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Monthly archives for October, 2013

Used Traditional Office Furniture in Charlotte NC

Go for traditional furniture for the timeless feel

Used Traditional Office Furniture in Charlotte NCAre you someone who likes everything that’s classic and timeless in style, then you love everything traditional. Even when it comes to furniture, traditional furniture is often described as elegant; it is extremely versatile and suitable for use in homes as well as offices. You must be aware that traditional furniture cost a bomb, are you ready to spend that kind of money? We have a better idea, why don’t you go in for used traditional office furniture in Charlotte NC. You will be able to fulfill your desire as well as you won’t burn a hole in your pocket. At Office Solutions Inc we have this classic, timeless, used traditional office furniture which will remains stylish for years. And we are sure they will make a true investment piece. Nobody can doubt the lasting grace of traditional furniture, they appeal to buyers who want a classic investment rather than go in for the trend of the moment.
Traditional office furniture has a huge demand and that is why it has been in the market for quite long now. It is preferred for the capacity it has to transform any office and give it a fresh and a rich look. We are sure that this type of used office furniture will turn your regular-looking office into a rich-looking office. If you are able to put together the correct pieces of furniture, you will be able to catch the attention of visitors as well as impress clients. Other personal taste, these are the reasons why a lot of business men choose traditional office furniture for furbishing their offices.
This type of furniture has a vintage appearance and this is what makes it different from other types of furniture in the market. This vintage look of the furniture, gives it a unique feel and a sophisticated look. It does not matter whether the furniture is new or used traditional office furniture, they give the same vintage look, in fact this is one type of furniture where being ‘used’ adds to the appeal as the ‘oldness’ adds to the vintage look. Traditional furniture has elaborate handcrafted designs and this brings out the uniqueness of this furniture and that is why it is in demand.  All our used traditional office furniture has some part that has beautiful handcrafted corners.

Manufacturers of this type of traditional office furniture put in a lot of effort and time making every single piece. It is for this reason that traditional furniture pieces cost very high. That is why used traditional office furniture is in demand.  When you decide buy this type of furniture pieces be sure that the pieces are really worth their prices. Real traditional furniture will be made of solid wood and will speak of durability. When it comes to sturdiness of traditional furniture they score a point over modern straight designs. Also remember that modern office furniture will not last beyond five to six years on the other hand traditional furniture can last nothing less than 20 years or more. The long life span of used traditional office furniture in Charlotte NC, make up for their cost.
At Office Solutions Inc we have every piece of used traditional office furniture that you may require for your workplace like conference room furniture, reception desks, tables, chairs, sofas, to computer workstations. Our furniture pieces in this line have style, function and comfort and are available in a vast range of designs. We will advise you to check out all the different collections we have to ensure that you get the right set for your office.

Used Reception Furniture in Charlotte NC

Always invest in good furniture for your reception area

Used Reception Furniture in Charlotte NCAre you looking at refurbishing your office reception area, and wondering how to go about it, do not worry; we at Office Solutions Inc are here to lend you a helping hand. We are reputed in the Charlotte NC area for selling quality used reception furniture at an affordable price. We can guarantee that our wide range of products will help transform your office’s reception area into a cosy inviting environment where your clients will feel welcome.

You must have heard the saying that you get just one chance to create a first impression. The same goes with your office too, as customers, clients, job candidates and investors come to your office for their various meetings, your reception area is the first part of your office that they encounter, and make an impression about your company. Therefore isn’t it necessary to make that first impression an exceptional one. The first step in doing so will be to have an impressive reception area, and furniture play a vital part. Office Solutions Inc understands this, and offers you the very best.

You are not convinced that buying pre-owned furniture is a good idea, here’s our argument if you buy used reception furniture you will be able to save up to 50% of the cost of new furniture. And our experience with used furniture says that in most cases pre-owned or used office furniture is hardly distinguishable from brand new ones. We strongly recommend used reception furniture in Charlotte NC. Sometimes we get furniture that someone bought and opened the packaging, then realised that this is not what they were looking for, and decided to sell it off.

Finally you have taken the decision to buy used furniture for your reception area, we would say it’s a good idea, but you should keep these four points in mind.

Keep the size of the area in mind: The reception area should accommodate a desk for the receptionist, seating and tables for visitors. So the used reception furniture should be of such size that they comfortably fit the space and even leave space for movement. Consider the number of people you want to create seating for and how many receptionist do you have, this will determine the size of the reception table. The reception area will also have potted plants for decorative purposes as well as a stand to display the products of the company, so these will also need space.

