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Monthly archives for October, 2012

Quick Fixes for Minor Damages to Hardwood Furniture in Your Office

Quick Fixes for Minor Damages to Hardwood Furniture in Your Office

When you visit a Charlotte used office furniture store to buy furniture you should inspect the surfaces of wooden furniture carefully to check for scratches or stains. Once you find and buy the perfect set of furniture for your office, however, you have to devote some time and effort to maintaining it. Ugly stains, scratches, and water marks take away from the beauty of your furniture and can make your office look shabby. Follow these simple tips to keep your furniture shining and free of damage.

Hardwood furniture stains and rings

Try rubbing furniture polish on rings left by glasses or coffee cups. If a ring is especially stubborn you can use a little denatured alcohol on it. Beware though that alcohol has a tendency to damage hardwood finishes so be very careful when using it.

Rubbing gently with a mild abrasive can help to remove other stains. You can make your own cleaner at home by mixing linseed or mineral oil with cigarette ash. Continuous application of this paste on damaged areas will help remove stains and a round of wax and polish will make your furniture as good as new.

Splintering and scratches

Wood putty is the best antidote to splintering and provides a quick fix for rough, chipped edges. You can also fill in cracks in your used office furniture by applying putty sticks. Sand the area after the putty dries and then apply a stain to match your furniture color.

You can use a nut, like a walnut, to remove ugly scratches by rubbing it on the surface. The oil of the nut acts on minor scratches and has a natural smoothing effect.

For deeper scratches, you will need wax sticks. These sticks are used for patching furniture and are readily available in stores. Different shades of wax sticks are available so you can choose the shade closest to the color of your furniture.

Burns and chemical marks on Hardwood Furniture

Acetone or spirit can cause ugly marks on your Charlotte used office furniture. Strip the entire surface with a commercial stripper and then stain and lacquer the wood before applying a sealant. In case of cigarette or candle burns you have no choice but to remove the damaged area with a knife. You can then fill up the hole by sanding or using wood putty.

If you feel that your office furniture has suffered serious damage you can contact a professional furniture restorer, but in most cases you can keep your furniture shining and damage-free by following these simple tips in fixing minor damages to hardwood furniture in your office.

A Quick Guide to Buying Office Furniture

A Quick Guide to Buying Office Furniture

When you buy furniture for your office, you not only enhance the working environment for your employees; you also give your office character. With the furniture you choose you can create an aura of professionalism and excellent taste that is sure to attract potential clients.

Apart from adding aesthetic value, your furniture will determine the level of comfort and efficiency in your work life. You can do all this and still save on start up costs by buying used furniture. But before you visit a Charlotte used office furniture store, you must remember a few things.

Space constraints

The size and shape of your office will determine the kind of furniture you need. Before purchasing any furniture measure the dimensions of your work space. The number and type of chairs, tables, and desks you buy will depend on how much space you have.

If you have a large number of employees but a limited amount of office space, you can choose modular furniture. Modular furniture can fit easily into L-shaped office spaces, and small work cubicles can also save space. Make sure that you leave enough walking space in the office and that you can move around your new furniture easily.

Color schemes and design in Buying Office Furniture

The color of your office walls should complement the color of your furniture and vice versa. Don’t pick furniture whose color clashes with the color of your walls. Consult an interior designer or find help on websites that give tips on coordinating office designs.

The furniture in your office should also reflect the nature of your business. When buying furniture for a law firm, for example, invest in dark or solid looking pieces. If you are running a boutique or bistro, look for unique pieces that will generate interest.

When you visit a Charlotte used office furniture store, keep your specific needs in mind.

Buying Office Furniture-Ergonomic furniture

If you want to build a reputation as a good employer who genuinely cares for the health and efficiency of his or her employees, get ergonomic furniture. This kind of furniture has proven medical benefits for the body and can help prevent muscle and back pain.

The price of such furniture can be high, however, and you must think of your business needs before investing in it. If you are in an industry that involves a lot of field work, the extra cost of ergonomic office furniture may not be justified.

Make a list of all of your ideas and needs and head to a used office furniture store in Charlotte to make a great choice. Start buying office furniture with affordable deals and nice quality.

