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Used Cubicles Mooresville NC

Used Cubicles Mooresville NCIf you’re in the market for used cubicles, Mooresville, NC companies should consider a few different factors. Office Solutions Inc. offers lots of tips and advice, along with great discounts on new and used cubicles, desks, conference tables, chairs, filing and storage units and so much more. Once you read our tips for picking the right used cubicle system, stop by Take a few minutes to register and then log in to view our inventory and coupon offers. You can also complete our contact form or call 704-583-2144.

Used Cubicles Weddington NC

Used Cubicles Weddington NCAre you shopping for office furniture like new or used cubicles in Weddington, NC? We are the home to many shoppers on a limited budget, and this makes pre-owned furnishings very attractive since you can get a higher quality furniture at a lower price. At Office Solutions Inc. we offer lots of great tips on what to consider when buying used office furniture, in addition to offering a wide selection of new and pre-owned furnishings, all at affordable prices! If you’re ready to start browsing our office furniture, complete our online contact form or sign in to browse our inventory and get some great coupons! Just visit to get started browsing our selection of used office furniture. Weddington, NC customers can reach us by phone at 704-583-2144.

Used Cubicles Rock Hill SC

Used Cubicles Rock Hill SCAre you shopping for used cubicles in Rock Hill, SC? Businesses turn to the friendly team here at Office Solutions Inc. That’s because we have unmatched prices and an unparalleled selection of new and used furniture items for your office, including desks, chairs, storage units, along with new and used cubicles. Rock Hill, SC companies are invited to complete our contact form to chat with one of our representatives. Reach us by phone at 704-583-2144. You can also browse our furniture selection online at

Used Cubicles Fort Mill SC

Used Cubicles Fort Mill SCAre you in the market for used cubicles in Fort Mill, SC? Companies turn to Office Solutions Inc. for unbeatable prices, a huge selection and top quality office furniture items, including desks, chairs, storage units and cubicles. Wondering if cubicles are right for your office? We’ll explore the benefits of using cubicles in your office instead of a traditional desk and chair set up. We invite you to browse our selection of used cubicles. Fort Mill, SC companies can place an order by calling 704-583-2144.

Quality Used Office Cubicles

Quality Used Office CubiclesAre you shopping for used office cubicles?

Whether you’re in the market for new, pre-owned,  remanufactured or used office cubicles, you’ll need to have a basic layout in mind for your office space. Without a basic layout, it will be difficult to get an accurate price quote as you won’t know precisely how many cubicle modules you’ll need for your office.

This means it’s important to get accurate measurements of your office space, along with a good layout plan for your cubicles. At Office Solutions Inc. we don’t just provide office furniture rentals and sales; we also offer other services, such as asset management, installation and computer-aided design floor plan layout services. Our experts make it easier to ensure you’re optimizing all available space with your use office cubicles, arranged in an efficient design that promotes productivity.

If you’re ready to turn to Charlotte’s source for the most affordable, top quality used office cubicles, turn to Office Solutions Inc.! We invite you to browse our site to learn more or call us at 704-583-2144.

Quality Used Cubicles

Quality Used CubiclesIf you’re shopping for used cubicles for your company office, then you’ll want to consider a few different factors aside from the obvious consideration of price.

It’s important to consider how the cubicles will look with any other office furniture items such as chairs, conference tables and other items that will be remaining on-site. You don’t want to choose a completely different cubicle system, which clashes with the style and colors of your existing office furnishings.

Used cubicles are super durable and very economical, since they serve as dividers, work stations, desks and storage space. Cubicles also promote lots of interactions among employees, which helps promote better communication and greater productivity.

Office Solutions Inc. offers a wide array of different used cubicles from top quality manufacturers like Herman Miller, Steelcase and Haworth.

Turn to Office Solutions Inc. for used cubicles from top manufacturers. We’re happy to answer any questions you have while shopping for used cubicles. Just call us at 704-583-2144.

Used Cubicles in Charlotte NC

Used Cubicles in Charlotte NCIf your company or organization is in need of used cubicles, Charlotte, NC-based Office Solutions Inc. offers a wide range of different systems that may suit your unique needs.

We have lots of pre-owned and used cubicle systems from top manufacturers such as Herman Miller, Steelcase and Haworth.

In addition to used cubicles, Charlotte companies can also opt for remanufactured cubicles, which provide a hefty savings that averages 30% to 50% over new cubicle systems. A remanufactured cubicle system is liquidated inventory items, which are remanufactured in accordance with the manufacturer’s specs, but with your choice of color, finish, laminate, fabrics and other features. You’l also enjoy a full warranty and quality guarantee for optimal peace of mind.

In addition to renting used cubicles, remanufactured cubicles serve as a wonderful alternative to more costly new systems.

To learn more about our new and used cubicles Charlotte, NC clients can call Office Solutions Inc. at 704-583-2144.

Rent Office Cubicles in Charlotte

Rent Office Cubicles in CharlotteDo you need to rent office cubicles? Charlotte, NC is one of the nation’s fastest growing business districts, so we see lots of clients who are in need of a new or used cubicle system.

Cubicles provide your office with lots of different benefits and perks. Firstly, they give you the ability to arrange your office space in a manner that optimizes your usage of space. Office cubicles will also allow for lots of easy interactions among employees, who may otherwise work in relative isolation if you were to place each individual in a separate office.

Cubicles are also very cost effective, since they serve as workstation dividers and they also have desks integrated, so there’s no additional cost associated with purchasing desks.

If you need to rent office cubicles Charlotte companies are invited to call a friendly rep here at Office Solutions Inc., where we have a range of different new and used cubicle systems. Call us at 704-583-2144.

Used Office Cubicles

Used Office CubiclesAre you in the market for used office cubicles?

Opting for used office cubicles is a great option for saving money both in the short term and in the long term, as cubicles are known for their versatility, clever modular design and extreme durability.

Cubicles are great because they enable you to maintain an open floor plan. They’re also designed to maximize the usage of the existing space, since they feature lots of dual-purpose elements (for instance, the divider walls can also serve as a place to tack up documents, calendars and even hang your coat!

Cubicles are really designed to help you make the most of a small space, while lasting for many years. Cleaning and maintaining cubicle systems is fairly easy and the modular design makes it simple to replace any damaged elements.

Office Solutions Inc. is your trusted source for top quality used office cubicles from the best manufacturers. We even offer cubicle installation services in Charlotte, NC and beyond.

If you have any questions, you’re always welcome to call Office Solutions Inc. at  704-583-2144.

Used Cubicles

Used CubiclesCubicle systems have lots of advantages. They provide you with an easy way to create individualized work stations, without compromising an open floor plan.

You can also maximize your floor space, while also maintaining an environment where employees can easily interact and collaborate.

Cubicles also come in clever modular set ups, making it easy to customize the cubicle system to meet your unique needs and your office floor plan.

Used cubicles are a great alternative if you need cubicles, but can’t afford the more expensive top quality cubicle systems from manufacturers like Steelcase, Herman Miller and Haworth.

We can even help to install your cubicles. Office Solutions Inc. partners with installers across the nation, thereby enabling us to provide installation services beyond the Charlotte area.

At Office Solutions Inc., we have a wide selection of used cubicles available to companies and organizations in the Charlotte, North Carolina area and beyond. We invite you to call us with any questions you may have at 704-583-2144.