Keep in mind the function: Whatever piece of used reception furniture you plan on buying should have a specific function. Like if the receptionist will be doing any other work like data entry, mailing, and filing then she would require adequate space on her reception desk for her computer and files. If your visitors need to fill out any register or form, then that needs to be considered too. How many does your office receive in a day and at one time and how long do they have to wait. Answering all these will give you an idea as to the type of furniture you should be looking for. At Office Solutions Inc, we have all types of shapes and sizes of used reception furniture, we are sure some of them will fit in to your reception space.

Keep style in mind: Always remember that a company’s value and aesthetic is reflected in everything you keep in the office. Even in the furniture and that to in the reception area, as we said earlier the reception area builds the first impression about your company, so do take care while choosing the furniture for this area. Choose furniture be it used which reflects your company’s aesthetics, we at Office Solutions Inc, will always stock furniture of good taste and make.

Keep quality in mind: You should keep in mind that furniture for the reception area is always a big investment moneywise. Always remember that the used furniture in the reception area will be used by a variety of people and of various make and size, so the furniture should be such that it can accommodate all of them. The seating be it chairs or sofas should have sturdy frames and good foam cushioning with furnishing that won’t get dirty soon. The receptionist’s desk should be able to handle people leaning or kicking it or even water dropping from wet umbrellas.  If you come to Office Solutions Inc to buy used reception furniture in Charlotte NC, then you do not have to ever worry about the quality.

New Reception Desks in Charlotte NC

High Quality Used Reception Desks at Affordable Prices

New Reception Desks in Charlotte NCReception is an area where you receive, welcome, greet or attend to your guests or clients. The feel and look of your reception area is very crucial as it creates the first impression in the minds of your guests and visitors. The ambience as well as the design of your reception speaks a lot about your company’s image and values. If you want to reflect a positive feeling in the minds of your clients, then you need to be sure that the reception area should be comfortable, welcoming and inviting and more so over practical and professional too!

It’s very important to properly design and create a reception area, as it is the first contact point when a visitor enters any office. It creates a perception of your company in the minds of visitors and it’s obvious that a bad reception will make a less professional impression. An elegant, attractive and friendly reception will leave a lasting impression on the minds of your clients.

The reception desk is the most important piece of furniture in the whole reception area, as it manages the inflow of people throughout the day, entering the office premises. An elegant, attractive and functional reception desk will make the right impression. It should provide more space for phones, computers, as well as for multiple users. Since it performs so many jobs and functions, you cannot ignore it as just another piece of furniture.

We all know that time and money is very precious. Budget constrains us to buy good, high quality, attractive furniture for the reception area. So, if you are updating your current reception desk or looking at furnishing a new office in Charlotte NC, then used reception desk in Charlotte NC is a very good and economical option. It will very well gel with your office image as well as help you stay within your budget.

There is no need to sacrifice your office image to manage the cost. Office Solutions Inc in Charlotte NC is the store which will help you create the best and creative reception area at an affordable price. The store provides beautiful and cost effective used reception desks in Charlotte NC. They offer a huge variety of durable, reliable and beautiful used reception desks, over 100 brands to choose from.

So, go ahead, create a unique and stylish reception area with a high quality used reception desk and that too at an affordable price!!

Used Office Furniture in Charlotte NC

You get the best deals in used office furniture

Used Office Furniture in Charlotte NCWe have always known that it is economical for people to get rid of things they no longer need and sell it to others who need it at a discount. This is what we do at Office Solutions Inc; we select the best amongst the pre-owned office furniture and sell it to our customers at a discounted price. So if you are looking for used office furniture in Charlotte NC, then your search ends with us. We make it easy for people to get rid of their used office furniture and once we acquire it we sell it at a lesser price to others. We believe it’s pointless to pay high price for new office furniture when you can get all that you want like pre-owned cubicles, chairs, tables and cabinets which are in a good condition at half the price.

Take a look at our used furniture section on our website; we have highlighted the wide variety of used office furniture that we can offer. You will get to know of new arrivals, discounts in this section. If you are looking for certain brands even in the used office furniture section, we do cater to brands, so go through our range, who knows you might get them for 30-70% less than the original price.

You must be wondering why go in for used or pre-owned furniture for your office, we give you a few reasons.