A Guide to Buying Ergonomic Furniture for Your Office

A Guide to Buying Ergonomic Furniture for Your Office

Buying suitable furniture for your office space is important, not only for your office décor, but also for creating a comfortable workplace. Ergonomic furniture is a good choice for preventing many problems like back pain, stiff neck, and muscle strain that can result from spending many hours in the office. Some ergonomic furniture is expensive, but you can find good pieces at lower prices at a Charlotte used office furniture shop. Before you make your purchase, however, you should keep a few things in mind.

Go to a Credible Dealer

Whether you decide to get new furniture or buy furniture from a Charlotte used office furniture store, ensure that the dealer is reliable. Well-established dealers often have websites and you should be able to learn about products, services, and customer feedback at these websites.

Take Measurements of your Office

Take measurements of your office space before going to the store. Show your floor plan to the salesperson so he or she can help you find pieces suited to your office. Remember that too many accessories make for a cramped office.

Buying Secondhand

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on furniture, it is a great idea to get some items from a used office furniture store in Charlotte. You can find great pieces at a fraction of the cost of new furniture. Some items available are quite superior and you may find a great bargain. Do not forget to check for hidden damage on any furniture you are considering, however. Make frequent visits to the store to find the best deals.

Getting an Ergonomic Chair

If you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk, you must get a good ergonomic chair. A comfortable chair should have an adjustable height and allow you to sit with your thighs horizontal and your feet resting flat on the floor. It should have adequate support for your back and provide options for forward and backward tilt.

Warranty and Replacement in Buying Ergonomic Furniture 

Check the warranty for your purchase. Ensure that replacement parts can be purchased even after the warranty period is over.


If you want to install cubicles in your office, you can choose from a wide selection of types. You can decide upon a configuration for your office that fits the size and shape of your space. Cubicle walls come in varying heights. Higher walls, for example, afford privacy and are suitable for jobs that require that privacy, like accounting. Customer service could be accommodated with a short-walled cubicle. You can have a look at the variety of cubicle panels available at some of the used office furniture shops in Charlotte.

Work Stations

A well-designed work station is very important for the physical and mental well being of your employees. Work stations should be of the proper height to prevent repeated muscle strain of the wrists and the back. You can find great prices for robust and lasting work stations at any Charlotte used office furniture sale.

In Buying Ergonomic Furniture , Looks are Important

Your office should be impressive enough to inspire confidence among your employees and clients. Use accessories that lend a touch of class to your office. Even if you get some items at a Charlotte used office furniture store, you should make sure that the pieces you select fit the image you want to convey for your company. In buying ergonomic furniture, not only you after with the  affordable prices, but with it’s great designs as well.

The Benefits of a Forward-Sloping Chair

The Benefits of a Forward-Sloping Chair

Young executives and mid-to-senior level managers across the world are faced with severe back problems as a result of sitting in their office chairs for long periods of time. Today’s work environment demands that one spend limitless hours in front of a computer screen, seated.

All this time spent in chairs can result in physical problems like backaches, bad posture, and weight gain. Taking regular breaks while at work can help mitigate these problems by giving the body a chance to stretch, but many people find that their hectic schedules make it difficult to follow this advice. In this case, a forward-sloping chair may be the best solution.

Great Office Furniture-Forward-Sloping Chair

Before you head out to a Charlotte used office furniture store to buy a forward sloping chair, learn about some of the benefits they offer.

Reduces lower back pain

When you sit for hours at a time, you cause strain on your spine. You may not realize it while you are young, but over the years this strain can cause severe lower- and middle-back pain. A forward-sloping chair helps you maintain the right posture when sitting for long hours, minimizing the stress on your back.

Helps improve blood flow

Many mistakenly believe that sitting upright with a 90-degree straight back is the best posture to maintain. In reality, however, doctors suggest that a slight forward slope is better than a straight back. A forward-slope posture will help maintain blood flow to the lower part of your legs thereby reducing the occurrence of leg cramps and helping reduce the likelihood of developing varicose veins.

Makes it easier to sit and get up

Most people have to leave their desks many times a day to do things like take restroom breaks, meet colleagues, and go to lunch. Sitting with a 90-degree straight back actually makes it more difficult to get up from your chair. But with a forward-sloping chair, you can easily get up every time you need to without straining your back.

