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Tips for Moving Your Cubicle Walls for Redesigning the Office Space

Cubicle Walls

If your office is sporting the same old gray or beige used cubicle walls for years, it’s time you brought in a much needed change. Employees working inside the same cubicle for a prolonged period of time get bored and unmotivated which affects their productivity.

Cubicles are easy to dismantle and reassemble;  you can shift them to create a new look in your office. Though different brands of cubicles have their particular features, a few general guidelines apply to all and can help you redesign your office without paying for professional help.

Here are some practical tips to help you move your cubicles easily and present your employees with a new office.

How to Shift your Used Cubicle Walls Conveniently

It’s best to do the shifting after office hours or during the weekends so that regular work is not hampered.

Moving large, bulky cubicle walls is cumbersome. When lifting them, use your legs and not your back to propel them. Call in friends or hired help to assist you.

First and foremost, locate the instruction manual for the cubicle panels. Read it thoroughly paying special attention to the illustrations showing how to assemble the walls again. In the absence of a proper instruction manual, you will have to depend on guesswork and luck.

Secondly, draw a floor plan of the proposed new design before you start shifting panels. You want to have a clear idea of where to reassemble them and the new look of your office before starting the procedure.

Joining three panels to create an enclosure will offer more seclusion for your employees but can make the office look cluttered while setting up single partitions in front or behind will create an open layout office.

Next would be to assemble all tools which are needed for dismantling and reassembling cubicle panels so that your work does not get stuck midway due to a missing wrench. It is best to keep handy a few different sizes of  screwdrivers, nails, wrenches and measurement tapes, etc. which are indispensable for such work.

You can get a list of tools needed in the instruction manual.In its absence, you have to make your own guess.

How to Dismantle Cubicle Panels

While dismantling the cubicles, check for points where they are fastened with each other. In some panels, these joints are found at the top covered with plastic strips. Remove the coverings, unscrew the joint and separate the attached panels. Continue similarly until all the cubicle panels are dismantled.

Dismantling walls from inside the cube may cause the panels of used cubicles to fall on you. Always ask a friend to hold the cube panels as your separate them and work on them from the outside. Cubicle Walls.