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Used Office Furniture Charlotte – The Essential Ergonomic Pieces for Your Office

Used Office Furniture Charlotte

When purchasing used office furniture Charlotte it is very important to purchase ergonomic furniture pieces that won’t hurt your body. When you use ergonomic used office furniture regularly you can eliminate the risks of back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel, wrist pain and blood clots. This in turn will improve productivity at work.

Used Office Furniture Charlotte – Ergonomic Chairs

The main reason why office workers nowadays suffer so much from neck and back pain is because of sitting for long hours on non ergonomic office chairs. Office chair must always be ergonomically designed to promote natural posture and eliminate neck and back pain. They are also adjustable, which maximizes sitting comfort.

You should purchase an ergonomic chair which has adjustable arm rest height and angle, adjustable seat height, seat pan angle, tilt tension, lumbar height and depth. A good quality ergonomic chair can cost anywhere between $200 and $1000. If that is expensive for you, you can always purchase a used office chair in good condition which will offer the same benefits at half the price.

Ergonomic Keyboard

Another piece of used office furniture Charlotte you might be interested in is the ergonomic keyboard that promotes a neutral wrist posture and prevents repetitive wrist stress injuries like carpal tunnel.

This keyboard straightens out the wrists, hands and arms, enables people to type vertically and is less strenuous as it makes the hands fall naturally on an ideal place on the keyboard.

Vertical Mouse

Those who suffer from wrist injuries, hand pain and carpal tunnel syndrome should definitely switch to vertical mouse – another useful piece of used office furniture Charlotte. This mouse is easy on the joints, doesn’t twist your forearm and extends your arms neutrally, so that hand and wrist injuries are prevented.

You can choose between trackball or optical vertical mice designed to cater to the needs of both left handed and right handed people. Some mice are wireless and a few come with lots of programmable buttons. Again, a used vertical mouse may be a more affordable choice for price conscious shoppers.

Adjustable Desk

Again adjustability is the key feature of an ergonomic desk and it helps to reduce back pain, neck pain and leg cramps. Anybody, of any height and shape can fit into an adjustable desk.

You can adjust these desks by pushing a button and these desks are equipped to memorize the various sitting positions used with it previously.

An adjustable desk can vary in height between 24 inches and 51 inches. Most of these desks are fitted with adjustable legs, compartments and shelves. They also double up as a functional compact workstation.


Another piece of ergonomic used office furniture Charlotte that you may want is a footrest on which you can prop your legs to maintain a healthy posture. It also relieves back pain and leg cramps. Variations include massaging foot pads, cushions or rubber inlays and are built of chrome or plastic. Used Office Furniture Charlotte.