Keeps you more alert

If your office chair slants back too much, you will quickly feel drowsy when you work. If you sit bolt upright, you will be uncomfortable. With a forward-sloping chair, you will be able to focus on your work for longer periods of time without straining your body. Try out a forward-sloping chair at your nearest used office furniture store in Charlotte and find out for yourself how it improves alertness.

Forward-sloping chair increases efficiency

A forward-sloping chair can make you more efficient. When you lean toward your work table, you are able to focus on your work and this focus will help you be more productive. And because a forward-sloping chair helps you maintain good posture, you will be able to concentrate better, which increases your efficiency as well.

There are various kinds of forward-sloping chairs available at used office furniture stores in Charlotte. You should be able to find a comfortable chair that fits well with your existing office furniture and décor. Visit your nearest used office furniture dealer of forward-sloping chairs now!

Furniture Lease for Office – How to Choose an Office Chair

Furniture Lease for Office – How to Choose an Office Chair

Leasing office furniture has become a popular choice for many people, especially those starting a new business or setting up a temporary establishment. Leasing furniture is a very cost-effective solution to furnishing an office as you can save almost 40-70%.

Leasing furniture is also an environmentally-friendly solution. If more people are renting furniture, then the demand for new furniture slows down. This results in reduced furniture manufacturing and reduced pollution, making office furniture leasing the right choice.

How to Choose an Office Chair-Points to Consider

The chair is a very important piece of furniture. Office chairs should be chosen carefully because your employees are going to be spending long hours at their seats. They need to be comfortable to be productive and efficient. Consider these factors when selecting office chairs:


The size of a chair is crucial and depends to a large extent on the stature of the person who will use it. A large person will be very uncomfortable in a small, light chair, for example. Vendors who lease furniture for office purposes will not mind exchanging a chair if it doesn’t suit an employee.


If your business requires frequent meetings and conferences, then it would be a good idea to lease some stackable chairs. These chairs come in various styles and sizes and when not in use they stack together neatly to save space.


Ensure that the office chair you lease provides proper support to the body. The neck and back require the most support as they are very vulnerable to stress. The chairs you choose should encourage good posture.


Adjustable chairs are very convenient if your work requires a lot of multitasking. Chairs with proper arm rests are recommended if employees do a good deal of work on the computer.


Consider the materials used in office chairs when you are leasing furniture. Leather, plastic, mesh, fabric, and foam are some of the materials commonly used in office chairs. The material that will work best depends on your office environment. Leather, for example, is good only for temperature-controlled environments. Mesh chairs are good for offices in humid areas.

How to Choose an Office Chair-Quality and design

Make sure that the chairs you lease blend well with rest of your office furniture. Choose chairs that lend style and sophistication to your workplace. Examine each chair before leasing and avoid furniture that is too old or worn out.

You can save money and still get a high quality product when you choose to lease furniture for your office instead of buying it brand new. There’s an easy solution on how to choose an office chair for your office at a low-cost with high quality, contact your nearest office furniture dealer now.

How to Lease Furniture for your Office

How to Lease Furniture for your Office

If you have decided to save start up costs for your new business by opting to lease furniture for your office, you will have a lot of questions on your mind, like how much furniture to rent, what to check for when renting, and where to rent it from. Your office furniture is not only meant for employees and clients; it also serves as a reflection of your great taste, so you have to be careful when selecting it.

Decide on essentials first

What are your work habits? Do your employees mostly work standing up or sitting down? How much and what kinds of equipment does your office have?  These are questions you need to consider before renting furniture.

Knowing how many employees you have, for example, will help you determine the number of furniture pieces you need to rent. Once you have these details figured out, categorize all items under appropriate headings and make up a list with a budget estimate.

If you find that you are in danger of overspending, check yourself by doing a “need versus want” analysis. Identifying which items are essential and which are not will help you figure out how you can compromise.

Lease Furniture for your Office? Do market research

Use the Internet to help you find the best dealer offering office furniture for lease in your area. You may be able to find forums or review sites where different users have rated the services of a number of companies. The best resources you have, however, are your friends and family; ask them for references for furniture leasing companies.

Once you have your options lined up, take some time to visit each dealer. You need to see firsthand the quality of the furniture they lease. If you feel very confident in your choice, you can connect with a vendor online and talk to them about your furniture needs.

