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Monthly archives for March, 2015

Nice Office Furniture in Salisbury NC

Nice Office Furniture Salisbury NCDo you want to create a comfortable and relaxing office space? A space that will put your clients at ease can make or break a good working relationship. Office solutions can help you put together a modern, innovative office space that will make a great first impression.

You may need to cut expenses in the beginning stages of your new business so that you will have money to use on other items that you need to get started. Therefore, buying Pre-owned office furniture from a dependable office furniture supplier can be the best way to go.

Many of our customers want to use recycled cubicles, chairs, or desks as a way to control their footprint. If you are just starting out used furniture can help keep you on your budget. You will not be sacrificing quality because most of our pre-owned furniture is like new. Here at office solutions we can provide you with a wonderful selection of new or used furniture.

We offer an extensive variety of pre-owned cubicles and workspaces. Not long ago Office Solutions was chosen # one in pre-owned cubicles in the South East. We also offer remade workspaces. These are workspaces that are remade to your qualifications with your choice fabric, paint, and other details you may want to include. We can match any theme or vision you have for your office.

Our new furniture is made to last and is visually appealing.

We offer a varied selection of new office furniture from the best manufacturers. We can get anything you need and we will plan and install your new or used furniture.

We know you are very busy and we want to be considerate of your time. We will work with you to schedule a time for deciding what you want and the best delivery date. Be aware that furniture can take up to six weeks for delivery to take place.

Call Nice Office Furniture Salisbury NC now so we can help you decide on the best furniture to meet your needs. We have experienced personnel to help you through the process of choosing the most useful pieces for you. If you would like to check us out before you call, you can also visit our website at

Make your office space a home away from home. If we don’t have what you are looking for we will find it for you.

Nice Office Furniture in Morganton NC

Nice Office Furniture Morganton NCNow is the best possible time to purchase new or used office furniture. Nice Office Furniture Morganton NC, Office Solutions has a huge network of affiliates and dealers across the nation allowing them to provide you variety that most other furniture solution corporations cannot provide.

With such a large variety to choose from it’s important to make sure you make the right purchase for your office space. Office Solutions inc. provides not only planning but also installation with their industry leading specialists. This installation and planning process let’s them get it right the first time which saves you time and money.

Morganton NC and the rest of the southeast have recently voted Office Solutions inc. as the #1 source for used cubicles in the whole of the southeast. You don’t have to believe me, believe in the power of democracy and the will of the people which decides in favor of Office Solutions inc. and their vast wealth of experience in serving not only the southeast but also the nation.

Not only is their used cubicle service considered to be the best in the entirety of the southeast but their emphasis on used materials gives them some huge industry benefits. The first is that they remain environmentally friendly by providing high quality and high durability used office furniture. This paradigm of furniture sale helps them contribute to increasing awareness regarding landfill usage. Office Solutions inc. truly functions by the motto: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Second they keep prices low by utilizing these used wares without compromising quality. The term like new might as well have been created for the sole use of this company because all of their used products are of superb quality and condition.

Nice Office Furniture Morganton NC, Office Solutions inc. is the perfect furniture solutions company to take your small business out of your mind and into reality. Their low prices and highly durable wares will be the perfect boost to your productivity and professionalism as you start your own business. Office Solutions inc. gives you better resale value than most other industry members. Their products tend to hold up as much as 75% of their original value which keeps your business competitive.

Office Solutions inc. is proud of their ability to be creative in keeping costs low and maximizing the amount of bang for your buck. Whether it’s pulling from their vast used office furniture supply or efficiently utilizing and planning for your specific space Office Solutions inc. gets the job done better. If you have an ambitious plan in mind but want to keep your costs low Office Solutions inc. is the business that will bridge your goals to reality.

The wise business owner makes wise business decisions. Office Solutions inc. is that wise business decision if you want to get your business off the ground and into the modern age call Office Solutions inc. today: (707) 583-2144.

Nice Office Furniture in Mocksville NC

Nice Office Furniture Mocksville NCWhen you are shopping for your nice office furniture Mocksville NC has to offer, there are other deciding factors that should go into the reasons you choose the place to deal with that you do. There should be other services available for you to help you decide why they are the best place for you to purchase your furniture needs from.

For instance, the furniture place that you opt to use should help out with a move or relocating should that be the problem that you are faced with. You want to know that your items will be secure and safe during the transition or relocation and reorganization of the business. The right furniture store for the nice furniture Mocksville NC has to offer is also going to make sure that they maintain a complete list of all the items that you need to have held onto to keep everything in perfect order for the business.

