at the choices.

You can also place an advertisement in the local newspaper or search for rental advertisements. Once you find a vendor that looks promising, make sure to inspect the furniture you are considering before you rent it. You want only high-quality, durable furniture for your employees.

You can save about 40 to 70 % by renting office furniture. But this is not the only benefit of renting furniture. By opting for rental furniture or used furniture you are helping protect the environment

Office Furniture Rental-Environmental Benefits

When people rent furniture, there is a decrease in demand for new furniture. This leads to a reduction in the manufacturing of new furniture and a decrease in the demand for the natural resources used for furniture production. Less manufacturing also means less pollution.

About 46% of Earth used to be forests. But much of the planet’s woodlands have been destroyed to meet the world’s increasing demand for wood. Forests are important to the health of our environment for many reasons, including the purification of water and air.

Forests also provide habitat to animals and other plants. By renting furniture you are reducing the demand for new wood and thereby helping protect wildlife, water, and forests.

When offices get rid of their office furniture, they may not realize how much space their trash takes up in our landfills. Rental furniture vendors save furniture from entering our landfills.

Do not think twice about renting furniture for your office. Figuring out where to rent office furniture should not a problem these days with many furniture stores emphasizing green options. So save money and feel good about doing your share for the environment!

Office Furniture Rental helps not only your financial savings but do good as well to conserve natural resources.

Office Furniture Rental Helps You Save Money

Office Furniture Rental Helps You Save Money

Startup businesses often run on a tight budget. Spending large amounts of money on a new look for the office is usually out of the question, making it difficult to find office furniture that creates a good first impression with clients. In this case, renting furniture instead of buying can be a wise choice. Here are some tips to help you learn how to rent office furniture.

Only settle for sophisticated décor in Office Furniture Rental

You are renting your furniture instead of buying it, but that does not mean you have to settle for sub-standard quality. Furniture rental services stock many stylish, durable options.

Browse and weigh all your options before choosing a service that offers premium, quality furniture at a reasonable price. Do not settle for furniture you are not happy with. If you are going to spend money on furniture, you should be sure that it will enhance the look of your office.

Furniture rentals are flexible

Startup businesses have to be quick on their feet. You never know when you will have to face a challenge. If you work hard, you might even flourish at an unimaginable rate and have to arrange for more room for your growing workforce.

Buying furniture may not be a good idea at a time when you need to be flexible. Renting furniture gives you the freedom to change your requirements at any given time.

If you need to make adjustments to your furniture rental, whether it is to cancel the service, reduce or even increase the number of pieces you are renting, contact your furniture rental dealer to work out a new arrangement.

Anywhere Anytime-Office Furniture Rental

Startup businesses often need to do promotional events to spread their influence in the community. You can rent the furniture that you need for these special occasions. Your presentation will be enhanced by the presence of stylish, quality furniture, but your costs will stay low because you are only renting and not buying. Office Furniture Rental.

The Office Furniture Buying Guide

The Office Furniture Buying Guide

Choosing office furniture is a crucial decision, as your furniture helps define your office décor and style. Depending upon your budget, you may choose to buy new furniture or used. Any used office furniture store in Charlotte will help you pick the best pieces from their selection of used furniture. Before you go to the store, however, it will help to consider a few things to ensure you get the right office furniture for your company.

Floor space

What kind of office furniture you buy will depend on how much space you have in your office. Build space into your floor plan to include storage furniture for filing away documents and supplies.

Comfort and convenience

You spend a considerable part of each day at your office and in that time you are expected to be at your productive best. If the furniture you are using is not comfortable, you won’t do your best work. The pieces you buy should not only be comfortable but suitable for your kind of work.

The budget

Prepare a budget beforehand. Your budget will determine what kinds and how many pieces of furniture you can buy. Prioritize your purchases by starting with the essentials and then choosing less important pieces.

Office Furniture Dealer 

Do your research before deciding where to buy your furniture. The dealer you pick should have years of experience and a good reputation. Compare the prices of several stores to get the most competitive price. You can choose to work with a local store or make your purchase online.


The furniture you purchase should come with a warranty and be insured against damage.

Other services

A good used office furniture store in Charlotte will not only provide you with a warranty on your furniture, but also offer after-sales services. Used furniture stores often have trained staff to advise and help you in your choice.

Tips for buying used furniture

If you are buying used furniture you have to choose carefully so that you can get the best deal.

Inspect used furniture before buying to ensure it is clean and in good condition.
 Minor damages can be overlooked if they can be touched-up professionally.
 Your dealer should be able to refurbish the used furniture and give it the finished look that will enable it to fit in with your existing décor

 A visit to a used office furniture store in Charlotte is an excellent idea if you are looking to furnish your office on a tight budget.