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Used Office work stations – Things to Keep in Mind when Buying Work Stations

Used Office work stations

How about getting used office work stations for your new office? This may not sound very appealing at first, but if you give it some careful thought, it will start making a lot of sense. Most people who start a new business, rarely consider used office furniture, because they either do not know about them or simply want everything new.

Only when you make some simple on-the-back-of-an-envelop-calculations that you realize how much you are saving. This saving will come in handy to tide you over the initial turbulence and rough weather faced by a new business. But before you clinch a deal for used office work stations, some things should be kept in mind to avoid troubles later.

Get a hold of quality and quantity

Get in touch with an office interior designer to hire his expertise in measuring out and suggesting the layout, quality, color scheme and quantity of used office workstations. The fee charged by this expert will be well worth it. The expert help can determine the exact number of used office workstations, size of each workstation, design and appearance to match with the rest of the office like carpets, walls etc. If you go it alone, chances of overbuying or under buying may arise and you will end up wasting time, energy and money. The interior designer can also make a cost analysis of various workstations using different materials like fabric, steel, wood, aluminum. Once you get the complete picture of what exactly you require, your search and purchase of used office work stations will become so much easier. In addition, Office Solutions is happy to assist you with drawing an outline of your office as part of our services to you!

Drive a bargain for used office work stations

Once you have pinpointed and located the used office workstations, it is OK to ask for a discount, because you never know how much discount you can still get over quoted price. The dealers are also keen to sell off their inventory as quickly as possible to free up their space, so they agree to work on a little lower margin. Another way to get even better discounts is to throw in chairs and desks along with your order for used office work stations. You will (anyway) need the chairs and other furniture, so why not leverage your total order size to drive down the price and save some more money?

The dealer will be more than happy to give you better price once he knows that you are buying more than he expected. If the used office furniture dealer can’t give you additional discount, he will at least agree for a free delivery service to your office. This too translates into a good saving.

Inspection before purchase is a must

As you are buying used office workstations and other furniture, don’t expect warranties and guarantees on your purchase. Sometimes, the dealer with good reputation carrying quality products does give very limited warrantees, but this is more of an exception than rule. So you better carefully inspect each piece of used office work stations before buying and hauling over to your office space. Contact Office Solutions today to inquire about your workstation needs. Used Office work stations.

Used Work Stations – How to Compare Workstations

Used Work Stations

There is a plethora of used work stations in the market. With businesses sinking in this recessionary period, such workstations are up for grabs at deep discounts. Workstations are basically cubicles to house an employee, who can work alone in privacy. There is very little to differentiate a workstation from a cubicle.

When out in the marketplace for used work stations, it is advisable to make a comparative study of various options available to get the best bang for you money. Since there are so many outlets and sellers peddling their stuff, you have to be careful about where you put your money.

Compare used work stations

Before settling for any workstation, it is better to do some leg work. Many used workstation dealers hold inventory consisting of cubicles from many different companies. All these workstations are of different size, features and storage provisions. The prices vary from size to size and condition of the workstations on sale. If you need a certain number of workstations for your office, it is advisable to have common specification for all units. This will enable smooth compatibility and seamless integration with the rest of the office.

The size of the workstations must be given careful thought. The standard workstations come in six foot by six foot or a little smaller five foot by five foot. The partition walls of each used work station should be high enough to allow enough privacy and at the same time low enough to allow natural light to come in. It is also advisable to not install workstations directly near a window to block natural light. Allowing natural daylight will save you electricity charges and also make the office pleasant.

Equally important is the storage space of the workstations. If the storage is small, important papers and documents cannot be stored. Sufficient drawers and cabinets must be built into the workstation and the desk to hold all necessary work related papers and personal belongings.

Please also check all the panels, cabinets and desks for sturdiness and quality before buying the units. Though all the used workstations are prewired for power and other communication needs, it is advisable to check whether the power points and other fittings are working well. This may seem insignificant, but any problem with wiring will have you waste money and time fixing it.

Where to buy used workstations?

For fast results, you can go online and scan the internet for deals on sale. There are numerous websites, some of which are also auction sites, offering huge variety and price points for used work stations. Going online has its plus points because you can quickly size up the deals, compare prices from different sources and place order immediately.

But for those who like to physically inspect the used workstations before buying and talk to a real person who is selling his or her ware, it is better to go to a used work stations company like Office Solutions, who also sells online through their website. Used Work Stations.