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Environmental Benefits of Buying Used Cubicles

Used Cubicles

With a growing number of organizations joining the green movement, the corporate world is waking up to its responsibility towards safeguarding the environment. Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer a mere PR gimmick. It has moved on from being a static component in annual reports of companies, to becoming an actively practiced function that is capable of contributing to the overall profitability of the organization. If you and your organization intend to “go green”, then creating a sustainable, environment-friendly office with used cubicles and other pre-owned office furniture like used chairs, cabinets, even artwork, can be a good place to begin.

Used Cubicles and the Environment

Using pre-owned or used office cubicles can help your organization conserve energy and resources that would otherwise be directed towards the production of new cubicles. It ensures maximum utilization of resources like wood, aluminium, plastic, fibre, steel etc. It also conserves labor and manufacturing energy like electricity, fossil fuels and fuel used for transportation and logistics. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has estimated a staggering figure of around 3 million tons of office furniture that is discarded each year. Using pre-owned office cubicles delays waste production as the cubicles that would otherwise be diverted to the solid waste stream are now able to buy more time on the market. Your decision of purchasing used office furniture for your organization can thus help keep waste items out of landfills and incinerators.

Manufacturing new furniture increases the emission of harmful greenhouse gases. Your preference for used cubicles over brand new ones can reduce your organization’s carbon footprint on the environment and also effectually save the world from the fatal phenomenon of global warming. By purchasing used office furniture, you not only commit to safeguarding the environment for others but also to giving yourself a cleaner, healthier world to live in.

Used Office Furniture – Protecting the Environment and Your Profitability

With all the economic challenges that organizations have had to face in recent times, used office cubicles are a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative for setting up your office. Buying used cubicles can help customers save 30%-50% on their capital expenditure as opposed to freshly manufactured cubicles. It is a misconception that used cubicles are of inferior quality and look old or dated. The fact is that most used office cubicles are not more than 5 years old. Also, more often than not, they are discarded by their previous owners not because they look worn out or have devaluated over time, but because the organization is improving, re-locating or liquidating.

Most used cubicles look as good as new, sometimes even fresh-out-of-the-mill, with perhaps a couple of spots or blemishes in a few cases. The fact that they have lasted for so long points to their durability and high-quality, something that is rare to find in newer products that are largely imported from eastern countries. A number of aesthetically appealing options for used office cubicles are available in the market and you can expect to give your office a makeover of your choice at almost half the price, without compromising the look. Start-ups and organizations with limited resources cannot wish for a better deal!

A “green organization” sets an example for its employees and its consumers. Not to forget all that shareholder value that gets created because the management is appropriating its funds wisely. Buying used office furniture helps you achieve all that along with being the best choice for the environment. In the process of working out an incredibly profitable deal for your organization, you end up working out the best deal for the wellbeing of our planet as well! It is rare to find corporate profitability and environmental safety on the same side of the door and purchasing used office cubicles and other pre-owned office furniture makes a win-win situation possible for both. Visit Office Solutions or call us today for more information. Used Cubicles.