If you are on a tight budget, it is important that you know how to maintain that budget and tto help make sure that you do not go over the budget put in place for you. With the right furniture supplier or wholesaler, you will not have to worry about this. They should be aware of the items that you need or want and what you have to do in order to make sure that you stay within that budget. If you are simply looking for something that is not as permanent or for furniture that you simply need to loan, the right furniture place will also make sure that you have all your needs met.

It is important for you to know what services are readily available for you and how you can implement them as soon as you can. The design services will help you to set up and design a plan that will make the most out of the space that you have. This is essential when you are working with a small, confined space. The space should be worked out to help you not only fit as much as you can but to also help you perform your job or task easily. The space should be functional as well as laid out properly.

With the right nice office furniture Mocksville NC solutions company, you will be well on your way to opening your own business within a few weeks or whatever your time frame is going to be. Once completed, you can mark that off your list and move onto something else that needs to be completed.

Nice Office Furniture in Lexington NC

Nice Office Furniture Lexington NCOffice Solutions Inc. is not only your best choice for new office and cubical furniture, but your best choice for used as well. Not only does our furniture save the planet it comes with an affordable price that will fit any budget. If you are unable to come and see our wonderful facilities in person we can bring our services to you; are you unable to install our affordable, earth saving office furniture at your place of work, again not a problem we relish the fact that we can deliver and install out great selection for you with a low price.

If we do not have the Office chair or Desk your heart desires, just let us know and in 3 to 7 business days we can have it ready for easy pickup or with our outstanding delivery services. Our promise to you is that we are not just your boring cubical furniture we have modern look and style which can be catered to any office’s need. Nice Office Furniture Lexington NC, Office Solution Inc. serves the south East and the entire nation with superior Installation and planning services.

We are one of the top new and used office solutions companies in the USA. With choices for your red leather study room to a computable chair that your back so rightly desires we have it all. From one chair to thousands of choices to choose from, one click gives you what you need. You may have been told “why buy new or used furniture that chair still stands, just sit in it”. We say, ‘just because you can sit on a bed of nail does not mean you have to’ do not just survive the work day, be a king of your office. Show everyone your throne be the envy of all your friends and work buddies.

We promise at least once on your way back from the water cooler at least one person will be sitting in your chair. Not only will your friends notice, but your boss will start to show interest as well. It will show you are dedicated to what you do in the work place. With your new statement to the world about your dedication a promotion might even be in your near future. Remember the next time your back is in pain look up the number one office furniture solutions serving everyone in the Southeast and the nation, Office Solutions Inc.

Nice Office Furniture in High Point NC

Nice Office Furniture High Point NCOffice solutions, a company that sells office furniture, sell new and used office furniture. Every office needs to have a professional and influencing look to help the productivity of the staff. If the office is dull, no one is going to want to spend 8 hours working there everyday. A dull office can drag every one down and productivity of workers will not be where it needs to be. That is why an office needs to be decorated with nice office furniture. When furniture is nice it can bring energy to those who work and increase their productivity.

Office Solutions sell huge selections of different designs and styles of office furniture. Their furniture has a rich feel for a good price. Their Furniture is great quality and they have world class brands of office furniture.  The products they sell are made from durable material and guaranteed to last for a long time. Even though some of their products can be bought used, the furniture is still in great shape. You will also save a great amount of money if you choose to purchase their used furniture. Their staff is always available to help you narrow down your search and find exactly what you need. No matter what, you can rely on Office Solutions for great customer service, quality furniture and a great shopping experience.

Nice Office Furniture High Point NC exclusively deals with office furniture of all types of styles, brands and materials. They can also help you design your office space so it looks the best it can. They have extremely reasonable prices. Their wide range of furniture means there is something for every one and you can always find something to suit your needs.

Nice Office Furniture High Point NC is also an environmentally friendly company that contributes awareness to regarding waste in landfills. Their company will provide you with durable and inexpensive office furniture that you will not regret purchasing. If you need something for your office, whether it be a desk or new chairs, office solutions has everything you need. They provide the best selection and best quality for a reasonable price. Look no further because office solutions have exactly what you need.

Nice Office Furniture in Harrisburg NC

Nice Office Furniture Harrisburg NCIf you are looking for nice office furniture Harrisburg NC, Office Solutions, Inc. is the store for you!  A leader in the south east for all office furniture, Office Solutions can meet all of your office design and furniture needs while saving lots of money.

