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Quick Fixes for Minor Damages to Hardwood Furniture in Your Office

Quick Fixes for Minor Damages to Hardwood Furniture in Your Office

When you visit a Charlotte used office furniture store to buy furniture you should inspect the surfaces of wooden furniture carefully to check for scratches or stains. Once you find and buy the perfect set of furniture for your office, however, you have to devote some time and effort to maintaining it. Ugly stains, scratches, and water marks take away from the beauty of your furniture and can make your office look shabby. Follow these simple tips to keep your furniture shining and free of damage.

Hardwood furniture stains and rings

Try rubbing furniture polish on rings left by glasses or coffee cups. If a ring is especially stubborn you can use a little denatured alcohol on it. Beware though that alcohol has a tendency to damage hardwood finishes so be very careful when using it.

Rubbing gently with a mild abrasive can help to remove other stains. You can make your own cleaner at home by mixing linseed or mineral oil with cigarette ash. Continuous application of this paste on damaged areas will help remove stains and a round of wax and polish will make your furniture as good as new.

Splintering and scratches

Wood putty is the best antidote to splintering and provides a quick fix for rough, chipped edges. You can also fill in cracks in your used office furniture by applying putty sticks. Sand the area after the putty dries and then apply a stain to match your furniture color.

You can use a nut, like a walnut, to remove ugly scratches by rubbing it on the surface. The oil of the nut acts on minor scratches and has a natural smoothing effect.

For deeper scratches, you will need wax sticks. These sticks are used for patching furniture and are readily available in stores. Different shades of wax sticks are available so you can choose the shade closest to the color of your furniture.

Burns and chemical marks on Hardwood Furniture

Acetone or spirit can cause ugly marks on your Charlotte used office furniture. Strip the entire surface with a commercial stripper and then stain and lacquer the wood before applying a sealant. In case of cigarette or candle burns you have no choice but to remove the damaged area with a knife. You can then fill up the hole by sanding or using wood putty.

If you feel that your office furniture has suffered serious damage you can contact a professional furniture restorer, but in most cases you can keep your furniture shining and damage-free by following these simple tips in fixing minor damages to hardwood furniture in your office.