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Monthly archives for February, 2014

Quality Office Furniture

Quality Office FurnitureIf you’re shopping for office furniture, you’ll want to take your overall company or organization personality into consideration since your office style and aesthtic will have an impact on how your clients perceive your firm.

For instance, if you have a more modern, tech company, then a simple, streamlined style of office furniture would complement your office nicely.

Conversely, a country-style food company’s office headquarters may be better suited by more classic, traditional office furniture styles.

Whatever you choose, be sure you pick a style that meshes with your company personality!

Based in Charlotte, NC, Office Solutions Inc.  rents and sells office furniture to companies and organizations nationwide, as we’ve partnered with a network of experienced installers and top quality delivery teams.

We also  provide other services, such as asset management, office space design and beyond. We encourage you to browse our website to learn more or contact  Office Solutions Inc. with any inquiries or concerns that arise. We can be reached at 704-583-2144.

Affordable Used Office Furniture

Affordable Used Office FurnitureDo you need used office furniture for your business?

Office Solutions Inc. has a vast array of used office furniture items from some of the world’s top manufacturers.

Many get deterred by terms like ‘used’ or ‘pre-owned,’ but realistically speaking, many used office furniture items are like new with very little wear or flaws. What’s more, new, flawless furniture items won’t remain that way forever, so after a few weeks, there’s little difference between the new and used office furniture items.

But the savings can be tremendous when you opt for used office furniture items, making this a wonderful option for budget-conscious companies, organizations and individuals.

We also offer office layout design services, installation, delivery, asset management assistance and much more.

Turn to Office Solutions Inc. for top quality used office furniture in over 100 different styles from top manufacturers. Contact us today to schedule a delivery and installation! Call 704-583-2144.

Quality Used Office Cubicles

Quality Used Office CubiclesAre you shopping for used office cubicles?

Whether you’re in the market for new, pre-owned,  remanufactured or used office cubicles, you’ll need to have a basic layout in mind for your office space. Without a basic layout, it will be difficult to get an accurate price quote as you won’t know precisely how many cubicle modules you’ll need for your office.

This means it’s important to get accurate measurements of your office space, along with a good layout plan for your cubicles. At Office Solutions Inc. we don’t just provide office furniture rentals and sales; we also offer other services, such as asset management, installation and computer-aided design floor plan layout services. Our experts make it easier to ensure you’re optimizing all available space with your use office cubicles, arranged in an efficient design that promotes productivity.

If you’re ready to turn to Charlotte’s source for the most affordable, top quality used office cubicles, turn to Office Solutions Inc.! We invite you to browse our site to learn more or call us at 704-583-2144.

Quality Used Cubicles

Quality Used CubiclesIf you’re shopping for used cubicles for your company office, then you’ll want to consider a few different factors aside from the obvious consideration of price.

It’s important to consider how the cubicles will look with any other office furniture items such as chairs, conference tables and other items that will be remaining on-site. You don’t want to choose a completely different cubicle system, which clashes with the style and colors of your existing office furnishings.

Used cubicles are super durable and very economical, since they serve as dividers, work stations, desks and storage space. Cubicles also promote lots of interactions among employees, which helps promote better communication and greater productivity.

Office Solutions Inc. offers a wide array of different used cubicles from top quality manufacturers like Herman Miller, Steelcase and Haworth.

Turn to Office Solutions Inc. for used cubicles from top manufacturers. We’re happy to answer any questions you have while shopping for used cubicles. Just call us at 704-583-2144.

Used Office Furniture Charlotte NC

Used Office Furniture Charlotte NCAre you considering used office furniture? Charlotte, NC-based Office Solutions Inc. deals in new and pre-owned office furnishings so we’re very familiar with the concerns that often arise.

For those who are shopping for used office furniture, there are a few things to inquire about before you seal the deal!

Firstly, do thes the company deliver and install the items? Installation is especially important for cubicle systems, which can be rather complex!

Also, it’s important to know whether the firm deals in high quality furniture items. If you purchase a low quality furniture item, it may only last for a matter of a few months, which means you’ll be back at square one in the very near future.

If you’re seeking used office furniture Charlotte, NC‘s Office Solutions Inc. is happy to assist, as we offer a wide range of new and pre-owned furniture items for your office space. We invite you to browse our site or call us with any questions you may have. You can reach Office Solutions Inc. at  704-583-2144.

Used Office Furniture in Charlotte

Used Office Furniture in CharlotteDo you need used office furniture?

