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The Benefits of a Forward-Sloping Chair

The Benefits of a Forward-Sloping Chair

Young executives and mid-to-senior level managers across the world are faced with severe back problems as a result of sitting in their office chairs for long periods of time. Today’s work environment demands that one spend limitless hours in front of a computer screen, seated.

All this time spent in chairs can result in physical problems like backaches, bad posture, and weight gain. Taking regular breaks while at work can help mitigate these problems by giving the body a chance to stretch, but many people find that their hectic schedules make it difficult to follow this advice. In this case, a forward-sloping chair may be the best solution.

Great Office Furniture-Forward-Sloping Chair

Before you head out to a Charlotte used office furniture store to buy a forward sloping chair, learn about some of the benefits they offer.

Reduces lower back pain

When you sit for hours at a time, you cause strain on your spine. You may not realize it while you are young, but over the years this strain can cause severe lower- and middle-back pain. A forward-sloping chair helps you maintain the right posture when sitting for long hours, minimizing the stress on your back.

Helps improve blood flow

Many mistakenly believe that sitting upright with a 90-degree straight back is the best posture to maintain. In reality, however, doctors suggest that a slight forward slope is better than a straight back. A forward-slope posture will help maintain blood flow to the lower part of your legs thereby reducing the occurrence of leg cramps and helping reduce the likelihood of developing varicose veins.

Makes it easier to sit and get up

Most people have to leave their desks many times a day to do things like take restroom breaks, meet colleagues, and go to lunch. Sitting with a 90-degree straight back actually makes it more difficult to get up from your chair. But with a forward-sloping chair, you can easily get up every time you need to without straining your back.

Keeps you more alert

If your office chair slants back too much, you will quickly feel drowsy when you work. If you sit bolt upright, you will be uncomfortable. With a forward-sloping chair, you will be able to focus on your work for longer periods of time without straining your body. Try out a forward-sloping chair at your nearest used office furniture store in Charlotte and find out for yourself how it improves alertness.

Forward-sloping chair increases efficiency

A forward-sloping chair can make you more efficient. When you lean toward your work table, you are able to focus on your work and this focus will help you be more productive. And because a forward-sloping chair helps you maintain good posture, you will be able to concentrate better, which increases your efficiency as well.

There are various kinds of forward-sloping chairs available at used office furniture stores in Charlotte. You should be able to find a comfortable chair that fits well with your existing office furniture and décor. Visit your nearest used office furniture dealer of forward-sloping chairs now!