Specialists in office cubicles new and used, Office Solutions, Inc.’s professional designers will come to your place of business and map out your needs, placing the floor plan on CAD and work with you to design the best space possible.

Office Solutions, Inc. has a huge inventory of new and used furniture.  Being liquidation specialists allows our company to find the best of used office furniture.  We have a team of highly trained, restoration specialists who inspect and restore all used furniture to like new status before it is placed on the showroom floor or allowed to be sold.  Our team will also come to your business and give you a quote on restoring your existing furniture and are able to clean cubicles and office furniture.

Using Office Solutions, Inc. for your furniture needs whether you are expanding or starting up, we will save you money.  Used office furniture no longer is the beat up scarred desks and chairs missing casters.  This is not the type of office furniture we buy or sell.  Often when a company goes out of business we are able to purchase the furniture at a steep discount in the liquidation process.  This in turns offers a large savings to our clients who want high quality but don’t have the budget for new furnishings

On average an employee spends 8 or more hours in his office.  It is important to have an efficient, comfortable and productive space for employees.  Besides cubicles, Office Solutions, Inc. has work stations that can be configured for any situation with case goods, filing solutions, chairs and more.  If we don’t have it in stock we have built an extensive network in office furnishing across the country and can easily locate what you are seeking.  No job is too difficult for us.

Our expert installation team will give you an accurate quote and time frame before your purchase is complete.  We have years of experience with installation of all the office systems we sell, so you know the job will be done accurately, efficiently and professionally.

Call Office Solutions, Inc. at (704) 583-2144 to get started on your new office design and furniture needs.  We are excited to work with you.

Nice Office Furniture in Greenville SC

Nice Office Furniture Greenville SCIf you are looking for nice office furniture Greenville SC, Office Solutions, Inc. has it!  We sell only the highest quality new and used office furniture in the area.  Whether you are looking to start a new office or expand an existing one, we at Office Solutions, Inc. are experts in office design, furnishings and installation.

Our huge inventory makes us a leader in the nation for new and used furniture.  This allows us to offer high quality office furniture for less, giving you the opportunity to furnish your office with only the best.  Our design staff will evaluate your floor plan, work flow process and learn your long term goals, then plan the best solution to fit your need.  Using CAD design, an exact layout of the space is made and then configured with cubicles, desk units and storage to keep your business flowing as smoothly as possible with comfort and style for your employees.

The décor of an office is the first thing potential clients see when they enter your business.  While it would be nice if people didn’t judge a book by its cover, we know that first impressions are vital to the success of a company therefore it is a goal of Office Solutions, Inc. to help you make that first impression positive.  All of our used furnishings are thoroughly inspected and restored by our rehabilitation experts to like new condition before being placed in our inventory.  Our clients can be assured they are only buying the best.

Besides new and used office furnishings, Office Solutions, Inc. offers refinishing and touch-up services, upholstery and upholstery repair, paneling and cleaning services to extend the life of your existing furnishings.   Our professional team will come evaluate your current furnishings and determine if rehabilitation is viable and then give you pricing to do so.

Buying used cubicles and furnishings can save you up to 80% over buying new.  Office Solutions, Inc. has a liquidation service therefore we are able to get prime choice of the best used office furnishings available.  Often our used furniture is lightly used and comes to us in like new condition before going to our rehabilitation department.

Office Solutions, Inc. is a one stop office furniture experience.  We know you are busy running your company so leave the measuring, design, planning and installation to us.   Our goal is to provide the best quality and solutions as the most affordable price to fit your needs and budget.  Call (704) 583-2144 today for your office furnishing needs.  It is the “Wise” solution.

Nice Office Furniture Gastonia NC

Nice Office Furniture Gastonia NCVoted #1 in used office cubicles in the south east Office Solutions, Inc. has an amazing selection of both new and used office furniture available to accommodate any size office or budget.  If you need a new chair, an entire office, we have nice office furniture Gastonia NC.

“Used” brings up images of ripped up chairs with missing casters and pen marked desks but that is far from what Office Solutions, Inc. provides.  We carry only the highest quality used furniture.  Many people don’t realize that when a company goes out of business, they usually sell their furniture.  We buy this furniture, often lightly used and our expert rehabilitators restore the furniture to like new condition.  This makes for large cost savings for a company just starting out or one experiencing growth!

Having a comfortable and functional office space is important to the productivity of your employees.  They are in this space 8 hours or more each day.  Company growing pains can be difficult and when you have to divide an office with cubicles, it can be done with comfort and class using our experts at Office Solutions, Inc. to help you design and configure functional and beautiful office spaces.

