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How to Modify Office Used Cubicles for Enhanced Privacy

Used Cubicles

Since the time office cubicles were introduced in the 1960s, they have become ubiquitous throughout the corporate world. Pre-fabricated cubicles provide an ideal solution for accommodating a rapidly expanding work force within an existing work space. They offer you flexibility in decorating and customizing your existing office layout without compromising on the professional look of your work place. On the flip side, however, used cubicles offer very little privacy as anybody and everybody is free to walk in and out of your cubicle at any time of the day.

Bring in some privacy into your used cubicles
Without any doors, used cubicles are an invitation for people to just drop in all the time. Along with that, the short or medium cubicles walls enable your colleagues to take a peek at your work table while conversations flowing all around can at times become a serious impediment to your regular work. Even then, you can certainly implement a few clever modifications to provide with some privacy even while working at your desk within your used cubicles.

Put up neat signboards at your entrance
Let your colleagues know when you are free to talk or when you would like to be left alone. You can easily design an elegant signboard displaying ‘busy’ that fits in with the general décor of your office and hang it outside your used cubicles. Follow it with ‘please leave your messages here’ wherein your colleagues can just stick a post-it tag on the signboard with the message they want to convey to you. Use the signboard every time you require your privacy for important work and take it off when you are comfortable with interacting with your colleagues. Since cubicles don’t have doors, this way you can communicate your preference to your colleagues without coming across as rude or getting distracted by them all the time. You will be surprised as to how effective this can be in controlling the flow of unwanted traffic to your used cubicle throughout the day.

Rearrange your cubicle layout
The arrangement of furniture and other items in used cubicles also affects the privacy of the user. Most of us are naturally curious and you will find colleagues talking to you while taking in all the data on your computer screen. To avoid such situations, arrange your computer in such a way that the screen does not face the entrance. Additionally, position your chair so that you can see whenever people are approaching your cubicle and minimize your computer screen immediately to maintain the privacy of sensitive assignments. If due to pre-existing management policies you cannot alter the layout of used cubicles and your computer screen has to face the entrance, keep a small mirror on your desk which would allow you a vision of the entrance all the time. Camouflage the mirror with small decorative items of personal pictures so its purpose is not too obvious.

Keep conversations private
Being part of an open-plan office, used cubicles also offer very little privacy during conversations. If it is an official conversation, keep your voice as low as possible while for personal conversations, it is best to take the call in some secluded area of the office. Always take care so that your mobile is not automatically turned to the ‘speaker’ mode which allows people in your vicinity to overhear your conversation. Used Cubicles.