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Rent Office Furniture Charlotte

Rent Office Furniture CharlotteDo you need to rent office furniture?

Charlotte, NC companies, organizations and other groups turn to the pros at Office Solutions Inc., where we rent new and used furnishings from the world’s finest furnishing manufacturers.

When renting office furniture, Charlotte companies will need to choose between new and used items. If you choose a new furnishing, you’ll enjoy flawless, brand new items, but the cost is a bit more than what you would spend to rent pre-owned.

Renting pre-owned items is a very affordable option, but there may be slight imperfections or wear since the items have been used in the past. But in most cases, the usage is light and if quality of the furnishing is high, then you may not notice any real difference between new and used office furniture.

Of course, renting also enables you to pay as you go instead of spending a large lump sum.

Call Office Solutions Inc. to discuss your office furniture rental at 704-583-2144.

Charlotte NC Commercial Office Furniture

Charlotte NC Commercial Office FurnitureCharlotte NC commercial office furniture sets are highly important as they are essential in the operation of your business. Your employees cannot work properly if they are using damaged chairs, tables, cabinets, and laterals. In addition, your clients will feel uneasy sitting on a damaged couch, and will give bad impression to your business.

Charlotte NC commercial office furniture can increase the productivity of your employees. An office equipped with highly functional office furniture can provide your staff with a comfortable working environment. Employees working in a comfortable working environment have seen with increased productivity as they do not need to deal with the hassle of using damaged tables where papers and documents are cluttered, and chairs that make their back ache. Aside from providing your employees with a highly comfortable working environment, fully furnished commercial office furniture can provide your business with a good image to your clients.

Here at, you can find a wide range of new and used Charlotte NC commercial office furniture. You can find office chairs, tables, desks, conference tables, computer tables, laterals, filing cabinets, cubicles, and more. Both new and used office furniture offered by the company are backed with warranty assuring you that you will get support whenever these sets of commercial furniture are damaged. However, you will find that the products offered by the company come with good quality, if not with high quality.

In addition, the company offers different brands of commercial office furniture that can suit your needs and style. Rest assured that the company has something that you need. The best thing about the company is that your orders can arrive at your doorsteps the same day after you made your purchase, especially the used office furniture. Give the company a call and the staff will attend to your needs, and ensure that you will receive the help and support that you need in purchasing your Charlotte NC commercial office furniture.

Used Commercial Office Furniture in Charlotte NC

Refurbishing your office with used office furniture makes sense

Used Commercial Office Furniture in Charlotte NCSo you are looking to refurbish your business office interiors, but you think you do not have enough budgets to get the job done. Do not worry the used commercial office furniture expert team at Office Solutions Inc is here to help you. Our vast range of used furniture selection is one of the largest in Charlotte NC; we have made it our aim to provide budget-conscious shoppers with loads of affordable options. We have used boardroom tables to second hand workstations, we are sure to have everything you will need to create an amazing workspace.

We urge you to save time and money in looking for used commercial office furniture in Charlotte NC for your office. We offer a wide range of quality used office furniture in every category which includes Workstations, Seating, Cubicles, Desks, and Case goods.

What we suggest is that when selecting used commercial office furniture you should consider not just your budget, but the type of company and the purpose of the pieces of furniture you are looking for. As far as furniture goes, it’s advisable to go for quality, even though it is pre-owned. Office chairs and desks are the main investment, therefore invest well, as not only are they used every day; consider this, your employees health may be at risk. Why because if the furniture pieces you have chosen cannot  adequately support the wrists as well as the back of a person, the employees in the long run will develop chronic pains in the body.

The style of furniture even used furniture should fit with the type of company as well as coordinate with the overall office environment. The décor of your office, which includes the furniture, speaks a lot about your office. For example if you are in the creative field, than a modern, innovative furnishings could send the right message to clients. While if it is an insurance company a more conservative décor and furniture will work. Big businesses as well as established businesses should go in for more solid, traditional commercial office furniture like hardwood desks and sturdy bookcases. No matter what is the type of business or company you run, we at Office Solutions Inc will have something to suit everyone.

If you want to incorporate company colors in your office which includes the furniture, tell us we will redo the used furniture for you. One area which needs a thought when redoing is the reception area. A simple and tasteful selection of used commercial office furniture for this area can make a good impression on visitors.  At Office Solutions Inc we advice our clients, on the importance of selecting sofa and table materials, that won’t get dirty easily or wear easily.