You save money: Consider this, if you buy used office furniture you might be able to save at least 50% of the cost of buying new office furniture. The saved money can be used elsewhere to upgrade your office. Most of the time we at Office Solutions Inc get used office furniture pieces that have been just used for a few years and have almost no wear and tear. We also know that when the wrappings are removed from a desk, most people are not able to tell whether it’s new or pre-owned one.

You save time: Most of us know that when we order new office furniture, sometimes they are not in stock and take up to not less than six weeks to be delivered. In comparison used office furniture stores can deliver your furniture in less than 48 hours.

You help reduce carbon footprint: If for example used wooden office furniture is sent to the dumping ground it takes years to break down. Imagine what must be happening with metal or fibre or even plastic furniture. So by recycling used office furniture in Charlotte NC, imagine you are playing your part in saving the planet.

You get value for money: We all know that the resale value of new furniture depreciates to 25 percent or less from the original price and that to not less than in three years. On the other hand when you buy used office furniture, the resale value is as high as 75 percent of what was paid.

Get in touch with Office Solutions Inc, when looking for used office furniture in Charlotte NC.

Used Home Office Desk in Charlotte NC

Used office desks are the main investments in an office

Used Office Desk in Charlotte NCCan you imagine an office with no desks? Desks are one of the major investments when it comes to office furniture. It will never be easy to select and buy desks, you will have to keep in mind many factors when selecting the type of desk required for your office. Why don’t you go through our catalogue at Office Solutions Inc to look for the perfect used office desk for your office?  You will be happy to know that we are the largest stockist of used office desk in Charlotte NC.

You can find office desks made of various materials, of various colours and hundreds of styles. We suggest you go in for used office desks to save 50% of the purchase budget. It will obviously become difficult to choose from across hundreds of variety of used office desks; here let us guide you through them. Get to know the types of desks available.

A pedestal desk: In this type of desk you will find a rectangular top which will rest on cabinets with drawers. Almost always you will find that this type of desk has a built in large drawer in the centre.  You can choose from two variations one which has a pedestal on one side and legs on the other. Known as a right or left pedestal desk, it depends on which side the pedestal is built. At Office Solutions Inc, you will all types of pedestal desks.

An executive desk: Imagine a pedestal desk which is more ornate, elegant, larger and you have the executive desk. If you are looking for something like this then you have reached the right place, log on to Office Solutions Inc, for our ranges.

A computer desk: This type of used office desk plays many roles; it holds a computer, provides space for a mouse as well as provides space for writing purposes. This type of desk will have a keyboard tray and adjustable legs. If you want then these desks can be customized with holes for routing cables. These types of desks can also have wheels for mobility.

A reception desk: We suggest you should invest in a good front reception desk, as this is where visitors and clients reach when they come to meet you. Other than being a workspace for your receptionist they also provide space to display your company’s product, brochures etc.  This type of desk also provides space for your receptionist’s computer and files. So do keep in mind the desk top space. We have the biggest stock of used office desk in Charlotte NC, especially reception desks.

An L-shaped desk: As the name suggests the desk will have an L-shape. These desks usually have one pedestal at one end and one big central drawer or maybe a keyboard tray on the other. The rest of the desk portion will have open space below the top. The advantage of this type of desk is the amount of space it provides.

A U-shaped desk: If you have a lot of space maybe in the reception area where you want to accommodate two to three receptionists then this type of desk will suit you. This type of used desk will have a semi-circle shape or a cornered ‘U’. U-shaped desks come with a central desk and two side bridges. They can have one to three pedestals with drawers.

Used Modular Office Furniture in Charlotte NC

Stylish and Elegant Used Modular Office Furniture in Charlotte NC

Office Solutions, Inc.
provides Used Modular Office Furniture in Charlotte NC& supply modular office solutions to upgrade the productivity of your call center, training rooms, storage areas, and shared workspace. You will find the superior & topmost quality furniture for your home office and the executive office which will help & benefit to give your business the look and feel of a methodically designed space, while also adding a level of style and elegance to any office environment setting. Also the modular design furniture is accessible in many contrasting colors and styles.

At our company, our intelligence to see the big picture sets us distinct. We seek to help your business stay lean and compelling by composing a controllable office within your accessible space and by taking into concern your plans & tactics for future growth expansion. As your office grows and advances, we hand out as your design resource, with pioneering solutions that exploit the value and competence of all square foot while fitting your financial plan as perfectly as our furniture fits your workspace.

