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Feng Shui Tips for Setting up Used Cubicles

Used Cubicles

Used  CubiclesBeing stuck in a small office cubicle for eight to ten hours is not only monotonous, but also accumulates negative energy. There are few better ways of channeling positivity into your work than redecorating your office space, using Feng Shui. This discipline of Chinese aesthetics can help harness good fortune without hindering the professional ambience of the used cubicles.

Command position

Most used cubicles allow you to sit with your back towards the door. If possible try to face the door and keep your back to the wall. If it is too difficult to accommodate such a position, keep a reflecting surface in front of you, so that you can easily see the door. Although mirrors may seem a bit too conspicuous, any shiny, metallic object that would not seem out-of-place in an office would suffice.

Under your desk

The space below your desk should have enough room for free movement of your legs. Wedging your foot between boxes and bags would not allow you to sit in a comfortable position, which can hamper your concentration and physical uneasiness.

Above your head

Many used cubicles have shelves stacked with papers, books and files above. It is best not to have shelves and cabinets overhead. The weight burdens down on your shoulder and may cause headaches. If you absolutely cannot manage to get rid of the shelves, keep them as clutter-free as possible.

Remove Piles of Papers

Often, it seems that the used cubicles are stacked with papers and files. These papers usually signify unfinished work which can lead to stress and anxiety. Try your best to mobilize your work so that there is very little incomplete paperwork lying. Even if you cannot help accumulation of papers, keep them organized and arranged in folders so that you can deal with them as soon as possible.

Proper lighting

The cubicle must be well-lit; a warm light gives your workspace a convivial atmosphere. If your used cubicles is so placed that the afternoon sun glows right through the window, try hanging a crystal so that the light divides into a spectrum, filling your cubicle with cool rainbow colors.

Life energy

Working in a completely inorganic environment can sometimes grow tiresome. To reconnect with nature, you can have a potted plant somewhere. Bamboo works well as it requires little care and can survive with minimum sunlight; both ideal for this purpose. If it is your first plant, try philodendron. Succulents like jade or money plant are easy to maintain and their fresh green color concentrate life energy in the workplace.

Items of inspiration

Make sure that the desk is as organized as possible; this way you can get things done easily. Pictures of family or a serene place, motivational posters, calendars or clippings can give inspiration during long hours. But it is essential to keep it to a minimum and not make a mess.

Smell and Taste

Maybe scented candles or incense sticks look a little overboard and violate safety guidelines, but air fresheners or peppermints in the corner of the used cubicles can add subtle fragrance to your workplace. Strategically placing a small candy jar near the door would attract co-workers to drop by for a simple greeting and lift your mood. Above all, no matter what you keep or don’t keep in your office cubicle, everything should have a place of its own and not look disorderly. Used Cubicles.