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Used Office Desks in Charlotte NC

Used Office Desks in Charlotte NCDo you need used office desks? Charlotte, NC companies turn to the new and pre-owned office furniture rental experts at Office Solutions, Inc., where we specialize in affordable office furniture rentals, installation, office space design, asset management services and so much more!

There are lots of different types of office desks to choose from. Wooden office desks are great for executive offices and other classy yet traditional settings where quality and aesthetics are important.

Laminated office desks can have a wonderful aesthetic, especially for spaces with a more modern office decor.  They’re often very affordable too, which is another great point of appeal.

Glass and metal office desks are another wonderful option for those who need sleek, modern furniture items.

Conference desks are large, multi-person desks that are found in a conference room setting, but unlike a normal conference table, there are drawers around the perimeter.

If your company requires top quality used office desks Charlotte-based Office Solutions Inc. is happy to assist! Simply call us at 704-583-2144.

Used Office Desks Charlotte

Used Office Desks CharlotteAre you considering used office desks? Charlotte, North Carolina-based Office Solutions Inc. deals in new and used office desks, cubicles and other office furniture items.

If you opt for used office desks, you’ll enjoy some wonderful benefits without the hefty expense associated with buying new office desks.

Generally speaking, office desks don’t see lots of wear and tear, so most desks look like-new for many years, especially when it comes to the more high end furniture items.

This means you can enjoy nearly new office furniture for a fraction of what you would pay for new.

Opting for used desks is also great if you’re trying to match a discontinued style of desk that you already have on-site in your office.

If you’re in the market for used office desks, Charlotte-based Office Solutions Inc. is happy to assist. Simply browse our website to learn more about our inventory, then call us at 704-583-2144 and one of our team members will be happy to help!

Used Office Desks Charlotte

Used Office Desks CharlotteAre you in search of used office desks? Charlotte, NC trusts the team at Office Solutions Inc., where we have a vast selection of new and used office desks.

Charlotte area companies should consider a few different points when choosing between desks and a cubicle system.

Desks have a beautiful, classy look, but they may not work well with a cubicle, making it nearly impossible to establish individualized workstations in your office. In fact, most cubicle systems have integrate desks, making a stand alone desk unnecessary.

Cubicles provide a bit of privacy, while maintaining an environment where it’s easy to collaborate and communicate with fellow co-workers. The downside is that cubicles can take up unnecessary space in a small office environment.

It’s also important to remember that many desks — especially traditional wooden desks — may not match many cubicle systems, which tend to be more modern in style.

If your company needs high quality used office desks, Charlotte-based Office Solutions Inc. can help. Call us at 704-583-2144.

Used Reception Furniture in Charlotte NC

Always invest in good furniture for your reception area

Used Reception Furniture in Charlotte NCAre you looking at refurbishing your office reception area, and wondering how to go about it, do not worry; we at Office Solutions Inc are here to lend you a helping hand. We are reputed in the Charlotte NC area for selling quality used reception furniture at an affordable price. We can guarantee that our wide range of products will help transform your office’s reception area into a cosy inviting environment where your clients will feel welcome.

You must have heard the saying that you get just one chance to create a first impression. The same goes with your office too, as customers, clients, job candidates and investors come to your office for their various meetings, your reception area is the first part of your office that they encounter, and make an impression about your company. Therefore isn’t it necessary to make that first impression an exceptional one. The first step in doing so will be to have an impressive reception area, and furniture play a vital part. Office Solutions Inc understands this, and offers you the very best.

You are not convinced that buying pre-owned furniture is a good idea, here’s our argument if you buy used reception furniture you will be able to save up to 50% of the cost of new furniture. And our experience with used furniture says that in most cases pre-owned or used office furniture is hardly distinguishable from brand new ones. We strongly recommend used reception furniture in Charlotte NC. Sometimes we get furniture that someone bought and opened the packaging, then realised that this is not what they were looking for, and decided to sell it off.

Finally you have taken the decision to buy used furniture for your reception area, we would say it’s a good idea, but you should keep these four points in mind.

Keep the size of the area in mind: The reception area should accommodate a desk for the receptionist, seating and tables for visitors. So the used reception furniture should be of such size that they comfortably fit the space and even leave space for movement. Consider the number of people you want to create seating for and how many receptionist do you have, this will determine the size of the reception table. The reception area will also have potted plants for decorative purposes as well as a stand to display the products of the company, so these will also need space.

Keep in mind the function: Whatever piece of used reception furniture you plan on buying should have a specific function. Like if the receptionist will be doing any other work like data entry, mailing, and filing then she would require adequate space on her reception desk for her computer and files. If your visitors need to fill out any register or form, then that needs to be considered too. How many does your office receive in a day and at one time and how long do they have to wait. Answering all these will give you an idea as to the type of furniture you should be looking for. At Office Solutions Inc, we have all types of shapes and sizes of used reception furniture, we are sure some of them will fit in to your reception space.

Keep style in mind: Always remember that a company’s value and aesthetic is reflected in everything you keep in the office. Even in the furniture and that to in the reception area, as we said earlier the reception area builds the first impression about your company, so do take care while choosing the furniture for this area. Choose furniture be it used which reflects your company’s aesthetics, we at Office Solutions Inc, will always stock furniture of good taste and make.

Keep quality in mind: You should keep in mind that furniture for the reception area is always a big investment moneywise. Always remember that the used furniture in the reception area will be used by a variety of people and of various make and size, so the furniture should be such that it can accommodate all of them. The seating be it chairs or sofas should have sturdy frames and good foam cushioning with furnishing that won’t get dirty soon. The receptionist’s desk should be able to handle people leaning or kicking it or even water dropping from wet umbrellas.  If you come to Office Solutions Inc to buy used reception furniture in Charlotte NC, then you do not have to ever worry about the quality.

New Reception Desks in Charlotte NC

High Quality Used Reception Desks at Affordable Prices

New Reception Desks in Charlotte NCReception is an area where you receive, welcome, greet or attend to your guests or clients. The feel and look of your reception area is very crucial as it creates the first impression in the minds of your guests and visitors. The ambience as well as the design of your reception speaks a lot about your company’s image and values. If you want to reflect a positive feeling in the minds of your clients, then you need to be sure that the reception area should be comfortable, welcoming and inviting and more so over practical and professional too!

It’s very important to properly design and create a reception area, as it is the first contact point when a visitor enters any office. It creates a perception of your company in the minds of visitors and it’s obvious that a bad reception will make a less professional impression. An elegant, attractive and friendly reception will leave a lasting impression on the minds of your clients.

The reception desk is the most important piece of furniture in the whole reception area, as it manages the inflow of people throughout the day, entering the office premises. An elegant, attractive and functional reception desk will make the right impression. It should provide more space for phones, computers, as well as for multiple users. Since it performs so many jobs and functions, you cannot ignore it as just another piece of furniture.

We all know that time and money is very precious. Budget constrains us to buy good, high quality, attractive furniture for the reception area. So, if you are updating your current reception desk or looking at furnishing a new office in Charlotte NC, then used reception desk in Charlotte NC is a very good and economical option. It will very well gel with your office image as well as help you stay within your budget.

There is no need to sacrifice your office image to manage the cost. Office Solutions Inc in Charlotte NC is the store which will help you create the best and creative reception area at an affordable price. The store provides beautiful and cost effective used reception desks in Charlotte NC. They offer a huge variety of durable, reliable and beautiful used reception desks, over 100 brands to choose from.

So, go ahead, create a unique and stylish reception area with a high quality used reception desk and that too at an affordable price!!