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Used Cubicles – Four Reasons for Popularity of Cubicles in Offices

Used Cubicles

Offices have moved on from the closed cabin format to the cubicle look. Used cubicles have become a common office feature these days as they offer multiple uses. Cubicles can be of different types, depending on the type of use it is required for.

Usually, the walls of the cubicles are between four to six feet in height. They can be constructed in various styles giving the user complete flexibility to redecorate his cubicle. Let’s look at some reasons for the popularity of office cubicles.

Offers privacy

Though used cubicles are not completely enclosed structures, they offer privacy to a limited extent. So if you are an employee who is handing sensitive data, then the cubicle that provides maximum privacy is allocated to you.

Office cubicles are so designed that the data which one employee is dealing with is not visible to the neighboring employee. You can also create external barricades by placing books or objects on the walls of your cubicle.

Reduces noise

When there is a lot of interaction between employees in an office, it will definitely lead to the generation of unavoidable noise. This noise can be in the form of employees communicating to each other or employees speaking to customers over the phone.

To work in such a noisy place is not a conducive environment for employees to work in. Used Cubicles act as noise barriers and help employees concentrate on their work.

Maximizing office space

Office cubicles also enable space optimization. To allocate cabins or separate rooms to different employees would result in waste of office space. Cubicles are the best way to use the given office space in the maximum possible way.

With cubicles, you can place a large number of employees comfortably. Also, cubicles serve as a marking mechanism to sort employees. Thus, a given set of employees belonging to a single team can be allocated a set of cubicles to perform tasks conveniently.

Can be used for storage

Cubicles are ideal places for hiding office clutter and keeping it away from view. So if you have to hide coffee pots or place printers, you can place them within office cubicles. This way you can make your office look clutter-free. You can also use them as storage space and keep extra office supplies like papers, copy machines and files.

Used cubicles offer several other benefits to office employees. Cubicles are compact and small places thereby providing flexibility to the user and also help in rearranging things easily when required. Cubicles offer semi-privacy and thereby allow partial interaction of employees without causing any major disturbance.

An employee can place a ‘Do not disturb’ sign outside his cubicle thereby letting his co-workers know that he is working on something important. Also, employees can make their cubicles personalized and decorate them in any style they want. Adding a personal touch to your cubicle makes it livelier and less mundane for every day work. Used Cubicles.