Charlotte, North Carolina companies and organizations turn to the experts here at Office Solutions Inc., as we have a range of different new and used office furniture items available for rent.

We’re your one stop shop for office furniture, as we carry absolutely everything from conference room furniture, to lobby chairs and coffee tables, to chairs, desks, filing units, cubicle systems, break room furniture, credenzas and other miscellaneous furniture items.

If you’re opening a temporary office location or plan to upgrade to a new, larger office in the near future, our used office furniture is the perfect solution! You’ll enjoy top quality furniture from top manufacturers, without the hefty expense!

We also offer delivery and installation services, along with asset management services, CAD office layout design services and so much more.

So if you’re shopping for used office furniture, Charlotte, North Carolina’s Office Solutions Inc. is here to help. We invite you to browse our inventory on our website and call us with any questions you may have. Office Solutions Inc. can be reached at 704-583-2144.

Used Office Desks in Charlotte NC

Used Office Desks in Charlotte NCDo you need used office desks? Charlotte, NC companies turn to the new and pre-owned office furniture rental experts at Office Solutions, Inc., where we specialize in affordable office furniture rentals, installation, office space design, asset management services and so much more!

There are lots of different types of office desks to choose from. Wooden office desks are great for executive offices and other classy yet traditional settings where quality and aesthetics are important.

Laminated office desks can have a wonderful aesthetic, especially for spaces with a more modern office decor.  They’re often very affordable too, which is another great point of appeal.

Glass and metal office desks are another wonderful option for those who need sleek, modern furniture items.

Conference desks are large, multi-person desks that are found in a conference room setting, but unlike a normal conference table, there are drawers around the perimeter.

If your company requires top quality used office desks Charlotte-based Office Solutions Inc. is happy to assist! Simply call us at 704-583-2144.

Used Cubicles in Charlotte NC

Used Cubicles in Charlotte NCIf your company or organization is in need of used cubicles, Charlotte, NC-based Office Solutions Inc. offers a wide range of different systems that may suit your unique needs.

We have lots of pre-owned and used cubicle systems from top manufacturers such as Herman Miller, Steelcase and Haworth.

In addition to used cubicles, Charlotte companies can also opt for remanufactured cubicles, which provide a hefty savings that averages 30% to 50% over new cubicle systems. A remanufactured cubicle system is liquidated inventory items, which are remanufactured in accordance with the manufacturer’s specs, but with your choice of color, finish, laminate, fabrics and other features. You’l also enjoy a full warranty and quality guarantee for optimal peace of mind.

In addition to renting used cubicles, remanufactured cubicles serve as a wonderful alternative to more costly new systems.

To learn more about our new and used cubicles Charlotte, NC clients can call Office Solutions Inc. at 704-583-2144.

Rent Office Furniture in Charlotte NC

Rent Office Furniture in Charlotte NCIf you’re looking to rent office furniture in Charlotte, NC, you are in luck because we serve the entire Charlotte area here at Office Solutions Inc.

Many don’t realize how many different items you can rent for your office space. There’s so much more than just desks and chairs!

You can also rent modular cubicle systems, filing systems, break room furnishings, lounge and waiting room furniture, executive office furnishings, training and conference room tables and chairs, and miscellaneous items such as credenzas, coffee tables, and beyond.

As you consider and prepare to rent office furniture, Charlotte clients are encouraged to take proper measurements and use caution to avoid under- or over-estimating your available office space.

To rent office furniture in Charlotte, NC, companies can call a friendly representative from our firm, Office Solutions Inc., and we’ll help you find the right furnishings and cubicle system for your office space.

To contact Office Solutions Inc., call 704-583-2144.

Rent Office Furnitures

Rent Office FurnituresAre you going to rent office furniture?

At Office Solutions Inc., we’re very familiar with the many considerations you’ll want to keep in mind when selecting new or used furniture items for your office.

If you’re going to rent office furniture, it’s important to take precise measurements before you place your order because it’s difficult to truly get a feel for a furniture item’s relative size to your office by simply ‘eyeing it.’

You may also want to consider how the new rented items will coordinate with existing furniture items.  There are few things worse than finding a beautiful furnishing, only to discover that it clashes or looks ‘all wrong’ when it’s in your office.

If you’re ready to rent office furniture, turn to the experts at  Office Solutions Inc. We offer affordable and convenient office furniture rentals for clients throughout Charlotte, NC and beyond.

Call Office Solutions Inc. at 704-583-2144.