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Used Cubicles Decor Best Practices

Used Cubicles

If you are destined to spend your professional life cooped up in a drab cubicle, don’t lose heart. Liven up your environs by adding some much needed adornments within your cubicle. Brightly decorated used cubicles break the drab monotony of corporate color and neutral décor.

Furthermore, decorating cubicles can be a wonderful opportunity of de-stressing the overworked mind, bringing in some much need whiff of fresh ideas, instilling a new sense of enthusiasm in employees and infusing them with a sense of pride and belonging about their workstations. However, a cubicle is still an integral part of a corporate set-up.

Hence there are certain limitations and ethics that you must adhere to keeping in mind the work culture and décor style of your office in Charlotte.

Improper Decorations

First and foremost, remember that an office is a neutral secular place where it is not advisable to wear your religion on your sleeve. Multiracial offices have people owning allegiance to different cultures and religion and individual preferences should never be allowed to offend others.

Blatantly religious hangings and decorations are a strict no-no and so are religious pictures on your desk greeting visitors to your cube. Similarly, keep your political affiliations out of your office life and your office cubicle.

More the merrier may not be applicable in case of used cubicles decorations. After all, it’s an office environment and people are expected to do serious work!

Keep away cartoon decorations and stuffed toys, sports memorabilia or movie posters no matter how addicted you are to them. An uncluttered desk imparts a neat competent look to your cubicle so avoid turning it into a display area for family photographs.

Similarly for wall decorations, minimalist look with a stylish calendar or a simply framed attractive picture works best for the corporate look. Also too much of knickknacks might convey the impression that you are more immersed in decorating your cubicle instead of your work which might not augur well for your career.

Posters and signage on funny jokes are also not in keeping with corporate ethics. Cheap one-liners taking a crack at fellow workers are alright in the washroom but certainly look offending on your cubicle wall. Many are under the fallacious impression that light jokes ease the stress of a particularly trying day but these are definitely odious without being helpful in any way.

Appropriate Adornments

Your want your used cubicles in your Charlotte office to be functional, comfortable and pleasantly decorated. Bringing in a small potted indoor plant can be one of the best ways of inviting nature into your work area and perking it up instantly.

Greenery is always a blessing for tired eyes and a small plant is just enough to brighten up any corner of your cubicle or your desk. However, take care that the plant is not high on maintenance or doesn’t require copious watering.

Knickknacks and family photos certainly provide a much-needed break from work. Along with your plant, you can keep a beautifully framed family photo or another small memento on your desk which should provide enough respite to your over-stressed mind.

More than that will clutter your desk, hamper your daily work and invite unsolicited comments from your colleagues. Used Cubicles.