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Used Medical Office Furniture in Charlotte NC

Used Medical Office Furniture – An economical Option!

Medical Office furniture plays a Used Medical Office Furniture in Charlotte NCvery vital role in shaping the look of any health care center. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a private clinic or have a nursing home, if it doesn’t look welcoming and attractive, you sure going to miss a lot of clients. Right and proper furniture add life to your office. It creates a pleasant ambience and people immediately start connecting to the place. So, it’s advisable to give utmost importance to the selection of right kind of furniture; whether you are expanding, renovating or setting up a new medical facility.

The appearance of a health care center should be elegant, neat and clean and should have a comfortable yet a professional environment. The patients will feel more confident and comfortable if your medical facility will be beautiful and welcoming, both from within and outside. Therefore to achieve an attractive, effective, well designed and organized office one needs to invest in the right kind of medical office furniture.

So, if you are looking at enhancing your medical office in Charlotte NC, then you should opt for used medical office furniture in Charlotte NC, as it is not only cost effective but also durable. Buying used medical office furniture will definitely help cut the cost and you will be able to buy much more for less.

There are many advantages of purchasing used medical office furniture. It not only offers durability, high quality, cost effectiveness but also saves lot of time which is required for designing, making and installation. So, rather than going for all new furniture one should consider buying used medical office furniture.

Office Solutions Inc in Charlotte NC is one such store which provides durable and attractive used medical office furniture solutions to doctors’ offices, nursing homes and other medical care facilities. Office Solutions Inc offers a wide range of all types of used medical office furniture. Like office cubicles, desks, office chairs, other seating, tables, nurses’ stations, waiting room furniture and much more. They will help you achieve an effective, attractive and professional look that you want for your clinic or health care center at a minimal cost.

At Office Solution Inc you can be sure of superior quality furniture from all the reputed brands and that too at an affordable price. Their well trained technicians and salespersons will help you create the perfect environment for your clinic, where the patients will feel comfortable, at ease and relaxed.

Used Office Furniture 28210

Used  Office  Furniture  in  Charlotte,  28210

Used Office Furniture 28210Every company – from a small business to a large corporation – understands the benefits and importance of having used office furniture, especially those in Charlotte, North Carolina. There are many companies that provide used office furniture in Charlotte. Used office furniture is a great alternative to purchasing new items because it lasts for a long period of time and is highly durable.

Used office furniture is growing in terms of its popularity and demand these days because it is inexpensive. Having the ability to choose different sizes and styles of office furniture, as well as the increasing consciousness of helping the environment, are among the primary benefits of buying used office furniture.

The kinds of furniture you will need for your office are available, especially if you are looking for used items. You can find quality used tables, chairs, computer desks, and much more in many different materials and styles. Secondhand does not automatically indicate substandard furniture. This furniture is frequently found at rummage sales, auctions and online shops. Unfortunately, different companies have recently gone out of business because of the recession, but downsizing and closures indicate that there is lots of used office furniture available.

Once you have decided to buy used office furniture in Charlotte for your office, the possibilities are endless. A company like Office Solutions has a huge selection of chairs, desks, tables, cubicles, and everything else you will need for your office.  When you are thinking about transforming the look and feel of your office, give us a try. A good looking office is not only welcoming to customers, but will be beneficial to the productivity of your employees as well. Office Solutions provides the best selection of new and used office furniture in the Charlotte NC and in entire 28210 zip code, so come check us out today.

Used Office Furniture Charlotte, NC: Why Businesses Should Consider It

Many companies around the world such as small startups and established organizations realize the benefits of used office furniture. These secondhand pieces of office furniture are affordable and in very good condition. At first, used office furniture might not sound like a good idea, however if you purchase them from a reputable company like Office Solutions Inc., you can be sure that it will have high quality and durability.

This option is popular now with companies that are looking for ways to reduce costs. When you buy secondhand pieces of furniture for your Charlotte, NC, office, you will also be environment friendly. All kinds of used office furniture are available, such as computer desks, and tables and chairs in different styles, sizes and materials.

If you want to get the best quality used office furniture in Charlotte, NC, consider these tips.


You have to rigorously inspect all secondhand furniture in order to make sure it is in good condition. Check for internal damage, loose bolts, as well as any mold on cushions and fabrics.


Look for pieces of used office furniture with aesthetic appeal and quality as they will last longer compared to those cheap brands. The pieces of furniture that you are going to purchase should match the décor of your office.


Try to purchase in bulk in order to get discounts. Do not be afraid in point out some weak areas that you noticed to lower the price.

Consider Office Solutions the next time you are planning to buy office furniture. Office Solutions provides the best selection of new and used office furniture in the Charlotte NC area so don’t hesitate to contact us right away.


Medical Seating

Medical Seating

Why choose Office Solutions in Charlotte, NC for Medical Seating?

Healthcare settings from clinics to hospitals have a need for quality medical seating office furniture.  Doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and patients can all benefit from access to comfortable seating In the waiting room, a mix of chairs and sofas works best to accommodate a wide patient demographic. Appropriate seating may also include bariatric chairs that are designed to be comfortable for people of larger than average body size.

Ergonomic task chairs are a perk that administrators who spend most of their workday seated will appreciate. A well padded swivel stool is an advantage for healthcare professionals to use in the exam room. Finally, a well-appointed lounge with recliners and a convertible couch/bed offers a place for worn out medical staff to catch a few winks during a long shift.

Clients do not want a typical, drab hospital or medical interior. They want “a fun-filled, colorful, bright facility that will make people feel good and energized when they come into it”.

The solution would be dynamic interior scheme using bright inflections seating forms. Sofas and single chairs give a choice of seating while making concentrated use of the room space.

The medical seating enhances the design objective, a sculptural form repeating its lines and shapes through backs, seats, and arms. Its ergonomic back lumbar support combines design and comfort–just what the doctor ordered for an orthopedic facility.

If you work in the medical profession, then you know the significance of medical seating office furniture. You may be on your feet a lot on your job, but you also have times when you need to sit and if the furniture is uncomfortable and not suitable to your body frame or height, it can make it not only uncomfortable but cause some problems of your own such as a backache. In addition, there is also furniture that patients sit on in exam rooms, that need to be comfortable even if sitting just for a several minutes.

Dental Waiting Area Seating –  The industry’s commitment to quality ensures that you will always have the most ergonomically sound and advanced seating options available in the dental market. Trust us to help design and install your Dental waiting areas seating needs!

Unreliable furniture is the last thing you want to worry about in your medical facility. We stock storage cabinets and medical seating that you can depend on. Padded stools and mobile stools keep employees comfortable.

We stock and can also custom order from a large selection of medical seating for waiting rooms, reception rooms, well suited for clinics, hospitals and doctor’s offices. Task chairs and seating for use in examination rooms and various medical and research environments. We have been providing products for the medical industry that are innovative, durable and affordable for every budget and our full line of seating is no exclusion. We offer a broad range of fine medical seating from value and mid-range to premium grade, all engineered to maximize functionality and comfort. We invite you to examine our seating choices today or call us for a free consultation. Medical Seating.