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Tips for Laying Out your Office Used Cubicles

Used Cubicles

Most of the offices have done away with traditional office layouts to pave the way for cubicles. Not only do cubicles maximize space, they also help in team interaction and also ensure privacy. If you’re setting up your office in cubicle style then go for used cubicles. They help in reducing the cost while setting up your office. Here are few tips for laying out your office cubicles.

Simple used cubicles designs are easy to set up

The simplest of designs used for setting up a cubicle is usually the most effective and also satisfies all requirements. In this type of layout, there are about two to three cubicle walls and form a U-shaped network ensuring privacy too. Only a single linear work area is present that is between the two back walls at the rear of the workspace. A file drawer could be fitted at both the ends to make this layout cost-effective and provide all the necessary work tools.

U-shaped cubicles for effective interaction

Used cubicles
with a single corner are the most popular designs for cubicle layouts. It is an L-shaped workspace and spans two walls. At the ends of the workspace, file cabinets can be provided. This kind of cubicle design is effective when employees need more work areas. Yet another single employee scheme is a U-shaped layout which offers ample workspace to the employees. The amount of workspace that is allocated to each employee can be decided as per the requirements.

If employees need to constantly interact with each other, then it’s better to go for a U-shaped dual employee layout. In this kind of layout, common workspace is allocated to employees, fostering easy communication between them. This layout maximizes floor space utilization and gives the employees comfortable space for executing their work.

Make use of natural light

Plan the layout of used cubicles in such a way that utilizes natural light optimally. This not only helps in saving energy costs, but also helps in maintaining an upbeat mood in the office. Employees should be encouraged to carry lamp desks as they can be used even after the office lights are off.

Arrange cubicles as per employee’s role in the organization

Before you start setting up cubicles, plan the layout in such a way that employees are placed at positions that are best suited to their needs. For instance, if an employee is responsible for a particular project and if his cubicle is situated away from the project manager, then it will be a cumbersome process of moving around the office. Allocate cubicles in such a way that it is comfortable for the employee to carry on with his work.

Make the used cubicles layout flexible in nature so that extra features can be incorporated to it as and when required. Don’t go for a crowded cubicle layout; go for a spacious design that gives your employees a comfortable work space to work in. Overall, your used cubicle layout design should be effective to take care of all requirements. Used Cubicles.

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