All office furniture sold at Office Solutions, Inc. is of only the highest most durable quality, meant to last. Contemporary to classic, our huge inventory has what you need.  Our expert designers use CAD technology to design the most efficient and maximized work environment.  Office Solutions, Inc. can help with acoustical sound abatement, workflow management and help you assess new or existing facilities to get the most out of your space.

Cubicles, case goods, work stations, seating, filing solutions, new and used are all available in our huge inventory.  If you are adding a conference room, we have the tables and seating to meet your needs no matter the size.  Our inventory is constantly being updated with the best quality new and used office furnishings on the market.

Our staff will deliver and offer carefree installation of all your office furnishing purchases.  You will know upfront the time and price of delivery and installation with the goal of exceeding expectations.

More than just an office furniture store, Office Solutions, Inc. is here to help every client from design to installation.  Call today at (704) 583-2144 to solve your office furniture needs.

Nice Office Furniture in Denver NC

Nice Office Furniture Denver NCNice office furniture Denver NC is something that needs to cover several different factors. There are a number of office furniture companies that serve the Denver, North Carolina community. The challenge on your end is to find a company you can trust.

In order to have the nice office furniture Denver NC experience you deserve, you want a company that brings absolutely everything to the table. You want a company with a peerless reputation for high-quality merchandise, and a wide variety of options for businesses of all shapes and sizes. You also want a company that can match your budget with quality and variety.

And finally, when it comes to an office furniture company in Denver NC, you most certainly want to put your trust into a company that knows what it’s doing, in terms of additional services. For eBooks, design suggestions, and even installation assistance, we can help. Everything you could ever need from an office furniture company in Denver NC is under our roof. Whether you’re purchasing one piece of furniture, or if you are actually working to transform the entire office, we want to give you a comprehensive office furniture shopping experience. Our nice office furniture Denver NC company can truly do it all.

Denver NC Office Furniture

Office Solutions Inc. offers both new and used furniture solutions. We want you to have something that is going to be ideal for what you want to accomplish. To that end, we make it a point to give you the largest array of office furniture options imaginable. We want to show you that used office furniture can most certainly meet your specific needs. In fact, many people find it impossible to tell the difference between new office furniture and used office furniture.

This is what it means to work with a nice office furniture Denver NC company. You’re going to find that we endeavor to take care of everything. You can trust us for one or two pieces for a certain part of your office, or you can look to us for the furniture that will fill your very first office for your emerging business. And keep in mind that we are more than capable of handling every office furniture demand in between.

Let’s get started on building the kind of working environment you’re interested in having. The importance of atmosphere in an office cannot be understated. You can be sure we take this fact as seriously as you do.

Nice Office Furniture Dallas NC

Nice Office Furniture Dallas NCNice office furniture Dallas NC does not have to be a complicated task by any means. You’re going to find a number of office furniture companies in Dallas. However, if you’re serious about working with the best, then it is definitely in your best interests to trust everything you need in terms of nice office furniture Dallas NC to Office Solutions Inc. Simply put, no matter what you’re looking for in the realm of new or used office furniture, we can help.

The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner we can make sure your office furniture needs are going to be met in flawless fashion. When it comes to office furniture, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than absolute perfection.

Dallas NC Office Furniture

Shopping for office furniture can become very stressful very quickly to some people. You want to find pieces that are going to be ideal for your particular working environment. You also want to stick to your budget. The first task is stressful enough. The second task can feel even more stressful, particularly if you go over your budget, or settle for something your heart really isn’t in to.

You’re not going to have to worry about any of that with Office Solutions Inc. We’ll make sure that every aspect of your nice office furniture Dallas NC experience is as hassle-free as humanly possible. We want you to be happy with the process of shopping for office furniture, and we want you to be happy with your eventual purchase or purchases. Whether you’re going to purchase one or two items, or if you are perhaps planning to completely change every single aspect of your office, we can help. You’re going to be left with the kind of office furniture your company deserves.

After all, when you’re shopping for office furniture, you’re shopping for both the present and future of your company. You’re investing both time and energy into the purchase of something that is designed to appeal to customers, visitors, and employees. You want to consider the comfort needs of all these people, but you also want to find something that is going to achieve the kind of atmosphere you want to create with where you work. To that end, we have the nice office furniture Dallas NC experience you’ve been looking for.

It’s simple. The sooner you purchase what you’re looking for, the sooner you can move on to more important things related to your business.