Exercise your options to Lease Furniture

Furniture lease for office services offer flexible payment plans, so choose one that fits with the cash flow pattern of your business. Read their terms carefully to make sure there are no hidden costs. If you are not sure about the quality of the furniture provided, then opt for a shorter lease period. A shorter lease period is also suitable if you like to frequently change the look of your office.

Look for a company that provides free delivery as well as a furniture protection plan. When you find a company that fits your needs and provides you with great service, make sure you hang onto their contact details so you can work with them again in the future. Its easy for you now to locate company to lease furniture for your office.

Furniture Lease for Office – How to Choose Office Furniture

Furniture Lease for Office – How to Choose Office Furniture

Are you starting up a new business and looking for some office furniture? Or are you setting up a temporary establishment and want to furnish it cheaply? Buying brand new furniture can be quite expensive but there are other options, like leasing or renting furniture. There are many vendors who provide office furniture for lease.

How to choose office furniture for lease?

Look around your office space and decide what kinds of furniture and how many of each item you need. Your list of needs will probably depend on the type of business you are in. Consult with your employees; they may mention a need that you haven’t considered. Finally, prepare a budget and stick to it.

Once you know what you need, you can use the internet to find reputable furniture rental companies in your area. Also look in local newspapers and magazines for advertisements from furniture lease companies.

Do not be quick to choose a furniture rental company. Search for a company that has a good reputation and has been around for years. Take time to examine the furniture. You do not want to compromise on quality; the health and comfort of your employees is important. Also carefully read the lease agreement before you make any commitments.

Benefits to leasing furniture-How to Choose Office Furniture for Major Benefit

You can save a lot of money by choosing to rent furniture, and that money can then be put toward other useful purposes. There are other benefits besides cost savings in choosing to rent office furniture, however.

When more people lease furniture, the demand for brand new furniture decreases. Less new furniture will then be made, which will result in less pollution from manufacturing and more conservation of resources like trees, so leasing furniture is an environmentally responsible practice.

The other major benefit to renting or leasing furniture is that you can easily change the look of your office when necessary. If you buy furniture it is difficult to make changes to your workspace. When you lease furniture you can always exchange it for something that better suits your new needs or design ideas.

Don’t hesitate to choose to lease furniture for your office. You can create a fresh, contemporary look without burning a hole in your wallet. Now you have more confidence on how to choose office furniture for your budgeted interior design needs.

Benefits of Leasing Furniture for Your Office

Benefits of Leasing Furniture for Your Office

More and more businesses are leasing office furniture instead of purchasing it outright. A wide variety of furniture is available to lease for varying periods of time and at affordable prices. Buying furniture is a much more expensive option and can be a financial burden, especially on small businesses. If you want to keep your start up costs low and are looking for a good return on your investment, leasing office furniture is the answer. You should know that,in addition to the savings in cost, there are many more advantages to choosing to lease furniture for your office.

Leasing Furniture for Your Office engaged Flexibility

If you are running a business that is seasonal in nature, your cash flow will not be the same throughout the year. For example, if you are running a snowboarding and ski school, you can look forward to steady cash generation during the winter months but not during the other seasons.

The payment options for leased office furniture are very flexible and will relieve you of financial pressure.You can find a payment plan that fits with the unique features of your business. Most companies offering furniture lease for offices will assist you in working out the best arrangement.

Another benefit of leasing furniture is that you get a chance to use the furniture first and then pay for it. If you really like the leased furniture, you can even purchase it as most plans have an built-in purchase option.

Greater quality and aesthetic value

You might not be able to purchase top-of-the-line furniture but you can always lease it. High quality furniture will set the look for your office/boutique/restaurant and help create a good first impression with clients.

If you grow tired of your office’s current look you can change it easily when you lease furniture. If you choose to lease furniture for your office, you will always have the ability to experiment with your décor.

Easier relocation and protection in leasing furniture for your Office

If you have to relocate your office and you use leased furniture, it will be far easier for you to move. You can also save a lot of time and energy by using rented or leased furniture when you employ a temporary workforce.

Most furniture leasing companies have protection plans that you can call on in the case of potential wear and tear. Leasing furniture for your office will make running your business easier and cheaper.

