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Office Furniture – Look Beyond the Usual Desk and Chair

Office Furniture

Most offices have a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to their interior decoration and furniture. Typically office furniture comprises of rows of cubicles stuffed with identical chairs and workstations where people slog away throughout the day.

Break away from the monotony by bringing in some unusual office furniture that adds style and glamor to the ambiance of your office without compromising on durability, comfort or functionality. Creatively designed desks, chairs, workstations or other apparatus perk up the surroundings, infusing a breath of excitement in your staff.

Unusual Wooden Bridge

A furniture bridge is one of the most innovative concepts to hit the furniture industry. This unique bridge acts as a virtual workstation joining two desks so as to extend the available work space.

Maximize your office area by using this sturdy bridge to join individual workstations in conference rooms, workshops or reception area to accommodate a sudden increase in workload.

Available in different colors and finishes like birch or toffee, these bridges are functional, stylish and can be used almost anywhere. They help to keep your office uncluttered by reducing the number of permanent office furniture and the space under them can be utilized for temporary storage.

Exclusive multifunctional rocker chair

Go for an unusual chair with a wheeled base that can function separately as a rocker and a tiny table. It can be used as a normal chair but when the seat is removed from the wheeled base, its unique design turns it into a rocker while the base can be used as a convenient table ideal for holding your laptop or iPod.

This exclusive chair is guaranteed to be a prized part of your office furniture and your employees can enjoy its benefits during rest hours.

An exclusive library as part of your office furniture

Another mind-boggling piece of multipurpose office furniture is a combination of book case and seating arrangements. Gift your employees with a library even within the limited space of your tiny office with this innovative piece.

The back is a bookcase with multiple rows in which to store books, DVDs, etc. while the front features a stunning range of facilities like couch, folded tables, storage facilities, pull-out footrests and even a reading lamp. The entire structure moves on sturdy wheels enabling you to place it anywhere. Truly stunning and versatile!

Integrated chair with workstation

Invest in a multifunctional chair that integrates a computer workstation. Positioned on wheels, this piece of office furniture provides maximum comfort, convenience and mobility. The chair has a high backrest and adjustment facilities to customize the height and tilt of the seat.

The unique feature is this chair is the customized table for your laptop or other accessories. It also has an expandable footrest to provide you complete relaxation in between long stretches of strenuous work. Office Furniture.