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Theme Ideas for a Used Cubicle Design Contest

Used Cubicle

Used cubicles have become the workstation of 21st century corporate world. The pre-fabricated standardized cube is the place where most office workers spend the lion’s share of their day throughout their employment years. Over time, working at the same desk with the same arrangement does become tedious for your employees. Organizing a used cubicle designing contest can certainly lift their morale, infuse some fun into their daily work routine and make them feel more attached to their workplace.

If you are planning to change the gloomy and monotonous cubicles of your office through an exciting cubicle designing contest, then there are ideas galore from which you can choose the theme. The contests can be organized as an annual office event everybody would look forward to on a particular day or you may make it monthly or even go by the holidays or seasons. Whatever by your theme, such lighthearted contests are sure to infuse some much-needed excitement and creativity in your employees.

Holidays as theme for decorating used cubicles
The holidays are one of the best themes for organizing a contest on decorating cubicles in your office. Festivities are held throughout the year which makes it easy for your employees to let their creative juices flow and decorate their workstations every month. Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and New Year are the popular holiday theme choices while you can add some others like Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Labor Day. If your office is multi-ethnic, select themes like the Chinese New Year or Hanukkah to include employees of different faith or race.

Office party themes
Office parties are one of the most useful occasions to organize a used cubicle decorating competition. Make your office bash more interesting and inclusive where employee participation is not limited to only shaking a leg. Extend the party theme to include the contest wherein employees are urged to deck up their cubicles according to the selected subject. Party ideas like retro themes, the Wild West or casinos are fun and easy to expand into contest subjects. You can also use the annual awards party occasion to throw in the cubicle decorating contest where the winner is recognized along with other employees selected for various company awards.

Go with nature
The seasons are one of the easiest themes to organize a contest on decorating used cubicles. Solstices, equinoxes, fall, spring are all wonderful opportunities of bringing in some nature into your office. Employees can brighten up their drab cubicles by hanging beautiful collages or posters on the changing seasons which are a treat for sore eyes.

Allow employees to indulge their hobbies
Personal hobbies can be another interesting theme on which to organize a cubicle decorating contest. As it is your employees spend most of their working hours inside their used cubicles. Let them personalize it by bringing in some personal preferences. Such themes not only bring out hidden talents, but allow your employees to know each other better. Also, since hobbies are individual preferences, you will have different cubicles with different decorations which would make the contest more interesting and your office more colorful. Used Cubicle.

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