Buy Used Furniture for the Office – Why is it a Popular Option?

Buy Used Furniture for the Office – Why is it a Popular Option?

Many hope that the recent rise in consumer spending indicates an upward swing in the economy. But even if shoppers are spending more, many companies are still trying to cut costs to maintain profits. Companies have been reducing expenses to a bare minimum and many purchases are discouraged unless they are necessary. If you need to buy furniture for your office, you have to find options that will fit in your budget, like used office furniture. Buying used furniture is an emerging trend and it does have numerous advantages.

Effective cost cutting tool

Used office furniture is slowly gaining in popularity. Buying secondhand furniture that’s still in good shape reduces the cost of buying furniture by about 40-50%. With the economic crisis affecting every sector, purse strings are tight, but if you can get more furniture at a lower price, then you won’t have much difficulty getting your budget approved.

Buy Used Furniture for the Office-Creating a fresh look

Used office furniture lets you give your office a unique look. Many companies encourage creativity and used furniture enables that creativity at a lower price. You can give your reception area an antique look by scouting for Victorian-era furniture, for example. Well-selected used furniture is sure to impress visitors to your office.

Recycling used furniture

Recycling used furniture is another trend that is picking up steam. Recycling in this case refers to buying secondhand furniture, using it, re-selling it, and then buying different used furniture. You can have a fresh set of used furniture in your office every year. If you maintain your furniture carefully and repair any wear and tear, you can get a good deal when you re-sell your used furniture.

Popularity picking up slowly

The used furniture industry is growing, but at a slow pace, partly because the majority of used office furniture consumers are small and medium-sized companies. Bigger companies are reluctant to buy used furniture for their offices simply because it is used. Many hold misconceptions about used furniture, worrying about about its quality, durability, and resale value. Carefully selected secondhand furniture can be high-quality, durable, and hold its value, however, so your company can be an early adopter of this growing trend.

Green Initiative to Buy Used Furniture for the Office

Arguably the greatest benefit of using secondhand furniture is that it can be a smart green initiative. Any company that buys used office furniture is helping to save the environment, which is under the threat of global warming. Buying used furniture reduces waste by saving perfectly good furniture from the landfill and indirectly reduces deforestation by decreasing the demand for new furniture. Thus, helps to preserved environment’s natural resources when you buy used furniture for the office.

Things to Keep in Mind When You Buy Used Furniture for the Office

Things to Keep in Mind When You Buy Used Furniture for the Office

Buying furniture for the office can be tricky. You want to make sure the furniture you buy is durable and of high quality and will last you for years. You also need to purchase furniture at a low price to fit it into your budget. Buying used furniture helps you meet all of these needs at once but it can take a lot of effort.

Many hold misconceptions about used furniture, believing it is not of good quality, does not last long, has a higher risk of breaking, or doesn’t have good resale value. If you choose your used office furniture carefully, however, you can avoid all of these problems.

Prepare a budget to buy Used Furniture for the Office

If you are going to buy used furniture for the office, then you need have a budget. Make a list of the pieces you need and put together a budget down to the dollar. Visit shops, compare prices and quality, and then decide on a dealer. Negotiate with the dealer to get the price you want and make sure you get delivery included.

Know your space

Every workspace has its own size, shape, and unique features. You should know not only what kinds of pieces you need, but what size and shape to best fit in your office. Whether you are reorganizing or adding new furniture, every piece should have its place and employees should be able to move around each piece freely.

If you do not know exactly what you need, you will not be able to buy the right used furniture for your office. Consider taking a detailed floor plan of your office with you when looking for furniture.

When buy Used Furniture for the Office, Inspect the furniture

Don’t buy secondhand furniture without seeing and inspecting it. When inspecting furniture, look for blemishes like dented metal or cracks in the wood. Look for signs of decay, wear and tear, and bad smells like pet odors. Do not hesitate to flip over cushions or unzip their covers. You are trying to determine the quality of the furniture and you need to scrutinize it thoroughly.

Test the sturdiness of used office furniture by putting pressure on it. You should sit on chairs, lean on tables, and even squeeze the arms of couches. If you do not hear any groans or creaks when you test the furniture, then that is a sign that it is durable. Be sure to keep note of this to assure the quality you’re getting when you buy Used Furniture for the Office.