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Used File Cabinets in Charlotte NC

Organize Your Office Space with Used File Cabinets

Used File Cabinets in Charlotte NCA file cabinet or a filing cabinet is a very important piece of office furniture, usually used for storing paper documents. It’s an essential office storage system as it allows you to store and manage your documents in an organized and compact manner.

Who would want their office desk to be cluttered with documents all over, paper and files over flowing? So, the best way to organize and accumulate all paper in one place is to use file cabinets. It gives an elegant, neat and clean look to your office.

File cabinet is the most efficient and effective way to save and organize important papers and it also helps save precious time as one can easily reach out to useful documents at any time.

Whether you are in a process of setting up a new office or expanding or for that matter, your office has started looking a bit too cluttered, I guess, it’s time for you to purchase office file cabinets. Good quality new office furniture is very expensive these days but if you don’t want to spend more, you should consider buying used file cabinets.

Used file cabinets in Charlotte NC plays a very vital role in the day to day storage and management of documents. Therefore file cabinet is a very important piece of office furniture. Office Solutions Inc in Charlotte NC provides an overwhelming range of used file cabinets in Charlotte NC from all the major brands and at exceptionally affordable prices. It’s a perfect solution to your filing and storing needs.

Nowadays file cabinets come in different shapes, sizes, colors and styles. One should choose the most appropriate style, which best suits and matches with rest of your office furniture. Used file cabinets are the safest and the best means to store files or important papers in a systematic and orderly way.

So, if you are looking for durable high quality used file cabinets, Office Solution Inc is the place to look for. Not only they offer budget buys but their used file cabinets come in different styles and sizes to suit all your requirements and needs. Also they have the most extensive stock of used file cabinets in Charlotte NC.

Apart from a huge selection and affordable prices, Office Solution Inc in Charlotte NC also provides good and effective customer service. Their professional and well trained employees will be ever ready to help you decide the right buys for your office needs.

New File Cabinets in Charlotte NC

New File Cabinets in Charlotte NCIn spite of the fact that there is a rise of electronic documents in offices, a permanent fixture is file cabinets, usually most of them are ill-designed. Remember that when you are selecting one it involves more than just selecting the number of drawers. One point to remember is that subtle change in designs can result in whether you have a neat organized filing system or still have mountains of paper on top of your desks. We at Office Solutions Inc have a variety of new file cabinets in Charlotte NC for you to choose from. When deciding on file cabinets you should consider your office space, what type and sizes of documents you need to store and quality of the construction of the cabinet.

Remember the following when selecting new file cabinets:

The types

If you go by types of files then there are two main types. One is the traditional file cabinet also known as a vertical file cabinet. These types of cabinets may have two to five drawers per cabinet. They can store legal-sized files. The other is the lateral filing cabinet. These varieties of cabinets are wide and allow files to be stored front to back or side to side in the drawers. At Office Solutions Inc you will find both types of new file cabinets.

The quality

If you are type who looks for quality, then here’s a tip, examine the suspension system of the new file cabinet, which holds the drawers. Remember even when heavy files are stored; the drawers of high quality cabinets should open and close smoothly. Check if it has a good lock system and if it has a counter balance system so that it does not topple over when all the drawers are open. Also remember a high quality new file cabinet has counterweight drawers and internal locking device, which allow only one drawer to open at a time. Lastly check the material of which it is made.

Whether they are fire & impact resistant

Check if the new file cabinets you are looking at have been tested for fire resistance and impact resistance.  You can also go in for new file cabinets in Charlotte NC can protect even computer disks and media tapes.

Other options to look in to

Your office cannot afford to give space to any more file cabinets, here’s one solution, go in for mechanical filing system. These types new file systems consist of rolling cabinets that have the capacity to store many more files in a small amount of space. All you have to do is roll or move the cabinets apart to access the files. If you want an easy option then go in for open shelves, where shelves can be placed side by side or on top of one another.

Check the pricing

The type of new file cabinet you finally purchase actually depends on the budget. It is important to remember that the cost of a file cabinet will depend on the number of drawers, the dimension, materials used and the lock. Go for what suits you most. At Office Solutions Inc we have all ranges.