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Decorating Used Office Cubicles based on the Zen Principles

Used Office Cubicles

Office space must be decorated in such a way that it brings calm and peace to those who work there. Employing Zen principles has a calming influence in the workplace. It helps boost productivity by increasing energy levels and reducing stress of people who work there. It gives a relaxed and therapeutic feel. Used office cubicles can be restored or redecorated using Zen principles.

Storage Space

The first step to making your office cubicle Zen like is to clear all the clutter since it may interrupt a free flow of energy. Zen style states that open spaces are more preferable than closed ones. You need to contemplate and organize the desk space well. Eliminate papers and folder stacks that are not important or keep them away at storage space rather than cluttering your desk space. Then think about what should go into the drawers and so on. The drawers can be labeled for effective organization.

Color Scheme

Cool colors like blue and green are preferred since they are calming. If you are not up for pastel shades then you can also go for natural hues like beige and off white. If you have a liking for darker and warmer shades you can go for the muted tons of such colors. For example if you prefer red, then go for a more subtle tone like cranberry instead of fire engine red. You can also team it up with lighter tones and make it more aesthetically appealing. Using wood laminates brings a natural feel in the office environment. It will bring a more outdoorsy feel to a rather dull backdrop.


Zen promotes the idea of being in and around nature. One of the best ways to introduce nature into the office environment is to place plants. You can choose the plants as per their growth in indoor atmospheres. Potted flower plants can be kept by the window to pep up the place by virtue of vibrant colors. If the office space is small, then you can go for smaller bamboo plants. Large plants may overgrow and drown the Zen in the room. It may be used in larger offices and may require timely trimming.

Environment Friendly Décor

Zen style promotes harmony and balance with nature and the environment. You can do so by using natural light and designing the office space in such a way that maximum sunlight can enter the office.  Using more windows and roll down blinds can help serve the purpose. You may also keep a small water body in the space. A small fountain would suffice and create a comforting and soothing atmosphere.


Accessories like bamboo mats, welcome rugs can help brighten the office space. You can also use table lamps with wooden shades and paintings in cool tones.

Redecorating Used Office Cubicles

When you purchase used office cubicles, there is an additional task of redecorating the space to suit your requirements. You can easily do so by employing Zen principles and techniques like the ones mentioned above. Used Office Cubicles.