Our project venture consultants and certified skilled installation technicians work intimately with your company to plan & graph, reconfigure and mount furniture in your office space. They enclose an internal judgment that melds design values with intelligent & bright attributes facet that endorse effective collaboration alliance and enable instant retort to varying requirements. Our office furniture delivers concurrent surfaces, design connection, cost-cutting measure, and portability.

We are dedicated to provide our esteemed consumers with all set to go solutions for their office furniture desires. We tender feasible furniture solutions for every environmental objective, design need and resources.  We deliver quality worth used office furniture that looks, executes, and lasts just like new, but overheads far less.

Not only do we delight ourselves on having a massive stock of furniture at grand prices, we also present our expertise & know-how in the form of office furniture services to help you get the exact equipment tool. When looked-for, we offer outline plan and design services to support our customers with placing furniture in their office space. We also deliver and set up the furniture items we trade, saving you redundant time and energy.

We occupy only the finest used office furniture experts to help crack all of your furniture problems with solutions that fit your business’s budget. Facility managers and designers have an inimitable prospect to join in these efforts and advise their firms to be communally accountable through the use of recycled office furniture. Mutually our customers are given an opportunity to preserve natural resources, diminish waste, and capitalize on their investment in office furniture.

Used Modern Office Furniture in Charlotte NC

High Quality Used Modern Office Furniture in Charlotte NC

Used Modern Office Furniture in Charlotte NCThere are many things to consider when deciding & picking-up a furniture provider. You need to be confirmed that you gain high quality furniture as well as tremendous supply & service.

A good-looking organization’s working dynamic place will have a positive certain effect on your staff and make them more productive & efficient. An alluring office will also give a favorable impression & impact to destined clients and customers. With new furniture, you will add an intensity of professionalism & expertise to your business profession. When you choose us, your satisfaction & contentment is endorsed. We want your office to look altogether how you want it.

Whether you’re setting up a new office or making changes to an existing space, Office Solutions, Inc. has used modern office furniture like office desks, chairs, conference tables, reception furniture, office storage, work stations, file cabinets and more for nearly any need. We carry an enormous selection of beautiful designs and styles trends of office furniture. Our company is conversant in modern and used office furniture that has a rich & well-heeled feel.

At our company, we endeavor to provide a superior & remarkable selection consisting of distinguished brand names, economical pricing, and even designer pieces.

Whether your budget calls for used, remanufactured, new, or a blend of all three, we are here to help & benefit by providing the best in design, space planning, office furniture and facility ease services.

Our scope & outlook of work has assorted from a single office to multi-floor projects inspecting total facility solutions starting with design and seeing it through the installation. Our used modern office furniture defines quality aspect based on the customers’ expects and needs. We design products that help & guides your employees work more comfortably & happily, effortlessly, and productively, in an environment that stimulates. Their products not only last, but will persist to look great and accustomed to decades of use and reconfiguration.

A remarkably within budget solution, our used office furniture provides a phenomenal value for those well beings looking to save money but still get the quality expertise of high class brand names. In addition to our used office furniture, the company has fanciful deals on new office furniture as well. Exaggerate productivity, good feeling, and value by making us your source partner for all your new and used office furniture needs.

Whether you’re positioned down the road from one of our Charlotte area locations, or you’re across the country, our company can cater you with the used modern office furniture you need to get systematic, standardized and productive.

Used Medical Office Furniture in Charlotte NC

Used Medical Office Furniture – An economical Option!

Medical Office furniture plays a Used Medical Office Furniture in Charlotte NCvery vital role in shaping the look of any health care center. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a private clinic or have a nursing home, if it doesn’t look welcoming and attractive, you sure going to miss a lot of clients. Right and proper furniture add life to your office. It creates a pleasant ambience and people immediately start connecting to the place. So, it’s advisable to give utmost importance to the selection of right kind of furniture; whether you are expanding, renovating or setting up a new medical facility.

The appearance of a health care center should be elegant, neat and clean and should have a comfortable yet a professional environment. The patients will feel more confident and comfortable if your medical facility will be beautiful and welcoming, both from within and outside. Therefore to achieve an attractive, effective, well designed and organized office one needs to invest in the right kind of medical office furniture.

So, if you are looking at enhancing your medical office in Charlotte NC, then you should opt for used medical office furniture in Charlotte NC, as it is not only cost effective but also durable. Buying used medical office furniture will definitely help cut the cost and you will be able to buy much more for less.

There are many advantages of purchasing used medical office furniture. It not only offers durability, high quality, cost effectiveness but also saves lot of time which is required for designing, making and installation. So, rather than going for all new furniture one should consider buying used medical office furniture.

