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Tips for Decorating Used Office Cubicles for a Birthday

Used Office Cubicles

Birthdays are a special time for most people and it is only fitting that they be showered with attention on their special day. You can decorate their office cubicles by pooling in money. It can help strengthen employee relations and boost the morale of your coworkers. Decorating used office cubicles for birthdays is also an easy task and will help make the place look lively and fun.


Gather your coworkers and decorate the space beforehand when the person is not present. If the birthday falls on a holiday you can go in for a day before or after the actual birthday.


When decorating used office cubicles you must be sure to not disturb the workspace. This can interfere with the productivity which may leave some people irritated and annoyed. Check with your office if such decorations and celebrations are permitted and if so what regulations may apply. There must be enough space to carry on routine work. Do not mess with the computer and folder stacks.


You can decorate the space with big banners that say ‘Happy Birthday’. You can get people to sign on it. Personalizing the banner would make it more special. You can use streamers that extend from the floor to the ceiling which will add a dash of color to an otherwise dull office ambience. Use many balloons to cheer up the place. If you are using helium balloons fill them up at the end. Sprinkle birthday confetti everywhere but do not make the place look littered. You can also include flowers that will not only add more color but also a touch of elegance. If the birthday is a milestone like the 40th or the 50th birthday then you can decorate the cubicle from items that may have been popular during the person’s youth.

Photo Collage

Photo collages are a brilliant way to render a rather emotional touch. You can post pictures of happy and/or sad times, times that you have spent together captured vividly on glossy paper. You may also collect picture of the spouse and family.


A cake is the obvious necessity. Try and find out the birthdays boy or girl’s favorite flavor. You can also bring in snacks and soft drinks that will not make the place messy. You can go for finger foods like cookies, cupcakes and chips. You may definitely not include alcohol as a part of your celebrations.

Used Office Cubicles

Employees may not happy about having to use used office cubicles. Birthdays are a great time to spruce up the office space. Handy modifications may be useful not only for the birthday but even for future use. You can gift things like lamp shades, penholders and so on that make the place look better. Used Office Cubicles.