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Used Cubicles – Types of Office Cubicles

Used Cubicles

Keep in mind the nature of your business, the number of employees you need to accommodate and your budget while deciding on the type of cubicles that you require for your workplace. If you want to save your funds for other areas in your business, investing in used cubicles is a viable option.

A Word about Used Cubicles
There are two reasons for you to choose used cubicles for your office. Firstly, they will serve the same purpose of providing a comfortable working place for your employees at lesser expenditure.

Secondly, if you buy used cubicles you contribute towards creating a cleaner environment. A lot of wood, plastic, aluminum and fiber that go into manufacturing new cubicles will be saved. Furthermore, lesser quantity of unused cubicles will end up in landfill as more companies follow this trend.

Opting for used cubicles in your office lessens your company’s carbon footprint and makes a statement in favor of environment-conservation.

The types of office cubicles available in the market can be broadly categorized as follows:

Based on Furniture System of the Cubicles

a) Panel-mounted
If you choose cubicles with panel-mounted furniture system, you can get desks, filing cabinets and other furniture components fixed to the panel walls of the cubicles. There is a plethora of options available pertaining to the choice of furniture and their configurations. The furniture is available with fixtures and parts that provide support when it is mounted on the panel wall.

b) Freestanding
Cubicles with freestanding furniture system have furniture that can be added and removed easily. The furniture items do not need support of any walls or fixtures to serve their purpose. These furniture pieces are completely independent and are not specific to any cubicle.

If the employee using a particular cubicle has been shifted to another cubicle, he can move the same furniture to his new cubicle without any difficulty.

Based on Panel Material
The choice of material for the panels depends upon certain factors like noise-blocking requirement, ease of communication and looks.

If noise reduction is your priority then you should choose the panels that facilitate greater acoustic tranquility. Acoustic panels are made of fabric, cork, and foam that absorb sound very well.

If you need smoother-looking panels for your cubicles, the panels made of plastic, stainless steel, vinyl/PVC and laminate are your options. The panels made of these materials are easier to clean than acoustic panels but they do not offer noise-muffling facility.

Glass panels tend to provide spacious look to your office. The transparent surface creates a well-lit workspace. The glass panels facilitate easy communication among the employees. However, these panels do not provide soundproofing facility like the acoustic ones.

Based on Height
Cubicle panels are available in varying heights in order to accommodate different needs of privacy and requirement of noise-absorption in the cubicles. Panels are available in heights starting from 34 to 85 inches.

Higher panels keep out noise and ensure privacy while lower panels allow more interaction and easy visibility.

For a department like accounts, cubicles with higher walls are preferred, as employees of this department require more tranquility and privacy. However, if you need cubicles for call-center employees, you will want cubicles with lower height for ensuring easy monitoring of the staff.

All these types of office cubicles are available both as brand new and used cubicles. The type you choose for your office should be conducive for getting maximum productivity from your employees. Used Cubicles.