Office Solutions Inc in Charlotte NC is one such store which provides durable and attractive used medical office furniture solutions to doctors’ offices, nursing homes and other medical care facilities. Office Solutions Inc offers a wide range of all types of used medical office furniture. Like office cubicles, desks, office chairs, other seating, tables, nurses’ stations, waiting room furniture and much more. They will help you achieve an effective, attractive and professional look that you want for your clinic or health care center at a minimal cost.

At Office Solution Inc you can be sure of superior quality furniture from all the reputed brands and that too at an affordable price. Their well trained technicians and salespersons will help you create the perfect environment for your clinic, where the patients will feel comfortable, at ease and relaxed.

Used File Cabinets in Charlotte NC

Organize Your Office Space with Used File Cabinets

Used File Cabinets in Charlotte NCA file cabinet or a filing cabinet is a very important piece of office furniture, usually used for storing paper documents. It’s an essential office storage system as it allows you to store and manage your documents in an organized and compact manner.

Who would want their office desk to be cluttered with documents all over, paper and files over flowing? So, the best way to organize and accumulate all paper in one place is to use file cabinets. It gives an elegant, neat and clean look to your office.

File cabinet is the most efficient and effective way to save and organize important papers and it also helps save precious time as one can easily reach out to useful documents at any time.

Whether you are in a process of setting up a new office or expanding or for that matter, your office has started looking a bit too cluttered, I guess, it’s time for you to purchase office file cabinets. Good quality new office furniture is very expensive these days but if you don’t want to spend more, you should consider buying used file cabinets.

Used file cabinets in Charlotte NC plays a very vital role in the day to day storage and management of documents. Therefore file cabinet is a very important piece of office furniture. Office Solutions Inc in Charlotte NC provides an overwhelming range of used file cabinets in Charlotte NC from all the major brands and at exceptionally affordable prices. It’s a perfect solution to your filing and storing needs.

Nowadays file cabinets come in different shapes, sizes, colors and styles. One should choose the most appropriate style, which best suits and matches with rest of your office furniture. Used file cabinets are the safest and the best means to store files or important papers in a systematic and orderly way.

So, if you are looking for durable high quality used file cabinets, Office Solution Inc is the place to look for. Not only they offer budget buys but their used file cabinets come in different styles and sizes to suit all your requirements and needs. Also they have the most extensive stock of used file cabinets in Charlotte NC.

Apart from a huge selection and affordable prices, Office Solution Inc in Charlotte NC also provides good and effective customer service. Their professional and well trained employees will be ever ready to help you decide the right buys for your office needs.

Used Executive Office Furniture in Charlotte NC

How to find Used Executive Office Furniture in Charlotte NC

Used Executive Office Furniture in Charlotte NCIt can be exciting and stressful at the same time when you move in to a new office space and have to reset the whole arrangement all over again. Once you decide to move in, a massive hunt for the ideal office furniture eats up most of your time. You might find it taxing if you have not heard about Office Solutions Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is a one-stop shop for all your office solutions and requirements. You name it and they have it delivered. After all, being on top in the industry and making a name for itself did not come easy for Office Solutions Inc.

With seventeen years of industry experience and a national reach, the company provides new office desks and used executive office furniture like office desks, chairs, conference tables, work stations and more. It has established many offices of small and large scale business houses with affordable new and recycled office furniture. Get your office cubicles remanufactured in one to three weeks or get new ones made in two to four weeks. The company also plans, delivers and installs new office desks and chairs from manufacturers around the globe. It is not only installation that the company is looking at. It also helps in liquidating surplus furniture for companies that are downsizing along with providing leasing programs for office suites that require budgeting over time.

With so many bonuses at hand, why would anybody go chasing for numerous stores that provide any one but not all of these? The benefits have not ended here. If someone is looking for storage & tracking of office cubicles for companies in transition, Office Solutions Inc. is just a click and call away. Once your order is finalized and delivered on or before time, you have to brainstorm and do the laborious work of installing the furniture according to the space available and in tandem with the ongoing interior designing concepts. However, if you are hand in glove with Office Solutions Inc. then these teething problems will also be taken care of. They follow budgets and deadlines like no one does.

Even your used executive office furniture will not look like it has been refurbished; it will be as good as new office furniture. They give you the satisfaction you need when it comes to office furniture. Their quality pieces of furniture, made of durable materials, will give your office a gorgeous look and a long life.